Second Chances

Second Chances

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Graeme is a lonely widower. Tracy is a single mum. Both lead lives that make meeting new partners difficult. Tracy doesn't think she's attractive after her child is born and Graeme thinks he's missed the boat, having already raised one family before tragically losing his wife. By chance Graeme and Tracy meet at their local convenience store, realise they have so much in common, and one thing leads to another.


Graeme is a lonely widower. Tracy is a single mum. Both lead lives that make meeting new partners difficult. Tracy doesn't think she's attractive after her child is born and Graeme thinks he's missed the boat, having already raised one family before tragically losing his wife. By chance Graeme and Tracy meet at their local convenience store, realise they have so much in common, and one thing leads to another.


Submitted: June 28, 2014

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Submitted: June 28, 2014



Second Chances

Graeme turned up the collar of his jacket against the wind and fine rain as he trotted from the car park into his local Tesco Extra convenience store. He was on his way home from work and needed some supplies for dinner that evening. He hated the dark wet winter evenings and was relieved to get into the shelter of the store and the bright fluorescent light, even if it wasn't that welcoming. He picked up a basket and started browsing the shelves for the goods on his list.

As he shopped Graeme couldn't help but notice a curvy blond lady waiting in the queue at the cash desk. He knew her by sight, knowing she lived in one of the houses round the corner from him on the estate where he lived. He didn't know many of his neighbours that were more than two doors away, but he recognised her because she was a nurse, and it was the uniform rather than anything else that caused that recognition. He wasn't particularly into uniforms or anything, it just made this lady recognisable. That, and her small child she had with her, he remembered seeing the two of them together a few times. That was really why he noticed her here in the first place to recognise her, because the child was a little girl of about three years old and she was having a tantrum over something. The nurse was clearly finding it difficult to cope with the misbehaving youngster while manoeuvring her large amount of shopping spilling out of her basket. She looked tired and a bit stressed, but in true nursing fashion she managed to remain calm with the child.

The scene reminded Graeme of when his children were small, one of the little things that triggered memories of more pleasant times when Mary, his wife, was still alive, until cancer had taken her from him two years ago, leaving him distraught at first and latterly ever more lonely. His own children were largely independent now, the youngest 16, and they were always out, doing something that most often didn't include him on the agenda anymore. He longed for the times back when they were very young and he had to calm one of them down from a hissy fit. Like the nurse he had the patience of a saint and temper tantrums with his kids never lasted long while he was around, his own calming influence and ability to distract them would quickly quell a child's bad temper. Mary was not so tolerant, she was a bit fiery and her temper could be short, and he remembered sometimes he had to scold her for losing her temper with the kids, saying that it just made them worse. She would tell him it made her feel better though when they drove her to the end of her tether. He remembered how he would often destress her when she got like that, slowly and gently making love to her. God how he missed her and those times.

Graeme snapped himself from his melancholy and finished his shopping, and having queued and paid he headed back out into the miserable night. Coming back to his car he heard the sound of another car turning over but failing to start, and looking up he saw the nurse at the wheel of an old Ford Fiesta looking even more anxious than she did in the store. Her little girl was strapped in a child seat in the rear of the car and was still screaming blue murder. The nurse got out of the car, tipping up the hood of her jacket over her short blond hair against the rain and popped the bonnet, then stood looking at the engine bay in that manner that says 'I don't know why I bothered to even look under here, I have no idea what I'm doing.'

Putting his shopping in the boot of his car Graeme decided to try and help the nurse. He walked over.

"Having a problem?" he asked her.

"Bloody thing won't start," she replied. "It was fine earlier. This is all I need right now. I have no idea what I'm looking at, are you any good?"

"No, not really I'm afraid. Are you a member of the AA or RAC or similar?"

"No, I didn't renew it this year, I couldn't afford it. That now seems like a false economy," she sighed.

"Your daughter seems a bit upset too." Graeme remarked.

"Yes, she's been grumpy all day apparently, wouldn't take a nap and now she's over tired and thoroughly miserable. Shit, what am I going to do now. I don't need all this after a tough day at work too."

"Look, I know you don't know me, but I recognise you, you only live round the corner from me, I've seen you about. Let me give you a lift home, you can organise someone to fix the car later, but I would get your baby home and settled first if I were you."

"Yes, I do remember seeing you too. Would you mind giving us a lift? That would be really good of you, thank you," she replied.

