Secret Oriental Lover

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sally is looking for domestic help to give her some free time in her busy life. An Au Pair seems the best solution. The hiring of a Filipino girl, Mae, is a godsend to Sally and also proves to come with added fringe benefits.

Secret Oriental Lover

"That's it, I have had enough," Sally virtually screamed. "I'm simply not doing this anymore, Si, it's stupid. We get a day and a half a week to ourselves and spend most of it shopping, washing, cleaning and ironing. What is the point of us both earning good salaries if we don't get to spend time together and enjoy some of the fruits of our labour?"

Sally threw herself down on the sofa, looking totally fed up. Simon, her husband of four months, sat down beside his beautiful wife and slipped an arm round her shoulders. He knew adapting to married life was not going to be plain sailing for either of them, and she was right, since they returned from their Seychelles honeymoon into their new luxury home and had gone back to work, life was one big merry-go-round of commuting, working long hours and domestic chores. Something had to change.

The two of them had very good jobs in the city, working for investment firms as researchers, seeking the best firms and opportunities for their fund managers to invest in to construct their fund portfolios. It was a very well paid line of work commanding large salaries and bonuses. They worked for two different investment firms, but met through their jobs at a conference and given their similar jobs they got talking, discovered other areas of mutual interests, of course discovered a physical attraction and before long they were dating and falling in love, leading to their marriage four months ago.

Their jobs though, as you would expect from the salaries they commanded, were far from easy, demanding long hours and time away from home as they visited major companies and interviewed top business executives seeking investment. Even the time they spent in their offices meant a three hour commute in and out of London, so early starts and late finishes were pretty much the norm. Now Sally found running their large house on top was a step too far, taking away the little free time at the weekend she felt she had.

"I agree Sal," Simon replied to her, "It's nice to have the material stuff, but looking after this place and ourselves is kind of taking over. We need help to reinstate our downtime." He cuddled his lovely blond wife close. He felt he was so lucky to have not only a very intelligent wife but an extremely good looking one too. He gazed into her blue eyes set in to the fine chiselled features of her face, surrounded by her long blond hair, hair that flowed to the middle of her back. Simon loved Sally's hair. Even sitting here looking at her in her old jeans and tee shirt that she was cleaning the house in he thought she was stunningly beautiful, her figure very slim, small breasts, flat tummy, narrow waist and hips with a deliciously round bottom, and very long shapely legs. Yes, he thought not for the first time, very beautiful indeed. He kissed her and tried to slip his hand under her tee shirt, but she pushed him away.

"No Si, don't, I'm not in the mood. What are we going to do about this? We need to sort it, it's getting me down."

Simon was disappointed to have his advance rejected. This really was serious! 

"OK, there is only one thing we can do. We need to employ a cleaner or something don't we. Get someone in to do all this household stuff so we don't spend our entire weekend doing it. Let's get on the internet and see what's available locally."

They opened up a lap top and started searching local cleaning companies and house services.

"They are quite expensive aren't they," Sally noted after a while of trawling the online adverts for domestic services companies . "It's hardly worth doing if it's going to cost us a fortune."

Suddenly though one advert caught both their eyes and the possibility dawned on them of the potential solution.

"An Au Pair!" Sally exclaimed. "Look here, you can have someone live in, you provide a room, board and a small amount of money and in return they do your housework. Foreign girls mostly it seems looking to improve their English language skills. We have plenty of space, we could provide a room easily. What do you think Si?"

"Seems a reasonable idea," he replied. "Would you be comfortable with someone living in? It would be a bit restrictive on us, I mean such as no more wandering around the house naked, or having a quick impromptu jump on the sofa."

"A quick impromptu jump on the sofa? Nice to know romance isn't dead...." Sally commented rather sarcastically, "though I see what you mean. But it's a small price to pay to get rid of these damn household chores Isn't it?"

"Yes I guess. We can give it some further investigation and set a trial period perhaps. If it doesn't suit us then we can always do something different."

"Let's make contact and see how we go about it then. Give them a ring."


