Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer Day Dreamer

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


"All your dreams will come to life, if you believe hard enough." In the Poconos, nothing much happens. The sun comes up & the sun falls down as it does everywhere else,things go by slow. Moved to escape the past, Alissa is now forced to deal with both her past & present once her nightmares start to roam the night.


"All your dreams will come to life, if you believe hard enough."

In the Poconos, nothing much happens. The sun comes up & the sun falls down as it does everywhere else,things go by slow. Moved to escape the past, Alissa is now forced to deal with both her past & present once her nightmares start to roam the night.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Day Dreamer

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"All your dreams will come to life, if you believe hard enough." In the Poconos, nothing much happens. The sun comes up & the sun falls down as it does everywhere else,things go by slow. Moved to escape the past, Alissa is now forced to deal with both her past & present once her nightmares start to roam the night.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 27, 2014



Don't be nosey:


"And done!"

I stepped back and spun around my room. It looked better than it when i had first walked in with boxes piled sky high and tumbling over at the smallest gust of wind. I flopped down on my newly made bed and picked up my phone.

Ten new messages , all from the same person.

I sighed and face planted into my pillow. My only friend I ever made in my life is now gone a million miles from where i am now. I could feel the depression start to seep in as I swiped through our pictures together in my old house.

"Alissa, are you finished up there yet?!" my mom called from downstairs, I heard clanking and shuffling of glasses and silverware. Must be puttig away the dishes, once again. Different house, same routine.

I got up and tossed my phone on my bed before I fixed my glasses. Pulling my crazy hair into a lose bun i went downstair walking into the kitchen. My mom stuck her head up from under the kitchen counter, she gave me a sweet smile.

"I was thinking of going out for dinner today. You know see the new town and stuff maybe do a little shopping." she stood up dusting herself off, moving her blonde hair from her face. I wince inwardly when I saw the huge scar on her neck, knowing that it went down her back all the way to her hip.

I mustered up a smile, "Sure we could do that mom." I went over to her and squeezed her tightly and let her mom smell fill me. She squeezed back knowing what I was thinking about.

"It's okay sweety, he's far far away from us, we'll be safe" I smiled knowing that we will but only for a short time, before he found us again..

"Well, go get ready. You got five minutes before I leave you Ali." she pushed me out the kitchen with a little laugh before returning to put dishes away again.

I went up stairs to my room and pulled out some shorts and a lose tank top. I pulled my dirty blonde hair out the bun and pulled it back with a head band and put some chap stick on, lipgloss was disgusting. I picked up my phone and a pair of white sneakers and went back downstairs.

" Ali can you check if I left a box in the car. I can't find my favorite glass."

I rolled my eyes "Yah mah!" I hopped on one foot pulling my sneaker on and grabbed the keys. I hopped down the stairs heading towards the car.

" Drake.."

I stopped short from the car, and raised my eyebrows. Why do these things have to happen to me?

"Oh Drake." the high pitched voice squeaked out coming from the backyard next door. I heard a short scream making panic set in.

Okay Alissa there are two possibilities of things that could happen. One the girl could be getting raped or two they were doing the no no in the back yard. The question is walk away or be scared that we live next to a rapest..

My body had other plans than to wait and think, i started to move towards my back yard. I walked into the garden which was right by the fence and found a gap that I could look through. I push my face towards the gap and looked in.

A girl had her legs wrapped around the boy waist, and they were attack each others face. I pulled away from the fence with disgust. What kind of horny teens get it on in their parents backyard? I shacked my head, here I was thinking she was getting attacked.

I walked back over to the car and opened the back of the car and searched for the box trying to banish those disgusting thoughts from my mind.

"Drake MacAllister!!" a voiced roared and made me hit my head on the inside of the car. I looked up rubbing my head as I looked around.

"Would you kindly show your guest to the door, I would like a word with you." the voice spoke harshly, I muffled my laugh as I turned back to my searching. Yeah, tell those horny monkeys! Show em who's boss!

"Haha I found it!" I pulled out making sure not to hit my head again, with the box in hand. I heard foot steps coming this way. I put the box on the ground and pretended to be busy with something in the car. I am so nosey it's embarrassing.

