Meeting Mr.A

Meeting Mr.A

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Avery has a sexy encounter with the mysterious Mr. A


Avery has a sexy encounter with the mysterious Mr. A


Submitted: November 09, 2015

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Submitted: November 09, 2015



It all started with a note on my desk.

You look beautiful this morning-Mr.A

I thought it was a harmless prank at first- something set up by some of my coworkers. A little strange, a little creepy, but they didn’t bother me too much. And for the most part, they were relatively innocent.

I find that you look loveliest with your hair up-Mr.A

Anything interesting planned after work today?-Mr.A

The weather is getting colder. Such a shame, don’t you think?-Mr.A

I got in the habit of ignoring them, stuffing them into my purse until after I left the office and was safe at home. That way I didn’t have to think about them, think about who wrote them.

A part of me wondered, however, if it was in fact a secret admirer writing the notes.

Someone who took notice of the me who for most of my life had been ignored. After all, sometimes the notes contained more intimate information.

The perfume you wore yesterday suited you- lavender and peony.-Mr.A

Red lipstick, are you wearing that for me, I wonder?-Mr.A

I love it when you wear that dress-Mr.A

I probably should have reported it long ago.

But I didn’t.

Maybe some messed up part of her was actually glad for the attention, no matter the source. Someone had taken an interest in her.

That fact alone made her heart race.

And when she was home alone she would take out the shoebox she hid on the top shelf in her dresser and look at all the notes and a strange electric feeling would run down her spine, making every nerve tingle.


Dirty, terrifying, and oh so dangerous, yet she didn’t dare stop.

It was exactly three months after she had received the first one when thigs got worse.

The subway was busy as usual that morning. Crammed into a corner and holding onto the overhead bar for dear life, I tried to ignore how awkward it was being surrounded on all sides by strangers.

I wasn’t one for personal contact, and these morning rides were my worst nightmare. So I gazed out the window at the darkness and the flashing lights.

That’s when I felt it. Something warm distinctively slid up my thigh.

A small squeal escaped my lips, garnering a few wayward glances from the other passengers. I bit my lip, looking down in embarrassment.

Then I felt it again, this time slower and more distinct. I ground my teeth together, reaching behind me to push the hand away.

A light flashed by.

The pervert caught my hand and pressed it against my back, shoving me up against the wall. No one noticed the slight change in position. His free hand brushed beneath my legs before sliding up my ass, gently tugging at the edge of my underwear before repeating the process. I wanted to cry out.

I wanted to.

But I was too afraid. To embarrassed. What if they all looked at me like this: exposed in front of everyone. What’s worse was…

“Ahm.” I bit off my cry, raising my hand to my lips as if I were coughing.

…I was actually getting turned on.

The hand continued up and down, occasionally stopping to fondle my clitoris before resuming its rythmatic motion.

How much time had passed? Surely we should have come to my stop by now.

Something hard pressed against my back, warm and distinct. My mind was starting to become fuzzy. I bit down on my finger, pressing myself even harder into the wall in an attempt to disappear.

I could hear them all breathing. All the other passengers. I could see them right there, in the reflection of the glass. Could they hear me? Could they hear my heavy breathing or the pounding of my heart?

These thoughts swirled inside of my head as the pervert continued to massage me towards climax. It was too hot. I was going to be found out. I was going to…

Just when I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to escape, my station was announced over the intercom and the subway came to a halt.

The pervert immediately released me. I tugged at the edge of my skirt, hurrying out of that stifling car. Walking across the subway platform I reached into her coat pocket to get her phone. However, upon pulling it out something else fluttered to the floor. Reaching down to pick it up I was greeted by the familiar and elegant loops I had grown accustomed to seeing each day.

I hate it when you ride the bus. No one should be able to touch you but me.-Mr.A

Those words sent a thrill down my spine. Shoving the note back into my pocket, I hurriedly walked to work, keeping my head down.

When I arrived, there was no note on her desk.

For a moment, I was disappointed. But then I remembered the events of that morning.

Swallowing, I shoved Mr. A from my mind and set to work.

The next occurrence happened two hours after I’d begun.

Exiting the bathroom stall, I washed my hands before turning off the faucet and gazing at my reflection in the mirror. It seemed to be saying: you need to stop this.

But I really couldn’t. I really didn’t want to.

Turning away, I headed towards the exit when I heard a stall click open behind me.

Strange, I was sure no one had come in.

Then I was being pulled backward, a hand over my mouth and the other around my waist.

That time I really did scream. I screamed and thrashed and clawed but the figure only released his hold just long enough to lock the stall behind us.

First his fingers pried open my lips, shoving something soft inside. Next he took both my hands and tied them behind my back.

Finally something silky was placed over my eyes, and I was guided back to sit atop the toilet seat.

