Finally Forever

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Erotica, within the context of true love between two people who have loved each other from a distance for decades, and find themselves free to be together, later in life.

  The night was warm, and very still. The slow traverse of clouds overhead, lit from behind by the crescent moon, mirrored the pace of her thoughts and emotions. She felt more still, steady, and at peace than she could ever remember.  She took in all the sights, sounds and smells around her--the symphony of the crickets, the faint sound of dogs barking in the distance, the delicious smell of a smouldering pile of leaves, the orange glow of tiki torches around the perimeter of the pool's fence, and the shadow of the gate in the corner--the gate she was watching intently, expectantly. She smiled, knowing tonight was the beginning of a new life, and a new her.

The moon smiled down upon her from time to time, peeking between the passing shoulders of the clouds above. She marveled at how the moon seemed far brighter, even larger, in its reflection in the water, than the real thing seemed in the sky above.She floated, nearly motionless, in the pool, watching the surface of the water, enjoying the tiny ripples on the surface, and the way those ripples felt when they moved against her skin.  She felt alive, silently bursting with love, wonder, gratitude, excitement, joy, appreciation, and happiness. She leaned back, lifted her feet, and allowed herself to float on her back, her arms hanging leisurely by her sides, her knees slightly bent, letting go of control, of tension, of motion. Her long, dark hair fanned out from her head in every direction, floating, rippling, both part of her and part of the water. She was reborn.

Her ears were submerged under water as she lost herself in reverie, and so it was that she did not hear the approaching footsteps, or the clank of the lifted gate handle, or the squeak of the opening door, or it closing back again. She didn't hear, or see as he came to the side of the pool, stared down at her, and paused for a moment, as the same contagious love, gratitude, joy, excitement and happiness washed over him. His eyes shined, and his heart quickened.

They had waited a lifetime for each other.

She was not aware of his presence until he slipped up beside her, gently scooping his arms underneath her floating form, pulling her close. She greeted him with arms around his neck, a warm smile, and eyes glowing with love and playfulness, locking onto his. Their lips met gently, simply, warmly at first, before progressing to passion-driven exploration. He spun her slowly in the water as their lips fused and surrendered to one another, just as their hearts had fused and surrendered to one another so many long years ago.

Taking a breath, he looked into her eyes, then down her floating body, still wrapped in his arms. Her red bathing suit evoked within him a stirring of desire, like he had felt so many times before when seeing her in red. This time it was different, though, and he was amazed how strong and overwhelming his reaction was, now that it was truly OK, now that he could finally have her, free of guilt, free of shame, free of worry and regret--now that his heart and spirit could join with his body in loving her, needing her, wanting her, giving everything to her. "Do you have any idea how amazing you look?" he whispered.

"I can only think of how amazing you look, at the moment," she replied.  "I can't take my eyes off of you."

"There's only one problem, as I see it: this entirely unnecessary bathing suit," he said, grinning, then slipping a hand up, stroking her cheek, then her neck, running lightly along her shoulder, and beginning to slide down one of her bathing suit straps.  She shivered, as her entire body blossomed with goosebumps in response to his intimate touch. As he slid the strap slowly down her arm, he watched it, and she watched him. In all the times she had imagined and fantasized about him undressing her, the reality of the warmth of his fingertips, the love and desire in his eyes, and the burning anticipation were far better than all her imaginings combined. She moved slightly to allow the strap to slide off; the second strap followed close behind. She was his much-anticipated gift, and he savored unwrapping her.  He rolled the top of her suit down, freeing her breasts to the water and to his gaze. They looked amazing in the moonlight, floating free and uninhibited, the red straps floating alongside them, nipples erect in response to the slight chill of the air, the excitement of being his at long last, and by the effect of his touch and gaze.

"Mmmmm, they are even better up close and in person," he said, as he caressed one, then the other, circling the nipples with his fingertip, teasing. He stared at them as he spoke, watching them react, learning them, appreciating them. His hand then slid inside the top of her suit, just below her breasts, and began peeling it down further. "I think I've waited long enough, don't you? I want you naked. Tonight, I am going to see, feel and taste every single part of you." He held her afloat with one arm, as he removed the rest of her bathing suit. She was naked in his arms at last.

