The Lady

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man is attracted to a gorgeous, slightly mysterious lady at a party. They leave together, but is all quite as it seems?

The Lady

The party was now in full swing. I was standing near the bar talking with some friends, but my attention wasn't really on the conversation, my eyes were drawn across the crowd to another group of people standing talking a sort distance away. To be more precise, to one of the group, a very elegant lady that just stood out from the crowd making the rest seem hazy and insignificant. I couldn't take my eyes off her, feelings of annoyance hitting me anytime someone walked or stood in the way of my view.

The event was the 30th birthday party of a good friend who decided to mark the milestone with a lavish get together of her friends and family at a posh Brighton hotel. I wasn't really a party animal, certainly not one for the dance floor, so I was  talking with some friends near the bar. The function room of the hotel was quite typical, one of those that could be divided into two rooms if required with a folding wall. Tonight the 'wall' was half in place, dividing the bar area from the dance floor, providing some acoustic sanctuary from the loud music so those that wanted to could talk with some hope of hearing and being heard.

The lady in question was incredibly attractive. Mid 30's, a short curly blonde hairstyle, black dress finishing mid thigh hugging a curvy figure. Guesstimate 36-26-36, I thought, about 5ft 9ins without those high heel shoes on small feet that finished off those oh so shapely long, black stocking covered legs. I fantasised they were stockings anyway. She looked just amazing, I just couldn't take my eyes off her.

As I gazed across at her, only half listening to my friends chattering away, the lady turned slowly, a glass to her red lips sipping at her drink, her eyes casually surveying the people in the bar area. Her head and body turned slowly as she looked around and suddenly her eyes met mine looking back at her. She paused, noticing me looking her way and our eyes locked for a moment. I didn't break the look and kept staring straight at her. She smiled a warm, friendly, slightly coy smile, dipping her head almost imperceptibly and raised her glass to me in a confident and nonchalant manner, not at all embarrassed or self conscious that she was being stared at. I raised my glass back, acknowledging the greeting. Her eyes moved on to carry on their surveillance of the other guests.

Eventually I got dragged back into the conversation of my group and when I next looked out for her she had gone from her spot. I scanned the guests in the busy room and spotted her heading for the bar, moving with supreme elegance and grace, her movement almost fluid as she glided across the floor. Making my excuses from my friends I followed behind her, my eyes glued to the slow, almost feline sway of her hips. She stopped at the bar and rested her forearms on the counter clutching her purse before her, her foot on the foot rail that ran a few inches off the floor at the base of the bar, causing one knee to cross slightly in front of the other and pulling her dress even tighter across her delicious bottom.

I moved forward to stand beside her as she was ordering another vodka and tonic, her voice as sexy as the rest of her, a strong, fruity and melodic tone indicating supreme confidence.

"Let me get that," I said to her "and I'll have the same," I instructed the barman.

She turned and looked at me, her eyes flicking up and down, not caring that I knew she was blatantly assessing me. "Thank you," she said eventually.

"You're welcome."  I said, then realised I didn't have another sentence ready to follow to engage her in conversation. "Come here often?" I offered lamely.

She laughed, a beautiful wonderful laugh. "What a dreadful chat up line!" she giggled.

I laughed too, glad the ice was broken "Sorry, you kind of rendered me a bit speechless," I replied.

She just smiled. "I'll take that as a rather sweet compliment, thank you," 

I looked at her left hand. There were engagement and wedding rings on her 3rd finger. "Here with your husband?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, offering nothing further.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"Oh he's around. Somewhere. He's probably chatting up his next conquest, lucky woman."

"Oh...." I said slightly taken aback. "You don't seem too bothered."

"I'm not. As long as what's sauce for the goose.... Cheers." She sipped her drink and looked straight into my eyes, her meaning as plain as if she had just said it was OK to chat her up, that I wasn't wasting my time.