"No of course not. You can transfer your baby seat I take it?"

"Yes it will just strap in."

"You get your little girl then and I'll take your shopping."

Pretty soon they had transferred the baby and the shopping bags, locked the nurses car and Graeme drove the short distance to her house.

"I'm Graeme by the way. Scottish spelling but English through and through," he said. It was his party piece when introducing himself.

The nurse smiled. "Pleased to meet you Graeme, I'm Tracy and this is Joy, my beautiful three year old who is not living up to her name at the moment."

"Pleased to meet you too, Nurse Tracy," he grinned.

By the time their pleasantries were over they had arrived at Tracy's house. Tracy unstrapped Joy's car seat and carried her indoors still sitting in it, while Graeme followed behind with her shopping bags.

"Thank you so much Graeme. Do you have time for a coffee? Or is Mrs Graeme waiting for you?"

"No, I have time, I would love a coffee if you can cope with me being here. Mrs Graeme passed away two years ago, so no-one is waiting for me at home. Perhaps I can help calm your little one while you sort yourself out, I have three of my own, grown up now, but I think I remember what to do."

"Oh, I'm so sorry. You are welcome to stay and if you can settle Joy down I will be forever grateful."

Graeme followed Tracy into her kitchen where he deposited her shopping. Tracy unstrapped Joy from her car seat and picked her up. She was still grizzling miserably, tiredness written all over her little face.

"What does she like to do? Which are her favourite toys?" Graeme asked Tracy.

"Oh, her little toy elephant goes everywhere with her, and she likes to draw." Tracy said, standing Joy down.

"Ok, let's start with that and see if we can't distract her into something more interesting than being miserable. Hey little one, will you come and show me your elephant, while mummy puts her shopping away? And perhaps you can draw me a picture too."

"No!" the little girl said, clinging to Tracy's leg. 

"OK, I'll draw a picture by myself then," Graeme took up a sheet of paper and a crayon from the little girls toy box. Joy watched him with a thumb in her mouth as he sat at the table and started to draw.

"What are you drawing?" she asked him.

"It's a secret. I can't tell you," he replied.


"Because you can't draw. You wouldn't draw me a picture so I don't think you can draw. You can only look at other peoples pictures if you can draw them too, otherwise they are a secret."

"I can draw!" the little girl said indignantly.

"No, I don't think you can, I don't believe you. Unless you can show me....."

Joy climbed up on a chair beside Graham and demanded a crayon. He gave one to her and within minutes she was drawing and laughing with Graeme, as content as a spring lamb. Tracy smiled in amazement at how quickly this stranger to Joy had got her focused on the activity and away from her bad mood.

Tracy finished putting her shopping away and made them some coffee, then said to Joy "Did you have your bath at Granny's darling?"

"Yes," the little girl replied.

OK, let's pop you in your pyjamas then and perhaps Graeme will draw another picture with you before you go to bed."

"OK," the little girl said, now content to do as she was asked, toddling after her mum. They returned a little while later, the little girl in pyjamas and ready for bed.

"What do you say to Graeme, sweetheart?"

"Thank you for drawing with me. Would you do one more please before I go to bed?" Tracy had obviously been practising this upstairs with the little girl as she changed her, but Joy delivered it perfectly.

"Of course darling, you are so good at drawing, I want you to teach me how to draw as well as you can." 

The little girl beamed a beautiful smile and climbed back up, sitting on Graeme's lap this time. "OK, I'll show you." Her little face took on an intense look of concentration as she went back to her paper, scribbling something she said was a horse. Of course Graeme thought it was a wonderful horse.

Tracy just smiled at him across the table as she finished her coffee. "You're a marvel, it usually takes me ages to settle her down," she said to Graeme, then to Joy she said "Time for bed now sweetie. Say thank you to Graeme for playing with you."

"Thank you Graeme. Will you draw with me tomorrow?"

"You're welcome sweetie, we will have to see. I hope I can draw with you again, you're so good."

"OK, night night." 

"Night, night."

Tracy took Joy upstairs to bed, a completely different child in mood to the one she brought home. After settling Joy down in her bed Tracy returned to the kitchen. "Thank you so much, you were marvellous. She really took to you," she said to Graeme.

"It was my pleasure, she's such a cutie." Graeme replied "I loved playing with my kids when they were at that age, I think I learned most of the tricks. It's usually a question of reverse psychology. Tell them they can't do what it is you want them to do. They catch on when they get older, but it tends to work at that age."  This made Tracy smile, recognising the truth in his words.

