Can't You Feel My Heart? (ON HOLD)

Can't You Feel My Heart? (ON HOLD)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


You asked for it,and here it is...the sequel to The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd. Though I would say that is a mixed sequel. Because it features pretty much all my characters. It's kind of a huge crossover. It's been 12 years since Natalie and Eric crowned their love. They're now happily married with three kids. Protagonist of this story is indeed their firstborn,Noah,along with his best friend,Arianna Grant (daughter of some Samantha and Lukas Grant you met in Between Past and Future). Arianna and Noah are best friends. They have been since they were in diapers. They practically live in symbiosis. What he does not know - or doesn't want to know, is that she is deeply in love with him. She throws hints here and there but he won't catch them. Till they fight badly because of her dating a guy he despises. What Noah doesn't even suspect,is that Arianna made a deal with that guy,and all she wants is for her best friend to get jealous and finally see reason. But will he? Maybe he ought to smash his face against the wall before he can see it? But there is more to it. Arianna is daughter to a very important man,and for how down to earth he is,Lukas Grant still has enemies. So what happens when they start targeting his family?


You asked for it,and here it is...the sequel to The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd. Though I would say that is a mixed sequel. Because it features pretty much all my characters. It's kind of a huge crossover.

It's been 12 years since Natalie and Eric crowned their love. They're now happily married with three kids. Protagonist of this story is indeed their firstborn,Noah,along with his best friend,Arianna Grant (daughter of some Samantha and Lukas Grant you met in Between Past and Future).

Arianna and Noah are best friends. They have been since they were in diapers. They practically live in symbiosis.
What he does not know - or doesn't want to know, is that she is deeply in love with him.
She throws hints here and there but he won't catch them. Till they fight badly because of her dating a guy he despises.
What Noah doesn't even suspect,is that Arianna made a deal with that guy,and all she wants is for her best friend to get jealous and finally see reason. But will he? Maybe he ought to smash his face against the wall before he can see it?

But there is more to it. Arianna is daughter to a very important man,and for how down to earth he is,Lukas Grant still has enemies. So what happens when they start targeting his family?

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The sequel starts where The Angel,The Devil,The Nerd finished:

It's 12 years after Natalie and Eric finally crowned their love,they're happily married with three kids: Noah,Amelia (13),Leila (6). Noah is 16 going for 17,it's his first day of senior year,as much as for Arianna is her first day in junior year,but in a different school. They've ended their summer vacations with a fight,the reason being Arianna having a boyfriend (or so she says).

Hope you enjoy this new journey,this is only an introduction,so the updates might be a little slow,especially because I have also other stories to finish,but I'll do my best.

Let me know what you think :)



I didn’t even bother saying goodbye, just stepped out of the car and headed towards the school gates. It was obvious that dad would try to talk to me, I bet mom convinced him, sometimes they’re like a creepy super-duo where she’s the brains and he’s the arm. Kinda like Pinky and the Brain, which mom had me watch when I was a child. Well, before dad came into the picture, mom and I watched a lot of cartoons together.

Then there was that weird period I barely recall when I was barely four and suddenly I, just as my friends, had a father too. We’ve talked about it when I was 8 actually, because I remember feeling weird, I mean, I saw both mom and dad all busy taking care of my sister, Amelia, but I couldn’t recall dad being around when I was her age, so I naively asked and they both blanched.

It took us long hours of explaining, but in the end I got to the truth: I was born before they got married, dad had to leave us for some reason they didn’t want to tell me but that was really, really impossible to avoid, and he didn’t even know I existed till I was four. Then things changed. Thanks to Mr. Grant and uncle Jake apparently.

Eh. Mr. Grant, not even to mention. Father to my Arya. Hell, I miss her already. We haven’t seen each other since we fought the last day of holiday, and it’s been barely a week, but I already miss her so bad. She’s my best friend, for God’s sakes. Of course I miss her. But now she doesn’t have time for me because she’s dating that Troy.

Ugh, he’s not good for her, I’ve tried to tell her so many times, but she won’t listen, and last time she even got mad at me. Said I’m selfish because I wanna keep her at arms’ length, practically suffocating her, without any chance for her to have fun. Well, if with have fun she means being with that prick, then let her be. She’ll find out soon enough he only wants one thing. Ugh, that girl can be so impossible sometimes!

