When Life Gives You Drugs

When Life Gives You Drugs

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


what do you do when you're drugged, blacked last night and wake up the next morning with a naked man on your left and a woman by your feet? you pray...


what do you do when you're drugged, blacked last night and wake up the next morning with a naked man on your left and a woman by your feet?
you pray...

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Submitted: January 29, 2016



"You can do this Ashley, come on. Don't be a little bitch."

Yet, my hand still shakes outstretched towards the handle that lead to what my mind and I'm sure everyone with a brain made out to be my ultimate doom. Another thunderous round of laughter came about from behind the door and I squeeze my eyes shut, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"One hour. One hour and you can scurry home to Netflix and eat those Oreos you've been hiding from yourself. Come on, do it for the Oreos." I let out a big breath, opening my eyes and without over thinking it too much, yank the door to my brother's wedding reception open. 

To my great luck, and partially from Matt texting me from a of the corner of the room, the lovely couple were in mid swing of their wedding dance. So, everyone wasn't looking as I trip my way through dim lighting to said safe corner deemed by Matt and my second aunt twice removed.

"You missed when your sister made a speech about Hensley." My bright green eyed best friend whisper shouts towards me as I took the seat next to him. "Hoe, is so wasted that Orion had to take her off the stage once the 'remember that one time..' speech turned into a full season."

I roll my eyes and glance towards my sister as she lays passed out with shrimp stuffed mouth hanging off her husband. Orion never seemed bothered by her behavior for the past four years, bless his soul. 

My eyes caught in mid scan and connect with the one pair I was hoping to avoid. Cue hard cringe from me and super sonic death glare from mother bear from across the room.

"Ooo she going whoop that grown behind of yours." Matt snickers next to me, obviously seeing or feeling the heat from her stare.

"Yeah, well." I so lamely support my cause, eyes scanning over to the main attraction. 

I couldn't stop this feelings that formulated every time I look at them. The love, but also the bitter betrayal that had left a bad taste on my tongue. Even now as I see my brother Apollo and her, look at one another with undeniable love in sight, it just settles in my stomach like rocks.

Matt took a glass from the waiter smiling next to us at the couple dancing . "Here you go darling. A little something to get us through the night." I look over to him just as I notice the wine bubble a bit before settling. 

I take the glass sniffing it giving him the stank eye. He chuckles, "Oh come on! You think I would drug you girl? I maybe wild but I can't be stupid at weddings." He winks and crosses a designer suit covered leg over the other. "Take a sippy. You'll need it to get through the night."

I give him another look right as applause breaks out. Looking over I see their lips connect once more a burning feeling happens. It settles deep in my chest and instantly I'm tipping the glass past my lips, gulping down the contents. Slamming the glass down a little too hard, I break the stem and the glass shatters like my insides were doing.

Matt pats my hand giving me a damn pity smile making me roll my eyes once more and yank my hand from under his. "I guess I have to face the thunder, huh? By the way, where is mister big shot you said you were bringing?" I got up dusting off a dress mom sent to my hotel room last night with an angry note telling me to get my ass to church in the morning. 

"He's the head honcho at work love. Duty calls." He gives me a weak smile before looking away and sipping whatever he was drinking. He's been dating this ceo for awhile now and had totally fallen head over heels for him. Problem was that he never seem to have the time for mister Matt the self centered cop. 

"Give him time Matty." I hip bump him before running my fingers through my hair. I could feel the glare at the back of my head from across the room and decide it was a good time to start moving before she explodes.  

"Hello mother. " I give her a stiff smile as she stands up upon my approach and pulls me in to kiss both cheeks.

"My Ashley! Zee our daughter has graced us with her presence at her brother's wedding reception!" She gives me a hard smile holding trouble behind it as she hits her husband's arm sloshing the scotch in his cup.

"Hey there gumdrop! How the Brits treating you! Plane ride wasn't too harsh was it?" He leans over and kisses my forehead in a warm welcome. I forever and always will be a daddy's girl.

"It was fine Papa." I give him a small smile trying to think up topics to avoid the conversation my mother was itching in her tights to talk about.

Yet, nothing seem to come up and she took that as the white flag to go in for the kill. 

"Darling, we missed you at church this morning. The wedding was remarkable." She says looking closely at my face. 