Following a phone call where they discussed high level details Simon and Sally decided to proceed, so they arranged to meet with the agent. They were 'interviewed' themselves to ensure they were a suitable placement for one of the agencies registered au pairs, and not likely to be a danger to the person being placed. Simon and Sally passed through this without issue, completed a ream of paperwork, and began their selection process to shortlist a number of girls to interview. The agent showed them files of lots of different girls, containing photos and basic background details. There were girls from all over the world on the agencies books, looking for places with English families to primarily get practised in the practical application of the English language, using classroom learned skills in the real world. Like anything, only real use of a language leads to attaining full skills. In return these girls were willing to live with families, acting as nannies, looking after the children of working parents and keeping house, cleaning, ironing and shopping.

Sally and Simon looked through the cv's of a number of possible suitable candidates and selected three girls they thought might be a good fit with them. One was Scandinavian, from Sweden, an Austrian girl and finally they selected a Filipino girl. They left the agent to make the arrangements and set up the interviews for them.

The interviews were arranged for the following week and Sally and Simon met the girls in turn, assessing their characters, aptitude and most importantly whether they personally felt a friendly connection with the girls. All three were very nice, but one young lady stood out distinctly from the three for them, the Filipino girl. Her name was Mae. She was vivacious, charming, intelligent, friendly, came over as highly efficient with a high work ethic and sense of responsibility, but slightly innocent in her outlook. Sally and Simon took to her almost instantly. Physically she was like a little doll, very petite, barely five feet tall if that, thick but silky looking long jet black hair, her almond shaped eyes also as dark as coal but radiating warmth and friendship. Her face was beautiful, that typical oriental oval shape with a lovely smile that showed off her even white teeth, her body was very slim, almost boyish, with small breasts and gentle curves. Her skin tone was quite surprisingly light, being the colour of pale honey. Without the need for too much deliberation Sally and Simon agreed she would be their choice and offered her the position.


Mae moved in the following week and immediately took up her duties with the utmost efficiency. Sally was delighted with her, especially after the first couple of weekends had passed, as suddenly her 'free time' became her own again and she and Simon were able to go out more and enjoy some leisure time. Mae was the godsend that Sally had hoped she would be.

While they were around the house Mae would be discreet, almost being invisible most of the time, but delightfully engaging when she got into conversation with Sally and Simon. As agreed up front they would correct her English, telling her the right way to say things, correcting her grammar and pronunciation when she got her words wrong. Sometimes they couldn't help but laugh at some of Mae's construction of sentences, but she learned quickly and rarely made the same mistake twice. Mae never took offence at their laughter, knowing it wasn't meant to be insulting or hurtful and laughed along with them when she made an error that sounded funny to Sally and Simon, her girlish giggle as endearing as the rest of her personality.

One day, about a month after Mae started with them, something happened that suddenly changed their dynamic. Sally was on her own in the house early one evening, Simon being away overnight to visit a company he was researching. Sally had taken a shower having got in from work and, having washed and dried it, was sitting naked at her dressing table in her bedroom brushing her long blond hair. She was lost in thought and had slipped back in to old habits, not closing her bedroom door. Mae had been downstairs preparing Sally a meal and had come up to tell her it would soon be ready, just walking in to Sally's bedroom without knocking, assuming Sally was decent as the door was open. She stopped open mouthed when she saw Sally sitting there naked. 

"Oh, my, sorry Sally....." Mae exclaimed.

"Oh..." Sally also said, rising from her chair, her eyes searching the room for her robe. It was hanging on the back of the bedroom door and Mae was between her and it. Sally recovered her composure, Mae was a girl after all and had probably seen naked women before. "My fault Mae, I should have closed the door. Hand me my robe would you please, it's hanging behind the door."

Mae paused a fraction before turning to take the robe from the hook, turned back around and paused again, looking Sally up and down, holding the robe close and not immediately handing it to her. "You are so beautiful Sally, very lovely," Mae said softly before almost reluctantly handing the robe over.

"Thank you Mae," Sally replied, a little uncertain in reading the intention in  Mae's comment. It seemed to Sally to be a bit more than a simple girl to girl compliment given the way Mae was looking at her.

Mae brought herself back to the topic she came up for as Sally donned the bath robe "Your dinner is ready very soon Sally, are you coming downstairs?"

Still a bit sidetracked by Mae's comment Sally didn't correct her misconstruction of the sentence. "Yes, thank you, I'll be down in a few minutes." Mae turned and left the room but went with a lingering, admiring glance.

