Love by Firelight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Inspired by a dream. Long-lasting love is finally consummated on a riverbank, by the light of a fire.

I went for a long walk outside late one beautiful night, when most of the world was sound asleep. The night was pleasantly cool--not too cold, but not too warm for a light jacket. The air was extremely moist, enough that patches of fog formed here and there. There were no artificial lights anywhere to be seen, but the moon was full, and there was plenty of light to see by. I walked down a path in the woods. There was no fear, and no apprehension, only happiness and peacefulness. The night sounds were amazing. Crickets and frogs galore, coyotes in the distance. There was a heavy, earthy smell of dirt and wood and leaves. The trees were black against the dim backdrop of the night. I walked along in silence, taking it all in. I felt happy, I felt good, I felt fit, I felt strong, I breathed deeply and felt wonderfully alive.

I walked and walked and walked some more. In time, the path wound by the side of a small lake. I could see the reflection of the moon on the water, and ripples on the surface from the breeze. I walked slowly and silently toward the edge. A huge frog jumped from the shore at my approach, his splash startling me. I sat down on a small hill overlooking the bank, pausing to enjoy the perfect beauty of the moment. I closed my eyes, taking in the sounds and smells and feelings of the night. I sat this way for some time, thinking, appreciating, focusing on gratitude and thankfulness for life and the blessings in it like this night and the nature around me. I began to feel chilly as I sat still. I opened my eyes, and to my right, and slightly lower down toward the water, was a flat area with a fire circle. I walked down to it and started a small fire. I spread a quilt on the ground nearby, and sat down. The warmth was magnificent.

In time I heard a slight rustling and the snap of a twig in the brush further along the path, and dismissed it without a conscious thought as being from the breeze or an animal. A minute later, a hand on my shoulder told me otherwise. I looked up to see you standing there, your beautiful blue eyes reflecting the fire light. My heart skipped a beat, and I inhaled a quick, sharp breath, and shivered a little as I smiled up at you. Your eyes had the most wonderful, expressive sparkle in them as you smiled back at me.

"Aren't you cold?" you asked.

"Not too much, with the fire... want to get warm with me?" I said, smiling a bit of a teasing smile.

You sat down close beside me, and shared your quilt with me, covering both of us across our laps. We sat together in silence for what seemed like a long time, but was only a few minutes. I turned to look at you, and thought how silly we were being, pretending we were just two friends sitting near each other in the dark.  I scooted closer to you, leaned over, and laid my head on your shoulder. You put your arm around me, and gave me a squeeze, then left it there around my shoulder. I was flying high inside, thinking there couldn't possibly be a more perfect moment. Then, somehow, the most perfect moment ever got even better.

You moved your other hand to my cheek, touching it lightly, then guiding my face to look squarely into yours. Looking into your eyes, they were truly the windows to your soul. All the emotions and thoughts, feelings and desires that you could never bring yourself to verbalize, admit, or share were suddenly right there, so easy to see, communicated without words. There was no doubt you could see your heart reflected in mine. I felt like it wouldn't take much at all for me to melt and disappear into you at that moment. I looked down, away from your eyes that were beginning to evoke too much emotion for me to keep inside.

That's when you looked toward the fire and spoke, softly, and very slowly, thinking as you spoke, sometimes with long moments of silence between thoughts: "I know I'm not the best communicator, but I need you to know that you are on my mind all the time... and I need you to know that just because I'm bad with emotion and with words doesn't mean I don't feel. And ... just because I can't be with you every day, doesn't mean I don't wish every day that I could. And ... just because I find it difficult to admit, and even harder to say, doesn't mean I don't ......... love you. How could I not? ... I can't give you everything I'd like, or all that you deserve.... but I will give you all that I can, if you still want me. And I will make you as happy as I can, if you will still let me try."