"If you were mine I wouldn't let you out of my sight," I said to her. She looked me in the eye again, probably deciding if it was just a chat up line or whether I was being sincere. Hopefully she could see I was meaning every word.

"Perhaps you should keep me in sight then......" She gave me another little head tilted look and a wink as she pushed off from the bar, starting to slowly walk away, those hips swaying seductively as she headed off into the bustle of the other guests. I turned and followed her as she headed for the gap in the wall towards the dance floor. She entered the dancing area where a crowd of people were moving to the music, currently classic 70's disco, on the darkened dance floor, illumination provided by the bright disco lights. Surrounding the dance floor were a number of circular tables, each with eight or so chairs. The lady headed for an unoccupied area and sat down, crossing her legs as she did so, and just stared out at the dancers, the bright multi coloured flashing lights playing over the swaying people creating psychedelic shapes, shadows and silhouettes. I sat down beside her, my chair slightly behind her as she was turned out to the dance floor and I continued to study her thoroughly, enthralled by her presence and mystery. The foot of her leg that was crossed over started to move to the beat of the music as it hung above the floor. My eyes were drawn to the movement and I gazed at the beauty of her black silk covered legs, her thighs more exposed by the sitting and crossing of her legs, their shape enhanced even further if that were indeed possible.

With conversation virtually impossible this side of the wall I was content to just be able to sit this close and study her further. She really was beautiful. I drank in the lines of her slim neck, perfectly shaped arms, straight back. She was content to just sit and watch and listen, not acknowledging the fact that I had even followed her, my presence almost incidental it seemed.

After a couple of numbers the DJ slowed the pace, putting on a smoochy number. I took the opportunity.

"Would you dance with me?" I asked her. She didn't reply, she just placed her drink on the table and held out her hand to me. I took it and lead her on to the dance floor, where I turned her towards me, slipped my right hand round her waist and took her right in my left. Her left hand slipped round my neck and we started to move to the rhythm of the music. She just stared into my eyes as we slowly danced, not uttering a word. The DJ played three slow ones on the trot and we danced them all. Midway through the second she released my hand, moved in closer to me so our bodies were touching, slipped both arms round my neck and rested her head on my shoulder. With both my arms now round her waist she offered no resistance as I held her close. With her hair against my cheek I could smell  the fresh fragrance of her blond curls and her sweet, heady perfume from her sleek neck. She smelled as well looked divine.

When the slow records stopped and the beat picked up again I felt gutted. I could have danced with her like that forever. She turned and led me by the hand off the dance floor, picking up her drink and, still holding my hand led me back to the relative quiet of the bar, leaving behind the heavy, thumping base of some more modern dance music.

She paused and faced me. "I've had enough of the noise," she said, "Fancy taking a quiet walk along the front and getting some air?"

"Sure," I replied, my stomach churning with the delightful idea of being able to walk alone alongside this gorgeous woman. She downed the remains of her drink, collected her purse, and a shawl from the back of a chair, took my hand again and we left the party without a word to anyone. Outside we crossed the road from the seafront hotel and she slipped her arm through mine as we walked silently along the promenade.

The late July night air was warm, and it had just got dark, in fact there was still a light glow in the north west quadrant of the sky following the sunset. The town was busy with young people doing what young people do on a Saturday evening in Brighton, moving from bar to bar, drinking, enjoying themselves, shouting, laughing, arguing, occasionally somewhere someone overstepping the mark causing a police car to rush along the road with lights flashing and a siren disturbing the peace. We didn't care or really notice as we strolled alongside the sea, breathing the salty air, enjoying the relative peace and quiet compared to the loud music of the party. We reached a quite peaceful area of the front and the lady stopped, turning to lean on the railings separating the path from the beach and looked out across the pebbles towards the sea. We could see the lights of the town reflecting in the gently breaking waves of the calm sea, could hear the whoosh of the water as it dropped to the beach and the rattle of the shingle as each wave lost it's battle with gravity and ran back down the slope of the beach, taking the smaller round brown stones with it.