I've worked for three years in England to train my face into hiding things from her but she was a mother, although not my true one, she was one and she knew how to yank things out of her kids. I tuck a curl behind my ear and tap my fingers on the back of my hands.

"I wasn't in as of yet mother. You know the flights and the delays. You know how airports are." I look from the top right corner of the room to her face and then to her husband who was sharing the look Matt gave me earlier making me clench my hands into fists behind my back. 

"Ashley Xeon Fisher. You will not stand there and-"

"Ashy Bear!" His voice rang out making everyone in the vicinity around us look to him as he drags his new wife over to us. I plaster on a smile as mom does the same.

"Hey there Apollo . C-Congrats!" I choke on the last word as he takes me into a hug. Over his shoulder, our eyes meet for a split second. I flash him another smile as he pulls back ruffling my hair and very animatedly asks me about Europe.

"You know, rain, clock, all the things you'd think of when you think Britain." I chuckle lightly rubbing the back of my neck. 

"Well, I'm glad you can at least make it to our" he grabs Hensley's waist pulling her to him. " -reception. The Dj is doing one hell of a job, help yourself to cake and food. We can catch up later on."

Hensley says something to him in his ear making a smile stretch across his face. I look away quickly and ran a hand through my hair as if rubbing off the feelings. "I'll go find the food." I mumble something close to that as I slip away in a way I hope wasn't rushed. My eyes meet the food table and it all at once sways left and then right, as everything turns bright in color.

"What in the fuck...?" I slur out gripping someone's shoulder. They hold on back and ask if I was okay. Nodding quickly. Why does it seem like I was on fast forward? I had to hold my head to stop the world and all its inhabitants from spinning so fast.

"I see it kicked in too late."

"You fucktard." I slur out as I notice Matt's stupid voice next to me holding my forearm tightly. Of course this idiot was behind this. We move to the food and he piles a plate high and moves us to the bar.

"New stuff Link gave to me last Friday at the range. Suppose to 'make you light and fluffy as a bunny'. We were wondering how it worked.." He chuckles sipping from his glowing ball. I was stuffing my face like a pig and nodded quickly or at least I thought I nodded. 

"You're a horrible cop." I say through the mash potatoes.

All of a sudden the world seem to snap like a rubber band and everything was in bright color and sounds were loud. It was like my senses where on high and I felt overwhelmed and calm at the same moment. I chuckle and felt food dribble out of my mouth. Matt gave me a disgusted face handing my a napkin which I dismiss and use the table cloth inside. Matt chokes on his drink at the sight and snorts on his laughter. His phone rings mid laughter and he waves to me which I promptly ignore because of this delicious shrimp cocktail.

"Still disgusting as ever all this time." 

I glance up from the shrimp I was stuffing into my mouth to see her. I gulp down what was in my mouth, wiping it on the table cloth once more before giving her a once over. "And you still can't help but obsess over me can't you. What do you want Logan?"

She sneers rolling her eyes and flipping her blond hair over her shoulder. Her piercing blue eyes latch onto mine as a smile stretches across her lips. "So, I guess I can call you sister in law now. Too bad you couldn't be there to see Hensley marry your brother this morning. The way they kissed each other, some could say they were meant for each other..."

I ran a hand through my thick waves giving her the best dismissive look I could in front of all the pain filtering through me. " Logan we are grown woman. Can't we get over this high school crap? We are family now."

She taps her chin in fake thought. "Technically I'm married into the Fisher family and we all know you're not really apart of that, now don't we." Oh how I wish I could throw this shrimp cocktail in her face right now.

Her voice called out above our conversation making me cringe. Logan glances over to her twin sister and flashes me a menacing smile before going over to tend to the bride's needs.

"Let's get the fuck out of here." I say once Matt comes back looking much more happier than when he left. He looks up from his phone at my words giving me a worried look.

"It's your brother's wedding day love. You already missed half of it glooming in a hotel room." 

I roll my eyes standing up grabbing my purse. I give him what I hope my face could morph into a convincing look. "Are you coming or not?"

One knowingly bad decision later, we were walking the main and the music of the clubs were pumping. We may be a little over dressed but that didn't mean my blood wasn't rushing on whatever the hell Matt spiked my drink with. And, it sure as hell wasn't going to stop me from grinding my ass and fucking my way to sanity.