His eyes explored her, wishing they had more light to see by. The curve and shape of her was undeniably pleasing, arousing, familiar, but far more intimate than he had known her before. His hand and fingers took over where his eyes left off. He was intoxicated by the softness and smoothness of her skin.

She shivered.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"No, I'm far from cold," she replied.

His hand continued to explore, sliding down her belly, downward still, along the top of her thigh, then back up, kneading the underneath of her thigh. He reached her rear, caressing, squeezing, back around to her belly, then downward, down the center of her, to dance and tease in the hairs that stood guard to her intimate entrance. She gasped in anticipation, but he did not enter--not yet. He had waited for her this long, why rush things now? One finger slipped the tiniest bit lower, found her button and began to circle slowly, just as his face lifted to watch her react to his touch.

Her legs parted slightly, automatically, at the approach of his finger, sending more ripples along the surface of the water. Her clit was swollen from the anticipation of his touch, and his touch was absolutely electric. She stared into his eyes when she was able to resist closing her own, the pleasure intense and wonderful, radiating from her clit outward, warming and overtaking her, entirely. She smiled, loving the way she felt as her body so easily and naturally gave control to him. At the same time she felt herself blissfully begin to slip from one separate self into part of a larger whole with him. She had waited a lifetime for him, for this, and found herself completely bowled over with awe as she arrived precisely where she had always longed to be. She inhaled sharply, then moaned a long, soft, low moan as she closed her eyes and laid her head back in the water, her pleasure so strong that she could no longer focus or control the intensity her reaction.

He found it difficult to remain slow and methodical in his giving, due to his own increasing arousal. Watching the pleasure wash over her face, looking into her eyes as she gave herself to him, feeling her arousal through her motions and pulses, brought him to a high state of desire and arousal. His cock was over-hard as he watched her reactions, occasionally focusing his gaze on her rock-hard nipples, bobbing in and out of the water, begging for his attention, for his lips, for his tongue. He longed to give them exactly what they needed. He longed to do so many things to her and with her all at once that he couldn't decide what he wanted to happen next, so he lived in the moment. He had his finger on her trigger, and he knew exactly how to aim and exactly how to shoot. "I want you to cum for me like this, before anything else. I want to bring you to the very edge, hold you there, and then send you over. I want to watch you cum from the simple motion of this finger," he said, pressing harder onto her clit and stopping his motion for just a moment to emphasize his wishes. When his finger resumed its swirling circles, he said "Here comes the edge. You're almost there. Do you feel it?"

She certainly did feel it! Her clit and pussy were on fire for him. Her limbs tingled, her heart raced. His words, mixed with his touch, was nearly too much for her to take. She gasped a large breath, trying to steady her voice to reply. The best she could do was gasp out the words "Ohhhhhh god yesssssssss, I feeeeeeel itttttttt." She could cum at any moment, from the simplest change of his motions, but as promised he held her there, right at the precipice, in that magical semi-consciousness formed of intense pleasure, overwhelming anticipation, and a desperate, animalistic need for release. As he held her there, he eventually whispered to her, close in her ear, "Do you know the main reason I want you to cum for me right now?" He watched her shake her head, wondering if she even heard and understood his words in her present state. "Because I want to taste your cum juices when my tongue enters you for the first time." As soon as he spoke this, his trigger finger went wild, let loose, and attacked her clit with abandon. In an instant she was over the edge, lost in the ecstasy of cumming in the arms and from the touch of the man she loved more than life itself. She tried to contain her moans and cries, doing a fairly good job, burying her head in his chest as she convulsed with pleasure. She had known that she loved him, she had known that she wanted him, she had known that being with him would bring her pleasure, but she never anticipated or imagined that it would be this intense and all-encompassing when her body, heart and soul were finally allowed to experience his love, all together at once. She lost herself in him.