The lady breathed in deeply. "Mmm, I love the smell of the sea. I don't think I could live away from it." She paused a second or two and turned her head, her eyes closed. "I can also smell....chips. I'm hungry, do you fancy some?"

I laughed."Yes, OK." We followed the scent to a nearby fish and chip shop and ordered a portion of chips. We returned to our spot by the railings listening to the waves again. She took a chip from the wrapper and offered it to my mouth, popping it in with a little giggle. I returned the favour. We spent the next few minutes sharing the chips, laughing like children as we popped chips alternately into each other's mouths until they were all gone. I walked a few paces away and dropped the paper into a nearby waste bin, then turned again to the beautiful lady. She hadn't turned back to the sea, she was studying me as I returned to her. As I got close she stepped forward, closing the last of the gap and wrapped her arms round my neck, reaching her head up to mine, offering me her mouth to kiss. I planted my lips gently on hers as she closed her eyes. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and into mine, seeking my tongue. I wrapped my arms round her wonderful body and pulled her close and we kissed for a long while, like teenagers finding first love.

Eventually we broke the kiss and she studied my face again, like she was trying to look inside my head. She raised a finger to rub the side of my mouth. "Lipstick," she said simply. We just stood holding each other, listening to the sound of the sea. Eventually she spoke.

"Would you take me to bed? I want to make love with you."

Without replying, I just took her arm to guide her across the road and we walked a little way back the way we had come to the taxi rank. We climbed in the back of a cab and I gave the driver my address. The lady snuggled into me and kissed me again and the kiss lasted all the way home. On reaching my house I paid the cabby and led the lady indoors and up the stairs, guiding her into the bedroom.

I pulled her to me, kissing her wonderful red lips again, my hand seeking the fastening of her dress at the back of her neck. The fastening came undone and I pulled the dress from her shoulders and with a wriggle of her luscious hips it fell to the floor around her feet, and she elegantly stepped from it.

I stepped back, holding her at arms length and in the low light of the bedside lamp I studied her gorgeous figure, clad in sexy black lace underwear and, noting with the utmost pleasure that my fantasy was correct, black stockings. The pale white of her flesh stood out in stark contrast from the black of her enticing lingerie, each section a vision of  erotic loveliness; her neck and shoulders above her bra, her stomach above her panties, her upper thighs above her stockings. The black sections I knew were hiding even more delights, only hints of which were as yet within my view. She looked like a vision from heaven, her body living up to every promise that the dress hinted at, her beauty utterly sublime. She stepped forward and kissed me again, her hands working on the buttons of my shirt, getting them undone, then pulling the fabric up to free it from my trousers and slipping the shirt off my arms to discard it to the floor. She placed her hands on my chest and ran them over my naked torso from shoulders to waist, leaning her head in to kiss and nip my nipples. Her hands dropped to my belt, undoing it and my waistband button, unzipping the fly, allowing my trousers to slide to my ankles. I kicked off my shoes, removed my socks and discarded the trousers.

Her hands were back on me the second I stood up, reaching inside my boxers, grasping my hard shaft and rubbing her hand along its length as she kissed me. I reached behind her and unclipped her bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders. She was forced to release my cock from her grasp as I slid her bra down her arms, exposing her gorgeous 36c breasts, her nipples standing erect and proud. Taking her by the shoulders I backed her up to the bed, I threw the duvet down to the end and she lay down across the sheets, her hands going to her own breasts, kneading the fleshy mounds and pinching her own nipples. I lifted each of her legs in turn to remove her high heels, kissing her feet and sucking her toes through the silky stockings as they came off. Climbing on to the bed beside her we shifted to lie with our heads on the pillows, embracing one another in our arms, our lips and tongues entwined once more. I caressed the silky smooth skin of her upper body, her back, her tummy, her shoulders and lastly my hand caressed her breasts, gently squeezing the soft flesh, my thumb rubbing over each of her nipples in turn, keeping them hard and erect. Leaving her breasts I ran my hand down her ribs and over her tummy towards her panties, my fingers tracing over the lacy material to slip between her legs, tracing down the groove between her pussy lips. With my fingers pressed firmly into the crotch of her panties, massaging her sex beneath, she groaned in pleasure through our continued kiss. Her own hand had slipped back inside my boxers and she was stroking slowly up and down my hard cock, her soft fingers feeling delightful on my shaft.