"Right, the car, what to do about the car....." she suddenly said, almost to herself. "I suppose I shall have to leave it there tonight and get a garage to look at it tomorrow. I'll phone my dad and ask him to pick me and Joy up in the morning." She picked up her mobile and hit the shortcut number for her parents

"Your mum and dad look after Joy while you work do they?" Graeme asked.

"Yes, it saves child care costs, bless them, I couldn't do without them," she replied as the phone rang and she waited for one of her parents to pick up.

Her father answered and after Tracy explained her problems her dad promised to pick her up in the morning in time to take her to work and said he would arrange for a garage to look at her car, of course taking Joy to look after at the same time. 

"He's so good, I hate burdening him and mum with my problems," she sighed when she eventually put the phone down. "It's not fair on them to have to have Joy even, without this on top, they should be enjoying their own life. I just can't afford child care and the mortgage on this place, I have to take advantage of them." 

"I'm sure they see looking after their granddaughter as a labour of love, not being taken advantage of. Where is Joy's father if it's not a rude question."

"I don't know exactly and care even less. He left me before she was born. We were engaged, wedding planned, then I fell pregnant by mistake beforehand. He instantly changed, he didn't want the baby, I didn't want to give her up, we fell out badly so he left. In hindsight it was for the best, we wouldn't have lasted."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to pry....."

"No, it's OK. I'm not ashamed of anything, being a single mum, it wasn't planned. It's just difficult you know, balancing money, giving Joy what she needs, no time to myself anymore. But hey, I wouldn't swap her for the world. She's my life now."

"It must be tough, but you won't regret your decision. Having kids is the most wonderful thing in the world."

"What about you then? What happened to your wife? She must have died quite young."

"Yes, barely 40, she died shortly after her birthday. Breast cancer. I miss her so much. My problem is I don't have enough to do now. I go to work, I come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed, do the same tomorrow. My kids are all but grown up and doing their own thing. This is the most fun I've had in ages."

"Jeez, you must be bored if talking to me is fun. You need to meet someone else, you're still too young to be alone, get out and meet another woman."

"Yeah, fat chance. Who would have me?"

"Don't be daft, you're a good looking man. And a kind man too. You might be forty something, but so what? Kind, considerate and available men like you must be at a premium. I'm surprised there's not a queue."

"Well thank you, but I can assure you I'm not having my door beaten down. So what about you then? How come you haven't met someone else? Assuming you haven't of course."

"No, ditto the fat chance. I'm a bit like you, I get up and either I'm working or looking after Joy. And anyway, who's going to take on someone who's over weight with a three year old daughter?"

"Over weight? Behave, you're hardly that! You're a very good looking lady. And as for taking on kids, well I can only speak for myself because I would. God I miss having kids that age. I would gladly do it all again, raise a second brood if you like."

"Really?" She paused a minute, thinking. "You and I seem to have similar problems and quite a few things in common. Did you mean it when you said you thought I was good looking." She blushed, embarrassed, almost ashamed she had asked the question.

"Yes of course," Graeme replied. "Why would you think you're not? You are gorgeous. You most certainly are not fat, curvy, yes, but not all men like skinny women. I prefer women who are more..... cuddly maybe? I don't know what the description is. Not fat definitely, just have some substance to them.  Like you......" He trailed off thinking he was going a bit far. Tracy blushed.

"You're so sweet. I put on a bit of weight when I was pregnant, I didn't shift it all afterwards and I hate my body now. My tummies not flat anymore, my bum seems too big. I didn't think anyone would find me attractive anymore."

"You're wrong. I do. I wish I was nearer your age, I would ask you out in a heartbeat."

"Don't let your age stop you. I'm 29, so the age gap isn't that big and it wouldn't bother me. If you asked me I would say yes."

Graeme swallowed hard. "OK, I'm asking then. Would you go out with me sometime? I would love to take you out to dinner somewhere."

Tracy blushed again. "Yes, thank you. I would love to do that." She reached across the table and squeezed Graeme's hand. They looked at each other and the atmosphere between them was charged, each probably knowing what the other wanted, but neither sure who should make the first move. Finally Graeme rose and walked round the table to take Tracy's hands, lifting her to her feet.

"I mean it, you really are gorgeous." He slipped his arms round her waist and bent his head down to kiss her. Tracy didn't object and accepted his lips eagerly, enjoying the feel of his tongue sliding around her own.  