Anyway, I walked through the school gates and headed towards the entrance, headphones in my ear, not wanting to hear my peers babbling about their holidays, as usual. If only I’d been upfront and asked my parents to go to the same school, I wouldn’t have left my Arya in the clutches of that prick. But I thought it wasn’t really a great idea, after all, my family is good, but we’re not the Grants. Hell, Arianna’s father practically owns a freaking empire while mine’s just a pilot.

Well, dad has his own academy and he makes more than a bit of money out of it, then mom with her books gets quite an income too, but it’s nothing compared to the Grant Enterprises. We’re good financially, but because there was Amelia with her medical expenses, you know, braces and crap like that, I thought it was better not to ask too much to my parents.

The school my Arya goes to is freaking expensive. Only the best of the best go there, it’s the best, best school in the whole freaking East Coast, if not the whole freaking America. She was accepted because she’s a freaking genius. Ah, my Arya is so smart. I wonder how the hell can’t she see that Troy guy only wants to use her. She could spot a freaking needle in a freaking haystack, but she won’t see he’s pretending. Ughhhh!

I walked slowly towards my locker, the ruckus of the people around being completely silent to my ears, me listening to Imagine Dragons all the way through the hall. I practically shut the whole world out, gladly too. Sometimes I think I’d be better off in my parents’ old town. Not that I don’t like New York, but … I don’t know, I’d rather some peace for once.

I’m thinking I might pitch the idea to mom and dad, there are my grands there, so I wouldn’t even be alone. Either granny and her husband that apparently isn’t my mom’s father but I can call grandpa, or my dad’s father, whose wife isn’t dad’s mom but I can call granny too. Hell, my family’s a bit messed up, I think. I mean, I’ve even got uncles and aunts that aren’t even blood related. The only one that’s truly my uncle by blood relation is dad’s brother, who lives in Denver with his wife.

Right, I might just move to Denver. Uncle Kyle says he’d be glad to have me there some time. Sure, there I’d be an added burden along with my cousins, but hey, my uncle’s a freaking surgeon and his wife is a famous TV journalist, they’re perfectly fine financially.

Then again, I have choices if I’d want to leave New York, hell, I could even head to Boston. Uncle Jake would skin me alive if I dared run away, but I bet aunt Silvia would be much more lenient. Same goes for aunt Tara. Though the point is, my parents wouldn’t take it too well. Even if I ran away somewhere where I know nobody, they’d find me in a heartbeat, be it only because my uncle is very resourceful. Hell, uncle Jake runs a company that, wasn’t it an ally, would be one hell of a competition for Arianna’s father.

The point here is, sometimes I feel just a little overwhelmed. My family’s kinda huge, you know. I’ve got blood and non-blood relatives and then two sisters and … woo. The only thing that’s always been my anchor till now was my Arya, but now she’s leaving me and … I feel lost.

I’m sure if I talked to dad, he might give me some advice, but I don’t even know how to voice it and I don’t wanna worry him neither mom, they’ve already got too much to think about. With Amelia being such a pain in the ass and Leila just starting school and mom being such a famous writer now, it’s all hectic.

I used to escape to my Arya, we’d spend our time in Central Park because with three siblings her place too is kinda hellish most of the time, we’d talk and laugh and play and … ugh, why am I even thinking of her? She was upfront: she doesn’t want to see me neither hear from me anymore. We’re done. She said. And all because of that Troy. That prick.



I gave my mom a small peck on the cheek and hopped off the car, waving by to her and sticking my tongue out to my baby brother, Marco. He used to be so cute when he was a child, now he’s 11 and he’s such a pain in the unseen areas of my rear. Not that Richie is any better. He’s older, but so immature sometimes.

Lucky thing Sophia is at least different from her twin. I love my sister, she’s who I look up to mostly, even though, my mom is pretty awesome of her own, and Mrs. Rivers too, with her being a famous writer and all. Golly, I've read her novels in first preview, the ones that now are pretty famous, and wow, I was sooo blown! She's an awesome writer and woman. 

I wonder why doesn’t even Noah see it. His mom’s so cool, but he keeps complaining that she’s asphyxiating sometimes. Then again, both our families are pretty large, so we used to find ourselves feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we had each other …

Right. Had. Not anymore. That dummy. He couldn’t see an elephant in a flippin crystal shop! How can he be so blind? Gosh, is that so hard? Even our friends know it. Everybody knows what I feel. But him? No. You’re my best friend, I worry about you. He says. Well, you ninny, I am freaking in love with you!