" I'll see you later, babe." an annoying high pitch voice said, I rolled my eyes I need to get out of here before they start eating face again. I lifted my head-

"Ow! Flubber nugget!" I pulled out the car and glared at it, slamming it down. I held my head as i mutter curses.

"What a dork" I looked over and saw a blonde girl and a guy looking over at me. My face started to turn red as I stood there.

Oh my.. I felt my blush turn hotter as I looked at the guy, he was unbelievably hot. His brown hair was messy and his purple eyes watched me.

"Umm good evening" I mumbled, looking away and picked up the box.

"DRAKE!" the same voice boomed from the house next door.

"Jeez. I'll see you later." his deep voice sent shivers through me. He gave the girl he was with a wave but not before looking over to me one last time before going into the house.

It was silent as his door closed leaving me with the she devil.

"Look nerd. Don't be looking at other people's things like that. He's mine, got that?" her nosed twitched as she talked so that all I could look at when she was speaking. I held in my laughter as I shook my head and head towards my house.

"Dumb bitch." the twitching girl mumbled as she walked over to her car and speed down the road.

I laughed walking to the kitchen. What does he see in her? I chuckled setting down the box on the counter.

"What took you so long, I've gotten ten years older since you were gone!"my mom opened the box and shined a glass until it sparkled before hanging them by the stove.

"Oh nothing just umm meeting the neighbors." I smiled and hopped on the counter.

"Oh, what are they like! I haven't had time to go over yet."she dusted her hands together once she was done.

"Umm they are uh interesting people" I mumbled jumping off the counter and swung the keys around my finger as we head to the door.

"Hmm i hope I could get too know them" longing in her voice as she opened the passenger door in slide in. I started the car and drove down onto the street.

Me too mom, me too.

=^. .^=

"So I said that I would take the job. What do you think Ali."I watch my mom munch on salad as we waited for our food at the diner. I shrugged and popped a spoon full of tomato soup in my mouth. I guess it's fine I don't see a problem with her working four days out of the week.

"Yeah I guess it's fine, as long as you call every night and stuff" she gave me a laugh while she shook her head at me.

"It's like your the mother" we were laughing as the waiter came to our table and giving us our plates.We laughed and joked around while we ate. As we finish and was getting up to leave, I got up and knocked into a person sending everything they had in their hand on the floor.

" Oh snap! Are you okay?" I tried to help them pick up stuff as they did the same I wasn't really helping making it worse so I kinda stopped as we both stood up.

"Oh..." I murmured as the what I had assumed the waiter turned around. He flipped black hair out of his purple eyes only to have it fall back. He gave me a breath taking smile as I stared like a gaping fish at him. Words Ali words!


He chuckled, "It's fine, I wouldn't mind bumping into you anyday." he gave me a wink then flicked my nose before walking away chuckling. I stood there stunned before my moms words filled my head.

"Earth to Ali! Gosh I didn't know guys have this effect on you, you play well with Kyle." she tapped her chin in thought. I rolled my eyes and pushed her out the restaurant.

"Kyle is a over protective dork that needs to lighten up a bit." I chuckled shaking my head as I pushed my mom towards our car. It had turned dark and the stars were out lighting up the sky.

 "What's this about me being a over protective dork?" I heard a deep voice chuckle from in front of my mom. I peeked out from behind my mom's back, before a smile broke out on my face. I ran and jumped into Kyle's arms as he gave me a bear hug to beat all bear hugs. He buried his head in my hair as I did the same with mine in his neck.

 "Kyle." I whispered squeezing him tighter. I felt as if a safety blanket was over my mother and I now that he was here.

I heard my mother chuckle from behind me "You didn't think I would let you stay at the house alone when I was gone did you?"

"If she even thought about it I would have her head" I heard my mom laugh as Kyle set me down ruffling my hair. I always felt that Kyle was my brother and him being around I felt my family was complete.

"But what about Jazz and the group?" Kyle and my mother shared a quick look before turning back to me. I narrowed my eyes at them as I felt like something was up, they began to speak again.

"Well Jazz and them can deal without me. Trying to get rid of me that quick, peanut?" he tickled my sides making me giggle and laugh. Yup, the family was complete.

"Alright, alright let's get home. You got school tomorrow." I groaned at my mom as they both laughed at me. My mom and I rode back together as Kyle used his motorcycle and followed us.

