Ex with Benefits (sequel to Roommates with Benefits)

Ex with Benefits (sequel to Roommates with Benefits)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


18 years ago Lukas Bennet was a former bad boy willing to give up on his player life for the sake of love. 18 years ago Tara Baker was brave for once,she chose love over fears. 18 years later,Tara and Lukas realize,nobody lives happily ever after. This is a sequel to Roommates with Benefits,it's kinda necessary to have read book #1 yeah,sorry.


18 years ago Lukas Bennet was a former bad boy willing to give up on his player life for the sake of love.
18 years ago Tara Baker was brave for once,she chose love over fears.
18 years later,Tara and Lukas realize,nobody lives happily ever after.

This is a sequel to Roommates with Benefits,it's kinda necessary to have read book #1 yeah,sorry.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sick and Tired

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 23, 2017



Ooook I know you're all waiting for me to update either Her Brother's Best Friend or Rooming with the gods,but..just know that I'm working on it,I've written 408 words for the first one,but I'm blocked,so if I can make it,tomorrow I'll update the other one.

Meanwhile..here's the sequel I've been asked for on Wattpad :D Just a little heads up: it's a sequel and prequel,so it explores their lives 18 years after they married,and in high school.

Enjoy ;)


17-years-old TARA'S POV

Chaos, is the word I would use. Mere chaos. That is what the school hall is every morning at this same hour. Hundreds of kids swarming around, hurrying to homeroom or lingering behind in order to stay the most possible with their friends. Typical American high school. and of course, a typical American high school has social groups.

The food chain, my peers call it. It’s cliché yet not at the same time, it’s like a pyramid, each clique fits in one block, and there they are supposed to stay, no changing. Nothing can change your position once you’ve acquired it, therefore presenting at your best the first day is essential. I learnt that the hard way.

When I arrived to this school, I came from an elite Catholic college, all girls, teachers were nuns, contact with the outside world, the male world in particular, was not allowed under no circumstance … unless it was Father Carmine come to hear our monthly confessions, of course. So you see, when I first arrived to a public school in a jolly town, I was like a fish out of water. I had no idea what to do, how to behave, and that condemned me.

Like I said, there are groups, each one has its own place in the pyramid, the Food Chain. Each group has acquired such position because of three main factors that dictate law here: money, looks, popularity. Shallow, I know, but that’s it. So let’s start the tour.

The top of the food chain. The jocks. Attractive (either overly or averagely), great at sports, very popular, practically gods in high school. It doesn’t matter which sport do they practice, it just needs to be a sport, it may vary in each school, however, mine is quite cliché, so yeah, the main sport is football.

Normally, jocks accompany themselves with those who are called mean girls. I’m sure you’ve seen the movie. As beautiful as venomous. That’s the second block of the food chain, although some would say they are interchangeable, mean girls wouldn’t be at the top without the jocks, jocks wouldn’t be at the top without the mean girls, so … they’re equally at the top of the Food Chain, I guess.

Then there are the Geeks. All about Math, Math, Math, well, computers mostly. Opposite to the average school, they’re not bullied nor anything, no, in Lincoln High’s Food Chain, the geeks come right after jocks and mean girls.

Funny, huh? I think it has to do with this one being a town that mostly gains from computer sciences and engineering more in general, so, because geeks will supposedly be the leading class of tomorrow, it’d be very stupid of mean girls and jocks to antagonize them, right? I’ll admit I was amazed when I first learned this, but it’s a perfect deterrent, I guess. I mean, geeks are respected here, they are … cool people.

We also have what we call fashion victims, but usually they coincide with mean girls, if they don’t, then it’s usually people that risk their neck trying to cross the border and climb the food chain. Suicide mission. Nobody crosses the border. Never. Like I said, the position you acquire when you first arrive, it’s gonna stick to you for the rest of your high school days. Rumor has it that one or two people made it, back in the day, but there’s no proof.

So, in order of importance, jocks, mean girls, geeks. What am I missing? Right, the artists. Those who excel in figurative arts, more specifically painting and sculpture. The other half of the town’s income is art, we have a few great galleries, quite well known in the State too, so it’s easily explained. After the artists, there are the rockers, kids that try to make it in the music world, they’re pretty cool, actually, but very much locked up in their own clique, so not very much liked in school.

Following, the nerds … not very much popular, they’re the fourth-to-last step of the Food Chain, worse than them the weirdos … and no, they don’t coincide. Nerds are the encyclopedic kids that can tell you anything about anything, but because nobody likes a smartass, they’re not very much appreciated. Weirdos are just … well, weird. As in creepy, some call them the Dark Ones, because they’re all as pale as vampires and always wear black. They’re creepy because they look like crows ready to eat your eyes when they stare at you.