The bouncer gave us a look before running his eyes up the slit on my thigh and gave us a pass. I gave him a wink making him smirk out a laugh. Guess my face wasn't cooperating with this drug.

Lady Gaga was singing her lungs out in between the techno beat as it vibrated the walls straight into my chest. Matt grabs my hand tugging me to the bar as I wine my hips to the beat. The dark sexual atmosphere of the club along with the evident debauchery going on in the shadows sent tingles of excitement straight through my drugged veins.  

Matt says something about staying close but what he didn't realize was that I stop listening the second he put another drink in my hand. The second colorful drink down the hatch I was gone. My senses were high before but now they were wired. I toss the glass to him, which he catches, and throw my hands up and dance my way onto the floor. 

All thoughts of tonight were washed away and what was left was freedom.


"I got chills! They're multiplying, and I'm losing control..."

"Shut up, John Travolta.." My mouth feels like I'm chewing on cotton. I ran my tongue around my mouth while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Looking around for my phone that had been shrilling Grease through me room. I gaze around my hotel room and realize two things by the time the cool air touches my pierced nipples.

One, I now have pierced nipples. And, two, there is a very naked male half way off my bed in a dead sleep. 

I lean over and peek over to see a very handsome bearded jaw slack with a little droll spilling out onto the nice white hotel sheets.  His tan muscle back rose and fell in time with the tiny snores that came out. Nibbling my lip, I scoot back to get my phone and check the time, not to mention that missed call.

My foot kicks something at the edge of the bed and produces a groan. It was then for the second time this morning that I realize I may have fucked up last night. Squeezing my eyes shut tightly and biting my lip hard, I lift the sheet from the lower half of my body. My eyes follow my pale thighs littered with hickies to see a ball of wild curly red hair attached to some very feminine parts, naked feminine parts. 

"Shit.." I whisper shout, removing my foot from by her also freshly pierced breasts. My feet touch the cool carpet and the moment I try to stand my legs give out. 

Now, that the delicious ache settled in, I felt like I've been throughly fucked last night. Not that I would remember any of it. I'll kill Matt when I find out where exactly he was.

My phone went off  again and I snatch it off the night stand ignoring my mom's call. Just catching a glimpse at the time, I already knew I had miss the breakfast. If I didn't hurry I'd miss the train for the post wedding activity as well. By the number of voicemails left in just the last hour I knew I had to get ready. 

A swift glance at the bed at the sleeping two, I wince. Groaning a bit I hall my ass up and get my life together.

The quietest shower known to mankind and a sundress later, my heels were clicking on the concert floors of the train station. My sunglasses were perched on my nose and my head was pounding. I spot Matt leaning on a poll talking with a tall man in a business suit and just beyond them stood my family. 

My hurrying heels caught the attention of my sister as she sips on a Bloody Mary behind her sunglasses. A smile spreads across her red painted lips and she lets out a small squeal taking me into her arms.

"There is my little Ash! Always fashionably late! Someone had a late night didn't they." She winks a bit squeezing my arm a few times like she always did when we were kids. 

"Artemis will you stop playing with my arm fat! It's good to see you too." Giving her a smile avoiding our mom's gaze while she ushers everyone into our train car.

"Mom's on short fuze this morning. Heard you were a slippery goose last night. Has those British men turned you into a bad little girl?" She snickers leading us over to Matt while I take my arm out of her grip once again.

"Actually, my idiot friend spiked my drink last night! What the fuck happened last night? I don't remember half of it and this morning-" I whisper shout at Matt only to stop short at the look on his face. 

He gives my a tight lipped look before flashing a smile over my head. "Ms. Fisher! When'd the conductor say that we'll be off?"

"About ten minutes dear." She places a hand on my head, playing with my ponytail. "You missed breakfast." She states out right making both my sister and Matt hop right up and leave.  Assholes..

I let out a tired sigh as I rub my eyes behind my sunglasses. She settles across from me and fixes herself tea at the little station at our table. "Mother look..."