Sally sat down and picked up her hair brush again. Was she reading too much into Mae's looks and comments she thought to herself? Did Mae actually fancy her? What disturbed her most was she realised if that was the case she didn't dislike the notion. In fact she felt slightly excited by it, she felt a stirring in the base of her tummy and that surprised her. She had never considered she might be attractive to another girl and certainly had never been in the situation where she realised it. If she wasn't imagining it of course. As with most girls, she suspected, Sally had fantasised occasionally about what touching another girl would be like, but had never done it. If Mae came on to her, would she consider it? She smiled to herself and began to feel even more excited, a wetness forming between her legs at just the thought.

Downstairs Mae was all of a fluster. She was in the kitchen trying to put the finishing touches to their dinner, but all of a sudden she seemed to be all fingers and thumbs, her heart was beating a little faster than normal and an aching feeling between her legs was proving to be severely distracting. The image of the naked Sally was firmly imprinted in her minds eye and Mae was not going to be able to forget it in a hurry. Wasn't she so beautiful? Mae had secretly thought that Sally was really hot from the moment they met, but had kept the the thought under control until now, but having walked in to the bedroom and seen Sally naked, she was now in grave danger of losing that control. She wanted Sally badly now. God, how she wished she could just slip off to her room right this minute and lie naked on her bed, finding some relief with her vibrator and her fingers while conjuring up that vision of beauty that was seared into her brain.

After dressing and going downstairs Sally sat at the table and Mae served their dinner. One of the side benefits of Mae taking over the kitchen was the introduction of oriental cooking to their menu. She made some sublime tasting dishes in a wok, with Chinese, Thai and Filipino influences. The fragrant spices of Mae's latest South East Asian creation made Sally's mouth water. At weekends Sally was teaching Mae to cook English style food, but thought Mae's oriental cuisine to be far superior. 

They sat and ate Mae's wonderful food, but an awkward silence had fallen between them. Normally Mae was bubbly and full of questions about British life, keen to learn from Sally. But now she was silent, not trusting herself to speak, feeling like if she did she might say the wrong thing. Sally complimented Mae on her cooking but Mae barely acknowledged the appreciation.

Finally, as they were finishing their meal, Sally broached the subject head on as was her way. She always needed to deal with issues, whatever and wherever they occurred there and then, not let anything fester hoping it would go away, it just wasn't in her business tuned nature.

"Mae, are you OK?" Sally asked.

"Yes Sally, I'm fine," Mae replied, though slightly stiffly.

"Did I upset or offend you upstairs? You have hardly said a word since. I didn't mean to you know, I just forgot to close the door."

Mae paused before answering, struggling inwardly with how close to the truth she should go. In the end her honest nature didn't allow her to do anything else, it wasn't within herself or her culture to lie. She sighed, appreciating the consequences of what she was about to say.

"Sally, it was quite the opposite," she said softly, her eyes downcast, her accented voice shaking slightly as she spoke. "It is my fault, I can't stop thinking about you, you are so beautiful and seeing you naked, I just wanted you. I can't get your image out my head. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't feel this way and it is not appropriate. I am afraid I shall have to leave because I cannot stay and see you every day now without wanting you. It will not be fair on either of us."

Sally realised she had been right, Mae was attracted to her. She faced a monumental decision, there and then, right on the spot. Did she allow this lovely young girl to walk away, casting herself back into the gloom of domestic chores while she found someone else, or pick up the opportunity to explore and expand her own sexuality? Could she open herself to girl/girl sex? What would that mean for her and Simon if she did? Her heart was pounding in her chest as she quickly assessed her options, but such was her excitement the outcome was probably never in doubt.

Mae took the long silent pause from Sally to mean that she was agreeing that Mae should leave, so she rose from the table and turned disconsolately towards the door to head to her room. Sally made her decision, a brave and risky decision, but she wasn't prepared to lose Mae and the feelings she had stirring inside of her would not now go away. She had to find out what it would be like to satisfy them. Sally stood from her chair and grabbed Mae's hand, pulling the tiny Filipino girl back to her and into her embrace and looked down into her coal black eyes.

