The Girl With Beige Granny Panties

The Girl With Beige Granny Panties The Girl With Beige Granny Panties

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


A short story about a man who meets a strange woman on the subway.


A short story about a man who meets a strange woman on the subway.


Submitted: May 04, 2012

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Submitted: May 04, 2012



In my early twenties I used to date and sleep with girls to get things. Stuff like clothes, the latest CDs, cell phone bills paid, car payments paid and sometimes even school tuition paid. At first I didn'tmind so much, I mean what man wouldn't want to get free stuff for having sex when that's all men want to do at that age anyway? As I matured though, that selfish lifestyle started to take it's toll on my conscience and I felt like nothing but a whore who manipulated women to survive.When I turned 30 I decided that my life needed a serious change. So I packed up my things and moved to the East Coast. I would use this opportunity to focus on my career and finally not use sex as a way to get things from women.When I got to New York, I got a job fairly quickly and started to take my career in web design seriously. After a few years I noticed that now I couldn't keep a woman, the job demanded too much of me, mentally and emotionally. I couldn't balance the responsibilities of being a decent man and a great web designer at the same time.Corporate design work continuously sucked the artistic soul out of me and I repeatedly foundmyself working late. I used the office after-hours to work on personal projects that were more self-expressive than what my job demanded.

Around 7pm one Friday night I realized that I had lost track of time working on a design themed around music. I left the office before the sun went down and made my usual 8-block walk to the subway station on 58th street. Since it was summertime, I slowed my stride and appreciated the beauty of women in sundresses even though the humidity was almost unbearable. When I finally reached the subway it was only a good 5 minutes before the N train showed up.The train was somewhat empty and as the doors slid open, I found a seat across a pale skinned brunette wearing a black shawl over her chest and shoulders. I thought it was strange that she was wearing a shawl when I was sweating but figured she had been sitting in the air-conditioned subway train for a while before I got there. Her hair was tied back but it looked like she had done it quicklyby the stray strands that fell haphazardly down her face. Her legs were crossed and she wore short 2-inch open-toed slip-on heels. Her black polka-dot skirt rose to the middle of her thigh and as I sat down, I could feel her eyes sizing me up, making a detailed analysis of my style, look and mannerisms. Stop after stop the passengers began to empty the train car. I pulled out a book of Dostoevsky and started to read when the doors slid open for the next stop. I glanced up and noticed that the girl across from me had removed her shawl and revealed a low cut black spaghetti strap tank top. As I looked over at her, my eyes made their way up to her face and I noticed that she was watching me observe her form. We made eye contact for a brief moment and she gave a hint of a smile before looking away.After a few more stops the train came to a halt and the announcer's voice came over the speaker, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are being delayed due to train traffic ahead of us. Please be patient, we will proceed momentarily."

I looked left and right and noticed that everyone had left the train car except the girl in black and me. I scanned the empty car and as I glanced over at her, she uncrossed her legs and purposefully held them open just long enough for me to see her beige panties.Feeling like a dirt-bag, I immediately looked away but thought what young sexy woman wears beige panties nowadays? Shemust not get much action or she definitely isn't expecting any. As I finished my thought she got up, walked over, stood in front of me and began looking at the subway map on the wall behind me. She got awkwardly close and as she bent down to take a closer look at the map, her breasts fell just inches from my forehead. So close that I could smell her perfume and feel the warmth of her body. I leaned back, closed Dostoevsky and slid over to the side to give her more space.

Immediately after I moved, she turned around, sat right next to me and said, "Excuse me, do you know which stop this is?"

I looked outside the window at the large sign that read "Astoria Boulevard” and replied, "This is Astoria Boulevard, and the next stop is Ditmars, the last one on this line."

"Oh" she said, "how long do you think the train will be stopped here?"

"Not long, 5 minutes at most." I replied.

"Well it looks like we have a few minutes alone then." she said giggling, "My name's Jessica."

"I'm Arsi. So What brings you out to Queens Miss Jessica?"

"Well actually," she said blushing, "I got a 2 for 1 deal at this really good Greek seafood restaurant on Ditmars fromLively Social."

"Oh yea?Seafood Madnesshuh? That spot is right down the street from my place and the food is great, though there's usually a pretty long wait to sit. You gotta give it up to them though cause they give you glasses of wine while you wait." She leaned in closer to me as I finished my sentence and noticed her eyes begin to widen as I spoke about the restaurant she was referring to. I thought there was something definitely off with this girl from the moment I saw her by her strange behavior and overtly sexual body language but I allowed it all to slide since she was pretty damn cute.

