Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Using characters from "It Should Have Been You," a different story is painted of Jack and Marie. Follow them on a date with X-rated material. A/N: This has nothing to do with "It Should Have Been You" except the use of the characters, and is not in the time line of the story. It's just a separate story I wrote wondering what their reality could have been like. Kind of like the movie "Clue." "That's how it could have happened, but how about this..." hehe! Enjoy!


Using characters from "It Should Have Been You," a different story is painted of Jack and Marie. Follow them on a date with X-rated material.

A/N: This has nothing to do with "It Should Have Been You" except the use of the characters, and is not in the time line of the story. It's just a separate story I wrote wondering what their reality could have been like. Kind of like the movie "Clue." "That's how it could have happened, but how about this..." hehe! Enjoy!


Submitted: September 24, 2010

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Submitted: September 24, 2010



"Mom, they're here," Marie called out after looking out the large living room window and seeing Vi's black Rendevouz pull up. She shut the TV off and grabbed her purse. Janine came in from the hallway and followed Marie outside. Vi's window was rolled down.

"Hi!" she said. "All set?"

"Yep," Marie answered as she opened the back door to hop in, but froze. Jack was sitting in the back seat and he smiled at her.


"Hi, you're tagging along on our trip?" Marie asked stupidly.

"Yep. Grandma offered and I could use a trip away from town for a day," Jack explained as she hopped into the SUV. Janine walked around and got in on the other side saying hello to everyone, wedging Jack in the middle.

"Everyone buckled?" Vi asked. Her sister, Edna, was sitting in the front seat and the five of them said they were and off they went.

At one point, Marie opened her purse and pulled out her MP3 player and turned it on.

"What you listening to?" Jack asked, curious.

"Just some pop music," she answered quietly, feeling pretty awkward being stuck next to Jack. She hadn't seen or heard from him in over a year when they were still flirting after sleeping together. They didn't exactly stay friends since he'd chosen Cindy and she'd chosen Jake.

Marie put on her ear buds and began listening to her music. It wasn't a stretch to say she was listening to pop music, because that's what it was. Except it wasn't in English. Marie liked world music, and the majority of her music came from Japan and South Korea, but she had German, Chinese, and Spanish as well. So when Jack reached over and took an ear bud and slid it into his own ear, Marie yelped and tried pulling it back. Jack held on though.

"What is this?" he asked, his brow furrowed in concentration. "Chinese?"

Marie blushed a deep scarlet. "Japanese, actually."

Jack continued listening. It was one of Marie's favorite songs at the moment by a band named Morning Musume, which translated to Morning Daughter. Japanese band names didn't really make sense to Marie, but Morning Musume was her favorite band, and the song playing was "Kimagure Princess." They often combined Japanese words with English words and this translated to "Fickle Princess." She and Jack listened to the entire song before speaking again.

"What was that song about?" he asked. Marie paused the player and looked at him. He seemed genuinely interested.

"Well, it's about a girl who doesn't know what she wants. 'Kimagure' means fickle. Um, she's beautiful, so everyone is drawn to her, so to speak." Marie stopped to think for a moment. She sang the words under breath, trying to get a more accurate translation.

"She's waiting for her prince in her tower, eating ice cream with sexy fingers to fill her loneliness. Something like that."

"You know Japanese?" Jack asked sounding incredulous. Marie blushed again.

"A little, not much."

"That's kind of awesome, Marie," Jack said with a grin.

Marie smiled slightly. "Thanks, that's not usually the response I get."

Jack frowned again. "What do you mean?"

"Well, people usually think it's weird, or worse," Marie explained.

"It is weird. Completely and totally, but not bad."

Marie laughed, exhaling. "Thanks. People have been really mean about it in the past, so I'm kind of protective of my MP3 player, just in case."

"That's really sad. That's like making fun of someone for liking the color red!" Jack said.

"I know!" Marie laughed.

They smiled at each other in understanding.

"Did Jake ever make fun of you?" he asked, serious.

"Nope, never. I don't think he really likes it, but he lets me listen whenever I'd like," she answered with a smile.

This entire exchange was mostly ignored by the other ladies, as they were discussing their various destinations. Marie thought she'd seen Vi eyeing them in the rear view mirror, but when she looked again, Jack's grandma was merely staring straight ahead.

"I can put on some English speaking music," Marie offered, playing with the device.

"It's okay, you listen to what you want," Jack smiled.

"I have the new Linkin Park," Marie grinned.

"Okay, you talked me into it!" Jack said enthusiastic. Marie knew that was his favorite band, or it had once been. She set the new album on and the two sat back, listening.

An hour or so later, they arrived at their first destination, a store called the Quilted Bear. Marie handed over her MP3 player, as Jack was so not interested in anything in this store. He found a seat and listened to music while Marie joined the other ladies, oohing and ahhing at various pieces.

Marie found an adorable apron that she had to have, it was quilted in bright patterns filled with sunflowers. She had it on when they left and collected Jack from his seat. She twirled, her eyes sparkling as Jack clapped, laughing. When they got back in Vi's Rendevouz, Jack gave back Marie's MP3 player and she saw what he'd been listening to. She smirked at him and he laughed.

"I was looking through your playlists and came across one I had to listen to," he explained. The one he played was titled "My Sexy Music."


"There's some good songs on it," he winked.

"Yes, but you do realize that it's my work out playlist?" Marie laughed.

"I figured it was something like that," Jack nodded. "With all the upbeat music."