"Don't go Mae," Sally said to her, holding her gently by the upper arms, "I suspected upstairs that might be the case, the way you looked at me. Don't worry, I don't mind. I have no idea what I'm doing, I have never made love to a girl, but I want to try it, you have made me all tingly inside and I need to know what it's like, I want to make love with you, so please don't go."

"Oh Sally," Mae replied. "Are you sure? What about Simon?"

"We can deal with that later, I can't think straight right now. Just make love with me."

Mae reached up to slip her arms round Sally's neck, pulling the taller girls head down. "You are so beautiful Sally, I can't believe I am doing this," she breathed and planted her lips softly on to Sally's, slipping her tongue between Sally's lips. Sally closed her eyes and returned the kiss, marvelling at how soft Mae's lips were, her senses suddenly heightening and recognising the smallest details, the sweet taste of her wet tongue, the fresh fragrance of her hair, the petite contours of her back, hips and bottom as she roamed her hands down Mae's body.

They broke that first kiss and Mae gazed into Sally's eyes. "You like?" Mae whispered. Sally didn't think it an appropriate moment to correct the question.

"Oh yes, I like very much!" She returned her lips to Mae's and the two girls kissed passionately, their tongues twisting and licking, lips sucking and pulling on each other as their hands ran over each other's bodies and through each other's hair.

"Let's go upstairs," Sally gasped as they broke apart again. She could hardly bear to release Mae's tiny form from her grasp but did so and took her hand, dragging her to the door and virtually running for the stairs. Entering Sally's bedroom the two girls flung themselves on the bed, Mae climbing on top of Sally as they renewed their embrace, their lips meeting again, Mae's long black hair falling over Sally's head to mingle with her own long blond locks. Mae's fingers were working at the buttons of Sally's blouse, picking at each one until it was open to the waist. Sally had a pair of shorts on and Mae pulled the blouse from the waistband to open it fully, exposing Sally's bra covered breasts. 

Mae started to kiss Sally's neck and throat, Sally tipping her head up so Mae's soft lips and tongue could freely explore the sensitive area beneath her ear, making her moan with the pleasurable sensations. Even through the heightened pleasure Sally noted how different it was to be kissed by Mae rather than Simon, Mae's face and lips so soft in comparison to the usual scratchy feel of Simon's face stubble except for when he had literally just shaved. Mae moved her kissing down to Sally's upper chest, moving towards her breasts, kissing where the top of the soft mounds were showing above her white bra.

"Let me take these off you," Mae murmured, pulling at Sally's blouse again, eager to be rid of the garments so she could access more of Sally's flesh. Mae and Sally sat up so Mae was sitting astride Sally's lap and Mae slipped the blouse from Sally's shoulders, freed it from her arms and discarded it over the edge of the bed to the floor. Reaching behind Sally's back Mae unclipped Sally's bra and pulled that forward and down her arms  to also dismiss the garment from the bed. Mae sat back and drank in the sight of Sally's breasts with her eyes, exploring them in much more detail than she had when she saw Sally naked earlier. She noted Sally's breasts were not large but they were beautifully shaped and larger than her own. Her nipples were not flat, the areole standing proud as little pink mounds of their own with a button nipple tipping each. Sally's skin was very pale, with just the odd little mole dotting her torso, like little beauty spots, and Mae loved the contrast with her own honey coloured skin. Being able to resist no longer Mae bent her head and sucked one of Sally's nipples into her mouth, feeling it become instantly hard and erect as she ran her tongue over it. Sally groaned in pleasure, the feeling instantly adding to the sensation in the pit of her stomach, increasing the longing in her down there and stimulating a fresh burst of wetness in her crotch. Mae released the nipple which had become crinkly and pointed through the stimulation, standing proudly erect like a mini mountain from Sally's breast. She quickly repeated the process the other side, sucking the other breast into her mouth and teasing the nipple to achieve the same result.