Breaking our kiss once more I pushed her gently flat on her back and rose up over her to kiss her breasts, sucking her nipples into my mouth in turn, flicking their tips with my tongue, hearing her moan anew. I moved down her body, my mouth tasting her flesh as my lips and tongue caressed their way over her tummy, kissing her hips, then her mound through her panties, bypassing her pussy to kiss the flesh of her upper thighs above her sexy stockings. I shifted to position myself between her parted legs, gazing at the crotch of her panties covering her pussy, the black material almost but not quite disguising the damp patch on them. Still kissing her thighs I inserted a finger under the crotch material and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her exquisite shaved pussy, the gentle pink folds glistening with the moisture of her arousal. I bent my head and licked her in one long, firm sweep of my tongue from her pussy entrance, between her lips and up to her swollen clitoris. She gasped at the wet warm touch, her hips lifting slightly, eager for more. Planting my mouth fully on her I sucked and licked her clitoris, massaging the sensitive button, pulling it with suction from my lips, and I could hear her gasp and moan as I did so. I loved her taste, her freely flowing wetness covering my mouth as I ate her pussy. With my continued oral attentions she began to buck and twitch, gasp and moan louder, her breath coming in ever shortening pants until suddenly she pressed her hand to my head, squeezed in with her thighs and cried out loud as she orgasmed, her tummy visibly contracting as the spasms of pleasure coursed through her.

As she calmed I sat upright and hooked my fingers into the top of one of her stockings and rolled it off her leg, did the same with other and then hooked my fingers into the top of her panties and pulled them down, the lady lifting her bottom for me to slip them down her long legs and discard them over the side of the bed. I gazed at her now very wet pussy exposed fully to my view and ran my eyes over her entire exquisite naked body. She was the most extraordinarily beautiful creature. She sat up and wrapped her arms round my neck, kissing me, tasting herself on my mouth before pushing me down on to the bed on my back. She ran her hands from my shoulders down my chest, pinching my nipples, then down my stomach, hooking her fingers in my boxers and pulling them off me to discard them in the direction her panties had just gone. She slid her hands up my legs as she manoeuvred herself to place her face by my erection, grasping it again in her fingers, and then engulfing me between her beautiful lips, sucking me into her mouth and bathing my cock with her warm, wet tongue. She sucked and licked and ran her lips over my manhood for several minutes, the sublime feelings of pleasure making me groan. 

Suddenly she released me and almost urgently sat upright to climb across my body, straddling my cock. Guiding my cock to her wet pussy she impaled herself, sliding down my shaft, embedding me fully inside her. She lent forward, her hands on my shoulders, staring lustily into my eyes as she ground herself down hard on to my pubic bone, making herself moan as her clitoris was massaged in amongst my pubic hair as she slid herself firmly against my body. I ran my hands up and down her firm soft thighs as she worked her hips in that delicious grinding motion for a while before raising her bottom to almost slide me out of her and then plunging back down to embed me fully again. She set a rhythm, riding my cock, sliding her pussy up and down my shaft, my hands on her hips aiding her movement. She rode hard, her firm breasts bouncing with the motion until I reached up and grasped them, squeezing and kneading and rubbing her nipples. She groaned and gasped, then rammed herself down hard, grinding her pussy against me again as a second orgasm racked her body, her thighs gripping my sides and her pussy squeezing my cock in spasms inside her.