Gosh, he’s the only one not to have noticed! He’s so infuriating when he’s like that! I’m his best friend and then he goes and throws a fit at my dating Troy. Gee, how the heck can’t he see I’m dating that ice-hole only because I wanna get him jealous?! Ughhhh! I hate Noah when he’s so … so … ughhhh! I just hate him when he’s like that!

Okay. Calm down, Arianna. You’ve got school now. Calm down. I took a deep breath as my mom’s car turned the corner. Days like this, I wish I’d told dad the truth about not wanting this posh school. I like it, I’ve got my friends here too, but I would have liked it better if I went to the public one …

Why do Richie and Sophia get to pick while I don’t? Dad didn’t have them enroll to this super-expensive, ultra-famous school for geniuses. Why am I the unlucky one? I was there when he had them choose and they both picked public school, instead when it was my turn, he didn’t even give me a choice, just informed me I’d be attending the notorious St. Benedict's, which has educated many illustrious people that are now the top of the top.

It’s for people that have very high QI, they say, it only enrolls the best of the best. Dad is the 4th richest man in freaking America, I say. They all say I was accepted because I’m smart and everything, I think they only read the name Grant and their eyes shone with the dollar sign, knowing that, if his daughter attended it, certainly the famous billionaire Lukas Grant would obviously invest in the school. And they were right actually.

During my first year I had to beg mom to dissuade dad from naming the library he’d funded after me! I think he got sort of duped by the board council of the school, they probably convinced him that having the Grant name on the school property was a great idea. Although, in truth, I think he only accepted to get rid of them.

My dad’s not one of those eccentric billionaires that think they own the world, he’s actually a very sweet man. You should see him with my mom, awww he’s sooo adorable when in lovesick puppy mode. He loves her so, so much. And having such an example of love, I’ve always dreamed of finding that one person that would love me and cherish me and adore me like dad adores and loves mom, just like I’ve always dreamed of finding that one person I would love and admire and look up to with loving eyes as much as mom does with dad. Gosh, they’ve been married since almost 15 years and they’re always the same, always lovey-doveys. I wish I could have that.

Actually, most of the adults I know are like that. I mean, Mr. and Mrs. Rivers too are so cheesy sometimes, and what about Mr. and Mrs. Watson? He’s so lost for her, just as much as my dad is for my mom. A smaller example is now my older brother Richie, he’s recently started dating Leanne Watson, and you should see him! He was such a ladies’ man before, such a player, now he’s all Le-Le here and Le-Le there, always stuck to his phone talking to her because she lives in Boston, this summer they were so mushy that in the end even I started feeling nauseated.

Now they gotta decide whether she comes here in New York or he goes to Boston or they just both go elsewhere, but from the looks of it, they don’t wanna split. Even though, Leanne is a free spirit like her mom, she actually dreams of Europe, Sophia tells me. Specifically, Italy, because her mom is actually Italian, just like mine, therefore Leanne would like to spend some time in southern Italy, where her grandparents live. I’ve seen my brother a little troubled about it. He fears she’s gonna meet this dumb Italian and forget all about him. I know this because I heard them fighting only the other day.

The problem with Richard is that he's not obliged to,but...well,you know,dad kinda wants him to get a hold of the business. Better said,dad wants one of us to,one day, take his place as CEO of the Grant Enterprises,Richard being the eldest,he's the first in line,but I think that in the end it'll be Sophia,because she likes that type of environment,while her twin brother is a whole different thing.

Mom says grandpa would be delighted to have Richie live with them in Florence for a while if he likes, so maybe he could convince Leanne to go there with him. I’d love to go to Florence. I’ve been there many times, going to see my grands, but it’s never enough. Gosh, that city’s so, so spectacular!

And of course, I insisted for mom to teach me Italian. Such a marvelous language. Well, she's taught each of us, actually, she's been talking to us sometimes in Italian, sometimes in English, since we were born. My siblings, except for Sophia, weren’t really enthusiast about it, but me, I toss off my Italian here and there every time I can.