Last but not least, the lone wolves. Those that keep to themselves, without ever interacting with anyone. Yes, these do coincide with the weirdos sometimes. The lone wolves may not be respected, but they are dreaded, and I guess that’s kind of the same sometimes.

But that’s not over. After jocks, mean girls, geeks, artists, nerds, weirdos and lone wolves, what’s the lowest of the low? Me. Well, the unfit people in general. No, I don’t mean fat, I mean unfit as in, they don’t fit in any group. The grey area. The ones that, if they’re lucky, they can find friends, too, otherwise, they are condemned to solitude. I would be a lone wolf actually, but because lone wolves are usually introverted yet tough, perfectly confident, badass, while I … I’m so shy, I can barely speak up in class, I can’t be counted as lone wolf.

Technically, I do have friends, well, more like, one best friend I hang out with. Sheila. She became my friend when I was completely alone, having just moved in, I was honestly surprised when she came to me, because, I mean, she may not be part of the mean girls, but she’s quite popular, heck, she’s number one on the Queen Bee’s black book exactly because people know her, love her, want to be around her, boys fall at her feet, girls crave to be like her … she’d be your stereotypical Queen Bee, wasn’t she totally against this kind of thing.

As I made my way through the mayhem, I could already spot Sheila by her locker, which happens to be right next to mine. I really don’t know what I’d be without Sheila. The girls at the Catholic college were pretty stuck up, so I had literally no friends, like … not a single one, if you don’t count my sister, who’s older than I, so by the time I’d gotten used to the comfort that having my sister in school with me gave me, she’d already graduated.

I’d have stayed at the college also through my high school years, but Kelly decided I was to be saved, so I don’t know how she succeeded, but was able to persuade our parents that I could go live with granny, which I did, while Kelly went to university, one pretty close to the town anyways, so she lived with us until last year, when she got her degree, and moved to New Jersey with her boyfriend, Kevin.

I walked through the maze of kids, ignoring each of them, smiling, because I was happy to see my best friend after Christmas holidays, which we spent separate, as usual. However, the smile inevitably slipped off my face as soon as I spotted the boy beside Sheila. Right. I forgot one ring of the food chain. The bad boy. The star at the top of the Food Chain. Like I said, the Food Chain bases off money, looks and popularity. He has them all, therefore he is the absolute king of Lincoln High.

How do they say? Not a leaf stirs but God wills it. Exactly. Nothing, nothing happens unless Lukas Bennet agrees with it. Even jocks, who are supposed to be the tip of the top, are afraid of him, although I think they also admire him, envy him, and … well, simply know better. Because he’s rich, very, very rich, I’ve never seen his house, but, as I’ve heard, it’s kind of a mansion, his father is practically a god in this town. So, he’s rich, then he’s so extremely popular, and … he’s got a really bad temper, so definitely, Lukas Bennet is the type of boy you really don’t want to make mad.

He’s in the principal’s office one day every two, he’s undisciplined, irresponsible, reckless, his grades are so awful that you wouldn’t understand why is he still promoted, didn’t you know that his father is Larry Bennet, who practically runs this town even without being mayor. He’s got money, looks and a bad temper, how couldn’t he be the king? Girls swoon as he walks by, rumor has it that he’s bedded each and every single girl of Lincoln High, freshmen included. He’s a junior like me, but even seniors worship the ground he walks on. King Arthur, practically. Well, King Lukas.

I don’t know Lukas Bennet personally, thank goodness, but he knows my best friend, quite well, I’d add … they’ve been flirting since the beginning of junior year, I don’t know if they’ve done more, I just know that, since last September, I can’t even rejoice of the five minutes before class when my best friend and I can talk on our own, because he’ll always be there, flirting, dropping disgusting innuendos, making me sweat my guts because I’m freaking terrified by him.

You see, the person that is telling you this story, might sound brave, but real me, real Tara Baker, is the shiest, most coward chick you’ll find around. That’s why, other than head over to my best friend, I skipped directly towards homeroom, my heart racing like a fool because, no matter how fast I sprinted, I could still feel those icy eyes on me.

He does that. Lukas Bennet. He does that, watching me with those icy blue eyes of his, I bet he likes seeing me get all worked up, becoming as red as a freaking tomato, my breaths itching and all. I think he fuels on fear. The more people fear him, the more he puffs up. Ugh, I hate that kind of people.