"Oh god, it's been so long since someone held me and kissed me," she breathed into his ear as their mouths parted and they held each other tightly. "Far too long. It feels so nice...."

"Me too," he whispered. "You feel like heaven."

Tracy's desire was stirring and she thought she could feel a bulge from Graeme's groin pressing against her. She decided to be bold because she suspected Graeme would be far too much of a gentleman to push her any further himself.

"Would you make love to me....?" she heard her voice, scarcely believing it was her own, inviting this man to take her.

"I would love to. Are you sure?"

"I couldn't be more sure. I seem to have been waiting an eternity for someone like you. Please Graeme, make love to me." Tracy locked her mouth back on to Graeme's and their kiss was long and passionate, their mouths and tongues working furiously on each other.

"Let's go upstairs," she whispered to him. She led him by the hand and he followed her up the stairs, his eyes taking in her delicious figure. Fat? No, absolutely not. Her figure was full, her breasts quite large, a lovely curvy flow to her shape, coming in at the waist, not a skinny, narrow, girly waist, but the shapely flow of a mature woman who was a mother, a flow that flared again to wide hips and a firm pear shaped bottom, then down to her full thighs and calves. All still enclosed by her blue nurses dress and black tights, Graeme thought she was stunning and he was now looking forward to uncovering and exploring her body.

Tracy led Graeme to her bedroom, a tastefully decorated and feminine room dominated by a double bed. She turned and kissed him again, unbuttoning his shirt as she did so. He allowed her to pull his shirt off and she admired his physique, not overly muscled, but not an ounce of extra fat on him. Graeme returned the favour, unfastening her uniform and helping her to pull the dress over her head. He gazed admiringly at her full figure additionally exposed now, just standing there in her white bra and panties with her black tights over the top.

"Stunning, darling, you look stunning, so sexy." He moved back in to hold her close and kiss her, his hands slowly exploring her soft, smooth flesh. They broke the kiss and he looked into her face, studying her fine features and blue eyes, surrounded by her short, easy to manage blond hair. He ran his hand through her hair. "You are beautiful."

Tracy smiled at him, studying him back, his mousy brown hair with just a hint of grey appearing in places, his soft, kindly blue eyes that so suited his easy going nature, his full kissable lips. She was falling head over heels for this lovely man. "You're beautiful too," she replied. He had never been called beautiful before, but decided he liked it from this delicious woman.

Reaching round her back Graeme unclipped Tracy's bra and eased it off her shoulders. Her full breasts came within his gaze and he gently cupped one of the pale white globes with his hand, feeling it's heaviness and caressing over the the soft flesh with his fingers, teasing the large protruding nipple which was already hard and erect. He bent his head down and sucked in the nipple of Tracy's other breast, running his tongue over it and hearing her moan with the pleasure. Her breasts were large, but not saggy, still firm and well shaped despite her motherhood.

Pushing his head away, Tracy attacked Graeme's trousers, desperately wanting to see him naked, take his cock in her hands and mouth. It had been nearly four years since she had enjoyed a mans body, pretty much since she conceived Joy. Sex had been limited to self pleasures since then and now her desire was burning through her, she was almost aching to  touch him and perhaps even more desperate to feel him touch her in her most intimate place. She pulled his trousers and underpants down his legs and he kicked them off as soon as his socks and shoes were off as well. He stood naked before her, his thick throbbing cock fully erect and she wrapped her fingers around it, stroking him, feeling it's hardness within but the silky softness of the covering skin delightful to her touch. He groaned as she gently pulled his foreskin back and fore over the glans.

She flashed him a quick smile as she dropped to her knees and immediately engulfed his cock in her mouth, running her tongue over it. He groaned with pleasure at the delightful feeling and she murmured with pleasure at finally enjoying sucking a cock again after such a long abstinence. It was something she had always previously taken great pleasure from and was now making up for lost time, sucking and licking Graeme's shaft with vigour.

"Stop," he groaned "you will make me come. It's been so long...."

Pausing a second she said "Don't worry honey, let it come. We have all night." She wrapped her lips around him again and within seconds she felt his cock swell further in her mouth and he exploded jets of his semen over her tongue and on to the back of her throat, groaning loudly as he did so. She drank it down, swallowing every drop of his copious discharge, loving the salty taste as she had always done since she first let a boy come in her mouth at the age of sixteen. She was now so aroused she thought she might orgasm herself without Graeme even touching her as her juices were flowing so freely in her pussy and she knew her panties were wet.