Gasping for breath, trying to gather a bit of composure, she looked up at his smiling eyes. He bent to kiss her, tenderly, lovingly, closely. He knew her love and desire were both raging like wildfires, and he wanted to encourage and receive the full force of both of them. Lips and tongues danced. Lingering, biting, sucking. Intensity rising. He wasn't sure how long he could hold his need at bay, and he very much wanted to taste her first, to part her swollen, needy lips with his tongue and learn her in a way nothing else could accomplish. He took her in both of his arms and swept her toward the edge of the pool.

When they reached the large steps, he reached for the nearby foam pool float and laid it out right at the edge of the pool, at the top of the steps. He sat down beside it, his feet on the top step, and reached out for her, inviting her to come sit on the float, which she did, without hesitation. The night was very warm, but there was still a slight chill from the air on their wet skin. As soon as she sat near him, he kissed her, after a moment guiding her to lie back onto the float, as he kissed her slowly and deeply.  They lay on the float together, him above her, arms around her, and hers around him, lost in  each other, their lips and tongues speaking a language of love only they could understand.  After he had enjoyed her mouth for a very long time, he lifted her chin and began to kiss her neck, passionately, licking and nibbling a trail slowly down her body, taking his time, dwelling on every part of her that caused her to react with pleasure. Every one of her nerves was still shooting sparks from cumming earlier, and his focused attention was intense for her. One of his hands flicked and pinched her nipple, just before his mouth reached it, and when he finally took her nipple in his mouth, the warmth and sensation were bliss. She didn't consciously realize she was moaning until she became aware that she hadn't taken a breath in a long while. When she remembered to breathe, she inhaled, long and deep, as she felt him kissing down her ribs, to her mid-line, downward, to her belly button, lower, and lower still. She watched, blown away by the sight of him, finally so close and intimate.

He moved down, down, down as he followed the curve of her body with his mouth, finally slipping into the water to kneel on the third step. She watched, staring into his beautiful blue eyes as he took his strong, gentle hands, one on each of her inner thighs, and spread her legs wide. Her feet had been on the top step, which put her rear just on the edge of the pool.  When he opened her up, making her swollen pussy available to him like a buffet, he groaned a little in eager anticipation . He used the first step to hold himself up as he leaned his head down, between her legs, so close to her swollen, wanting, burning pussy,  She squirmed in nervous anticipation. He stared up, met her eyes and said "I can't wait to finally taste you."

He moved closer.  And finally, his lips met her skin, right on the innermost part of her thigh, just an inch or two from her lips.  He kissed a trail down, then up the other inner thigh, teasing.  He loved the way her body bucked under his lips, the way her pelvis urged forward, begging for his lips to find their destination.  He took his left hand, and pushed her thigh up and back, opening her to him better than before.  He stopped everything and just looked at her pussy, only known to him until now via a few pictures, now inches from his face, and his to take, to please, to tease, to do anything and everything his body and heart desired.  He looked up at her, and saw her eyes were fixed on him, and her breath was quick.  He smiled up at her and stared into her eyes as he leaned in closer and kissed her clit, so slowly and gently.  He kissed it, then lapped at it a couple times, flicking, teasing it to its fully erect and ready state.  She moaned softly in response.With his right hand he pushed back her thigh, then lifted and laid her foot over his shoulder.

After teasing her clit for a long while, he stopped and relocated, his tongue hungry for her soft folds, hungry for her wetness, hungry to taste her need and sex at long last.  His tongue gently opened her up, then probed deep, exploring, diving into her, tasting her from the inside out.  She tasted and smelled so delicious that his neglected cock started screaming for attention yet again.  His hardness swelled, blood pounding through it as he licked, swirled, sucked and nibbled at her pussy and clit.  The moon above gave enough light for him to delight in the visual of her, and he was disappointed when it would go behind the clouds.  Soon, he lifted her other foot onto his shoulder and dove into her, eating her, showing her what he'd wanted to for longer than he had ever admitted.Her body moved with him, in tune, following his lead, swaying with his motion.  Her gasps and moans of pleasure became more frequent, her yelps so sexy and arousing he was taken by surprise.  With his tongue hard and fast on her clit, he moved one hand up between her legs and slid a finger into her wetness, very slowly, carefully, only a little bit at a time.  He couldn't believe how wet she was, but more than that he couldn't believe how tight she was.  He thought how much he would enjoy loosening her up before taking her.