They were heading to the mall now and were nearly there, so Marie put her music player back into her purse and watched as they approached the large structure. She moved her hand and it brushed against Jack's. She muttered sorry, and looked at Jack. He was gazing at her curiously, and their hands were still brushing against one another. Marie blushed and pulled her hand away, and it felt hot where it had touched Jack's.

She turned and continued looking out the window, feeling confused, because little butterflies were flapping around in the pit of her stomach.

Marie decided to ignore the feeling and pretend there wasn't an awkward moment between them.

They all got out after Vi maneuvered to a parking spot and walked into the mall. They wandered in and out of stores, browsing aimlessly until Jack came up behind Marie and whispered to her.

"You wanna ditch the old bitties and find something more fun?"

His eyes were dazzling when she turned around and looked at him to see if he was serious. Seeing he was, she grinned micheivously and nodded. She looked over at her mom.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom," she told her mom, who nodded absently. Jack told his grandma the same thing and the two took off before anyone could follow. They ran half way down the mall as it was pretty slow and not many people were present. They stopped and sat down on a couple of plush chairs in the center of the mall, catching their breath.

Marie laughed. "We're acting like teenagers!"

"But it's fun!" Jack laughed.

When they'd calmed down, they headed to the video game store. They spent a half hour in there looking at games and arguing about which gaming systems were better then others. They left laughing and Marie spotted her favorite clothing store. She mentioned how she'd like to browse inside when Jack spotted their family coming out of a store down the way and were walking towards them.

He pulled her into the clothing store, telling her they were coming. She giggled and led him to the back of the store where the lingirie was located. Marie was browsing while he kept a lookout, not really paying attention to where he was.

Marie had three different bras in hand and was asking for a dressing room when Jack's grandma, aunt, and Marie's mom entered the store. He pushed Marie into the dressing room and went in himself, shutting the door softly.

"Jack! Get out! I'm not," Marie started shouting before Jack put his hand over her mouth and making a ssh sound before explaining.

"They're out there!" he said solemn. Marie rolled her eyes and Jack finally released her mouth.

"Really? Come on, why are you playing still?"

Jack grinned, reminding Marie of a little boy. "Because it's fun!"

Marie laughed shaking her head. "Well, I'm not trying these on in front of you," she said, still holding the bras.

"Why not? It's not like I've never seen them," Jack said with a wolfish grin as he looked down at her ta-tas then back up to her face. Marie's jaw dropped.

"Get out!" She reached around him to open the door, but he shifted so she couldn't reach the handle. She tried reaching with her other hand until she realized she was practically hugging Jack to get at the door, a fact that Jack knew before her. Seeing that this realization had hit Marie, Jack leaned forward and kissed her.

Marie's breath caught in her throat and before she realized what she was doing, her arms were coming around him, holding her to him and kissing him back.

They stayed in the dressing room, making out, until their relatives left. Marie decided to buy one bra, without trying it on, and they left. They walked around holding hands for another half hour before they met up with everyone and left the mall. Marie let go of his hand once they'd met back up with their party, but Jack took her hand back into his, giving it a bit of a squeeze.

No one commented on it, to Marie's relief, and when they arrived at the movie theater, Jack pulled Marie to the back of the theater. Once the lights were dimmed, Jack pulled Marie onto his lap and they continued making out all throughout the movie. Marie usually wasn't the type to make out in theaters since they're not exactly cheap, but she was enjoying the attention from Jack way too much.

At one point in the darkened theater, Jack moved his hand under her shirt and pushed her bra out of the way so he could caress her large breasts. Marie bit down on his bottom lip as his fingers stimulated her nipples. She could feel his cock hardening beneath her and she smiled as she wiggled around in his lap, moving against his stiff member.

He held her waist, trying to hold her still, but she was determined. She moved against him, watching his face with a playful smile on her lips. Jack leaned his head back, moaning softly. She moved faster, pushing into his erection harder and she could hear his breathing become more and more shallow. After another moment though, he squeezed his eyes shut, grunting, and Marie grinned knowing she'd finished him off.

She slid off of his lap and onto the seat beside him, grinning as she waited for his breathing to even out. He opened his eyes and grinned at her. He moved towards her, covering her body with his, kissing her neck and biting her ear as his hands roamed her body. He slid his hand down into her jeans and under her panties. She bit into his shoulder to keep from crying out as his fingers moved in and out of very wet private hole. His fingers slid around her clit and then into her again. Marie wriggled beneath him, moaning softly until she came all over his hand, her body clenching tightly. Jack continued moving his fingers as she rode the wave of her ecstasy. When she came down from her high, he pulled himself off of her and sat beside her again. She opened her eyes and leaned into him. He put his arms around her even as he sucked on his fingers, licking her juices. She giggled and sighed happily.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"Thank you," he said back. They smiled at one another then resumed making out until the movie was over.

When the lights came on, they realized they were the only one still in the theater. They got up and went to the restrooms to clean up and met their family back at the car, looking and feeling sheepish, as all three women were grinning at both of them.

Marie blushed and Jack smiled. Everyone piled into the SUV and they went to dinner. Soon enough, too soon, they were back home in their small town and their date was at an end. Marie had to go back to Jake and Jack was going back to Cindy.

Marie gave Jack one last lingering kiss before she exited the car and went into her house.

"Jack, you need to marry that girl," Vi commented as she drove off.

"I would if I could, grandma," Jack said sadly.

"Well, why don't you?" Edna asked.

"One, she's already married. Two, I have a baby with Cindy."

"But you're miserable with that girl. I think you should be with someone who makes you happy, and you and Marie are clearly happy together," Edna said in her Carolina accent.

Jack smiled, wishing it was that simple.

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