Graeme embraced Tracy back in his arms and kissed her, tasting feint traces of himself in her mouth.

"God that was fantastic. I didn't expect you to do that, it was wonderful. Let me return the compliment." Gently he steered Tracy back on to her bed and she lay down. Graeme hooked his fingers into her tights and wriggled them over her bottom and down her legs, exposing her milky white thighs. He immediately planted soft kisses in to the sensitive skin on her inner thighs as he removed her tights, then went backup to do the same with her panties, but this time more slowly. Moving his head up he kissed her tummy.

"Oh, I hate my tummy.." she whimpered as he kissed her there. The flesh was beautifully soft on his face. No, it wasn't as tight and as firm as a younger girl, and there was the odd stretch mark left over from her pregnancy, but Graeme thought it was far more sexy that way.

"I love it, you are so gorgeous. So soft and beautiful." He kissed over her navel and down towards her panties, and on reaching her mound he kissed through the fabric, feeling the bunched unevenness beneath of her pubic hair. Slipping his hand into the waist he gently tugged them down, Tracy lifting her bottom to ease their passage to her thighs and Graeme could now see the tight fair curls covering her sex.

"Sorry, I'm a bit untidy down there, I don't shave anymore, no real need of late...." she muttered apologetically.

"Hey, stop apologising and criticising yourself," he gently scolded her. "I think you're gorgeous whatever way, and I really don't mind a natural pussy. It's lovely and sexy and beautiful." To emphasise his point he planted his face in her pubes and kissed her hair there before fully removing her panties, noticing the wet crotch. With her panties off he gently parted her legs and moved himself between them, his face manoeuvring back towards her pussy, where he kissed her inner thighs and the areas immediately surrounding her actual pussy. She was burning with desire and anticipation, eager for him to place his mouth on her pussy lips, but he delayed further, teasing and gently kissing the soft skin on the surrounding areas of her thighs, the top of her bottom cheeks and inside her hips. Finally when she thought she might scream from frustration he planted his mouth on her, his tongue licking her inner lips and finding her clitoris. Tracy breathed in sharply as the sensation of his wet tongue hit her.

"Oh my god, that's so good," she gasped, laying her hand gently on his head as he licked her, the sensations in her already aroused pussy building further.

Graeme was delighting in her smell and taste, the beautiful heady aroma of the aroused woman filling his nostrils, the flavour of her lubricating fluid on his tongue. He parted her lips with his fingers to expose the smooth inner flesh and danced his tongue over it as well as licking and sucking on her clitoris. Tracy was in rapture, her hips twitching at the touch of his lips and tongue until grabbing handfuls of duvet she squealed loudly and orgasmed, releasing more fluids to leak into Graeme's mouth. Graeme kept licking and sucking, prolonging Tracy's cum to the maximum, feeling her muscles spasm beneath him as the climax pulsed through her. As her orgasm ceased Graeme crawled up to lie alongside her and she kissed him, tasting herself on his lips.

"That was sensational, I haven't cum like that, well, ever I don't think," she said softly. He smiled at her lovingly, kissed her lips again and stroked his hand over her tummy, enjoying again the feel of her soft skin. Tracy reached between his legs for his cock and found he was rock hard again, once more running her fingers over his shaft. Graeme slipped his hand down between her legs, parting her lips again to insert two fingers into her and for a while they enjoyed their mutual touching.

"Are you ready to fuck me? I need to feel you inside me now," Tracy said after a while as she stroked him with her fingers. Graeme manoeuvred over her and she guided him to her wet entrance. She was suddenly feeling strangely nervous in anticipation, her brain trying to recall exactly the sensation of a cock slipping into her, but it had been so long she couldn't quite capture it and somehow this seemed like the very first time again. Graeme pushed into her, slipping into her warm wet pussy and burying himself fully into her in one smooth push. She was very wet, but surprisingly tight, her pussy walls gripping him firmly. He started to thrust gently in and out, quite slowly, no rush, kissing Tracy's flushed face and neck. Tracy sighed with pleasure, instantly now remembering exactly the delicious sensation of feeling a man deep inside her, stretching her vaginal walls and causing delightful sensations from the friction on her sex nerve endings. She wrapped her legs round his back and lost herself in the enjoyment of his lovemaking, every worry in her life disappearing to the edges of existence as Graeme took centre stage in her world.