I’ve taught some words to Noah also, but he’s got that stubborn way of going at things sometimes … his mom tells me he’s the carbon copy of his dad, who was also like that when younger and only with age he’s softened a little in that sense, but I see Mr. Rivers, and even while being a bit intimidating sometimes, he’s really a nice person, which Noah is too, but he’s so much more stubborn!

And yet I love him. Gosh, why do I even love him, I have no idea. We’ve grown up together and he’s always been so sweet and lovely, but lately he’s become such an ice-hole! We fight so much! And why? No reason! We fight over the silliest things! Only the Troy issue was the real thing. That was what had everything break.

Because we yelled the worst things to each, he accused me of horrible things and I, out of anger, shouted that I don’t wanna see him neither hear from him anymore, that we’re done, while in truth, I regretted it a moment later. But he was already gone and then we came back home and haven’t talked since.

I hate being apart from him, but he’s told me really bad things and I’m not gonna stomp over my own dignity to forgive him. My mom taught me that a woman can love endlessly but be independent at the same time, and she is that, because while loving and adoring dad to no end, she’s still the strong and independent woman he fell for, same goes for Mrs. Watson, so why should I be any different?

Unmotivated, because, despite everything, I still miss Noah, I walked into school, ignoring my peers all cheery because they saw each other again after long but also annoyed because school restarted. Seniors were already discussing the prom while freshmen were trying to orient themselves in the maze of the various halls and classrooms. I quietly walked up to my locker, not really paying attention to any of them.

This is my junior year and I’ve got one more to get through, starting from this year – next week, to be precise, my sister will leave for Europe and I’m already panicking, the sole idea of Sophia being so far gives me angst, she’s my best friend aside from Noah and Angelique, she’s my older sister and I need her as a guide, can't deny it, she’s practically done, since always, what Noah couldn’t. I mean, every time there was a problem, when Noah couldn’t solve it, she could, especially when it was something … girly.

Yeah, mom too is really awesome, but you know how it works, I love my mom, but she is my mother, while Sophia, even while being five years older is practically my compass. I confide to her for everything. I do the same with Noah, but of course, he doesn’t know some girly things, the ones I say to Angelique and Sophia only.

Lucky thing my sister decided she’d go to Columbia, so she didn’t leave New York for college, but now she wants to travel, and because the… sense of Italianity, as mom likes to call it, is more rooted in her, Sophia wants Europe and Italy, she’s decided. I guess that if she manages to convince Leanne too about Florence, she’ll make our brother a favor, but even while being twins, they’re never really in the best terms, so I don’t think she’ll do anything. If Richie doesn’t explicitly beg her to, that is.

Anyways, ignoring the hordes of teenagers crowding the halls, I quietly opened my locker and filled it with my books for the day, but I barely had time to, because moments later I nearly flinched when I heard that high-pitched squeal I’m so used to and that yet still freaks me out.

I turned around, letting myself smile as I noticed my best friend, Angelique, sprinting her way through the crowd of teenagers. Being the oh, so quiet girl she is, she’d yelled my name as soon as she’d entered the front door, making many heads turns, but nobody really paid attention except for freshmen, after all, people kind of know her for being so loud.

Knowing what was expecting me, I calmly closed my locker and prepared myself for her assault. Of course, this time was no exception, she tackled me with mad force and we both fell to the floor while hugging. Can’t say I disliked it, but still …

"Gosh, Angie, you’re crushing me!" I complained. My best friend is not exactly a featherweight, but she couldn’t care less, she says life’s not worth living if you starve yourself willingly. Her motto is ‘better have Nutella today than resembling a toothpick tomorrow’. She’s actually not as “fat” as some ice-holes call her, she’s curvaceous. Well, more than a little curvaceous, but she’s okay with it.

When she finally got off of me, I coughed, pretending she’d just crushed my poor lungs, and we stood up. When a junior passed by and yelled “fat-a…” at her, I turned to glare at him, yelling back: "Shut up, you Monkey-Flunker!"

To which Angie obviously laughed while the guy looked at me funny. "Jeez, Anna, just cuss for once!" Angie exclaimed among guffaws, gaining a dirty look from me, who was straightening my uniform, which consists of pleated black and blue skirt that reached my knees (thankfully), a bubble blue shirt, navy blue cotton sweater vest, black silk bowtie, long black socks, the only thing we can pick is shoes, but they ought to have black and/or blue, those being the school’s colors. In truth, they all tend to adjust the uniform to their own likes, but never too much, the school’s pretty strict in that. As in everything actually.

