Maths is Hot!

Maths is Hot!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He remembers back to his youth and a sexual encounter with his young, hot maths teacher.


He remembers back to his youth and a sexual encounter with his young, hot maths teacher.


Submitted: August 27, 2014

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Submitted: August 27, 2014



Maths is Hot!

This is a memory I relive often. Many things that have happened in my life have faded to sketchy snatches, just ghosts of actions I know I did but can no longer clearly remember. Some things have faded altogether, disappeared entirely from the electrical storage of my living brain. People say "do you remember when.....?" and I can't, the image, the event, has been lost from my mind somewhere along the way.

But not this memory. This one is burned in to my minds eye like it happened only yesterday, I can see the beautiful image of this woman like a HD Video playing inside my skull. I will never forget......

The year was 1976. I was in my last year of school, the upper 6th, I was just turned 18 and I was about to fail my exams. Throughout my school years I was a high flyer, achieving top marks, excelling at GCSE and expected to leave with a hatful of A level qualifications after 6th form. For many reasons my schoolwork had this year become unimportant to me and I stopped working hard. In fact I stopped working almost entirely. Family life had become hell, my parents were on the verge of breaking up, fighting continually, often long into the night. My younger brother was always in trouble, someone, usually the law, was constantly banging on the door complaining at his behaviour. That would trigger more domestics. I felt I was not getting the support of my parents and I simply fell out with learning, my home life non-conducive to after school study. I was wasting my natural intelligence. 

I was only interested in girls and football, the only two things that gave me any pleasure in my life, a release from the perceived pressure of everything else. My football kept me fit, strong and lithe, something girls must have found attractive because I was never without a girlfriend. Relationships then were often short term and girls came and went, we were just teenagers exploring our sexuality. During this time I lost my virginity to an extremely attractive young lady, then a couple more sexually willing girls followed after and I became at least a bit experienced in sex.

As my education stalled the teachers all stopped caring about me; well I say stopped, I'm not sure they cared in the first place. They were all over me in the previous years when I was doing well, making them look good I suppose, but when I started to struggle they didn't really give a damn.

All except one that is. My maths teacher, Mrs Akery. Jane as she later let me call her. Jane was young, just 27, only nine years older than me but nine years at that age seemed an eternity so to me she was so much more mature than I was. New to the job, she was very enthusiastic and idealistic, not yet in the job long enough to have become cynical, still believing all kids deserved her best shot. She had taught me the previous year when she first joined the school teaching staff and she knew what I could do when I tried. This year she was very concerned, upset even, that I wasn't fulfilling my potential. Several times she kept me after class to try and find out why I had changed, why I had stopped working.

Eventually we had a real heart to heart when she hit home to me just how big an opportunity I was throwing away, how I could be jeopardising a future well paid career. She really laid into me, but in a positive way, not just shouting and screaming at me, but really focussing on the future and how much better it could be if I made good now. We talked for hours after school one evening and she made me see that I should give it one final shot to pass my A level exams in a few months time, but when I told her about my home life she was shocked and realised what was stopping me. She could also see I could never pack in extra study time at home. So she put her career on the line and offered to tutor me after school at her home. If the school found out, just for that she would probably have lost her job. But she put herself on the line for me and I was grateful. So for several weeks leading up to the final term of school I spent several nights a week round her house where she put me through an intensive catch up programme, not just for maths but also the other two subjects I was studying.

I knew Mrs Akery was married but during this time I never met her husband. I asked her one evening what he did for a living and she told me he was a civil engineer and had taken a contract on the North Sea oil platforms. He was away for weeks at a time and then home for a couple of weeks leave before going off again. It was very well paid apparently and they were saving hard, putting up with the separation so they could afford to start a family. This was his last contract before giving it up and taking a more normal job in the summer and settling at home.

One evening in the spring that year when I was studying round at Mrs Akery's house she took a phone call that was obviously from her husband. She came off the phone really upset and I asked her what the matter was. She told me her husband was due home at the end of that week, but the call was to say they had asked him to stay another two weeks as the work schedule was behind and they needed him to stay, offering him a lucrative bonus to do so. It was such a big bonus they couldn't afford to turn it down he said, so he wasn't coming home as expected. 

What she said then threw me and was a catalyst for what happened next. Instead of saying "I don't think I can go another two weeks without him," she actually said "I don't think I can go another two weeks without it."

Without thinking I asked "Without what?"

Mrs Akery suddenly went beet root red at her slip. She was flustered, she tried to say something but couldn't, then turned on her heel and fled the room. I was left standing looking at the empty doorway, a naive and confused young man, wondering what the fuck had just happened. I really didn't know then what she meant, perhaps I should have worked it out but I honestly didn't.

She was gone several minutes and I was just wondering whether I should pack up my books and leave as she obviously wasn't going to carry on with the tutoring session, when she strode purposefully back into the room.  She stopped a couple of steps away from me, both her hands on her head so her palms were against each temple, a look of turmoil on her face.

"Can I trust you? Can I trust you with something absolutely confidential that you promise me you will never discuss with anyone?" she asked me.