Then in a strange but somehow endearing way she asked, "This is gonna sound weird and desperate but do you have any plans tonight?"

"Well it's been a long day at work and I was planning on going home and doing some writing while I sipped on some whiskey and try to drown the madness of the world from my mind."

She let out a louder than usual laugh and said, "Oh you're a writer? How cool."

"It would be but I’m not really a writer, I'm a designer but writing helps me stay creative."

"That’s cool." she replied, "So Mr. Arsi, mister I’m not a writer but I’m gonna go home and write, what do you say we stop bySeafood Madnessand see how long the wait is? Then if it’s longer than 20 minutes, we head to your place for a few drinks of that whiskey while we wait?" She must have picked up on my shocked facial expression since she immediately followed up with "I promise, I don't bite."

Then I replied, "You know every woman that's said that to me has bitten me in some form or another."

She laughed again then said, "So what do you say Arsi? I've been dying to try this restaurant and I don't like eating dinner by myself, especially on a Friday night."

"But this is New York girl," I said to her, "everyone eats alone here. Millions of people in this damned city but it still manages to be one of the loneliest places on earth."

She tilts her head and closes in on my neck like she's about to kiss it and whispers "Well you don't have to be alone tonight."

"Wow," I replied while flashes of her beige panties invaded my thoughts, "I don’t even know why I'm considering this but what the fuck, who cares, why not."

A huge smile leaps across her face as she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a tight hug. "You won't regret it Arsi." she said.

Another thing I've heard so many times that has always come back to bite me in the ass. I hug her back and notice a sinister glint in her eye as I pull away. "WellSeafood Madnessain't famous for nothing." I reply back.

I notice her face look a little confused as if I didn't understand the real meaning behind her words but I felt this was a perfect time to deflect the awkwardness of her sexual aggression. Suddenly the train began to move and my mind went blank. I started asking myself what the heck just happened? Did I just agree to take this chick to my place and have dinner with her? I bet she’s got a bush like the Vietnam jungle under those granny panties. Man, Sometimes I amaze myself at just how crazy my life is.

Noticing the awkward silence and that I was deeply introverted in my own thoughts, she pulled out her phone and pretended to press the buttons on it. Then she casually asked, "So you mentioned you're a designer. What kind of designer? Like fashion or like graphics?"

"Graphics." I replied, "Well actually web design. I make things pretty so people click on them."

She laughs and I ask, "And what about you? What does a pretty thing like you do for a living?"

I noticed her blush as she leaned towards me and put her arm around my neck. "I'm in finance. I travel and work a lot so it's difficult for me to be stable."

So the truth comes out. She's a goal-oriented talker and I never had a chance. She knew the moment I walked in that I'd be taking her to dinner. She knew that if she showed a little skin and a hint of interest I’d fuck her in a heartbeat. Men are so damn predictable and she definitely knew how to work the system. She probably makes more than I do in a month by doing this type of shit to other guys. Hey, if I played my cards right I could get some decent ass, a free meal, and never see her again. I've got to play it cool though in case she's a stalker cause she'll know where I live.

"Personally, I prefer that type of a lifestyle." I replied, "At least you get to travel and see the beauty of other places. The most traveling I do at work is from my cubicle to the bathroom."

She laughed unusually loud again and said, "Oh don't get me wrong, in the beginning it's great but the constant airports and hotels take a toll on you."

Then suddenly the announcer came across the speaker again, "The next stop is Ditmars Boulevard. This is the last stop on the train. Everyone please exit the train."

As we walked off the platform and towards the restaurant, she told me that she had just returned from Seattle after being there for 2 months helping a client with his investments. Her company paid for a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Soho but she only got to live there 4 months out of the year if she was lucky. As we walked side-by-side I noticed that she would repeatedly walk really fast then slow down when she realized that she was leaving me behind. A classic trait of someone impatient and not used to seeing the little details that go on around them.

When we arrived atSeafood Madness, there were at least 8 parties ahead of us. I walked up to the hostess and asked how long the wait would be. She said that because of the recentLively Social deal, they were busier than usual and the wait would be close to an hour. Plenty of time to stop by the store for some extra beers and condoms, get liquored up, sexed up, then head to the restaurant.

"How far do you live from here?" Jessica asked.

"Only about 4 blocks or so. Do you mind if we stop by the store for some beers?" I replied.

"No that's fine. I'm all yours for about an hour." she said laughingly.

"Then we'd better hurry." I said as I grabbed her hand "an hour isn't nearly enough time to work up a decent appetite."