Now, Angie’s always made fun of me for this habit I have of never using curse words. I can be very creative in order not to use dirty words, you know. I think it’s because mom got me used to always having a rinsed mouth, her not really liking to swear either, in fact she scolds dad a lot for that, and when I was a child I used to laugh every time he withdrew his words when he was halfway through cussing and mom sent him a glare, which happened every time he’d curse in front of me or then Marco.

I just don’t like swearing and because Angie doesn’t have a problem with using such words so much, many times I have to cover my ears because of the too vulgar language that comes out of her mouth. Lucky thing Noah isn’t much of a cuss-lover either. Our moms are pretty similar in that.

Anyways, the guy I’d yelled at walked away shaking his head and Angie quit laughing, but only to hug me again, squeezing my small frame in her curvaceous one. "Gosh, I’ve missed you so much, Anna!"

I don’t even know why she calls me that, I mean, she says it’s the short for Arianna, but I suspect it’s only because at first, when we met, she’d got my name wrong and because she’s wrongly called me Anna for a few weeks, it just stuck in her mind and she won’t change it.

Though she also says that my name is abbreviated only in either that or Arya, and … well, she knows I love that nickname only when someone in particular uses it  … okay, I love it when Noah calls me Arya, is that wrong? It’s just the sound of his voice and his lips barely touching each other as he says it … gosh, those lips have been my dream since sooo long! And he doesn’t even realize!

Smiling at Angie, I patted her back as I admitted I’d missed her too. She’s actually Canadian, the French side, she’s from Quebec, but moved to New York specifically to attend this high class school, so we met two years ago, both being freshmen, and clicked instantly.

Actually, she was what granted me a less troubled year, seeing as I had her by my side at least. Even though, every time I got out of school I could find Noah waiting for me. He’d always rush out of his to catch the subway and get here in time every day. Because, he said, he didn’t want me to feel lonely for even only one minute more than due. My fault that I complained with him that I felt lonely because I didn’t have him with me.

We talked about him maybe pitching the idea to his parents to move to my school, but … it’s a little too expensive even while they’re wealthy too, not to mention that it’s so far from their home and, actually, it’s not like it is that easy to enter this school (unless your family's really wealthy,of course).

I’d thought about asking dad if maybe he could do something about it, but then I reflected that it wouldn’t be nice in regards to the Rivers, so I avoided. I could see Noah every afternoon anyway, we’d study and then hang out together. When Angie joined, at first they didn’t really get along, her saying he was an arrogant … I won’t repeat what, and him saying she was snob and annoying, but in the end they solved their issues, mostly because I asked them too, but they did. They still bicker a lot, but in the end they get along.

I also have other friends here, but Angie is the closest one, of course. And, talking about other friends, we met up with them as we joined them to homeroom, which this time coincided with the yearly welcome of the principal, so that first period would be skipped, and we all cheered of that, honestly.

I sat in one of the rows in the middle with Angie, Rita, Joe, Ashley and Madison, though this last one was busy chatting with her boyfriend, Leroy. Rita and Joe are non-identical twins, Italian (though they were born here), so with them I can always show off my knowledge of the language, while Madison and Ashley are both from New York like me, but I’ve only met them after Angie introduced them to me.

I see them all mostly at school, seeing as I normally hang out with Noah and/or Angie, but sometimes we girls have a sleepover, and this one was one of the cases: "Hey, guys, how about you all come over tonight?" Rita suggested, beaming at all of us as the other students filled the auditorium. Because their parents are the less present of our group,we often have these sort of things,because at their place we can have all the privacy we want. Practically,their parents get home every two weeks and alternatively,so they mostly live with their nanny,who's pretty cool actually.

Joe's eyes instantly set on Ashley as his sister asked that and clearly, he was hoping for a yes from her part, which she didn’t hesitate to give. They’re both smitten, just too proud to admit it. They say they’ve been friends for too long, well, Ashley says that, but we all know she’s actually madly jealous of every single girl that approaches him, just as much as he’d gladly punch every guy that flirts with her.