"Yeah, of course...." I replied, "I wouldn't say anything about a secret if you asked me not to."

Then she dropped her hands and looked at me in a strange way. "Actually, about what I said, what I meant was I can't go another two weeks without having sex."

It was my turn to turn red. I was flustered and muttered some unintelligible response. Mrs Akery took me by the hands.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you. But it's true. I'm sure you know what sex is about. I was just thinking outside, you are here, you're a good looking boy, I haven't had sex in weeks and I am so horny and frustrated, I really can't wait two more weeks. I'm guessing you wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have sex. So would you fuck me? If you want to you can, just don't tell anyone, OK?"

Would I fuck her? Did she really just ask me that? Is the pope a catholic? Jane Akery was fucking gorgeous, the fantasy subject of many a schoolboy classroom daydream. She was petite, had brown hair, soft brown eyes and a lovely slim figure. Would I fuck her? Fucking right I would! I just couldn't believe she was asking me. But I was just standing there dumbstruck, unable to speak.

Jane took control, moving in and kissing me hungrily, almost desperately, her lips meeting mine hard and our tongues entwining. She started to virtually rip my clothes off, suddenly showing a whole new side to her character from the staid young school teacher. She was wild. I recovered from my shock and caught up with her, helping her shed her clothes too, now eager to see her naked. In no time at all we had both discarded our clothes where we stood and I was holding her naked body in my arms as I kissed her, my hands running over her back and bottom.

I pushed her back and ran my eyes over her perfect body. She really was lovely. In a truly inexperienced way I slipped my hand between her legs into her bush, going straight to the point of the action, I didn't really know then the meaning of foreplay. She was so aroused it didn't matter. 

Unlike today, back then very few girls shaved their pussy's in my experience and she was no exception, her dark curly pubic hair was neatly trimmed in a triangle over her mound, covering her sex. My fingers slid into the curly hairs between her pussy lips making her groan as she parted her legs slightly to give me ready access and they were immediately coated with her wetness. She really was horny and ready! My fingers slipped easily inside her oily wetness making her moan. She grasped my iron hard cock in her fingers and stroked it. 

"Oh, please, just fuck me!" Jane pleaded. She moved out of my arms and lent forward over the table where I was working, offering me her pert little round bottom. I moved behind her and pushed my cock between the cheeks of her bum as she reached between her legs with one hand to guide me in. My cock slipped into her wetness and she gasped as I thrust my full length into her. She felt absolutely amazing, her tight wet pussy gripping my cock. I hadn't fucked a girl from behind before or standing up, and I instantly decided it was something I should like to do again. I started to thrust in and and out of her, holding her hips as she looked back at me with her eyes full of pure lust.

"Oh, fuck, yes baby, that's it, fuck me hard, please make me cum!" she pleaded at me as I took her. I was on full throttle now, the two of us fucking like animals, my demure little maths teacher encouraging me with obscene expletives.

"Oh, god, yes, fuck me, fuck me, I'm going to fucking cum" she squealed, her voice raising in pitch as she quickly reached her desperately needed orgasm. "Fuuucckkkk......." she was just about screaming as she flattened down over the table and her body shook as she came hard.

I kept fucking her and was close to exploding. Regaining some control over herself she looked at me with some purpose. "Don't cum in me baby, I'm not safe at the moment. Tell me when you are going to cum."

I was just about to let go. I pulled out of her in time. "Now....." I grunted at her. She span round and dropped to her knees, engulfing my prick in her mouth. In seconds her wet warm lips and tongue took me over the edge and I spurted copious amounts of my semen into her mouth, my fingers tangled in her silky hair. Another first. None of my girlfriends up to now had ever sucked me, let alone let me cum in their mouth. Jane swallowed every drop and kept on sucking my cock, which through my intense level of arousal hadn't lost any of its hardness. I was ready to just carry on.

She finally let me out of her mouth and smiled up at me as she stroked my cock with her hand.

"Wow, that was good. I feel a bit better. Come and make love to me again, more slowly this time, let's enjoy it for a bit longer this time."

Jane stood up, took me by the hand and crossed the living room to the fireplace. In the seventies many houses had coal fired central heating systems. Jane's house had one, an enclosed coal fire called a Rayburn, which was essentially an enclosed metal box built into the hearth under a chimney with a glass fronted door. Behind the fire was a boiler that captured the heat and produced the hot water for the taps and radiators throughout the house.  Despite it being late April, the evenings were chilly enough still to have a fire lit and one was glowing in the hearth. In front of the hearth was a lambs wool rug. Jane dropped onto the rug and pulled me down with her, the heat from the coal fire feeling fierce on our naked flesh, the light from the flickering flames dancing sexily on our skin.

"You're not very experienced are you?" she whispered.

"No, not really," I replied, not able to take my eyes off her gorgeous body.

"Have you ever kissed a girls pussy?"


"Do you want to kiss mine?" she asked, leaning back on her elbows and parting her legs to show me her hairy wet snatch in all it's glory. "Go on, lick me down there, I love a tongue on my pussy."

