From Meditation To Sex

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This one is less straightforward, but comes with a lovely reading attached. If you want to hear the rest of the episode or are interested in hypnotic meditation into sex in general, I can put you in touch with the person who commissioned the piece upon request.

Today, I want to take you deeper into our meditation. I want to peer into your aura and watch your chakras bloom when I take your orgasm. Find your quiet seat in the early morning or the late night when your surroundings are still but your mind is not yet tired.

I want to feel you climax physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I want to stroke you in places you did not even know existed. First, you need to relax. Listen to my voice, and submit to it. Let each syllable sooth you and steal the tension in your muscles.

Make sure you are perfectly comfortable. Remove as much clothing as possible without adding any discomfort. I want you to take two deep, cleansing breaths. Count to five with each exhale and inhale. Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself in an endless white room. You are carefree, in a place of solace. There is nothing here to distract you. You float in a seating position, but rest on nothing. All that exists is your suspended spirit and my voice. Still your mind and focus.

Now, encase yourself in a golden sphere. Inside this bubble of gold is an equidistant cross that meets at your core. Take this symbol and bring it with you to the top of your head. Feel the tensity in your scalp erase as the symbol touches a light there which brightens. Feel your crown chakra unravel like the blooming lotus flower.

You feel your mind open and you draw the symbol down to meet between your eyebrows. Notice the pressure that was in your brow is leaving you. Stress is leaving you. A second light shows through here, as your third eye opens.

Journey down to your neck. Feel a third light show as everything above your shoulders is free of strain. Only one pain lingers, the mark I left on your neck last. Remember the teeth. Remember one rock of my hips with your cock plunged so deep inside of me. Then let it fade away like the whisper of a spirit.

Lower we go, until the symbol meets your heart. The illumination carries from across your collarbones to your shoulders and down your arms. Take a moment on each part, each muscle. Feel the stress you use to carry there, notice it drain away at the light washes over you. You breath deep; your shoulders, your quadriceps calm. You breath deep; your biceps, triceps calm. You breath deep; your forearms calm. You breath deep; the light carries over your wrists and your palms as they calm. You breath deep; your digits stretch then calm.

Further we go until we stop at your solar plexus. Flex here, push with your inhalation. Breath deeper. Slowly flex less until you are at peace here. A gleam shows here and we adventure on.

Midway between the navel and the base of the spine, we have what is referred to as the ‘seat of the soul’. We also have a nice, yummy cock here. I will definitely have to return to this part. Settle your lust just for a moment. Breath, and let the light come.

The last chakra we will touch is at the very tip of the spine. Relax your gluteals and sink into the seat a little more. Let the relaxation carry all the way down now. Feel your thighs, tell them to relax. Feel your calves, tell them to relax. Your ankles relax. The soles of your feet relax. Your toes wiggle then relax.

Disrobe completely now, if you have not already. Bask in your own personal light for a minute. Let the symbol that journeyed with you returned to its full size and surround you, with the junction of the equidistant cross at your core again.

I am here with you now. Inside your golden sphere. My nude form brushed up against yours. Warm me with your light, and feel the warmth of mine. Acknowledge each of our chakras, one by one. Your crown and mine. Your brow and mine. Your throat and mine. Your heart and mine. Your solar plexus and mine. The seat of your soul and mine. The base of your spine and mine.

I brought you tranquility, now let me bring you pleasure.

I slide onto your lap, brushing my nipples against your chest as I lean in towards your ear. I flick your earlobe then take it into my mouth, giving it a wet suck then releasing. I nibble up your ear then let loose a playful growl into it.

I run my tongue over the hickey I left on your neck. I clamp down on it, and suckle hungrily to renew it. I never want it to leave. You are mine. I desire to see a mark that shows it prominently.

I kiss each of your nipples then focus on one; licking, nibbling, and plucking it with my lips.

My head tilts down. I look up at you and bite my bottom lip. My face flushes and I curl my fingers around your dick.

The feel of you swelling in my hand makes me so wet. I am practically dripping with anticipation for you. I sit up; bringing my breasts closer to your face, teasing for your mouth. My tits need your kisses, your tongue, and your teeth. I need you to feel what you do to me. I rub the tip of your dick up and down my wet slit, flicking my clit with it. It makes little noises leap out of me. Tell me how you get off on my little noises.

I tease my hole with you, then slip just the head of your cock inside of me. It calls a happy sigh out of me. I raise my arms over my head, playing with my hair as I dance my hips in a figure eight. I feel so sexy putting on a show for you. Teasing each other with just a little of you inside makes me so hot. Just the thought of my juices glistening down your cock gets me off.

I drop my hips down a little and back, teasing at taking more of you inside. I drop a couple inches down your length then return, over and over, mercilessly.

I then glide my pussy down your throbbing member at an achingly slow pace. Once I take you to the hilt, I arch my hips to feel you stretch me at a different angle and slide back until I just have the tip again.

I tease with the drop of my hips again then slam down and it forces all the air out of my lungs in a lascivious cry. This is the pace I want. I want to tease you and leave you guessing when it will come, then spear you into me as hard as I can. It hurts so good. I take your hands and place them on my ass. I want you to squeeze me, and pull me down harder.

I batter my pussy with your manhood until I am close. So deliciously close. Then smash you deep like I want you to break me. I scream in ecstasy and begin rocking my hips hard on you, stirring my insides as I climax. You feel so fucking good.

I hook my arm around your neck for balance as I lean back, toying with my clit with my free hand. Look at me. Look at what you do to me. Feel how sloppy you make my box. Even your balls are wet with me.

As I rub faster, my hips move with a mind of their own. I stare you in the eye and bite down hard on my lower lip.

The next orgasm catches me by surprise and I clutch your body tightly, bringing my cries to your ear. My drenched cunny just will not stop spasming. It clenches you repeatedly, desperately wanting to milk to cum out of your cock.

I start chanting in your ear; give it to me, cum in me, I need to feel it, I need to feel you, please!

Your hands tight on my waist, you bring me down on your lance with insatiable need. I can not get enough of it. Feeling you translate the need to spill inside of me through your hands. Hearing every wet of bodies meeting.

When you ejaculate, you pin me down on you, and we cry out together in sweet delight.

Submitted: May 03, 2014

© Copyright 2021 AphoticAtrocitiesInc. All rights reserved.

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Alyson Williams

Holy drap! That was erotic!! Excellent writing. This should have gotten far more reads, likes and comments. I really look forward to more - which I think will garner you more readers - and keep me happy!! Thank you for sharing your talent.

Tue, May 13th, 2014 8:49pm

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