Night 1: Three Days and Three Nights

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

His business trip takes an erotic turn when she shows up to surprise him.

You are traveling for business.  For three days and three nights you'll be on your own, working during the days, but with your nights free to do as you please--and what you want to do and to please is me. As soon as the trip was confirmed, you invited me to meet you, but with very little warning, so I can't make it, there was just no way to get away with such short notice. We both feel deeply disappointed and frustrated, but we'll live. We're used to it by now. We tell ourselves "there's always next time."

You arrive at the hotel early, check in, have a bite of breakfast, and go to your first required activity--a meeting with your entire group in a large room just off the lobby. The material is boring; you find your mind numbing; you'd rather be anywhere but here. Your mind wanders, and more often than not it wanders to me. You wonder what I'm doing, but you know you can't text me to ask, because you're surrounded by your peers and management, and it would look bad. As the presenter drones on, you begin to imagine what I might be doing, then you start to imagine what you wish I would be doing tonight after your meetings are over and done for the day. You play a few select memories of me over and over in your mind, imagining me giving, pleasing you, touching you, moving on you. You see flashes of red in your mind, then flashes of skin. You picture my dark hair, then the way I look as I move on you in the most intimate and pleasing of ways. You are quite distracted-- quite distracted, indeed.  You re-focus on the training session to keep things in check whenever you feel a stirring down below, and a threat of becoming hard as a result of your thoughts, but your mind keeps coming back to me, always to me.

Morning becomes afternoon, then you have lunch. After a small break the afternoon session begins, and as you find yourself thinking of and dwelling on thoughts of my lips--soft, hungry, giving, passionate and desiring--you happen to glance out the open door of your conference room and notice someone at the front desk--someone curvy, with creamy pale skin and long, dark brown hair. You shrug it off as wishful thinking for a moment, but then you look closer, and ask yourself, "could it be?" As she turns to put her credit card back into her purse, you can see her more clearly--a very familiar face, a face you've been seeing in your mind all day. The thoughts you were in the midst of, paired with seeing me unexpectedly right in front of you, causes you to react in such a way that you are required to put a binder in your lap to keep from being embarrassed.

You are surprised, excited, a little nervous, but mostly exhilarated and very eager for what the night will hold. If only you didn't have to sit through more hours of the mind-numbing class! Then you remember with frustration the required dinner, scheduled for this evening. You want to text me immediately, but it just isn't possible given the proximity of the people around you. Your eyes are locked on me.  You watch as I finish checking in, then take my bag and head to the elevator. You wish I would turn and see you, but I keep walking. You consider taking a quick "bathroom" break, but think better of it when you realize that we would be visible to everyone in the room if you talked to me in the lobby. You try to see, but can't tell which floor I'm heading to. You're surprised that I haven't texted you or emailed you to let you know that I'm coming, or that I'm here. You glance at your phone to make sure you haven't missed anything -- nope, nothing. You find yourself overly attentive to your phone, expecting it to vibrate soon with a message from me. But an hour passes, then another, and still nothing.

Immediately after your afternoon session breaks up into small groups of 3-4 people for team-building exercises, you feel the vibration you've been waiting for, only you can't check messages! You go through the motions of the exercises, the back and forth of the team-building, all the while all you can think about is me and checking that message. An hour passes before you get an opportunity to glance at your phone. The message: "Hey, sexy, awesome man. :) I hope your conference is going well.  I've sure missed you today! I just want to let you know that I have a nice, very good, excellent surprise for you tonight. Please let me know when you're free, and alone for the night. I promise you it will be worth it." The text accompanies a picture of me. It's taken to purposely tease. You can't see much at all -- only the curve of my breast, the soft paleness of my skin contrasting with the darkness of my hair, and you can see that I'm wearing your favorite: red.  As soon as your afternoon session ends, before dinner begins, you take a minute to reply to me, telling me that you have a dinner you have no choice but to attend, and that you should be free by around 8 or 9pm. You don't let me know that you've already figured out my secret.  I reply: "Ok! Your surprise is waiting very eagerly for you!"

