Too Weak to Leave

Too Weak to Leave

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


They say you can't help who you love. I think that's a true statement...


They say you can't help who you love. I think that's a true statement...


Submitted: October 07, 2011

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Submitted: October 07, 2011



Too Weak to Leave

By: AsianGodess


“I’m sick of you messin’ around on me Leon!”

“Girl, you trippin’! Ain’t nobody cheatin’ on you, ok? Damn!”

I’ve been dealing with this for months. Leon comes home at crazy hours of the night and he swears up and down that he’s not cheating. But I know better than that! I’m not stupid.  I’m done with his cheating ass. I love him, but I'm not gonna put up with his shit anymore!

“Girl, wat are you doin’?” Leon yelled at me as I exited his closet with my duffle in my hand.

“I’m done Leon! I can’t do this anymore.” I said as I began stuffing clothes into my duffle bag; not even caring to fold them.

“You can’t do what anymore?”

“This relationship!”

“So, you’re leavin’ me? Why?!”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Did this man really just ask me why? I thought to myself. I hate when men try to play dumb and act like they don’t know why we’re pissed. I zipped up my duffle bag and and put it on my shoulder. I held the strap of my bag tightly as I told Leon why I was leaving him.

“Well, since you wanna play dumb. I’ll tell you why I’m leaving you, Leon. First of all, you come home late; damn near every night. Second of all---” Leon cut me off.

“Whoah! The only reason I come in late is because I’m working overtime to keep you ass in Gucci and Gold!”

“Leon! Save the bullshit okay! I don’t need you to buy me a damn thang and you know that! So don’t give me that!” I yelled at him.

“I’m being forreal! When I stay out late it’s only because I’m working.”

“Uh huh. Then what’s up with all these texts you’ve been getting this Ivana girl, huh?”

Leon got real quiet.

“Yeah, I know all about her, Leon. Her name is Ivana Millton. She works as a secretary at your job firm. She about 5’3, has brown hair, brown eyes, has a nice body shape, but sadly, she ain't even cute. I would think you would have at least tried to upgrade”

Leon swallowed hard. I knew he was trying to come up with another lie to tell me. But, there was no way he could lie his way out of this one.

I smirked to hide my hurt feelings and shook my head as I pushed Leon out of my way.

“Baby.” Leon said as he grabbed my hand.

“Don’t touch me!” I said as I tried to snatch my hand away.

Leon wouldn’t release his grip around my wrist. I turned to face him and began to hit him in his chest with my free hand, trying to keep my tears from falling, but I couldn’t.

“You’re a liar. I fuckin’ hate you! Let me go!” I yelled as my blows continued to pound on him.

“Baby stop.” He pleaded.

I didn’t stop. I knew I wasn’t really hurting him, but I was releasing the hurt and anger that I had been keeping inside.

“BABY STOP!” Leon shouted as he pushed me up against the wall.

“I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” I screamed until I became tired of swinging and yelling.

Leon’s eyes were welling with tears. Maybe I did hurt him after all.

“Let me go.” I said as my tears ran down my face. “Let me go Leon!”

He wouldn’t move and I was still pinned up against the wall by his body.

“Baby, im sorry.” He said as he began kissing my neck.

I squirmed trying not to allow his lips to touch me.

“You lied. You lied Leon. How could you do this to me?” I said feeling very exhausted and trying to push him off of me.

“Baby, I’m sorry. You’re the one I want. I won’t do it again, I promise.” He said as he began lifting up my shirt.

I felt myself getting weak as Leon dropped to his knees and began places kisses on my stomach. I bit down on my lip and closed my eyes, feeling the tears roll down my cheeks.

Leon kept saying, “Baby, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise. Just take me back.”

I was shaking my head because I loved this man, but I couldn’t believe or trust his word. He looked me directly in my eye and lied to me. How could I trust a thing he tells my from this day forth? I thought.

“I hate you.” I said

He looked up at me and stared in my eyes  “I love you.”