Graeme gazed into her eyes as he fucked her, kissing her often as his cock worked slowly in her deliciously wet and warm pussy that was massaging its length. Tracy was making appreciative little murmurs beneath him, equally enjoying the sensations and they kept up the slow rhythm for some while enjoying the pleasure that neither of them had experienced for a good few years.

It was Tracy who eventually upped the tempo. "Faster now baby, fuck me harder please," she whispered to him. Graeme rose up on his arms above her and commenced a faster rhythm, thrusting harder into her as she firmly locked her legs around his bottom.

"Oh yes, that's the way, fuck me," she implored him as he powered into her, their bodies making a light smacking sound as they came together and the bed accompanied them with a light rhythmic creaking, her large breasts rippling back and fore in time with that rhythm. Tracy was working her hips under Graeme urgently, pushing herself back up to meet his incoming thrust, maximising the friction on his cock and pressing her clitoris into his pubic bone for additional stimulation.

"Oh yes, that's so good, don't stop, you're going to make me cum again." she all but hissed at him as her breathing shortened to a virtual gasp until she squeezed him hard with her legs, crying out as a second orgasm surged through her. Tracy pulled Graeme's head down and kissed him, still  making little cat like mews in time with the spasms as her orgasm subsided.

"More...." she simply demanded as she broke the kiss, her heightened lust evident in her eyes as she drove Graeme on. He continued to stroke into her. 

After another minute or so he slowed. "Can I take you from behind?" he asked her.

"Oh yes, I love it like that," she replied, so he slipped out of her and she turned on to all fours, her full pear shaped bottom presented to him as he positioned himself behind her, grasping his cock with his hand to guide himself back inside her. Once in he took hold of her hips and set the same fast pace, smacking his midriff into her bottom as they fucked, Tracy looking back at Graeme with her head on a pillow with the same lustful look in her eyes as he took her, her breasts swinging gently under her and little moans of pleasure escaping from her lips as his cock stimulated her pussy. She reached between her own legs, rubbing her clitoris as he continued to stroke in to her, stimulating herself even further.

Graeme was fast approaching his own orgasm and suddenly stiffened and groaned as he spilt his seed deep inside Tracy's pussy, another copious surge of semen flooding her in powerful spurts, racking his groin with pleasurable spasms as he held his breath, physically unable to exhale for a few seconds such was the power of his orgasm. The hot surge of wetness in her pussy triggered a fresh orgasm in Tracy and she cried out also, gripping Graeme's cock in spasms as she pressured her own clitoris, maximising the pleasure of the orgasm. Graeme held still, remaining deep within Tracy as his reeling senses returned to normal, enjoying the hot wetness soaking his cock and balls as his erection faded. Finally he slipped out and virtually collapsed on the bed, Tracy doing the same alongside him. He gathered her in his arms kissing and caressing her.

"Wow, you were fantastic," he whispered to her, gently pushing a wisp of her hair out of her eyes, stroking her cheek with his thumb. "I haven't made love like that for many years."

"You too," she replied softly. "You're a great lover, I don't think I have ever felt so satisfied." She snuggled her head further into his shoulder under his chin, a feeling of calmness and security within her that she hadn't ever experienced before. They lay for ages in each other's arms.

Suddenly Tracy said. "I'm hungry. I haven't had dinner yet. Shall I make us something to eat?"

"That sounds nice. If I wasn't hungry before you have worked me up an appetite now," he said, which made Tracy smile.

"And perhaps I haven't finished with you yet," she teased him, kissing him a quick peck on the lips. "Let's clean up and go downstairs. I need to check on Joy as well."

The two of them cleaned and dressed ready to go back downstairs. On the way Tracy opened Joy's bedroom door and the two of them gazed at the angelic looking little girl who was sleeping peacefully.

"You know, I meant what I said earlier," Graeme whispered to Tracy, slipping his arms round her waist from behind her and snuggling into her neck. "Don't think the fact you have your little girl will be a barrier to us having a relationship. I love kids and Joy is a sweetie, as well as being as beautiful as her mother."

Tracy turned towards Graeme, wrapping her arms round his neck. "I know, I saw how you were with her earlier, it's obvious how good you are with kids. Let's take it one step at a time, see how we go. Who knows, perhaps it's meant to be, we might both get second chances."








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