A Great Show

A Great Show A Great Show

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


A story of cheap voyeurism on a lazy, drunken, Sunday afternoon.


A story of cheap voyeurism on a lazy, drunken, Sunday afternoon.


Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



It was a Sunday afternoon

I was watching television and drinking beer

when I heard the sound of crunching gravel from my window

I leaned over the arm of my black leather chair

and peered stealthily out ofthe window behind me, gazing down

I felt the muscles in my stomach stretch painfully

As I saw my neighbour down below bent over and pulling weeds from the gravel in her front yard

''she looks OK from a distance'' I thought

I remember she came to the door one time a while back

she was telling me abouthow her cat had had a leg amputated

she didn’t look good up close

she was in her mid forties, had fairly short and unattractive hair and had clearly been a heavy smoker from a young age

I held the mail in my hand that id just pulled from thefront dooras she spoke

and glanced at her and then at the mail.

I said I’d keep an eye out for her cat.

And she thanked me and smiled as she walked away

her teeth were pretty bad

But she looked pretty good now from up here

I can honestly say I’d never thought about her in that way before

I'd thought about her teenage daughters many many times

but always overlooked the mother

but now she seemed alluring to me

''she's got a good body'' I thought

''great tits''

and as she bent over to pull up the weeds

her breasts spilled magnificently out from her black low cut top

I reached down into my shorts and began pleasuring myself

it was great and I was too drunk to feel bad

those weeds were real bastards

they just wouldn't come up and the show went on and on for many minutes.

As she edged closer to the low wooden fence that seperated our front yards

more and more of that beautiful blacknothingness that was her cleavage became visible

at one point she spun around and tried pulling the weeds from the other direction

her ass and those tight fitting stretched denim shorts looked great too and I imagined taking her from behind

before long she turned again and I got to see those beautiful milky white tits just dangling down there

it went on and on and on

eventually I came and it was excellent.

It was the best I'd had in a long time.

I slumped back down into the cool leather seat as my aching wrenched side began to relax

She had unknowingly put on a great show for me and I'd always be thankful to her for that

That was last year and I heard recently that they've moved out of there now

couldn't keep the payments up on the mortgage they say

I don't live there anymore either

but i'm still a little disappointed that they had to leave

Although I still think about the daughters from time to time.

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