As she paused after her orgasm I rolled us over so I was on top and thrust myself into her, laying over her and tucking my arms under her shoulders. I made love to her gently, kissing her lips as I slid long slow strokes into her very wet pussy, enjoying the hot wetness smothering my shaft and the delicious friction on my cock. She wrapped her legs round my back.

"Fuck me harder....." she whispered to me, lust and need still burning in bright in her blue eyes as she gazed at me, her mouth open, one hand behind my head, the other stroking down my back. Instead of picking up the pace I slipped out of her, indicating she should turn over. Once laying on her tummy I pulled her hips up so she was on her knees and entered her from behind, ramming my cock hard into her with full long, fast strokes, holding her hips and smacking into her gorgeous pear shaped bottom. She squealed with delight at the fast pace, the friction in her pussy driving her senses up towards sensory overload once more, crying little gasps of pleasure into the pillow as I ploughed into her. The visual as well as physical stimulation for me was extraordinary, watching my cock slide into her pink pussy, the wonderful shape of her full bottom in front of me, narrowing past her hips to the small of her back, then extending and spreading again up to her shoulders, topped by her slim graceful neck and the blond curls of her hair. The perfection of her symmetry was unbelievably beautiful and erotic and I groaned with the pleasure being dealt to both my cock and my eyes.

The lady groaned and moaned, "Oh yes, please, fuck me hard..." I did so, continuing the pace as we both were swept up in the sensory euphoria. Suddenly though I had to slow, as I could feel my own climax building. I didn't want our lovemaking to end yet and with an extreme effort of will I forced myself to slow, letting the urge to explode fade back. Again I took the time to admire the sensual beauty of the lady, caressing my hands over her soft skin, although she was whimpering in slight frustration at my drop in pace. To stimulate her further by other ways I pulled her upright, my cock still rammed fully into her, wrapping my arms round her upper body to caress her tummy, her breasts and tease her nipples, my mouth planting little kisses into the sensitive skin of her neck below her ears. 

"Mmm, that's so nice...." she murmured, her head tilted back, her eyes closed. I slid a hand all the way down her tummy and between her legs, finding her clitoris and rubbing the hard little button with a circular motion of my fingers and she groaned again as I played in the wetness of her pussy.

With my own orgasm postponed for the moment I withdrew from her and lay her down on her back again. To give me even more postponement time I dropped my head between her legs and planted my mouth on her pussy. She was extraordinarily wet and hot and I lapped up the flowing juices from her bald, pink and aroused pussy, my tongue roaming over her sex, the lips of my mouth pulling on the soft folds of the the lips of her pussy, inserting my tongue into her wet hole, sucking hard on her swollen hard clitoris. The lady moaned some more, massaging her own breasts again, her head turned to the side with eyes closed, concentrating on the sensations of pleasure that were building inside her.

I needed to be back inside of her, so rose and hooked her legs over my shoulders. She grasped my cock and guided me back into her. I leant forward and placed my hands on the bed either side of her head, her body folded under me, her pussy fully available to the maximum length of my cock. I recommenced fucking her hard, nearly withdrawing before plunging fully back into her as far as I could go. Her hands were on my backside virtually pulling me inside her and I could feel her trying to rock her hips up beneath me as I plunged in, but the movement was minimal in her pinned position. She was making continuous animal like moans of pleasure, her eyes staring, almost burning, straight into mine with lust and need. Her breathing got faster and shorter and I knew she was about to cum again. She was whispering "fuck me, fuck me," over and over into my face until she threw her head back and pulsed with another orgasm, squealing in delight as the spasms surged through her abdomen again. Her pussy was squeezing hard on my cock and I couldn't hold back any longer, spurting long jets of semen deep into her pussy, making me groan and gasp with the ultimate feeling of release. The hot discharge deep within her seemed to trigger an extension of her orgasm and she continued to cum in wave after wave of shuddering spasms beneath me.