The dinner is endless. Your impatience builds. ALL you can think about is what's waiting for you upstairs. But there is speaker after speaker, people keep talking to you and the night drags on and on, far longer than you expected. You're eager to get away, but know you can't leave early or it would look bad. As things finally, mercifully start to wind down, you check your phone and realize it's nearly 10pm. Checking your texts, you see several from me--flirty and teasing at first, then inquiring. The last one says "Hey awesome. I'm not sure if you're still up. Since I didn't get much sleep last night, I'm going to rest a bit, but if you get this and still want your surprise tonight, let me know. I'll have the phone right by my head so I will hear it. Going now to dream of you." You text back, then a few more times, but get no reply. You call--still no reply. You ask at the front desk for my room number, but they have no record of me being a guest. Confused and frustrated, you head up to your room. You aren't giving up so easily, but you aren't sure what to try next. You email me, just to cover your bases. Another text or two as you walk to your room.

When you open your door and step inside, something catches your eye immediately. A red envelope on the floor; someone slipped it under the door while you were away. Opening it quickly, you find inside one room key, and a small, hand-written note: "The pleasure of your company is requested in room 510." Your mind goes blank for a minute. Is this really happening, right now, tonight? Your heart beats a little faster as you try to think what to do next. Do you need to bring anything? Should you change? Should you shower? Should you bring your morning clothes or plan to come back here to get ready? You decide to bring your clothes and things you'll need to get ready in the morning, your thoughts wandering to the shower where you have imagined me ohhhh, so many times. You're hard in an instant from the thought, and from the reality that's unfolding so unexpectedly.

Before leaving your room, you think about the best way to do this, and decide that taking the stairs is a much safer option than trying to use the elevator, lest you run into one of your colleagues. You exit your room, shut your door very slowly and quietly, and walk silently to the stairwell, which is very close. Down four floors, you emerge on the 5th floor hallway, and your eyes scan the room numbers. It isn't really that far, but the walk to room 510 seems like an eternity. You have the key card ready, and when you get to 510, you open the door in an instant and slip inside. You slowly shut the door, and put a "do not disturb" on the doorknob.

You aren't sure what to expect when you turn around, but what you find is a semi-dark room, lit only by a few candles near the bed. There is some old music playing, very softly. It takes your eyes a few moments to adjust to the darker setting, and then you are able to see quite well. You notice that there is an assortment of delicious food on the table, and alcohols, and glasses, and a tub of ice. I am in the bed, and have fallen sound asleep waiting and hoping for you. I don't appear to be wearing red, but instead, a long, black robe. You look at me, and look around, taking in the room, and the moment, and you freeze. You're nervous and excited. You know there's no going back now, not that you wish you could. You stare at me and you wonder what's under that robe, and you smile knowing that you will soon find out.

You move to the bed. You kick off your shoes. You crawl into the big king bed, snuggling up behind me, so close, trying not to startle me, but definitely wanting me awake. You spoon me, then bury your face in my hair, taking in the scent of what must be my shampoo. You slip an arm around me, and you hold me close for a moment. You close your eyes, and you let yourself feel. You think of all our history, you think of all that we've shared, given, offered, wanted, all we've been through, and how long and how patiently we've waited for each other. You let yourself feel it deeply.  At least for tonight, you let it sink in, you let the feelings and the emotions in.  Here in this room, tonight, you're mine, and I'm yours.

I wake up. It takes me a few seconds to realize where I am. It takes me a few more seconds to realize that you're with me, that your arm is around me, that you are pressed close against me, and that it's real and not a dream. I hesitate to move, taking a second to savor the moment, hoping to remember the feeling of waking up in your arms, wanting to hold onto it, lest it all be a dream that shatters the instant I turn to look at you, like so many times before. I roll slowly toward you, turning from my side to my back, seeking your face, your eyes. And then there they are, real, close, beautiful, accepting, and wanting. I see the emotion in there, too, and it takes my breath completely away. I had thought so many times about what I would say to you when you joined me, but it all flies out the window when I stare into those bluest eyes that are even more alive, more expressive, more intense in reality than in my memories. All I can do is stare back at you, let the goosebumps wash over me, and feel my heartbeat thumping quicker in my chest.