Unfortunately, Sheila likes him, very much so, therefore I’m forced to see him every freaking morning at our lockers. Lately he even waits for her outside. Was I a common person, I would take refuge amongst my other friends, but … well, the sole reason why Sheila’s friends tolerate me is because of Sheila herself, so … nope, I’ve got no one else to go to.

Homeroom lasted only a few minutes, then we were eagerly sent to class. Most people lingered as much as possible, I scuttled away, fearing Principal Lipinski, such a harsh, harsh harpy. When I arrived to class, I was very much disheartened to find out that Mr. Bad Boy had decided to show up this morning, therefore he was there, at the back of the class, one of the mean girls lasciviously sat on his lap as they made out.

Ugh, that’s one thing I hate the most about him. Why does he bother my best friend if he can’t stick to one girl? I have him in a few classes, and in each and every single one of them, I always find him sharing saliva with a different girl. When he deigns of showing up, that is. I told that to Sheila, but she doesn’t care, I really don’t understand her. What’s so great about this boy? Yes, he may be very handsome, but there’s nothing more than a pretty façade, he’s rotten to the core, like … Dorian Gray, beautiful outside, but decayed on the inside. I seriously don’t understand why is Sheila so fixated on him.

Taking a deep, deep breath, I swallowed my nervousness and stepped inside the room. There were already a few people chatting amongst them, but not even their voices were enough to cover the obnoxious and disgusting sound of those two making out at the back of the class. Ew.

Adjusting my glasses on my face, as soon as I’d sat down, I dared let out the breath I’d been holding in since I came out of my house, consequently causing all the fat to be released so violently that it almost toppled the desk. Well, maybe not toppled, but it did move it a little. I’m not … on the featherweight side, as you can guess. I’ve always been like this, mostly because, well, I eat more than I should and not as healthy as my mother would want me to. I barely see my parents as it is, but when I do, the first thing my mom craves to remind me is that, if I don’t change habits, nobody will want me. Really adorable, yeah.

Sighing for the third time in half an hour, I reached for my backpack after having checked the watch, and I pulled out my book. I just love reading, it’s like a medicine to me, every time I feel depressed, books are there to save me. It’s way more than I can say about my parents.

I dipped into my read, trying to focus as much as I could not to hear those disgusting sounds, but it didn’t entirely work. Damnit, do they really need to be so loud? Was I any braver, I would snap at them, but … well, I care too much for my life, I would never even dream of snapping at Lukas Bennet. No, he wouldn’t hit me, I know he doesn’t, he’s got this thing – the sole one I like about him, actually –, he cannot stand violence against women, only last week he nearly had a jock piss himself for how harshly he smashed him against the locker. Only because he’d seen the boy slap his girlfriend.

No, Lukas Bennet would not hit me, but … socially, I’m already at the very bottom of the food chain, life is already awful in this school, just how worse would it get if I made myself such a powerful enemy? Not even Sheila could save me, I’m afraid. Besides, I’m a coward, I never rebelled against the witches that pushed me around at the college, how could I dare speak up now?

I breathed out of relief when the door finally opened to reveal the teacher. Normally I wouldn’t be glad about this particular class, but anything to save my poor ears! Although … Mr. Covington is really so, so boring and so sluggish … by the time his class is over, I’ll be 40 already.


PRESENT DAY (18 years after they got married)

"Did you hear me?!" He barked for the third time. Of course she didn’t hear him, she never hears him … I sighed, exasperated.

"Lukas …" I tried to mend, but of course, he was in for the kill, as he always is when it comes to her. I wonder, how can’t he see the similarities? She’s his carbon copy, for Pete’s sakes. I wouldn’t have been here with them, I wasn’t supposed to be, but I knew they would fight and, as the counselor says, the more we are able to avoid conflict, the better. As mother, I’m obviously supposed to be the referee between them, try to tone down the conflict, but I gotta be honest, it’s getting harder and harder day by day.

"Nicole!" He barked, my poor eardrums suffering it all. Glancing in the rearview mirror, predictably, I saw my daughter unscathed, still intent on listening to her music, which I could hear, too, given how loud it was. Good thing I dropped off Gloria and Zach before drama took place.

I don’t blame my husband for being angry, this is the third school she changes in a matter of months, next step is going to be Catholic college, I’m afraid, he’s determined, and I’m not that much against it either, if I gotta be honest.