I short-circuited a bit. My brain couldn't seem to take it all in, so much coming from the man who never said anything. I looked up at you in momentary confusion and disbelief, a small tear running down my cheek. Then, before I could find my ability to speak, you kissed me, slowly--kissing like I'd only ever imagined before--the slowest, longest, deepest kisses possible. As we kissed, you held me close with one arm, while touching me with the other, caressing my neck, my cheek, my hair, then my chest, through my clothes. My heart was racing, my breath quickening, my mind spinning. I kissed you back with abandon, with urgency, with the built up yearning of too many years.

You reached up, unzipping my jacket, your hand inside, then unzipping my hoodie as well, seeking skin. You ran your hand along my stomach, then, slipping your hand up under the band of my bra and pushing it upward, you reached your goal. Your hand on my breast, your fingers on my nipple, teasing, playing, coaxing it to attention as we continued to kiss, intimately, expressively, lovingly. Goosebumps covering my body in response to your touch, smell, closeness. After some time, you laid me back on the quilt, following to lay close, above me, never taking your lips from mine. One hand pushed open my jacket and hoodie, laying my chest bare.

You stopped kissing, and pulled back, looking down at me. Then you licked your index finger, using the moisture to tease and lightly pinch one of my nipples. It hardened, both from arousal and from the cold of the night. You leaned down, your tongue circling my nipple, slowly at first, then flicking it faster. Ohhhhh the pleasure! I watched, enjoyed, and moaned. After a while, you stopped licking, pulled back and blew on my wet, hard nipple. Oh my word, the sensation.... extreme sensitivity combined with the cold of the night to bring about a unique, unexpected, extreme response. It felt as if all the nerves in my body had relocated to my nipple and were being perfectly and precisely stimulated all at once. When it felt like I couldn't take any more, you stopped blowing, and took my nipple inside your so warm mouth, just holding it, warming it at first, then sucking and teasing it, continuing to keep it warm in your mouth. You were playing my arousal like an instrument, and you were definitely the master of playing it perfectly. Using my sounds as cues, you knew exactly when to change things up or keep things going. You seemed to know me better than I knew myself. You alternated making my nipple cold, then warm, then gave the other the same treatment, back and forth for what seemed like hours. I basked in ecstasy, pleasure, closeness, and attention, enjoying your giving, and learning to receive.

Eventually you kissed a line up my chest, to my neck, then cheek, and back to my mouth. Harder, faster, more intense kisses now. I reached down, feeling for your hardness, wanting and needing to feel it, to experience it, to pleasure it, unable to resist an overwhelming need to give to you. I touched you through your pants for a moment, then quickly slipped a hand inside, seeking you, squeezing you, so beyond aroused by your want of me and response to me. I felt my wetness reach new heights, and a burning need down below as I unzipped you, stroking you, feeling you grow harder from my touch. I pushed you just a bit, and you followed my lead, rolling onto your back. Continuing to kiss for a moment or two, then sitting up, looking down at you. You were mostly clothed, and I didn't want to make you too cold, but I did push your sweatshirt up a bit to reveal your stomach and belly button, and I lowered your jeans just enough to see and pleasure you better.

Yum, the sight of you made it impossible to resist touching, a hand on your thighs, lightly touching, fingertips caressing, teasing, pleasing, as my mouth kissed your stomach, moving lower. Fingers exploring, learning you, figuring out what you like and how you like to be touched, my mouth kissing lower, and lower, avoiding your cock for now, but kissing and licking all around it, making it want and need my attention more with each kiss and passing moment. My soft hair brushing against your very hard cock, as my mouth kisses, licks, and teases around the balls, the inner thighs. I'm aroused even more by giving to you than by receiving, and find it an exercise in restraint to go slowly and give to you, when ALL I can think about is you deep inside me, your over-hard cock sliding into my wetness, opening me, taking me at long last. My pussy pulses and quivers with the want and need of you. But my mouth keeps working, finally giving your cock the attention it wants and needs. My mouth encircling the head, sucking gently, my tongue caressing the tip and hole, tasting the yummy drops that have escaped during your long, aroused wait. Yummmmmm. After a few seconds, I slide slowly down your shaft, taking you deep into my mouth and throat.

