Guilt Trap

Guilt Trap Guilt Trap

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Honest man with a good sense of judgement of right and wrong is trapped in the an interesting situation.


Honest man with a good sense of judgement of right and wrong is trapped in the an interesting situation.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Guilt Trap

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Honest man with a good sense of judgement of right and wrong is trapped in the an interesting situation.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 06, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 06, 2015



I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. My wife just proposed the idea of a threesome a MFM and I was slight stunned. She instantly tried to assure me it was my performance or lack of love in our relationship it was just one of her fantasies. I told her I didn’t have an answer and she just kind of left the room quietly. I had faith in her that should wouldn’t do anything like cheat on me.

I decided to just let it slide for the moment and think about it when I woke up. That night I couldn’t sleep it’s wasn’t for standing my ground and I wasn’t angry with her for wanting a threesome. I guess I was endlessly going through the pro’s and con’s of letting her have her threesome. We didn’t have many friends per say. Eventually I made my decision and I went to sleep.

I woke up to her eyes staring at me in the morning. So sexually hungry and intense, her hand was on my lower abs and I was hoping she would go lower. “We need to talk.” She whispered. I turned to my side and kissed her. After in enjoying the kiss for a second she pulled back. “I said we need to talk.” I figured I was trouble for something. What did I do or what didn’t I do. I rolled back on my back while keeping my full attention into those lustful eyes.

“I want you to know I love you and only you.” She said and instantly mounted me. Taking off her shirt and sports bra. Even with little light I could her magnificent bosom ripe, firm, and very much erect. She moved her hands to interlock with mine and my own erection was starting to form.

Pushing my arms down to bed and moving to my right ear “And I mean it!” she whispered and ever so slightly bit my ear. I tried to move and start enjoying my loving wife’s body but the more I wiggled to take control the harder she bit. She wanted to be in control no she need the command. I stopped wiggling and she let go and kissed me our tongues dancing and our body’s just beginning to ignite the fire about to come.

She release her grip on my hands and leaned up ward moving to insert my penis where it was ment to be. I put my hands are legs and with my finger nails carefully and slowly made their way to her hips. Her eyes were shut taking a deep breath and come down slowly on me. Making sure both of us were enjoyed the moment, she exhaled when she hit the bottom and we became intertwined. She slowly became to move her hips around using the pleasure to moisten the deal.

I reached for her exquisite breasts and start to play with her nipples with my thumbs. She opened her mouth from the sensation. “Ohhh Jason!” she moaned. She grabbed my hands and put them together it was almost like I was about to pray.

“Before we get to far into this I want to know your answer from last night” looking straight into my eyes. I should of known from the beginning what she was thinking. Capturing me at my weakest point at that. I knew what would happen depending on my answer. I was silent for a second and damn for the situation.

“Lynn, I love you too” I smiled “however” just hearing that word turned her face into a frown. “I don’t think we’re ready for it quite yet we’ve only been married for 2 years next month.”

“Is there anything we can do to make this happen?” She pleaded “When do you think we’ll be ready” she added on.

“I don’t know and I wish I knew I’m just not comfortable sharing you right now.”

“Whatever” she spouted and got off me and walked on into the shower. I just laid there not knowing what to do. I knew in my heart I was right for standing up for what I believe in but I knew there was going to be repercussions for denying her what her greatest fantasy would be. Although she won’t admit it I consider her to be a trophy wife. When we meet up for the first time I was just a young man looking for short women with huge boobs and an overabundance of stubbornness after finding her and full commitment we were convinced we were great for each other. (I even quit smoking because of her)

The day when on almost like normal it wasn’t until lunch time were I could tell her silent anger was starting to subside. She was less clingy to her phone and we even had sex right before sunset. I pretty sure I wasn’t out of the hot water but things were definitely looking better at least for the moment in the back of my mind I knew the question was arise again. Like most guys I just left that though to rot and ignored it.

“Hey Jason can you grab the spices up top I can’t reach them.” Lynn asked I got up and walked over to the taller cabinet. She was just leaning on the edge with a smile on her face. I made sure to kiss her first before looking up to grab the jar. I was up further in the cabinet then normal I start to think if I was the last one to use it. “I got it.” As I handed her to jar she put a cloth to my face and used to her to hit me in the solar plexus I was forced to inhale and blacked out.

I wasn’t sure what time it was when I woke up but it was dark outside and I realized I was hand cuffed to the bed post. “Hey what’s going on?” I yelled about a minute later Lynn walks into the bedroom and sits on the next to me.

“How was your nap babe, I used some homemade chloroform and got you on bed.”

“Why would you drug me your own husband and how long have I been out?”

“Well because I planned on raping you!”

“Is that so? You can’t rape the willing” I laughed. The normal response would be angry but I am not a morning person and I’m slow to wake up enough if I was just drugged. She reached out and touched my face coming in for the kiss. Her other hand moved to my abs and slowly underneath my pants. I was starting to get aroused.

She broke off the kiss and moved to mid-section and feeling my stomach and lightly kissing my chest. I wanted to use my hands and guild her down faster but I couldn’t. She undid the buttom on my pants and pulled to zipper down. I lifted my ass in the air so she could pull down my pants easier and she complied. My cock rose almost in its full power.  

She knew what to do and lowered to mouth to kiss it and then inch my inch took it into her mouth. I felt like I was in heaven. She started to bob up and down and deep throating at will. Then the doorbell rang and she came up for air. “Hang on I gotta get that.”

“What the fuck you just don’t stop during mid-intercourse” I shot back “forget about them.” Lyne ignored me and answered the door. I again struggled to get free but that wasn’t a great idea and it made noise and I most certainly didn’t want who ever to just see me like this. The key was nowhere in sight, not that could see much.

I couldn’t hear who she was talking too but after a minute or two I did hear the door being shut and Lynn came back into the room shortly after. With the AC running and fan above the bed turned on my erection was little to nothing.

“Now where were we?” She said with a dirty grin on her face. She reached balls and just played with them. “Jason, I hope you are enjoying this”

“Oh, I am” I replied helplessly

“Hey Jason” I heard another voice say, my eyes widen and I instantly turned my head over to the doorway. It was one of Lynn’s friends Heather. She wasn’t wearing a shirt just a pink bra and some black shorts. “Now you’re really going to enjoy it” she grinned 

“Babe I know you and a threesome is what you want weather you’ll admit it or not. So you’re gonna get yours and I’m going to get mine.” Heather turned the overhead fan off and walked behind Lynn and helped her take off her shirt.

I didn’t know what to say, what to think, my wife going behind my back planning this while she was still angry with me earlier in the day. Using a knockout drug and locking me into this situation and Heather. Heather was taller than Lynn, her body wasn’t in better conditioned then Lynn’s but she had a baby a few months ago. Her breasts were just as big though and maybe a little fuller too.

“Jason, if you weren’t ready for a threesome before it’s safe to say that you’re ready now” Lynn said and gripped my completely full erection. She was right, I looked at it out of disbelief. Heather came over to my side and helt my face like Lynn did a few minutes.

“We have until midnight we’re gonna play around more than once!”


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