I’m so tired of coming back home to their fights, they can never be in the same room without waging war. Ugh, it was so easy when she was a child … daddy here, daddy there, now she hates even the sight of him. Sometimes I do, too, but that’s different. I mean, I’m his wife, after all the crap throughout the years, I have every right to hate his guts.

"What?!" Nicky groaned when he slipped off her headphones, which obviously had a brutally cold stare contest follow. Eyes in slits, jaws clenching, teeth gritting … the storm was about to hit us. Again.

Hence, I sighed, rolling my eyes as I turned to the backseat. "Nicky, grab your things and go to class."

I ordered, trying to balance sweetness with authority. I’d never thought I’d be the good cop in parenting, but, well, I guess that when you marry a former bad boy, it’s obvious you sign up for that role. My daughter is the result of two stubborn bulls like me and her father, so it’s no surprise that she didn’t budge.

"Nicky … you’ll be late. Come on, go. We’ll talk later." Three never-ending minutes of unbearable tension later, my 16-years-old daughter finally decided to listen for once. She grabbed her backpack and, scowling, she stepped off the car, obviously ignoring her father as he yelled they weren’t over yet.

"Why the hell did you let her leave?!" Lukas barked against me. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes as I gripped the wheel tighter. I wasn’t in the mood to fight, not again, I’m so damn tired of all this, so freaking tired. Ignoring his rant about how am I supposed to stick by his side, back him up when he faces our daughter’s tantrums, that if I keep on spoiling her, she’s gonna wind up on a bad route – worse than she’s already been, that is –, and blah, blah, blah.

It’s my fault. According to my husband, it’s absolutely and undoubtedly my fault if our daughter is so undisciplined, I spoiled her, I stuck by her side, stood up for her every time he scolded her, so it’s my fault, I made of her the rotten, ungrateful smart ass she is.

I drove off, trying hard to tune my husband out, because, really, I wasn’t at all in the mood for another fight, my job is killing me, I have two children to raise while the third one puts me through hell on a regular basis, and to top it all off, my husband is a jerk for crying out loud. No, I don’t have the patience for this.

When 18 years ago I accepted to form a family together, I really didn’t imagine it would be so hard. Yes, I did consider there would be ups and downs, but I thought we could overcome them, when we met up for the high school reunion 12 years ago, I thought we could survive through everything, because we’d already had our crises … I never fathomed this.

Being almost 40 and stuck in an unhappy marriage is not at all what I prefigured. Not one bit.

"Are you even listening to me, Tara?!" Lukas barked, so close to my ear that it trembled with the noise.

I clenched my fists so tightly against the wheel that my knuckles turned white, I gritted my teeth, and once I’d pulled over in front of the clinic where he works, I finally snapped: "Has it ever occurred to you that she is her father at her age?! She is you, Lukas! She is exactly like you! Did it ever help you to have your dad treat you like shit?! No! Then do not make the same fucking mistake!"

He glared at me, predictably, his face livid. "I had my reasons to be-"

"Ugh, don’t drag your late mother into this! You were only a fucking asshole! And your daughter is the fucking same!" I raised my voice. My temples were already pulsing, and I was as tense as a bowstring, having barely slept, as usual, nervous because of the meeting I had at the office, and damn furious because of all the rest. I’m not 21, I cannot tolerate his shit anymore. I barely did when we were young, imagine now.

"So it’s my fault?! You’re the one that spoiled her!" Lukas accused, because that’s his most favorite line of defense.

"I spoiled her? I? Who gave her everything she wanted? Who allowed her everything when she was a child? Who never taught her to respect authority?!" I argued back, just as livid as he was, turning to look into those blue eyes. I used to be a captive of those, you know, but 18 years of marriage wear out even the best couple, so now, in those blue eyes, I didn’t see my future, the man I was looking at was not the love of my life. Not anymore.

That’s why, before he could say anything more, I turned back to the road, and murmured a simple: "Get out." Before I say something I might regret, that is.

"See? That’s how you ruined our daughter! Always avoiding conflict, always picking the coward route! You never stood up to her, you just let her win, every fucking time!"

I closed my eyes once again, my jaw clenching so tightly that my teeth were starting to hurt. I’m so tired of being his safe valve, I’m so fucking tired of him blaming it all on me, while it’s him to be in the wrong, it’s him to have ruined everything with his fucking “mistakes”, it’s him to have spoiled what we had.

"Maybe, your daughter hates you for a reason." I spat, unable to retain myself, as I turned back to him, my eyes mere slits. "Maybe, had you kept it in the pants, hadn’t your daughter caught you screwing her best friend’s mother, maybe, she wouldn’t hate you, don’t you think?!"