They’ve known each other since elementary school, they say, so what? We echo. Gosh, I’ve known Noah since we were in diapers and yet I’m not afraid of admitting what I feel for him, is it that hard? Well, I’m not afraid of admitting to anyone but him. He’s such a dummy, I’m sure he wouldn’t even take me seriously. And … I’m sort of … scared he’d friendzone me, yes. After all, what does tell me that he feels the same? I know he cares, but just that?

Anyway, we all agreed but said we ought to ask our parents first, especially I … mom’s not that much restrictive, but dad … I think he often forgets I’m no more a child. Then again, he did the same with Sophia. When she started dating he went all frightening father and scared off her first boyfriend. She didn’t talk to him for a whole week and only mom’s mediation helped.

Dad doesn’t know I’m dating, well, about to start dating, Troy, mom does, but I’ve made her promise she won’t tell, otherwise he’ll do the same as he did for Sophia. Not that I’d care if Troy fled, I’ve only accepted to go out with him to get a reaction out of Noah, but still.

As the principal started speaking, we, as much as the rest of the school party, even some teachers, barely paid attention to him, we just quietly chatted about our holidays, me listening to Rita telling me about her trip to Rome and everything. Seriously, I go to Italy almost every year and yet I can never get enough of it.

Ashley was busy chatting away with Joe, whose blue eyes, I’d dare say, shone as he looked into her browns, Madison was busy – ew – making out with her boyfriend, Angie was half listening to Rita, half typing away on her phone, I bet chatting with this mysterious boy she’s met during summer.

It was then that I felt a light tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see a smirking Troy sitting beside me. I was barely able to hide my sigh. Gosh, this guy’s so self-centered, so arrogant and so annoying! He’s been bugging me since day one, saying we’d make a perfect couple.

I bet he’s only after a good match. As in financial good match. His father is my dad’s direct competition, something tells me it’s one reason why Troy’s so adamant on being with me. Aside from his being a conceited ice-hole that’s already bedded almost all the girls in school, that is. Aside from Angie and Madison, he’s been with the ones of my group too, yes. In fact that’s why, as soon as he spotted him, Joe glared at Troy, knowing he’s been with Ashley just last year at a party I obviously didn’t attend. Gosh, the guy has bedded both his sister and the girl of his dreams, can you blame Joe for hating Troy’s guts?

"Hello, hottie. How you doing?" Troy asked as he leaned in, which had me force myself to retain a groan out of frustration. Troy is what you’d call the cliché popular guy that’s so handsome and wanted by every single girl, he’s one year ahead of me, him being a senior, but for some reason he’s been being adamant on dating me since my freshman year. Like I said, it surely has to do with my dad being who he is.

This school’s full with very rich people, we’re all children to very important businessmen or women, but … well, the name Grant is fairly famous, can’t deny it, which is normal, I guess, with my dad being practically a god in his environment. He’s often interviewed and more than a few times he’s been on magazine covers, one of which, mom showed me, it was about the most suitable bachelors in New York, a contest that dad won easily.

I can’t deny I do know my dad is a very handsome man. I’ve got even my teachers ogling him those few times he can come to the meetings (while normally it’s just mom), and believe me, it’s hilarious to see how they try to nonchalantly flirt with him, also because they know who and how rich he is, even more hilarious is when at those meetings there’s mom too and you see some teachers batting their eyelashes at dad while mom’s there mentally stabbing them to death because they ignore her to flirt with him. It happens a lot, and mom told me it’s always been like this, since they started dating, there was always someone ogling him.

The funny thing is that Noah’s dad is the same. I remember once that it was him to come pick us up at school when we were kids and … my, you should have seen all those moms and teachers staring at him as if he was some kind of rock star. No wonder Noah’s so dang hot. If he’s taken so much after his father, it’s obvious that my Noah too is so drop dead gorgeous. And trust me, I have had a hard time glaring at girls that batted their eyelashes at him.

That’s also something that makes me hate our being in different schools even more, because I can just imagine those skinny girls swarming around him, flirting … ughhhh! There’s this friend of his in particular, Shonda. What kind of name is Shonda even? And she’s really beautiful, always has her slender hands on my Noah and I hate that.

He keeps saying she’s only a friend just as much as I am, but I know for sure she’s got her eye on him since day one. And I hate that she gets to see him every morning while I don’t. And now it’s even worse because we don’t talk, so I can already imagine that beeotch hogging him all the time. If only he wasn’t such a flippin dummy!