I stare into your eyes, into your heart, into your soul, and you stare right back into mine. I am terrified, and at the same time exalted. I reach for you, and I touch your face with one hand, gently. I whisper your name, and it's too much. We are ignited, and there is no holding back. Our lips meet, desperately. Fast and furious kisses, the built up desire of years spilling out and consuming us in an instant. Kiss after yearning kiss, we explore and express, give and receive, our lips learning each other, surrendering to one another, our tongues negotiating for exploration rights. After a few minutes, the pace slows slightly, the desperation calms to a still intense, but manageable level, and we become more deliberate and focused as we kiss. You can feel, without any shred of doubt, my complete surrender; you can feel with every meeting of our lips how very much I am yours, and with every meeting of our lips I can feel your need for me.

After who knows how long of losing ourselves in each other, our hands start to wander and do some exploration of their own. My hands slip under the bottom of your shirt, in the back, first pulling you closer against me, then sliding along your skin, lightly caressing and teasing, then starting to grab and lift, wanting to remove at least one of the barriers between your skin and mine. You move back, just enough to allow me to pull your shirt up, then off. I tremble uncontrollably at the sight of you there, so close, shirtless, intimate, all mine, no distractions, real at last, and looking at me with so much desire. I'm completely overwhelmed with emotion and unbridled, indescribable, want and need of you, and there are simply no words at all that will do--only thoughts and actions.

That's when I remember that I threw on my black robe earlier, before I fell asleep, because I was becoming a bit chilly in my red. I smile a teasing, beckoning smile at you, as I take your hand and slide it inside my robe, at the shoulder, inviting you to open the first layer of wrapping from your surprise. You gladly oblige, peeling the black robe back and off one shoulder, down my arm, then the same on the other side, letting it fall to the bed. You stare at me as I am partially revealed, clad in the red you know so well from pictures--red panties, red, lacy, see-through short gown, red bra. My smooth, pale skin offset by the color and shape of the lingerie, my dark hair spilling down and around my shoulders and chest, framing everything in a very pleasing way. I'm sooo nervous, but I am far too focused on giving and making you happy to let it detract from the moment.

I stare at you confidently, and at the same time with complete surrender to your want, your will, your whim. You can see more clearly than you ever understood or imagined before how much, how completely I am focused on and in tune with you, how much I am simply waiting for your acceptance, or any hint of direction from you, for your permission, in order to make real you your heart's every possible desire, to please you in any way, to fulfill your every wish, to be made happy by the fact that I am making you happy. You are moved by your new understanding of the depth of the reality of what I have been waiting and needing and wanting to give. It's your turn for your breath to be taken away. The red isn't bad, either. You take a few moments to look, up and down, very much liking what you see.

I wait for you to make the next move. My nervousness is far too strong to take the lead or make a choice between the variety of desires to please you that flow through my mind and body. I'm like putty in need of shaping, and you are the only sculptor. I try my best to remember to breathe as I watch you look at me, your eyes on my breasts, down to my thighs, up to my face. I feel frozen in time, like every second is lasting a minute, or more.

You lie back on the bed, flat on your back. I watch, frozen, as you unzip the fly of your pants. Your bulge is visible, and substantial, causing me to lose focus for a moment. I am brought back into the moment by your voice: "Take them off for me." My pulse quickens as I move quickly to do as you wish. I slide your pants down, as you raise your rear to make it easier. Down, down, to your thighs, to your knees, to your ankles, then completely off. Your blue-gray underwear barely containing your bulge and desire. I toss your pants to the floor, and turn to stare at you. I feel the gush of wetness, and intense, burning, almost painful pulse of desire deep inside myself, as I barely keep from begging for you to be inside of me--now. Not yet, not yet, I tell myself. Make it last, savor every moment, no rushing.