They lost all sense of time.  The giver and the receiver lost themselves completely in the giving and the receiving.  The pace quickened.  When she moved faster, he knew she needed more, and soon he was moving wildly on her clit.  A second finger slid slowly and deeply into her pussy, joining the first, as he started to finger her slowly, while continuing to lick and suck and flick her clit.  The feeling of fullness intensified her pleasure, taking her passion to a much higher level.  She was on the edge, trying to make it last, when suddenly he turned his hand over, changing direction of the two fingers inside her pussy.  Instead of moving in and out, they turned to curve upward, found her spot, and started working her from the inside.  In rhythm with his tongue, his fingers moved, attacking her g-spot.  His tongue pressed in harder, giving her more pressure.  He moved side to side, up and down, and in circles, keeping her on the edge.  Unable to hold on any longer, she exploded, erupting, her pelvis thrusting into his tongue, her pussy clenching unbelievably tight around his fingers.  Her wetness increased dramatically as she climaxed, riding the waves, gasping for breath, crying out and echoing into the night. He kissed her clit again and again as she came down from her high, then he slowly began to pull his fingers out of her so sensitive pussy.  She laughed with happiness, gratitude, and a bit of self-consciousness as she gasped for breath, trembling.  She was emotionally and physically overwhelmed, fulfilled, amazed, and happy.

She sat up.  She needed to be in his arms, to feel him close against her as she regained her sense of reality.  He rose to his knees on the step to meet her lips as she joined him back in the pool.  His arms accepted her, enveloped her, held her so tight and close.  They held tight to one another, her head against his chest.  He felt her trembling, and knew it was definitely not from cold.  After all this time, he was still bowled over by the enormity of her love, the overwhelming amount off it, and her seemingly endless ability to give, express and experience it. He wondered what he ever did without her, and whispered, "I am so happy and so lucky to have you."  She was unable speak, but her lips found and melded with his, both hearts soaring.  Finally, between kisses she managed to form a few words: "Love of my life, please please, make love to me!"

His lips still on hers, he spun her around, leading her to the corner of the pool, placing her back against it, with him pressing close.  He devoured her with his lips, urgency rising in him and taking over.  He pressed himself against her, making sure she could feel the "hard evidence" of his urgency.  She opened her legs and straddled  him, supported by his arms, the pool wall at her back, and his body pressing into her.  His hard cock, bulging through his trunks, pressed against her, begging for entrance.  She reached down, impatient to relieve him of his swim trunks.  Naked together at long last, he forced himself to slow down and focus.  He pressed her against the corner of the pool again, finding his hands gravitated to her breasts, exploring, teasing.  Her nipples reacted to his touch instantly, standing at attention, showing him how much they appreciated and enjoyed his touches and attention.  He pinched and squeezed, then licked and kissed them.  She was delicious, so sensual and sexual he could hardly believe how much she enjoyed every touch he gave.

Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.  "I need you.  Oh god, I need to be inside of you. Now."

"Almost as much as I need you inside of me!  Please don't make me wait any longer!"

He held her body against the pool wall, raised her up slightly.  She spread her legs, wrapping them around him as he positioned himself between them, the tip of his cock starting to slide the smallest bit into her.  He locked his eyes onto hers.  "Who's are you?" he asked.

"Yours, only yours, forever and always," she answered, staring back.

"Are you ready for me?" he asked, pressing slightly deeper into her.

"I've been ready for you my entire life," she replied.