"I like what you did with the place" Kyle walked into my room looking around. We had came home and got ready for bed, I was on my bed braiding my hair in two. Kyle flopped down on my bed and laid on my lap.

"Mom said she signed you up for the classes, they start Thursday. I'll be driving you home of course from school and practice" he gave me a cheesy grin. I laughed and bopped him with my Teddy bear.

"Thanks Kyle I don't know what I would do without you." I smiled. I really wouldn't he saved mine and my mother's life and he made it his all round job to protect us.

I took off my glasses and turned my lamp off, and flopped back in thought. I love Kyle way too much to hold him back and that's what exactly I'm doing.

"Kyle?" he wiggled over to my side and faced sending me a look to continue "Do you ever think of you know doing anything else other then protect us?"

I saw his face change from shocked to confused to thoughtful "I mean I've thought about it yes but I decided that I love and care for the both of you guys too much to let any thing happen to you guys."

"Yes but you can have a life also! You can date and get a job and do normal stuff that 25 year olds do!" I was pretty sure most of em were in college by now..

"Peanut don't worry about me. I do have a job now! I'll be working when your in school. You do not need to worry about my sex life I actually just ha-"

I covered his mouth giving him a glare as he laughed into it. He licked my hand, I thought I saw his eyes flash hazel but when I blinked again they were brown. He was still licking my hand and laughed as I pulled my hand away with disgust, rubbing it on him.

"I'm fine. You worry too much, like a little old lady" he ruffled my hair, and I swatted his hand away.

"Yeah well kill me for caring about my best friend." he smiled and chuckled before flicking my nose. What's with everyone doing that!

"Go to sleep peanut" he sighed pulling me protectively into his chest, I fell fast asleep in his arms.

I was in my old ballet studio practicing before the Ms.Rose came in. She would be so proud that I finally got my full turn down. I did a turn and as I land the scene changed to my house in my living room. It was the day I first saw my dad hit my mother.

"No she will never be with a thing like you." she ripped out harshly. I heard a smack before my brain could comprehend what was happening. Then another and another.


I ran from where I stood dropping my bag and shoes and running towards my mother. I shoved her out of the way right before he could hit her. I saw his hand coming towards me-

I jumped waking up and snapping up from bed in a cold sweat. I looked down at Kyle, he was snoring peacefully in bed. I shifted out of bed, grabbing my glasses and went quietly out my room. I roamed downstairs towards the back door, I slide on my uggs before I opened the door an slipped outside. The wind gust over me making me shiver, just realizing I was only in shorts and a over sized t-shirt.

Smart Ali, real smart.

I wonder over to the back out my fence and opened the door that led to the woods. I loved being in the woods, it always put a sense of peace in me just being surrounded by nature. I walked around, letting the cold air wash over my skin, taking my dream with it. I been walking around deep into the woods when I realize I had no idea where I was.

Nice job Ali..

The smell of freshly cut grass filled the air as I felt a pulled in a different direction. I turned to the left and followed it. I creeped along the forest as the smells got stronger, and stopped when I heard heavy breathing.

'Yes and they have invaded the western and eastern edge too'

' Well this can't be good what would the colony think if word comes across'

' Word has already come across! We need to take action'

I froze hearing voices. I looked around seeing nothing then I heard footsteps coming this way. With my witty thinking I ended up in a huge oak tree.


The foot steps got closer as they neared I could make out bodies of men. I held in a gasp as I realized it was the guy from next door and the waiter.

What the hell is this? Meeting of the hot guys comity?! Oh lovely. Just my luck they stopped right under my tree..

' Action can not be taken right now, have you notice'

 'You mean?'

I was silent as I watched them stunned from all belief. Their mouthes weren't moving. Maybe I'm going crazy.. No their mouthes were indeed not moving! I only read about this stuff in twilight, and these guys were not pale and ugly looking. Then the worst thing happened as I watch them all get a curious look on their faces as they inhaled. I felt myself shack a little before the branch came tumbling down.

" Poo Monkeys!" I mumbled rubbing head before flopping backwards as I let the pain take its course and I get my breathing back to normal. I opened my eyes to two sets of purple eyes.

I smiled and giggled a bit before I gave em a little wave.

"Hey there! Lovely night we're having."

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