Mae pushed Sally back down on the bed to undo the button and zip of her shorts, and moving off from sitting on Sally's legs, tucked her fingers in the waist and tugged firmly. Sally raised her bottom and Mae wriggled the shorts off Sally's hips and down her long slim legs. In seconds the shorts too hit the floor leaving Sally in just her panties. Mae quickly bent forward and kissed Sally's midriff, her tongue tracing around Sally's tummy button and then down towards her panties. Sally shivered under the ticklish touch of Mae's lips and tongue, her skin covering in goose bumps as she was lightly kissed, her breath catching in her chest. One of Mae's hands went to Sally's breasts while her other stroked along her firm white leg, her finger tips tracing a path from knee to crotch along Sally's inner thigh, and then brushing over the crotch of her panties. Sally parted her legs in anticipation and Mae slipped her fingers back down, tracing the groove of Sally's pussy lips through the pantie material until she found the damp patch in the crotch. Mae's fingers paused, massaging gently around the wet area and up slightly to put pressure on Sally's clitoris, rubbing her gently through the fabric. Sally gasped as Mae's fingers traced her pussy and her lips kissed her tummy.

Mae brought her hand to the top of Sally's panties and slipped her fingers inside, pushing down towards Sally's pussy, feeling the coarse triangle of pubic hair over her mound, then encountering smooth hairless flesh as her fingers reached Sally's clitoris. Sally didn't shave fully, she thought a bald pussy looked too juvenile, but Simon didn't like hair in his mouth when he ate her pussy, so she compromised, shaving the area around her labia so it was smooth and hair free. Mae loved the feel of the smooth flesh, her fingers burying into the folds of Sally's pussy lips, feeling the wetness of Sally's pussy entrance as it leaked it's slippery lubricating fluids, and then sliding her now wet fingers back up and over Sally's clitoris, massaging the hard little button and making Sally cry out in pleasure. Mae shifted to lay alongside Sally and kissed her as her fingers played with Sally's pussy inside her panties. Sally was making little murmurs of pleasure as Mae kissed her and fingered her. After a minute or so Sally was sopping wet and Mae knelt up again, removing her fingers for a moment to relieve Sally of her panties. The last item of Sally's clothing was discarded to the floor and Mae gawked at Sally's gorgeous nakedness as she sat back on her knees.

Sally realised Mae had not removed one single item of clothing, and quickly got to her knees to face her.

"My turn to strip you now," she breathed huskily, grasping the hem of Mae's simple dress and lifting it up. Mae raised her arms above her head and Sally pulled the garment off, mimicking Mae by tossing it to the clothing pile on the floor. Underneath Mae wore a silky vest and matching panties, no bra. Her breasts were so small she rarely bothered with a bra, preferring the silky vest because it felt nice as she moved, often rubbing deliciously on her nipples. Sally took hold of the bottom of the vest and it went the same way as the dress, uncovering Mae's petite golden torso with the ever so cute tiny breasts, tipped with little dark pink nipples. Sally pushed Mae down to the bed and removed her panties, too fired up to play seductively as Mae had done with her, she was too eager to see Mae completely naked. 

The picture before Sally was enchanting, the tiny Filipino girl was absolutely stunningly beautiful as she lay before Sally's hungry eyes. Never before had she thought to appreciate the female form in the way she was now doing with Mae. As before when she kissed Mae downstairs, perhaps it was her heightened level of her arousal that made her notice and appreciate this stunning girl, but she now picked up on every little detail of her cute little figure. Her honey coloured unblemished skin, the smooth line of her neck flowing into her narrow shoulders, the shape of her arms, the curve of her ribs, the tiny breasts that just fitted so beautifully in proportion to her petite physique, her tiny waist flaring to her boyish hips and arrowing in again at the top of her thighs and on down the slim legs to delicious tiny little feet. At the base of her tummy, at the centre of Sally's attention, was a triangle of silky jet black hair. Knowing where Sally was looking, Mae slowly parted her legs so Sally could see her pussy, revealing the dark brown colour of her pussy lips with a dark pink clitoris peeking from amongst her pubic hair and finally between her glistening wet parted lips the contrasting bright pink inner flesh of her pussy entrance.

"Oh Mae," Sally breathed, "you are so beautiful, just like a living doll." Sally placed her hands on Mae's knees and slid her hands along Mae's thighs, stroking the firm flesh inside and out, then up over her hips on to her tummy, revelling in the feel of the so soft flesh. Sally bent forward and kissed Mae's tummy, afraid for the moment to go too near her pussy, not confident enough yet, so kissing Mae as Mae had kissed her but in the opposite direction, working up from her tummy to her tiny breasts. Sally sucked in one of the small breasts, almost being able to engulf the whole of it into her mouth. Her tongue worked on Mae's nipple, and Sally loved feeling it harden under her touch and hearing Mae moan with delight.