My hands still exploring you, touching you, learning you, wanting to give you everything possible. I move on your cock, slowly at first, then faster, Varying the level of suction, changing up the focus of my tongue. You smell and taste so wonderful, and giving to you is my happy place. Every small sound and moan and ohhh that you let escape sends me closer to the edge. I feel so in tune with you, so able to read you. I keep you close to the edge, making it last, wanting your pleasure and enjoyment to be beyond your wildest dreams. Every chance I get, I look up at your face, to make sure your'e happy, and to take in the deeply arousing sight of you in the throes of pleasure. I keep thinking "What in the world could be better than this?" Nothing! A few times when I looked up at you,, you were looking back down at me, and our eyes locked onto each other as I sucked and moved on you. At those moments, I felt my heart might explode inside my chest from trying to hold far too much love and happiness.

Trembling more with each passing moment, every nerve on my body alive, my heart and soul joining with my body to feel like I've never felt before and had only dreamed possible. Your sounds began to increase in volume and frequency. When I thought you were near to cumming and filling my mouth with your tasty, delicious juices, you sat up, gently but firmly and quickly pushing onto my back on the quilt. "I need to be inside you," you said, as you ripped my pants down and off. Wow! You knelt between my knees, your hands pushing my thighs, spreading my legs wide. Fingers exploring my opening, then sliding inside, welcomed, and needed by my pulsing, wanting, warm, wet pussy. You didn't linger, you didn't take your time this time, and I was GLAD. You spread my wetness around, all over the outside, on my clit, getting me ready, then you laid down onto me, positioned yourself face to face with me, intertwined, your cock at my entrance, pushing, barely beginning to enter. You asked me if I was ready ... "yesss!" You asked me if I wanted you inside of me "YESSS!" then you plunged inside, so deep in one stroke. I thought I would faint from the pleasure and the emotion of the moment. That's when I lost control and lost conscious ability to do anything, ALL I could do was feel you, receive you, follow you, move with you, push into you, give to you, and obey your body's taking and directing of mine, giving you all of myself, my body joining in with my heart and soul to finally express and give you everything. You stared into my eyes, and I stared back, unable to look away.

You whispered through heavy breathing: "I'm going to cum so deep inside you, unless you stop me."

I whispered back "I was made to be filled by you."

You moved faster, and harder. In not too much time at all, I came, hard, and long, my moans and screams of pleasure echoing through the woods around us as you continued to pump into me, doing an amazing job of making it last for me, holding back your own climax until I'd rode mine out, then I looked up and watched as you went over the edge, pumping into me, as you closed your eyes, and came deep inside me, your sounds nearly sending me over the edge again, myself. The feel of so much of your warm cum squirting into me was indescribable. You kissed me, and held yourself inside me for a long time, until it wasn't able to stay in any longer. You moved to lay beside me. I grabbed the quilt, covering us, and laid my head on your chest, your arm around me, both of us catching our breaths.

I knew nothing would ever be the same again, for me, or for us. I kissed your cheek, then whispered into your ear "I will love you, always." The fire light was growing dim, but I could still see you clearly. I watched your face, staring at you, until I couldn't stay awake any longer, then I fell asleep in your arms, happy, nowhere else on earth I ever wanted to be.

Submitted: August 06, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Ashfallen. All rights reserved.

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"Nowhere else on Earth I ever wanted to be..." What I wouldn't give to have my wife express that feeling again to me, in a heartfelt honest way... I fail miserably I guess in the process of expressing my commitment... My depth of divulging...

Sat, August 9th, 2014 11:41am


Hi SpyGuy, So glad you continue to enjoy my stories. We all have our deep, burning longings in this life, don't we? You are not alone.

Sat, August 9th, 2014 7:46am


Inspired by a dream...Wow! I am afraid I would not want to wake up!

Wed, September 3rd, 2014 6:34pm


I wish I hadn't, for sure. :) Thanks for reading and enjoying, my friend; your support means much to me!

Wed, September 10th, 2014 8:31am

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