Eventually our bodies calmed, and we gazed into each others eyes, our breathing still fast and shallow. She ran her hands wordlessly through my hair as I released her legs from my shoulders, but she didn't let me withdraw, she wrapped her legs round me, ensuring there was no escape until my cock had fully lost its substance. I had no intention of doing so anyway, enjoying the warm soak in her delightful wetness, feeling the hot fluids leaking from her onto my scrotum. 

I kissed her lovingly and tenderly and she returned in kind, her hands stroking over my back. Eventually my satisfied cock slipped from her and I lay by her side. Turning towards each other she folded herself into my arms, her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head and stroked her soft skin, hardly believing my amazing fortune to have this gorgeous woman in my arms. After a while our skin felt chilled and I disturbed her slightly to retrieve the duvet, but we snuggled down again as I covered our naked bodies. Within minutes her breathing was slow and even as sleep overtook her and I clicked off the bedside lamp.


The morning sun lit up the bedroom as I came awake, but it wasn't the light that woke me. It was the soft lips kissing my back, the arm running over my waist, the fingers stroking my hardening cock. I turned over and looked into the smiling face of the beautiful lady surrounded by the soft if slightly dishevelled curls of her blond hair. I kissed her.

"Good morning....." I whispered.

"Hi lover. Make love to me again before we have to get up," she breathed, pulling me gently over her. I rolled on top of her and she simply guided me into her waiting already wet and wanting pussy. We made love in a very simplistic, morning way, gently, lovingly, kissing and caressing, her legs wrapped round me, gradually building to a mutual crescendo. Afterwards we lay in each other's arms, silent, basking in the warm afterglow of our lovemaking.

A little while after there was a light tap on the bedroom door.

"Come in," I called, making sure we were covered by the duvet. The door opened and a tall elegant lady of about sixty entered the room, holding a tray of tea and toast. She was strikingly similar in build and features to the lovely lady cuddled in my arms.

"Hi mum," my lovely lady said. Following close behind and rather more noisily came two small girls of seven and five, two cute little blondes, again strikingly similar in features to my beautiful lady. 

"Mummy, daddy," they both cried, jumping on the bed. The little one placed a sloppy kiss on my lips before climbing over to her mother to do the same, and the elder one folded her arms around me also giving me a kiss. I cuddled her close.

"Morning darlings," I said. "Did you behave for nanny last night?" 

"Yes daddy," the little one said "didn't we nanny?"

"Yes dear, you were perfect," the girls grandmother replied.

"You have to get up now," the little one continued, "we have presents for you downstairs."

"Oh do you darling?" my lovely lady replied. "That's nice, why do you have presents for us?"

"Because it's your anni.... Annif...." The little girl couldn't say the word.

"Anniversary?" her mum helped her.

"Yes, so you have to get up."

"They will get up when they have had their tea," their grandmother said, "Now come along and get dressed and mummy and daddy can have their breakfast in peace. They will be down soon, OK?"

"OK," the little girl said and climbed off the bed after her sister and they both followed their grandmother out of the room. Peace descended to our bedroom again.

"Happy anniversary darling," I whispered to my lovely lady, my wife. "Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world for the last ten years. I love you so much...."

"Happy anniversary babe," she replied. "I love you too, very, very much." We kissed, long and passionately.

After another long cuddle my lovely lady broke the silence. "It was fun last night wasn't it? I really enjoyed our little game, it was like falling in love all over again."

"It was an easy game to play, you were the most beautiful woman there, plus I fall in love with you over and over every day of my life. And we can do it all again later when I take you out to dinner tonight." I gazed into her eyes, "You are very special you know, my very special lady."

Submitted: July 11, 2014

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beautifully written story loved it

Tue, January 20th, 2015 11:09am


Thank you, appreciate the feedback.

Tue, January 20th, 2015 3:21am

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