Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Adam is consumed by his love for his long best friend and decides to make her his, no matter the consequences.


Adam is consumed by his love for his long best friend and decides to make her his, no matter the consequences.


Submitted: August 25, 2015

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Submitted: August 25, 2015



I wonder where these dark feelings first began.

Sitting there, that thought passed through my mind as I gazed at her expression, soft and smiling warmly. Even so, she still seemed so distant, so out of reach. Even sitting there beside her I was still far away.

“What do you think, Adam?” She turned her gaze to me, dark eyes stirring me from my thoughts.

“I…” I paused, considering my reply. What I wanted to say, and what she wanted to hear, were to very different things. The words now on the tip of my tongue were “He is a pig and not good enough for you.” But I was her friend. I was supposed to be encouraging.

I gritted my teeth, then smiled.

“ I think you should do what you want.” Her face brightened, and she looked away, leaving me feeling cold and empty.

I hated it.

These feelings within me, which made me ache whenever we were apart, and sometimes even when we were together. I longed to be the center of her attentions- to monopolize her time and her affections. As much as it made me happy to see her happy, I hated that others could see her happiness to. I wanted her everything all to myself. And these feelings were only made stronger by the presence of him. The other, the bastard who’d stolen her attentions, who’d slithered his way into her heart. That filthy bastard who’d taken the place that should have been mine. She smiled for him now. She looked at him. I was fading, my light moving out of my reach.

Yes, she was there beside me. All warmth, all light. Her flowing locks, her familiar face, her scent. All there, yet I couldn’t touch them. They weren’t mine to take, mine to love and care for. Because I was her friend. Her best friend. Her most trusted friend. A dangerous position.

And I hated it.

Then, at that moment, I thought began to form at the back of my mind- something that had always been there, but which I had pushed away. A single thread of hope, wrapping around my neck and dragging me under the waves of obsession I’d so long been attempting to stay above.

Yes, I wonder where these dark feelings began. But it doesn’t really matter anymore. The fact remains that I love her, that I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember. And I’d rather burn in hell than see someone take her away from me.


I asked her to meet me in the library under the pretense of needing help with an assignment. At night, in the study rooms in the basement, hardly a soul could be found. The perfect place.

She entered like the sun. Fifteen minutes late and flustered- her cheeks red from running, she apologized. I smiled. I’d expected nothing different. She was always running late. It was just who she was. It was just another thing I loved about her.

“Alright, so where is this essay you needed me to look over?” She asked after having settled in to her seat. She was completely relaxed, not a care in the world. And why wouldn’t she be? She was with me after all.

The thought made my blood run cold.

The fact that she’d agreed to come here so easily just proved how she saw me. In her eyes I wasn’t and could never be anything more than ‘just a friend’.

“To trusting…” I trailed.

“Hmmm?” she asked. “Adam, is something the matter?”

“Hey, how exactly do you see me?” I asked. My words hung in the air between us, and suddenly the air seemed to change.

“What do you mean?” She asked, though her attitude seemed to have changed slightly. “Your my best friend, of course!” She brushed my advances aside, laughing. I gritted my teeth, something cold and bitter welling in my chest.

“Of course. You’ve always been like that. Honest and kind. But you know,” I reached out towards her, taking her hand in mine and pulling it towards my lips. Her eyes went wide, and my mind was filled with thoughts about how absolutely beautiful she looked when surprised.

“…It is the truth which causes the most pain.”

She jerked her hand away, immediately pushing to her feet.

“What the hell Adam?” She demanded, moving away. I stood as well, matching her step for step.

“Don’t kid. You knew exactly how I felt this whole fucking time. You just pretended not to notice. Do you know what that’s like? Being rejected every god damned day?” I spit. She backed into the door, reaching out for the handle. I grabbed her hand in my own, once again bringing it to my lips. She attempted to pull away, but I held on firmly.

I wasn’t going to let her run away this time.

“Well, it doesn’t matter how many times you reject me. I love you. And I won’t let anyone else take you away from me.” I murmured against her fingertips.