Leon stood up without breaking eye contact with me

 “I love you and I’m gonna show you just how much I love you.”

I whiped me face with the back of my hand.

“Well, I hate you and I’m gonna show you just how much I hate you.”

As I was still pushed up against the wall, Leon was trying to take things slow. Trying to make this shit romantic. I wasn't having that though. I hated him and wanted to prove that.

Leon began kissing my lips. Yes, it did feel good, but I hated him. I bit down on his lip hard, but not hard enough that I drew blood. He tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t release his bottom lip. He moaned as I finally let go of his lip.

“Damn Baby.”

“Shut up!” I yelled.

I grabbed onto his button down Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and pulled it open, splitting it straight down the middle as each and every button popped off. Leon looked pissed, but realized what I was doing. He began to play along too. He ripped Gucci shirt clear off my body. He aggresivley pulled up my skirt and quickly dropped his jeans and boxers around his ankles. We were both breathing heavy and wanting each other. Even though, he "loved me" and I "hated him".

  Leon picked me up and sat on the edge of the bed while he held me above his hard dick. He tried to ease me down onto it, but I forced myself down onto it and began hopping on it over and over; faster and faster; harder and harder. He was moaning and biting on his lip as I rotated my hips on his dick.

“Mmmm baby! Ahhhh!” he moaned clenching tightly to my waist.

I didn’t stop nor plan to any time soon. I latched onto his back and dug my nails into his skin. I was scratchin’ him up just like that Trey Songz song. I was biting on his shoulder, making him feel pain and pleasure…I hated him.

Leon was moaning and telling me that eveything that I was doing ws feeling so good. I pushed him back onto the bed and held his hands above his head as I began to ride him. I was moaning at this point too. Leon was biting his lip as I grinded on his thick dick.

“Mmmm shit! I fuckin' love you baby.” He moaned

“Mmmmm yea.” I moaned. “I  hate your ass too.”

I kept riding Leon vigorously. Sure, the dick felt amazing and yes, I loved the way he felt on my body. But then I thought, Did he fuck that bitch the same way he fucked me? Did he touch her like he touches me. Did he do all the things to her that he did to me? I instantly became angry and hurt. All the rage and adrenaline I had slowly faded away.

“I bet that bitch couldn’t fuck you like me Leon, huh?”

"Mmmm. Hell nah baby. You the best baby. Mmmmm shit! Your the fuckin' best!"

“Did you do all the things to her that you use to do to me Leon.”

“Mmmmm. I...I..mmmm fuck mama”

My eyes began to fill with tears as I slowed my pace on his dick. “Well did you!?”

“Mmmm no baby. I love you. And only you".

I kept riding him until I came all over him and the bed. Leon came seconds after I did. I collapsed on top of him and rolled to the right side of him. As I was laying there, I was so confused. I thought about leaving or giving him a second chance. I thought if he could be trusted or if he would continue to be unfaithful. I thought if he really loved me or if he was just telling me what I wanted to hear. My thoughts were interrupted when Leon rolled closer to me.

“Baby, I know you’re mad and you deserve to be. But I don’t deserve you. You’re such a good woman and I broke your heart. I’m sorry and if you take me back, I won’t ever betray your love again.”

I was breathing heavy but not crying.

“ I love you more than life itself. You’re my everything You’re the holder of my heart and soul baby.”

For some reason, I could tell he meant that and I knew he loved me.

“Will you stay baby?” he asked

  I waited awhile before answering him.

“Please baby.”

  I turned to face him.

“Yeah, I’ll stay with you’re lyin’, cheatin’ ass. But things better change and if you fuck up one more time I’m done. I put that on everything, Leon.”

Leon smiled, “Thank you baby. I won’t hurt you ever again. I swear on everything.”

  We were quiet for a moment just laying in bed. Leon broke the silence and asked me a question.

“You still hate me?”

  I sighed deeply.

“I hate you because I love you. I hate that I love you”.



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