The fear I felt there was nothing akin to what I had felt on the subway.

Like this I had no power, no control.

That knowledge made my whole body quake with fear, and yet I couldn’t quite ignore the throbbing that was beginning between my legs.

There was the sound of metal against metal. Then the fingers caressed my lips again, gentler this time, pulling the cotton from my mouth. Then they pressed against my jaw, opening my mouth further. I was about to cry out when something long and warm was shoved between my lips.

Oh god.

My tongue ran across the foreign surface, and the distinct taste of salt sent butterflies flitting across my abdomen.

Oh god, I can’t believe this is happening.

I jerked my head back, but another hand caught me, forcing me forward. The object began to move. Beneath the mask I felt tears well in my eyes. It was hard to breathe like this. I couldn’t swallow, and his fingers were beginning to make my jaw ache.

But, that smell.

That taste.

The feeling of it throbbing as it rubbed against my tongue.

I rubbed my legs together, my entire body aching.

This was wrong. This was sick.

Then I noticed it, the gentle rubbing of his thumb against the back of my head. Like he was consoling me. Like he was comforting me.

Who was this?

The movements began to increase. I squeezed my eyes shut, holding my breath and trying to endure till the end. It was becoming harder to think in this darkness with nothing but the wet sloppy sounds coming from my mouth and that intoxicatingly dirty scent.

Oh. At this rate, I wouldn’t last very long at all.

And then I felt it hit the back of my throat, so hot I felt as if I were on fire. Slowly he pulled out and I gagged, swallowing as much of the substance as I could before sinking back, panting. Something soft and wet rubbed against my chin, removing what had spilled over from my lips. And then I felt something press against my forehead, and the restraints were loosened.

There was the sound of the stall opening, then that of the bathroom. A couple of minutes after he had left I managed to free myself from the restraints and remove the blindfold. Then I rushed to the sink to rinse out my mouth and splash cold water on my face.

Had… had that really happened? Or had I just been dreaming? I reached up to touch the spot on my forehead which still stung with an unfamiliar warmth. The heat between my legs ached.


Turning, I left the bathroom and headed to my desk. There, there was a piece of paper awaiting her.

What a very good girl. I promise I will reward you later.-Mr.A

“Shit.” I dropped the note, pushing away as if distancing myself would protect me from Mr.A.

“You okay Avery?” Rebecca, the girl who worked in the desk beside me asked, expression puzzled.

“Do you know if any one came by my desk while I was gone?” I demanded. Rebecca shook her head.

“No, I don’t think so, why?”

I gazed down at the note, taking a long shaky breath.

“No reason.”

Somehow, even after the events earlier that morning, I managed to convince Rebecca to go get lunch with me. I was feeling quite up for eating alone.

“Are you really sure you’re okay, you look white as a sheet.” Rebecca nodded, taking a sip of her drink.

“Really, I’m fine. Just had a bit of a shock.”

“Alright. You know, if you need to talk, you can always count on me.” She smiled at me, and I felt myself relax a little.

“Excuse me.” A waitress said, lowering two plates onto the table.

“Thank you.” I said, feeling that I might actually be able to eat a little.

“Of course!” The waitress said. “If you need anything else, feel free to ask.” And with that she turned away and left. Pulling out my fork in preparation to dig in, I saw it.

“No. No way.”

“What is it?” Rebecca asked, leaning across the table. “A piece of paper on your plate? Weird. I’ll call the waitress back over to get you a new one.” Rebecca stood, heading towards register. I gazed down at my plate, unable to tear my eyes away.

Enjoy. Next time, you’ll have to eat with me.-Mr.A

“Sorry Avery.” Rebecca sat down across from me, shaking her head. “I met the first waiter on my way over- he said he hadn’t even delivered our plates yet. Spooky huh? They said they will take these away and give us the meals for free, though, so I guess it’s okay.”

And so they did, but I didn’t even eat a bite.

I’d completely lost my appetite.

Returning to the office, I wasn’t even shocked to see another note on my desk.

I wonder if I can really have you all to myself. You would like that too, wouldn’t you?-Mr.A

That was it. I couldn’t do this anymore.

Flipping the paper over, I scribbled down a couple notes before explaining to my boss that I felt ill and needed to go home.

My Place. Six O’clock.

I wondered if I was an idiot.

I wondered if I was a desperate fool.

I wondered if I was crazy.

Yet I waited attentively by the door.

Six o’clock. No one came.

Seven o’clock. Still nothing.

Eight, nine, ten.

Clicking the lock shut, I headed upstairs, too tired to continue with this little game of cat and mouse any longer.

A part of me was relieved.

A part of me was disappointed.

And closing my eyes I released myself to the shadows.

The first thing I noticed when I awoke was the darkness.

The next thing I noticed was that I couldn’t move.