You reach your hand to me, and I immediately come to you. You take my hand, and you pull me downward, toward you. My lips meet yours again, eagerly, passionately. And as we kiss, your hands guide my body to where you want me to be. You lead me to straddle you, your underwear-clad bulge right between my legs. One last long, deep, loving, kiss, then I sit up and begin to move on you, to press myself into you, to move in such a way as to maximize the feel of your hardness against my swollen, needing, wanting, wet pussy and engorged, super-sensitive clit, while rubbing and stimulating and pleasing you intensely at the same time. You lay there, watching me ride you, watching me move my body against yours, enjoying the red, enjoying the way my breasts sway as I move. You have to work and focus in order to keep your arousal in check. Your hands are on the sides of both of my hips, underneath the red, guiding my pace, pulling me into you, slowing me when necessary, and enjoying the feel of my soft, smooth skin. Oh my word, the warmth, the intensity, the pleasure!!!!

Sometimes I close my eyes and focus on the feeling, and sometimes I stare down at you, locking my eyes onto yours, showing you all the feeling and emotion, holding nothing back. My arousal slowly rises up and up.... up up up, nearing the height of pleasure, riding you. You raise my red gown up and off, removing it in an instant, leaving me in only my red panties and bra. You move your hands from my hips and lock your fingers into mine, both of our hands intertwined, intimate as well as practical, because you can better guide me now. You watch me, and start to move with me, pressing your cock even harder against me as I follow your lead and we move in rhythm. You slow our pace considerably when your arousal almost becomes too much to control--a result of feeling my wetness soak through both layers of the underwear between us.

I feel drugged, like I am in a dream. It is euphoria, and I'm swept away. Eventually, I realize I can't hold back, and I look into your eyes and I know I don't have to. You are giving to me of your all, you are showing me with your actions all the feelings, the acceptance, the depth of emotion you have never been able to say with words. I know I am safe, that my heart is absolutely safe in your hands, that you do see, that you do know, that you truly do understand, and that we are in it together, come what may, despite the lack of words. My fear evaporates. I lose myself in you and I start to moan, long, low and deep moans as my climax nears. Then I start whispering and moaning your name, so softly, but clearly. I am trembling, and I am losing the ability to control my motions precisely as I near the edge. You take over, moving against me harder, holding me steady above you, keeping the pace as I cum, as I throw my head back and scream, releasing, riding the waves of the best and most intense pleasure of my entire life. I am so loud -- you can hardly believe the sounds I'm making. They arouse you even further, to the point you aren't sure how much more you can take. You stop moving, so as to keep yourself in check. You feel the pulses and quivers of my pussy against your cock as my climax winds down. I can't help but collapse on the bed beside you, trying to breathe. I snuggle close, into the crook of your arm, pressing close, wanting to be enveloped entirely in you. You take a moment to regain some semblance of control over yourself while I take a moment to figure out how to breathe again.

I kiss and nibble your ear, your neck, your cheek as I cling to you, loving you, raw emotion spilling from me, unchecked. I can't hold back anything, couldn't if I wanted to, and I definitely don't want to. I want to kiss and lick and taste every square millimeter of you, I want to give and please you in every way imaginable, all at once. The fire in me is all-consuming. I lovingly kiss your nose, your chin, down your neck to your chest. My lips and tongue tease and play with your nipples, reading your reactions, following where your pleasure leads me. Eventually I start to kiss lower. I move to lie across the bed, my head resting on your chest, my body almost perpendicular to yours, my legs stretched toward the edge of the bed. This makes for a far better angle for what I have in mind for you next. I kiss slow kisses down your body toward the goal. I lay my head on your lower belly, and let my hands explore you. I slide a palm down and across your bulge, on the outside of your underwear. I give it a nice squeeze. Lower, I slide my fingertips slowly and gently along your right inner thigh, almost down to the knee, then use the tips of my fingernails as lightly as possible to tease on the way back up. My touches are so light, so gentle, your nerves reach a new level of heightened sensitivity. Reaching that delicious area where your thigh meets your groin, I trace the line, first with my fingertips, and then with my tongue. My oh my! You are the sexiest man alive, and to enjoy you this way is almost too much to believe or comprehend. A whiff of your intimate scent, and a gigantic surge of emotion and passion overcomes me. I slip a hand into the band of your underwear and peel them back, and down. With your assistance they are gone, flying to the floor. You are wonderfully naked in front of me. I'm in awe, and beyond hungry for you.