“Adam…” she murmured, and I cut her off with a kiss, pressing my lips to her own. She attempted to block me off, struggling against me, but I wrapped one hand around her and pulled her to my chest, then used the other to press her lips open, allowing my tongue entrance. She tasted so sweet, the inside of her mouth was so warm and soft I felt like I was melting. I wanted more. I needed more.

Pulling away, a bit of saliva dripped down her chin and I lapped it up before running my lips along her jaw, making my way to the soft flesh of her neck. She tasted like marshmallows. And she smelled so good…

“Adam, stop, please…” She begged, voice hoarse with desire. I loved that sound, the sound of her begging, the sound of her needing.

“Just be a good girl.” I whispered. Keeping one hand around her neck I move the other down to the edge of her shirt, lifting it to reveal her bra and the two pink mounds of flesh contained therein. Moving the fabric aside, I admired the sight of her nipples, pink and erect from the cold. Smiling fiendishly, I gently flicked one, making her gasp. Then I began to fondle her, feeling her body writhe beneath me.

“Adam…” she moaned. I felt like my crotch was going to burst. She was just so damn sexy.

Reaching down, I pulled down her shorts and underwear in one motion, revealing the enticing figure of her womanhood.

“Wai, wait!” she cried, face growing red in embarrassment. I chuckled, moving in to give her a soft kiss on the forehead.

“You’re beautiful.” I murmured.

“No, Adam, stop. I’m serious.” She stuttered. I pulled away, meeting her gaze.

“So am I.” With that I inserted a single finger inside her. She gasped in surprise, instinctively drawing away. But I held her close, enjoying the dirty sounds she made just from my fingers

“See, you’re enjoying it now, aren’t you?” I asked, inserting another finger. She moaned in response. It angered me to know that someone else had taken her virginity. But that didn’t matter. I had her now, and I wasn’t going to allow anyone else to touch her ever again.

I quickened the movement of my fingers until she cried out, her body collapsing against me, shaking from pleasure.

“There’s my girl.” I whispers, petting her head as she panted. Then I lifted her into the air, moving her until she was lying on top of the table. Gazing at her like that, sweat glistening on her skin, her legs moist from the juices of pleasure- I felt like I might just go insane from desire. I’d waited for this for so long. I drunk in every sensation, every image, searing it into my brain.

I began to unbutton my pants, releasing my erection.

“Adam… please…” she whispered.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.” I gave her a soft kiss in order to ease her worries. And with a single thrust, I was inside her. She cried out, tensing around me as I began to move.

“Inside… You feel…” I tried to speak, but as overwhelmed by the sensation of having her beneath me, completely exposed. He scent wrapped around me, drawing me in, making me move faster. Her cries encouraged me even more.

“You like being fucked by me, don’t you?” I asked into the nape of her neck.

“I, I don’t.” she said stubbornly. Wrapping my arms around her torso, I pulled her up until I was all the way in, the two of us completely joined.

“Oh really?” I asked, locking eyes. She blushed, looking away.

“I like being fucked by you.”  She wrapped her arms around my neck. “Adam, Adam, I like you!” she moaned without restraint, her head tilted back and eyes closed as she released herself to me. I continued to thrust into her, the heat within me rising until I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“I love you. I love you.” I whispered over and over again. She held me close, her cries filling the empty room. Finally I released myself into her womb, giving a few final movements before pulling out pf her and carefully lying her back onto the table. My fluids dripped erotically down her leg, and she lay still for a long while, breathing heavily, I gazed at her like that, burning the image into my mind. I wanted to see her that way forever, wilting in the heat of my passion- mine and mine alone.

Zipping my pants and tidying my clothes, I moved forward to brush a few stray locks from her forehead, placing a kiss on each of her eyelids.

It didn’t matter where these dark feelings of mine started. Whatever the case, they existed now, burning a hole in my reality and consuming me in the flames of obsession. Some may think that these feelings were wrong. That my will to possess the object of my affections- no matter the means- is a broken wrong. That a love so strong it could destroy the one it is aimed at is broken. Even so, I refuse to deny these feelings any longer. Even if it means I am eventually destroyed, at least, for now, I have her.

“You’re mine now, and I’ll never let you go.”

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