"Ashley, I understand. We all do." She takes a sip from her cup. "But, it's time that we move on. No? Your brother is happy now and he wants that for you. He understands the pain he's putting his little sister through and wants to fix it. It killed him that you had to move-" 

"Mom." I cut her off. This wasn't helping my headache. "I'm fine. There is nothing to fix. Just drop it okay? I'm sorry I missed breakfast. I was out late last night.." 

She gives me a once over, over the rim of her cup settling on my neck then lifts her eyebrow. "Maybe I was wrong. Who's the lucky girl that got into your sheets last night?"

I grab a spoon looking at my neck before mumbling a curse and pulling my ponytail out. Covering my neck with my hair I hear her chuckling over there. I'm really going to kill Matt.


She lifts her hands in mock surrender getting up from her seat. "I won't tell a soul." She winks leaving me with an even bigger headache than before and the need to crawl into the nearest hole.

Once again, I need to get my life together.

Yet, an hour or two later my sister was yapping my ear off loudly as we rode horses on the trail about my sexual escape the night before. Just a few feet ahead, along with the newly weds oblivious to why everyone was so happy besides them being married, was my mother happily telling her husband about my dollar size hickey on my neck. 

"Come on Ash! Tell me already! Matt knows why can't I!?"

The person I use to call my best friend scoffs from his horse to the right of me. "The bitch won't tell me what happened after the misses took her off to fuck her brains out. Listen hoe it's not my fault you blacked out-"

"Actually it is your fault! You keep forgetting that you drugged me! You! A cop! Drugged a civilian and lost track of me last night! I could be in the Mexican gulf right now." I fix my sunglasses with my pout prominently on my lips.

"I'm sorry my dark knight decided he wanted to whisk me off into the night." He ran a hand through is hair staring off at said knight riding next to Orion chatting. All the while ignoring the main fact that he left me!

"Better question is why the heck is your pops acting buddy buddy with my hunk of meat? Does Dr. Zee know Paul?" Matt narrows his eyes as the three men talk in conversation.

"Not that I know of." My head tilts to the side as I watch them all converse like they were long lost buds.

"Daddy is a business man. Could have been one of his patients." Artemis shrugs flipping her chocolate locks from her face again and fixes her grip on her reins. "Ash will you please tell me! I wanna Facebook stalk this woman to see if she is worthy of the Fisher name."

I let out a scoff, "Good luck. I was so high and wasted that I don't remember half the night. Let alone her name." Or the guy's for that matter. All I got were their faces and the knowledge they were a great fuck and way out of my league. It may have been by the grace of the galaxy that they ended up in my bed.

"Matt you're a fucking idiot." Artemis says sighing and giving Sunkist, her horse a slit kick and rides up to where my mother was engaging in conversation with the bride, along with her bitch sister.

"What? How could you have that many hickeys and that slight limp in your step and not know who put them there? Did she dip before pancakes and eggs?"

I ran a hand through my curls feeling my earlier headache creeping back up on me again. "It's not they weren't there in the morning, quite the opposite. They were flopped across my bed naked-"

"Wait! Did you say they?!" He shrieks making me give him a sharp look and cast an eye over to the group in front of us. They all seem to be ignoring Matt's usual loudness. 

"Will you shut up!?" I rub Diamonds head to settle her down after this idiot startled her. " I don't know why I even tell you things. It enough that my mother knows I slept with one person she doesn't need to know about the second one." He gives me a mischievous grin but doesn't respond. 

"But if you have to know then yes. You were that irresponsible to let me go home with two people and let them have their way with me." I clear my throat a bit shifting in my saddle. "I'm sure I wasn't complaining about it last night, but I could have gone without the pierced nipples."

He lets out a loud cackle starling my horse and his as well. I couldn't help a tight lipped smile as I settle them down. 

We rode up to the country house where we'd settle down for lunch. I would have settled for a nice cup of tea but seeing that I had missed breakfast that was out of the question. 

Hopping off my horse I dust off my riding pants and turn to Matt who drops next to me. He locks arms with mine and we make our way indoors. 

"If anything, I think this little night out is just what you needed to shake up things. Who knows, you might even thank them later for pushing you back into the pool. I'm sure it won't be that hard to find them again. " He sends me a wink I roll my eyes to a small smile playing on my lips.

It slowly slides off as I catch site of a certain fiery ball of curls across the dinning room. 

No, I don't think I'll have much trouble finding them at all...

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