I guide your left thigh upward, up toward me, pulling it up to meet my body, hugging it close as it runs along my breasts, my stomach, opening your legs wide and allowing better access. I begin kissing where the left thigh meets your groin, my hand still moving, teasing, pleasing, keeping your nerves alive and responsive. You feel my mouth nearing the base of your cock, and you anticipate and yearn for my warm, wet mouth to take you in. You SO want to reach down and push me onto it, guiding your hardness into my mouth so that you don't have to wait any longer, but you resist the urge... for now. When I reach your wonderfully hard cock, I start at the bottom of the shaft, and instead of the expected mouth, I run my soft cheek along your hardness, from bottom to top, and back down. Such a simple motion, and yet so very intimate, and so pleasurable you can hardly believe how good it feels. Up again, and back down, then once more, slower, my cheek runs to the tip and slides back down to the base. Then I turn my head and my lips are on you. I kiss once, deeply, then my tongue makes contact. Like my cheek, my tongue slides along your wonderfully hard cock, from bottom to top, and back down again. You feel like you could explode from this alone if I kept it up. I lick slowly up, and back down, up, and back down, up... and then I eagerly let your cock slide into my mouth. So warm, so wet, so tight, my mouth moves on you, up, then down, taking you in so deeply, and moving so  slowly at first. You can't tear your eyes away.

You run your fingers through my hair, letting your hand rest on the back of my head for a few minutes, just feeling, but not directing my motions as I pleasure you. The intensity is frequently very close to overwhelming. At one point you look away, trying to control your reaction, trying to hold yourself back, but looking away backfires, as you see my rear, so close, in red, squirming and moving as I suck you. It's all you can do to close your eyes and hold on, you are so near the edge. When you regain control, you face your dilemma -- do you want to continue receiving and accepting the intense pleasure of my mouth on you, my tongue working your shaft, my lips sucking and tightening around you, or do you want to fuck me, to feel me from the inside, to feel my tight, wet, warm pussy spread open for your throbbing hard cock? You reach for my rear, sliding your hand inside the back of my red panties. I moan, surprised, aroused, loving your touch. You rub my bottom for a few moments, then you reach further, and further still, until you slip a finger inside the entrance of my warm, overly wet, wanting, pussy, the pussy that so clearly needs you desperately. I tighten around your finger as you slide it inside of me from behind. My movements on your cock, though still wonderful, become slightly distracted and less precise as you move your finger deeper, then begin to move in a slow, steady rhythm. I have to stop several times to catch my breath; your touch is too wonderful. As you finger me, and as you realize the extent of my wetness and sensitivity, as you probe and explore me, you realize your choice is obvious -- you need to be inside of me as much as I clearly need to have you inside me.

You watch me continue moving on you for a couple minutes. Your right hand slides to the back of my head again, this time guiding, this time keeping my pace slow and steady as your cock thrusts deep into my mouth and throat. You are amazed by my enthusiasm, by the eagerness with which I give to you and pleasure you. I so clearly love what I am doing, love being there, love giving, love the feel and taste and sound and sight of you... I so clearly just love you. And what I'm doing feels so very good. I seem to know exactly how to move, how to bring you to the highest level of pleasure. You can't believe you're considering stopping me, but you do, you slow my pace more, and more, and eventually stop my motion. Your cock is still in my mouth, and I give it very focused attention until you sit up and pull me to you.

One long, deep, expressive kiss, and then you stand up by the side of the bed. You take my by the hand and pull me to join you. I stare into your eyes, as your hands slip behind my back, unhooking my bra and tossing it aside. My breasts bare in front of you, nipples hard and sensitive, you cup them, squeeze them, then take them into your mouth, briefly, each in turn. You make a mental note as you lick and nibble my nipples that you definitely want to spend more time here next time, but for now you have more urgent needs, and you know I do as well. Next time! The thought suddenly sends a thrill through you as you realize you have two more full nights after this one to make love to me.

