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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Finding herself lost after the death of her husband, Mari succumbs to the anguish in a world where anguish is a luxury. Wars and civil unrest have driven her to take on an industrial job, where she finds Sadi. Sadi lives in the ruins of a past life where opulence abounded. But she has become a survivor in her own right. She teaches Mari the skills necessary to thrive in a world that is on fire. With one another, in spite of immense lost, they rediscover some semblance of the former lives they led.

Table of Contents


Mari begins to dream. (First Draft) Read Chapter


Mari emerges from the Chinese privet a changed woman... (First Draft) Read Chapter


Mari finds herself releasing some of the sexual frustration built up within her as she becomes intimate with a woman whose past still plagues her... Read Chapter


Sadie reveals a little more about her past, including the summer she learned to shoot. Mari listens while the night deepens and the river courses darkly beyond the bay windows... Read Chapter

The Cove

Sadie shows Mari a slice of her life, a relic from her past. Something from long ago. Sadie must turn away from Mari's advances for now...but there is always later... Read Chapter


A night sky in a secret cove caps the two lovers as they begin to touch. And it's then that Sadi decides to show Mari to another more personal part of her past... Read Chapter


Sadi introduces Mari to something new...and it's not quite what she expects. Read Chapter


Mari of the Now recalls as she sits and prepares to take action how her and Sadi made love... Read Chapter

Cove Cutter

Sadi and Mari take a small jaunt out in their boat as the war cries reach a crescendo around them. Sadi also reveals a hidden talent--one that could be the only thing that stands between them and certain death. Read Chapter


Sadie realizes that in order to protect the one that she loves, she must teach her a few things...namely, how to fight and how to shoot. Sadie senses another war coming and soon... Soon, their
shared abode in the paradise alongside the River will be threatened.
Read Chapter

Orgasm on the Bridge

After Sadi falls asleep before her next shift, a sentimental Mari takes the boat out to explore an old haunt. Aloft, high above the river, she finds herself in ecstasy. But as soon as she comes
back down, she finds that she had walked right into a trap.
Read Chapter