“I see you’ve finally awoken, my lovely sleeping beauty.” A voice, strong and domineering and smooth as stone washed over me. I tried to speak, but something small and round blocked the sounds before they even began.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I had to make sure all the preparations were ready for our meeting. Avery.” He paused when he spoke my name as if her were biting into a piece of fruit, as if he were letting the letters spill past his lips and dribble down his chin.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to have you all to myself like this.” He murmured, and something sort and light ran from my navel to my chin, making me gasp and stretch outward. “There’s my girl. Your o cute when you get like that, you know. So sweet and innocent. But you know, I know your dirty little secret.”

This time the touches came from all over, and were slightly harder than before.

Like paper.

“You kept all of them. Every last one. And at night you would look at them and play with yourself, wouldn’t you, Avery.” He said my name again, and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“You’re such a nasty little girl. All the more so because you pretend not to be. But you know, Avery. I saw right through your act. I saw right through you from the very beginning.

Creaking. The bed shifted under me. Then I felt warm flesh press up against my legs.

“You and I are alike, Avery. We are the same.” He breathed. Something searing hot hit the inside of my thigh and I jumped, a cry escaping past the gag. “That’s why I just couldn’t leave you alone. You wanted me from the very beginning. You wanted me all along. It was so cute how you quietly went along with my game.” The burning flashes continued all across my abdomen, hardening as they cooled.

It hurt.

But my entire was being was aching with desire.

I was terrified.

But I wanted more.

He was right. I had always been waiting for this. I had always wanted this. The darkness. The pain. The sweet torment which drove me crazy with each touch.

Mr. A…

Somehow my cries had turned into moans.

“Such a very good girl, Avery. I’ll give you a reward now.”

The gag was removed from my lips, and something warmer and softer replaced it. I desperately hed onto it, caressing it with my tongue, sucking on it. It was real. It was his. I needed it. I needed more. I couldn’t take this game any longer.

“Mmmm. Such a dirty girl.” He pulled away.

“Please, more. Please…” I begged, tugging at my restraints.

“Shhh.” His hot breath brushed against my ear. “Just a little while longer, pet.” Then there was silence, awful, painful, silence that seemed to last forever. Then something cool hit my breast.

“Ah!” I cried out, but then something cool was pushed in past my lips.

An ice cube.

The chilling drips continued, then one was pressed against my nipple, sending a shock through my body. Just beyond the cold something hot touched my skin, and I realized he was sucking on the ice cube as it melted on my breast. Something cold brushed against the other side, switching between tapping and rubbing. I attempted to suck on the large ice cube in my mouth, but some of the water spilled over and dribbled down my chin.

“Mnn, mmn.” I moaned, shuddering with every touch. My entire body was going crazy, I could hardly stand it. I wanted it. I wanted him inside me. I wanted him to tear me apart.

Just when I thought I couldn’t bear it any longer, I felt something rough delicately circle my womanhood.

“Seems like you are about ready.”

“P, please…” I stuttered, barely able to speak.

“Hmm, maybe. But you know, Avery, I really did have to wait for quite some time.” He continued to playfully rub my folds, each touch too far apart to derive any pleasure. I felt like my body was melting.

“So, ah, did I.” I responded. There was a soft chuckle, then his lips pressed against mine in a single passionate kiss. When he pulled away, leaving me breathless, I could still feel his face lingering close to my own.

“Very good, my sweet little Avery.”

And then his fingers trailed up my thighs, leaving me briefly before touching my cheek.

“What a very good girl you turned out to be.” And with that he thrust it in, completely and without reservation. I cried out, my body shaking with pleasure, my back arching against the mattress. He was huge, his length burning inside me for one long moment before he started moving. He pulled me forward, lifting my hips into the air and thrusting slowly at first.

“Mn, ah, yes.” I bit out between moans. The dirty sounds of our love making filled my ears, mixing with those of his heated breaths. Then, in one quick movement, he lifted my back into the air, seating me on him and positioning my bound arms around his neck. Immediately he began to move faster, thrusting into me with renewed vigor. One of his hands trailed up my back, knotting in my hair and tugging my head back as to leave my neck open to his kisses.

My mind was going blank from pleasure. My entire body was dissolving into him, into the desire I’d kept bottled up since I’d received that first note. This was the culmination of everything I had waited so long for, and he did not disappoint.

Mr. A. My Mr. A.

“Ah, Avery.” He nipped at my ear, only furthering my arousal.

“Inside. I want…inside.” I managed. Faster, faster, and then with one thrust he filled me with his hot semen before collapsing beside me.

The next morning I awoke to find a single white note on the pillow beside me.

I’ll be waiting for our next meeting, my dirty little Avery-Mr.A

A smile formed on my lips, and I carefully tucked the note beneath my pillow.

“So will I.”

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