After kissing Mae's other breast Sally lay down alongside her and kissed her, unsure what to do next.

"Touch me here," Mae whispered to her, taking Sally's hand and guiding it between her legs. Sally felt her hand encounter the silky hair at Mae's  pubes.

"I don't know what to do...." Sally said to her uncertainly.

"Yes you do," Mae encouraged her, "just do what you do to yourself, what feels good when you are on your own. You will know...."

Sally let her fingers slide down between Mae's legs, slipping between her pussy lips to the wetness between. Gently she rubbed her fingers in the moistness and was encouraged as Mae sighed with pleasure.

"Find my clitoris, rub me there..." Mae whispered. Sally brought her finger up under Mae's guidance and found the hard little button and started to massage it with her now wet fingers as she would her own if she were masturbating. Mae encouraged her further. "Oh yes, that's right just like that but a little harder...." Sally did as she was asked and pressed firmly on Mae's clitoris, massaging with little circular motions of her fingers. Mae moaned louder and pushed up with her hips, increasing the pressure further. She was so aroused that in very short time she stiffened and looked straight into Sally's eyes.

"Oh god, Sally, keep doing that, you're going to make me cum." Sally was enthralled as she watched Mae's face staring back at her, a look of pained ecstasy on her face as she concentrated on her building orgasm, then as she watched Mae convulse in short jerks, screwing her eyes shut and squealing as an orgasm pulsed through her.

Mae grabbed Sally's hand, stopping her motion on her clitoris as her orgasm subsided. "Oh, you made me cum so hard, that was fantastic... See, you know just what to do," she breathed. Mae kissed Sally and rolled on top of her, interlocking her fingers with Sally's and pushing her arms up above her head, and then stroking her fingers back down the sensitive inner flesh of the inside of her arms. Again Sally shivered from the erotically sensual touch. Mae seemed to know all the parts of Sally's body that responded to different levels of touching as she continued running her fingers down Sally's armpits and down her sides to her waist. Wriggling down Mae kissed and sucked Sally's breasts again, then on down across her tummy, butterfly kissing her navel and on down lower, her fingers lightly tracing either side, causing the goose bumps to appear on Sally's flesh again. Mae continually flicked her beautiful almond shaped dark eyes up to watch Sally's face as she went, gauging constantly the effect she having on the gorgeous blond, eager to make her first lesbian experience as joyful and memorable as possible.

With her head now at Sally's pelvis Mae stretched out between Sally's parted legs and kissed into her fair pubic hair and the join of her legs and hips, breathing in the delicious aroma of Sally's aroused pussy. By the way Sally was rocking her hips she could tell she was aching to be touched between her legs and Mae didn't want to disappoint her beautiful lover, so pushed Sally's legs wide and up with her hands, opening up her pussy in front of her and firmly applied her mouth to Sally's delightful wet lips, licking and sucking the pink folds and massaging her clitoris with her tongue. Sally squealed out loud as Mae's mouth sucked and her tongue danced over her sex, the sensations making her giddy, the achy feeling building and building in intensity inside her, getting ever closer to bursting through. Mae could feel Sally's reactions, her hips writhing, her hands pushing on the back of Mae's head, Sally's little squeals of pleasure escaping from her lips, small contractions quivering in her tummy. When she gauged Sally was very close to orgasm Mae inserted two fingers into her pussy, rubbing her vaginal walls and pressing her tongue hard back on to Sally's clitoris. Sally came almost instantly, bucking her hips, grasping the bedclothes and shouting obscenities as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking holy shit!" she screamed out loud as the most amazing orgasm of her life just rocked her world, her thighs tightening about Mae's head, her feet in the middle of Mae's back, her own body arching off the bed. Mae kept her fingers firmly embedded to the knuckles in Sally's contracting pussy and her tongue pressed firmly to Sally's clitoris, trying to extend the orgasm as long as she could. Eventually Sally could take no more and sat up pushing Mae's head from her pussy.