"Hi, Troy." I greeted, seeing to make it clear to him that I was irked already, but he didn’t catch the hint, because he leaned in closer, smirking, seeking my lips, which had me move back, getting closer to Angie, who flinched, taking her eyes off her phone and glared at Troy, barking: "Leave her the hell alone, Richards!"

To which he smirked. "Why? Ari wants me here, doesn’t she?"

"No, she doesn’t! Now get the fuck out before I lose it!"

Troy only got closer and I sighed. "It’s okay, Angie. I … I said I’d go out with him. That’s why he’s here." My best friend gasped, pretty loudly even, so that some heads turned to us, but I tried not to bother. "That’s why, right, Troy?"

He grinned mischievously, nodding and, to my displeasure, grabbing my hand. "Yes, babe." Ew. He kissed my hand. "I’m here to tell you I’m picking you up at six. Don’t be late."

I frowned. "Six? Today? Wasn’t it Saturday? It’s freaking Monday."

"I’m leaving on Wednesday with my dad, babe, so we gotta anticipate."

"But I’m having a sleepover with my friends tonight!" I complained. I don’t even know why was I explaining my reasons to him. I don’t like him. He makes me sick to my gut. But … Noah hates him for being the conceited grass he is, so I thought maybe dating him would stick some common sense in my best friend’s head, but no, he’s always the same.

Troy smirked, coming closer, so close that he could whisper in my ear: "Shall I remind you the terms of our deal,babe?"

Right, the deal. Gosh, why did I even accept? Sighing, I turned to my friends. "Uh … sorry, guys, I’m going out with Troy tonight, so no sleepover for me."

They all complained, so loud that the principal cut off his speech to reproach our row and they silenced, all except for Angie, who whisper-hissed: "Why the hell do you go out with this ass?! Does Noah know about this?"

Gosh, I need to rinse my ears every time after I’ve seen Angie. Sighing, I admitted: "Yes, Noah knows."


"And … nothing."

She gasped, overdramatically bringing a hand to her heart. "And he says nothing?! That prick!"

"Angie …"

"No! Why doesn’t he say anything?! He may at least …"

I tuned her out, tears already prickling behind my eyes as my heart started aching. Why doesn’t he say anything. Because he couldn’t care less if I date. I’m just a friend. That’s why.

Angie went on with her babbling, involving even the others, Rita especially, till I just whisper-yelled: "Because he doesn’t give a freaking shat about me, okay?! That’s why!" I then leaped to my feet, not caring about the eyes of the people of the nearby rows neither of my friends and less than less of Troy’s smirk. I just dashed out of the auditorium, trying hard to hold back till I was in the safety of the restroom. There, I let tears go.

Why doesn’t he see it? Is it really that hard? I am in love with Noah. How can he be so blind? Or maybe he just doesn’t care. I’m only a friend. Nothing more than that. A friend. I bet he’s got all those skinny toothpicks swarming around him, of course he doesn’t even consider me. I’m only that silly girl he’s grown up with, nothing more than that.

Biting my lips to stop crying, I reached for my phone in my pocket and dialed the number.

"Arianna? What’s wrong?"

I sighed. "Mom … can you pick me up? I wanna go home …" I whined,sniffling.

"Sweetie, school’s barely started. What happened?"

"I just wanna go home. Please …"

She sighed. Almost certainly, she’s barely dropped Marco off at his school and she’s just reached her office. "It’s your first day, I can’t –"

"Please …"

One more sigh. "Okay, sweetie. I’m calling school to come pick you up." I half smiled. "But … sweetie, maybe … dad shouldn’t know about this, okay?" I nodded, then confirmed vocally. Of course he can’t know, he’d worry, knowing him, he’d raise He-double-hockey-sticks.

In the end mom said she’d pick me up in twenty minutes, seeing as she was still at Marco’s school, so not too far. I settled for spending those twenty minutes sitting in the bathroom, trying hard to quit crying.

He promised he’d catch every single one of my tears. Noah promised he’d never let me be miserable. And now here I am, in a bathroom, crying my heart out for him. Why does he have to be such a dummy?


*************************** it is,the first chapter! It was merely an introduction to the characters,a kick off,so to say.

Now, I'd like this story to be more interactive,so...questions for you:

- What should the title be?

- What's Arianna's deal with Troy?

- Will she go on the date?

- How will Noah react?

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