My Kind of Breakfast

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is the introduction piece of a new novel/story I am currently working on, but works well as a short story piece too, so I thought I would post it to gauge reaction. I would love any feedback, please feel free to comment on content and style.

This is the introduction piece of a new novel/story I am currently working on, but works well as a short story piece too, so I thought I would post it to gauge reaction. I would love any feedback, please feel free to comment on content and style.

My Kind Of Breakfast

Rob awoke and became aware of the sun filled bedroom and the warmth it brought. He felt relaxed and cozy. Turning over he reached out for Helen but was disappointed to find her side of the bed was empty. She had obviously awakened before him and crept out of bed so as not to disturb his lie in. Rob was disappointed as there is nothing he liked better on a Sunday morning than a long cuddle, and hopefully more, with his lovely wife.

Listening for sounds of Helen moving about the house Rob caught the light chink of china on china. She was probably making tea, he decided. He rose out of bed and slipped a dressing gown on before going downstairs to find her.
Indeed Helen was making tea, standing at the kitchen work surface waiting for the kettle to boil, her back to Rob as he came to the open kitchen door. She was naked apart from a small pair of light pink panties covering only a portion of her cute shapely bottom. Rob savoured the sight of this gorgeous girl, her slim but curvy figure with pale white unblemished skin, and her short but full bodied fair hair curling about her head. He thought not for the first time how lucky he was that she chose to be with him. She must have heard him as she looked over her shoulder to beam her beautiful smile at him and Rob caught a glimpse of one her smallish round breasts with a pink nipple.

"Morning sleepy head," she said.

"Hi beautiful," he replied.

Walking across the kitchen Rob slipped his arms around her slim waist, and gently kissed the nape of her neck. He felt her shudder slightly but she obviously did not want him to stop as she tilted her head away, exposing more of her neck for his attention. Encouraged he continued to kiss her neck and then nibbled her ear. He caressed her stomach with his hands and slowly moved them up to her breasts, finding and caressing the nipples of each. Helen let out a small moan of approval and could probably feel his manhood starting to press into her backside through his dressing gown.

Rob pulled her round to face him and kissed her lips. She responded firmly and their tongues went into full embrace as Rob continued to run his hands over her lovely body, sliding up and down her back, cupping the cheeks of her lovely bottom and squeezing gently. He pulled away from the kiss and bent his head to her breasts, taking the nipple of one into his mouth and sucking gently, flicking the tip with his tongue. She gasped with pleasure as he moved across and gave the other the same treatment, revelling in feeling the nipple harden in his mouth. The kettle finished boiling and Helen ignored it, she was enjoying Rob's attentions and her tea could now wait.

Leaving her breasts Rob slowly dropped to his knees, kissing his way down her stomach to her hips, and her breath caught as he planted a kiss on her mound through her panties. He slid his fingers into the top of her panties and slowly eased them down from her curvy hips, continuing to kiss her lightly around her lower abdomen. She quivered under the touch of his lips. He thought the sliding down of a girl’s panties is one of the most erotic experiences a man can have, slowly uncovering the delights hidden beneath, although with Helen he was well familiar with her particular delight, but never tired of the experience. Helen's beautiful clean shaven pussy was exposed to Rob's view as she stepped out of her underwear and slightly parted her legs, inviting him to explore more closely and he needed no second invitation, pushing his face into the gap and placing his moist tongue onto her clitoris. Another gasp escaped her lips as he slid his tongue over her clitoris, massaging it gently for several seconds, then moving further down her pussy lips seeking the moist opening. She tasted divine to him as he lapped at her increasing wetness, changing often from pushing his tongue into her pussy, sucking on her inner lips and back to teasing her clit. Rob kept this up for many long minutes until gasping with short breaths she grabbed his head and pushed her pussy hard to his mouth as she reached her orgasm and her extra wetness flowed deliciously on to his tongue.

After her orgasm subsided Rob stood again and she pushed his dressing gown from his shoulders, hungrily kissing his chest and lightly biting his nipples. By now his cock was rock hard and desperate for some attention. She grasped it with one hand and slid her fingers up and down the length of the shaft while she kissed him, tasting her own juices on his mouth. Rob now just wanted to be inside her, so he gently turned her around and bent her forward over the work top with her legs eased apart. He worked his rock hard cock between the cheeks of her bottom, searching for the slippery wet entrance to her pussy, and gently pushed into her as he felt her moist open slit on the head of his cock. She groaned as his cock slipped into her tight pussy, a little further with each initial thrust until his full length was inside her and his shaft was coated with her juices. He started a rhythmic thrusting, nearly withdrawing and then pushing the full length back in again as he held her by the hips. She matched each thrust by pushing back with her bottom, eagerly taking his cock and wanting more. She was looking at him the whole time over her shoulder with lust filled blue eyes.

Helen had Rob well and truly worked up and after a few minutes he knew he couldn't keep up the pace without coming, but he didn't want that just yet so he withdrew from her entirely. She looked desperately at him, willing him not to stop, but he pulled her back around and steered her to the kitchen table. Luckily it was a sturdy piece of furniture and was not yet laid for breakfast, so he pushed her down onto it on her back with her pussy level with the table edge, lifted her legs apart, and then again dropped to his knees and hungrily applied his mouth and tongue to her pussy lips and clitoris. Her hands went to her breasts and she squeezed them and played with her own erect nipples, making small moans as she again enjoyed the attentions of his tongue. 

After few minutes Rob was calmed enough so he could fuck her again, so he stood and entered her once more. She lifted her legs over his shoulders which allowed him maximum penetration into her pussy and he started again to thrust slowly and rhythmically into her. Gradually he increased his pace and knew his climax wasn't going to be long in coming, and Helen was nearly ready to come for a second time as she was gasping and thrusting back up to meet him. As his thrusts shortened and quickened he heard her breath catch, her eyes screwed tightly shut and her pussy muscles gripped his cock harder as she orgasmed. He couldn't hold back any longer and he came too, gasping in racking spurts, filling her pussy with his come juice. He pushed into her as far as he could, maximizing the exquisite pleasure on his cock.

As their orgasms subsided they looked into each other's eyes and smiled at each other with joy and intense satisfaction. Rob held the moment until his cock became limp and slipped from her dripping pussy, then stood and eased Helen gently back to her feet. Her legs felt a little wobbly and unsteady after her orgasm, so she wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her to him and kissed her. Finally she broke away.

"Wow that was good. Breakfast?" 

"I think I just had my kind of breakfast," he smiled back at her.

Submitted: June 16, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Authordrw. All rights reserved.

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Sex Governess

Wow. I like. Very sexual.

Mon, June 16th, 2014 8:50pm


I have to agree with the title! I wouldn't mind breakfast like that every morning!

Mon, September 22nd, 2014 8:36pm


LOL! Wouldn't we all! Glad you enjoyed it.

Mon, September 22nd, 2014 2:04pm

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