"Oh stop, please stop, I can't take anymore...." she gasped. Mae stopped and removed her fingers from Sally's sopping pussy as Sally dropped back to the bed to catch her breath, and Mae licked her wet fingers as she squirmed up over Sally's body to lie over her, kissing Sally's mouth so Sally could taste herself on her lips. Only semi recovered, Sally rolled Mae over on to her back, taking the upper position and gazed at the oriental girl with a look of wonder, her blond hair cascading over her lover below her.

"How on earth did you do that? I have never, ever, had such a feeling in all my life. I didn't know it was possible to orgasm so hard."

Mae just smiled tenderly at her, brushing hair away from Sally's lightly perspiring, flushed face.

"You learn, I teach..." Mae giggled. "You just feel what your partner wants, anticipate her need, make it happen."

"That sounds like an oriental skill to me, like Kung Fu. I'm just a simple English girl. But I'm willing to give it a try...." Sally giggled back.

"Do you want to kiss me down there?" Mae asked her.

"I'm willing to try. I don't know if I will be any good....."

"You will be fine, just let yourself go and enjoy, feel the experience."

Sally kissed the luscious lips of the Filipino girl again, their tongues entwining as they built their passion levels once more. Sally tried hard to emulate her sensuous lover, starting to kiss and lick her way down Mae's petite body, starting with her neck and throat, her chest, kissing and sucking her nipples. She tried to remember what Mae had done with her hands, letting her fingers lightly trace into the soft sensitive parts under her arms and flown the sides of her body. Eventually she worked her way down to Mae's pussy, her lips encountering the silky soft black hair that covered Mae's mound and placed kisses into it, loving the way it tickled her nose.

Mae opened her legs and Sally gazed at the first pussy other than her own that she had seen up close, marvelling at the soft folds, noting how different the coloration was to her own pussy, with Mae's pussy lips a much darker shade given her natural skin pigments. She hesitated uncertainly and kissed Mae's inner thighs, building the courage to place her mouth on Mae's sex.

"Go on, kiss me there beautiful, you will enjoy I promise," Mae encouraged. Sally could already smell the enticing musky aroma of Mae's pussy and did not dislike it, finding it very similar to her own. Tentatively she bent her head in and placed her mouth on Mae's pussy lips, snaking out her tongue to lick along them, tasting Mae's pussy for the first time. She liked it and wanted more, placing her mouth fully and firmly down and inserting her tongue. Mae gasped as Sally licked her, placing her hand on Sally's head.

"Oh yes, that's right. Lick me all over and suck my clitoris," Mae instructed. Sally was fully engaged now, her apprehension diminishing with each moment, her confidence building in turn and very soon she was licking and sucking like she had done it forever, her hands under Mae's legs grasping her hips, her eyes looking up Mae's sweet body to her face. From Mae's expressions Sally knew she was doing OK. She kept at it until her jaw ached and her mouth was smeared wet with Mae's pussy juices, but she didn't let up, licking and sucking firmly on Mae's sensitive flesh until she felt her tighten and her breath shorten. Remembering what Mae had done to her she brought her hand in and inserted two of her fingers into Mae's tight pussy, slipping them in and out of her as she continued to suck and lick at Mae's clitoris. Mae bucked and squealed, her orgasm surging through her, her pussy clenching Sally's fingers and soaking them with fresh juices. 

Gradually Mae calmed and Sally crawled up over her. "Did I do OK?" she asked.

"You are fantastic. You made me cum so hard again." The two girls cuddled into each other, caressing each other's skin and they lay like that for an age, feeling satisfied and content. Finally Mae broke their silence.

"So, you enjoy making love with a girl Sally?" Mae asked.

"Yes, very much, thank you for showing me Mae."

"So what now?" Mae asked. "I want to make love with you again, but I don't know how you feel. Can we be together?"

"We can't let Simon know Mae. It has to be our secret. We can make love whenever he's not here if that's OK with you. Are you happy with that?" Sally looked into Mae's eyes, caressing her face lovingly, hoping that the sweet oriental girl could live with the compromise.

"Yes, as long as I don't have to leave you, that is very good with me," she replied. "I am happy to be your secret lover," she giggled.

"That's good," Sally replied. "I'm just beginning to learn and to enjoy this, I don't want to stop  before I've got started. Now, secret oriental lover, we have all night so teach me some more."

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