Your lips on mine, intensely, for a moment, then you turn me around. Holding me from behind, your mouth close to my ear, you whisper "Do you have any idea how much I want and need you right now?" I melt, my knees growing weak, as I nod and try to whisper back "Yes.  Do you have any idea how long and how much I have wanted you?" You guide me to the bed, pushing me forward, bending me over it, my arms bracing myself on the side of the bed. You run your hands from my shoulders, down my back, to my rear, rubbing it, grabbing it, kneading it in both hands, as you press your hardness between my legs. I whimper slightly, not meaning to, my need of you growing too strong to bear. You finally reach for my panties, sliding them back, and down, down, down to the ground. Your cock is like a rock. You position me, parting my legs slightly, bending me further onto the bed, my elbows now bracing me instead of my palms. I close my eyes as I feel you close behind me, Using the tip of your cock, you slide it along my opening, up, down, all around, teasing me, spreading my considerable wetness all over the outside of me. Then I feel the tip just inside, barely entering me. I need you inside me, I can't take any more teasing! I push my rear back toward you, urging you, begging you with my body to plunge into me. And finally, finally, you do, you thrust so hard and deep into me that my head spins, and I almost collapse onto the bed. I recover, bracing myself, taking you in, feeling you take me at long last. Pushing back into you, receiving your thrusts eagerly, needily, our bodies pound together in perfect rhythm. You hold onto my hips, pulling me back into you as you thrust forward. You are penetrating me so deeply. I'm so wet, so warm, so tight, so good.

Your head spins, your mind races, your emotions well up and you find yourself letting them take hold. You let yourself imagine, just for the moment, what life might have been like with me by your side, with my love aimed at you and free to be expressed, every day and every night. You let yourself feel the the intensity of wishing you could have me all to yourself, free from outside influences. Our bodies moving together as one, as our hearts and minds do the same. Every movement I make is my way of loving you, every pleasure I give is my way of loving you. Every kiss, every gasp of breath I take is me loving you with all of myself. You had known before, with your mind, how I felt about you, but to experience it physically makes everything clear, different, and real. Deep down you know you will always belong to me, even more than you would ever admit, even now. And you accept with awe and gratitude and warmth the full reality of how much I belong to you. It may be complicated, but it is as real as it gets.

You thrust into me, and pull me onto you at the same time, and then you are still--holding me there, holding yourself inside the deepest part of me. You move your hips in a bit of circular motion, making me feel you stronger, more intensely, before resuming your thrusts. You bring me closer and closer to the edge with every movement. I reach one hand down and back, along the bed, between my legs, finding my clit. I barely touch it, teasing it, as you pound into me, faster and faster, As I build to climax, my heart nears exploding as well, and I start whispering to you. You can barely hear me, but you make out some of the words and phrases: "love of my life", "always", "anything and everything", "need you", "I'm yours."

You bury your cock inside me as I cum, holding still and deep again, feeling the intense waves as my interior muscles grasp at you, milking you, begging you to cum, too. My cries of delight send you over the edge, and you know it's time. Now! Hands on my shoulders, you are ready, you give yourself over, you start to move again, pulling me roughly back onto you, and almost instantly, you feel the intensity overwhelm you, the warmth rise and wash over you, as you explode inside the deepest part of me. You let go, nothing held back, nothing wanting to hold back. Your moans of pleasure fill the room along with mine.

We collapse into each other's arms. And we hold on for dear life. Trembling, exposed, we grasp each other, comfort each other, let each other know with just a few whispers that yes it WAS just as amazing and intense and real and meaningful and scary and perfect as it seemed. And that yes, nothing will ever be the same again, but that it's worth it. I whisper to you, close, directly into your ear, all the sweet, loving, affirming, adoring things I've always wanted to whisper to you in the dark. You smile, and hold me, your eyes full of the same loving, affirming, adoring things. We sleep, naked, intertwined, intimate, until you have to, very reluctantly leave my kisses to get ready for work. And of course you leave some extra time for the shower....

Submitted: August 14, 2014

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Another great story. I love the way you right, so descriptive, but so many unanswered questions. Bring on nights 2 & 3!!!

Thu, August 14th, 2014 6:27am


Thank you! I will definitely try to do that when time allows! Appreciate the read and the review!

Wed, September 10th, 2014 8:39am

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