She opened wider for him, and held tightly onto him, her hands on his shoulders as he began to pump slowly, parting her with his cock, moving deeper into her just a tiny bit at a time, his eyes locked on hers with every stroke.  She was so tight he worried that he'd hurt her, but her reactions and sounds were only of pleasure, eagerness and desire.  He moved into her slowly, careful not to open her too fast or go too deep too soon.  Her pussy was heaven around his cock.  Every stroke was better than the last, as he burrowed deeper and deeper an deeper into her.  She opened to him as if she were made for him and him alone -- and he thought to himself that there's no doubt she really was.

When he pumped himself all the way into the deepest part of her, he held still a moment, savoring the instant that he merged with her, at long long last.  Reading his mind, she softly whispered words of love and forever, gratitude and happiness that he felt to his core and soaked up as if they were the fuel of his life.  He whispered right back to her everything he'd held back for longer than he'd ever wanted to, everything she had always longed to hear, bringing tears to her eyes and a wave of emotion and passion crashing through her like she had never ever felt before.  Truest love, forever love cemented them as they united, the decades they had spent waiting for each other melting away into nothing.

Moving again as one, he plunged into her, filling her deepest recesses with his throbbing hardness.  He slid in and out of her with long, deep thrusts, She held onto him for dear life and tossed her head back, lost in pleasure, lost in loving him.

"Cum inside me?" she begged as he began to thrust faster and harder.

"It's all for you!  Every drop!" he growled as he thrust all the way into her and erupted, filling her up, giving her his all.

They basked in the magic of the night, holding tight to one another, kissing, touching, whispering, laughing, planning, enjoying.  The first of many, many nights ahead of them to do the same.

Holding him close, basking in his warmth and love, she again caught sight of the reflection of the moon in the water, noting again how much bigger, brighter and better it seemed, compared to the real thing.  Her heart warmed and she smiled as she realized that he was her water; he was the pool that inevitably produced a reflection of herself where she was more, brighter and better. Through him, she was magnified and exalted into a better version of herself than she could ever be alone--every day, every moment.  And she knew he would never let her down.

Submitted: August 05, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Ashfallen. All rights reserved.

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These words are so urgently permanent... Thank you for painting a forever love a passion to endure forever... I'm in love with the sentiments that so so exquisitely portray with the majesty of an award-winning author... Maybe you haven't won any journalistic awards, but your skill demonstrated here has won the Pulitzer Prize in my book...

Tue, August 5th, 2014 8:17pm


I'm blown away by your summation of this story.
Thank you so very much, and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed and appreciated it. I'm just starting out, "getting my feet wet," so to speak to see if I have what it takes. I'm sure enjoying it so far. Thanks again for the delicious encouragement!

Wed, August 6th, 2014 3:44pm


Beautiful written!

Wed, August 6th, 2014 7:35pm


Thank you again! :)

Wed, August 6th, 2014 3:52pm

P Setaoch

Loved your descriptions of the physical, the pool, the moon, the sounds even the put me there and then the descriptions of the emotions of the lovers. Much more than just sex, it was a spiritual merging of the two and I felt like I was a part of it. Well done!

Thu, August 7th, 2014 6:37pm


I just can't think of a better compliment than your recognition of and appreciation for the spiritual merging. I'm moved by your comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

Thu, August 7th, 2014 3:21pm


What a wonderful blend of erotica and romance, written with such passion that I read with envy, aroused and thirsty for a taste of her myself and to feel her body embracing him. Exquisite.

Mon, August 11th, 2014 1:24pm


Thank you, as always, for the wonderful, glowing review. You are far too kind! I'm sorry I'm so late in responding, I somehow missed this feedback.

Wed, September 10th, 2014 8:40am


Very descriptive and to the point. I enjoyed the symbolism quite a bit. I am sure their story will continue and there will be much more to come (no pun intended). :)

Fri, August 22nd, 2014 12:19pm


haha The pun works, even if intended. ;) Thank you for the read and the review. :)

Wed, September 10th, 2014 8:37am


Beautifully written

Wed, August 27th, 2014 8:42pm


Thank you. :)

Wed, September 10th, 2014 8:33am

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