I was ready to obey every command of this highly desirable woman, I would do anything. I dropped onto my stomach and in between her legs, the soft pile of the rug tickling my skin. I grasped her hips as I sank my face between her legs and kissed her pussy, snaking my tongue onto the slippery coated  lips around which her pubic hair was matted to her skin with her wetness. She tasted devine as I licked and slurped at her pussy.

"Lick my clitoris darling, up here," she instructed, guiding me with her fingers to show me where to concentrate my attention. I licked at her hard hooded clitoris and she moaned.

"Oh that's it. Lick firmly up that side, oh yes, that's right, perfect, right there, harder, push harder, suck on my clit now, oh that's so good..." Jane instructed me on exactly where and how she wanted to be licked and sucked. 

"Now, put two fingers inside me and slide in and out," she gasped. "Keep sucking my clit, good boy..."

Her bottom started to wriggle as she got what she wanted and she moaned louder as her breathing shortened until she finally threw back her head and squealed another "Oh, ffuucckk" as she came on my mouth.

I sat up on my knees and stared at this amazing woman as she lay back, breathing fast. Jane got up too and wrapped herself round me, sitting on my lap, her thighs round my hips, her arms round my neck and she kissed me. My cock was pressed up against her pubic hair and I could feel the curly strands scratching against the underside of my shaft. Jane shifted up on her knees and reached down for my cock, pushing it to her entrance and slipping it inside her. Another first. She smiled into my face as she ground her pelvis down on me and I pushed up to meet her.

"Is that good?" she asked.

"Fantastic..." I whispered as I gently squeezed the cheeks of her backside.

"Long and slow this time baby, let's enjoy it."

Leaning herself back, arching her breasts towards my face, Jane silently invited me to pay attention to her nipples. I took turns between the two, licking and sucking the hard pointy tips as she slowly rocked herself on my cock, murmuring little snippets of pleasure and encouragement. She stayed there for ages just grinding away with my cock buried deep inside her and me sucking her tits. I desperately wanted to create more friction, fuck in and out of her but she wouldn't let me, she stayed on my lap encouraging me to be patient, grinding herself into my pubic bone, stimulating her clitoris with the pressure. The inexperienced me caught on what she was doing to herself as she started to gasp and take short breaths, I realised she was close to cumming again. She stared into my eyes with her mouth hanging open uttering little sharp 'oh's' until she orgasmed again, throwing back her head with another "oh fffuucckkk!" and I could actually feel her leaking wetness dribbling down my balls.

"Now fuck me hard, darling," she commanded me, leaning right back, indicating she wanted to lay down on her back. I tipped forward with her and we didn't lose our union. I was stretched out on top of her now and free to fuck her. I commenced thrusting my iron hard cock into her sopping pussy.

"Hard, baby, fuck me hard," she pleaded again, wrapping her legs round my back, interlocking her ankles. Even if I wanted to I couldn't escape, but I certainly had no such thought. My only intention was to fuck the brains out of this incredible woman and I slammed into her. She was constantly shouting and squealing now, expletives pouring from her mouth as I pummelled into her pussy and her legs were pulling me into her in complete time with my rhythm.

"Fuck Jane, I'm going to cum...." I groaned at her.

"Me too, don't stop...."

"But Jane..." I pleaded, knowing she didn't want my sperm inside her.

"Just a bit more..." she squealed, her legs trapping me inside her, forbidding me to withdraw.

I couldn't hold back, I poured my semen deep in her belly and Jane followed me over the edge, pulling me into her with her feet as she once again screamed that "Oh fffuucckkk" as she orgasmed for the final time.

We lay together, gasping for breath. I think then she fully realised what she had done and pushed me off.

"Let me up...." she said, and quickly rose to her feet and trotted out of the room. I heard water running and I can only assume she was trying to clean my cum out of her, but even I knew that was probably futile.

A few minutes later she came back in the room, wrapped in a towel.

"Get dressed," she said simply.

I was mortified, thinking I had let her down. "I'm sorry Jane..." I said.

"Shhh, it wasn't your fault, it was mine," she said putting her fingers to my lips. "I should have let you stop, don't worry about it. I don't think it's a good time to conceive for me anyway, it's probably alright."

When I was dressed Jane wrapped her arms round me and kissed me.

"Listen, this is the only time this is going to happen alright? In fact, treat it like it never happened OK? I desperately needed that and you were in the right place at the right time. I really enjoyed it, you were fantastic, thank you, but don't mention it ever, to me, to anyone, OK?"

"Yeah, sure," I replied, though rather disappointed she wasn't going to want me again. "My lips are sealed, you can trust me."

"Thank you." Jane smiled me a grateful smile. "Now get out of here....."

I left her and I never went back to her house. At school the following day she greeted me and treated me as she had before, as just her pupil again and the events of the previous evening were never discussed at any time. I had caught up my work thanks to her help and I took and passed my exams shortly after, and I left the school for good. By the time I left Jane's belly was starting to swell. She was more than two months pregnant. She didn't say anything and whether that child was mine or her husbands I guess we will never know. 

All I know is, all these years later, I still remember that evening like it happened yesterday, how my petite, demure, prim and proper maths teacher gave me the hottest lesson of my life.






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