Lukas groaned, raking a hand through his hair. "How many times are you gonna use that card? For how long are you gonna hold it against me for something that happened three fucking years ago!"

I gritted my teeth, eyes intently on the man I’ve loved more than my own skin. We’ve lived a real idyll, we’ve been so incredibly happy … I should have known nothing lasts forever.

"Never." I unlocked the door for him. "Now get out."

"You’re no saint either, Tara. You can’t blame me when you’ve been just as bad."

"I didn’t fuck my neighbor."

"You fucked your employer, though."

I groaned loud, exasperated. "I did not!" I screamed, hitting the wheel. "You are the whore between us, Lukas! I did not once, not one single time cheat on you! Instead you … you bastard made me the joke of our whole neighborhood!"

"As if you even needed help in that!"

I shot the most daggers I could, hoping to incinerate him just with one look. How the hell could I fall for him? Why the hell did I even marry him? I should have stuck with Aaron. I should have listened to my inner self when she told me what a mistake it would be. My sister was right, Lukas is a player, how could I ever expect he would be loyal?

"Get out." I ordered, my tongue barely tied. People outside were already trying to peek inside, to see what was going on in the car, but I didn’t care. Let them watch, let them know the great Dr. Lukas Bennet, the man they adore, is only a cheating asshole.

"It’s not over, Tara. We’ll need to talk tonight, we-"

"Get. Out."

"For once in our fucking life, don’t be a whiny child, for God’s sake!"

"I said, get out!" I conveyed the most hatred I could in one look and four words, my whole ribcage trembling for how loud I shouted. I could already feel nervous tears prickle behind my eyes, but I would not give him this satisfaction, I would not cry in front of him again, that time is over. I used to let go of my every weakness with him, I used to take refuge in his arms every time I needed to be weak. Not anymore. There’s nothing left of the man I’ve loved. Or maybe the man I loved was never there in the first place.

"I was right." Lukas murmured as he placed his hand on the handle. "You are a whiny child. You were back then, and you still are. I don’t even know why I-"

"What?! You don’t even know what?! Huh?! You’re only an immature piece of crap, trying to blame on me the failure you are as a man. The great Dr. Bennet …" I snorted. "You might be good at your job, but you awfully suck in the rest, Lukas. You’re a shitty father and a shitty husband. Your daughter knows that, that’s why she hates you. You-"

Before I could finish, I felt the harsh sting on my face. My eyes widened. He didn’t just … "How … dare you! You bastard!" I backed away, not in fear, but in anger.

"Tara …"

"No! Don’t you touch me! Get out of my car! Right now! Before I call the cops, get out!" I screamed bloody murder, seeing red already.

He just fucking slapped me! He did it! He dared hit me, his palm did actually collide with my face! I used to think he was the best man I could have ever had, now I see light … the old irascible bad boy never died, he’s still there, hidden, waiting to come out at the unexpected. Well, I’m not gonna play his game, not anymore. I’ve forgiven him enough, I’m sick and tired of his shit.

"Tara, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean … I’m sorry. I was mad, you got me mad, I-"

"Lukas, get the fuck out. Right now. Get. The fuck. Out."

"Tara …"

He stretched a hand to brush my cheek, but I pulled back. "I didn’t mean to do it!"

Ugh, they all say that. Every time. Stupid moron. My fists clenched. People outside were more than interested now, and amongst the small crowd, I could see the bitch. Valentine, his intern. She’s been planning to sink her claws into him since day one. I bet he’s already screwing her. Judging by her grin as she watched us, she was enjoying the scene. They’re screwing, I’m sure they are.

"Tara, come on. Let’s calm down, alright? We’re both tense and angry because of the troubles with Nicky and-"

"Oh, and that justifies you hitting your wife?!"

"I didn’t mean it!"

"They all say that!"

"Ugh, you can’t be serious …"

"You just fucking slapped me!"

"I didn’t mean to!"

"But you did!"

He groaned, punching the panel, causing me to flinch the slightest, mostly at the suddenness. "I’m so sick and tired of all your scenes, Tara. You keep on blaming me for everything, I’m sick of it all."

I gritted my teeth, for once agreeing. "Good. So am I."

I didn’t even look at him as I finally spat it out loud, after having kept it tucked inside my throat for so long. I stared ahead, my eyes bloodshot, my heart aching, my mind hazy but determined. We cannot go on like this, it’s time to end this lunacy. "I want divorce."

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