When we got to my apartment, I remembered that I had forgotten to clear the empty bottles of beer and whiskey off the coffee table. Instead of trying to fumble around desperately cleaning to impress her I admitted that my roommate was out of the country and I let the place go to shit. She didn't even take a second glance but instead headed for the only door slightly cracked open.

"So is that your room?" she said as she looked back at me with that same sinister smile as earlier.

"Yeah, why don't you make yourself comfortable while I pour us some drinks."

She mumbled something out loud as she looked around my room. I rinsed out some glasses and poured 2 hefty shots of whiskey and grabbed 2 beers. When I pushed open the door, I found her under my covers with her bare leg exposed up to her waist. I almost dropped the glasses and beers right then and there.

"Holy shit" I said, "you don't waste any time do you?"

"Well," she responded "we've only got an hour and you and I both know why you really brought me up here."

I downed my shot of whiskey, handed her the other glass, and watched her sip it as she held the covers over her chest. I put the bottles down on my desk, took my shirt and pants off and as I lowered myself on top of her, she pushed away the covers and pulled me against her naked body. Her skin smelled like expensive perfume. It was soft like someone who had never done anything physically challenging but there was not one inch of excess fat anywhere on her. Not even that sexy little stomach bulge women who weren't afraid to eat things other than salad had. We kissed for a few short moments then she pushed me on my back and went down on me. I looked up to my ceiling and thought, "Shit man, Fridays can't get much better than this."

As soon as my dick was hard she hopped on top of me. She rode me like I wasn’t even fucking there. I even sneaked in a few sips of beer while she tried to make herself cum. After a few minutes, our bodies started to move in rhythm and I could tell that she was on her way. I grabbed her hips and helped her along, periodically leaning up to taste her round perky nipples. Each time I would lean up, she would push me back down and I would smell her perfume as her breasts would surround my face. She would ride me like that for a few minutes while moaning in my ear then she would sit back and I would be so deep inside of her that I could feel her pelvic bone against mine. After a few minutes she began to rub her clit against me uncontrollably and I knew she was seconds away from cumming. Then suddenly she screamed, fell on top of me and held me tightly. I grabbed her and held her close as I felt her body twitching and her pussy muscles squeeze my cock. The shaking and twitching slowly subsided and as she looked up at me, she glanced at the clock on my wall and said "you've got 15 minutes to cum. Come on and fuck me baby!"

You don't have to tell me twice. I grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over on her back. I took both hands, clenched the hair at the back of her head and fucked her like a rabid animal. She moaned in excitement and wrapped her legs around me. I reached under her and grabbed her ass with both hands while I fucked her. Then just as quickly as it started, it was all over. I rolled off of her, grabbed a beer and handed her the other one. She glanced up at the clock again and said, "Perfect. Right on time."

We kissed and played with each other while we got dressed. She hadn’t really touched her whiskey so I grabbed it and gulped it down as we walked out the front door. We held hands all the way to Seafood Madnessand I remember wondering if holding hands was typical protocol when you've just had sex with somebody. I shrugged off the thought as the hostess recognized me and immediately sat us. I ordered the 2nd most expensive dish on the menu, an appetizer and a bottle of $40 white wine. Like one would expect from someone in finance, she ordered the most expensive dish and another appetizer. We gazed at each other while we waited for the food. For some strange reason, having sex makes awkward silences not so awkward. Finally I asked, "So how long are you in New York for?"

She motioned to the waiter then replied, "I leave for Frisco tomorrow night but hey, do you mind if we take this to go? I'm really tired and I've got a bunch of things to do before my flight tomorrow."

"No not at all." I replied, "Honestly, I was ready to pass out back at my place."

"Great! And hey, don't worry about the bill, I'm just gonna expense it. I'll write this off as a business dinner."

As the waiter dropped off the bags of food and Jessica signed for the check I couldn’t help but feel like I had fallen back into my old habit of whoring myself out like a high class hooker. Yet again I had sold my cock for a free meal just because some woman showed a hint of leg and wore sweet smelling perfume. As strange as it sounds though, I actually felt completely OK with that, even happy about it. We kissed each other one last time before she walked towards the subway and I walked back to my apartment. When I turned the key to my apartment door I felt a large smile beam across my face and I began to laugh as I thought to myself, "old habits are definitely hard to break, but hey, she paid for my meal, fucked my brains out and I didn't even have to get her number or even walk her to the subway. Ah yes, a perfect Friday night and yet another chapter in my crazy life."

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