Feminam Daemonium

Feminam Daemonium Feminam Daemonium

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Just when he thinks all of his erotic dreams have come true, he gets the shock of his life. Or...his death.


Just when he thinks all of his erotic dreams have come true, he gets the shock of his life. Or...his death.


Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012






She was exquisite.

He stared, speechless. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, couldn’t comprehend how this flawless creature had come to be in his bed…staring at him with piercing grey eyes, beckoning to him with elegant, long fingered hands. He waited. He waited for the hallucination to fall away, for the sky to fall…for anything to indicate that this was not what it seemed. He squeezed his eyes shut. Then opened them.

She was there.


Her full lips parted and the tip of her pink tongue ran across her teeth. He held another breath.

She smiled and again raised her hand, asking wordlessly for him to come to her.

He swallowed hard and moved toward her. His legs felt like lead, his head heavy, his belly tight with desire…want…disbelief.

She raised to her knees and put both cool hands to his cheeks. Her breath was hot on his face. He ran his hands up her spine to muscled shoulders, feeling the silk of her honey hair brush his wrists. She kissed him, deep and wet. Her tongue danced with his, pushing and prodding and making him yet harder. He wanted that tongue played against him, but was loathe to end her kiss. She sucked his bottom lip into her mouth and bit. He groaned, feeling blood squeeze to the surface. She kissed the wound and smiled. He tangled his hands into her hair and  pushed her to her back. She reached for him, wrapping her legs around his waist. He pressed into her, feeling heat and wetness mingled with the cool alabaster of her smooth skin. He buried his face in her neck and breathed deep the scent of her. She smelled of wind and sex. And heat…

Suddenly he was on his back. She hovered over him, hands splayed across his chest, straddling him, rocking back and forth, rubbing against him. He grabbed at her hips, tried to pull her onto him but she laughed and pulled away. She licked and teased his chest, his belly, his legs. His hands balled into fists as she obviously avoided his hard, throbbing shaft.

“Patience,” she whispered, sliding up the length of his body to capture his mouth again. He kissed her hard, begging her silently to take him into her sweet mouth. She smiled and slid downward.

Her mouth was fire on his cock.

Then ice.

He felt the tension build, struggled to maintain control, fought the urge to spurt into her mouth. He wanted, needed, had to be inside of her. He would die if he didn’t.

She licked and teased, bit and sucked…took all of him in and then none of him. He thrashed, sweating, dying and living and knowing this was all consuming.

She rolled off of him and pulled at him, legs spread, hands on her body, smiling that sweet, knowing smile. He roared at her, pinning her wrists in his hand, spreading her wider with his knee.

“Take it,” she whispered.

It was all he needed. He drove into her and screamed.

He couldn’t move.

Her strong thighs wrapped around his waist and locked him inside of her. He thrust again and again, her scent steaming from her, musky and sweet. She clawed at him, drawing blood, making stars dance in front of him. The pain was sharp and the contrast made him harder. She did it again and again and he felt his blood sluice down his arms, mixing with his sweat. He pounded harder. He clutched her hips, slamming his cock into her, hearing her screech, feeling her need build. He rode her fast and hard, sucking air into his lungs and giving her more with every exhale. She came, spasming around him, tightening and releasing, making every thrust more unbearably intense.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. He smashed his hips into hers, driving his come deep into her. He was screaming, head thrown back, convulsing as he released again and again. It kept coming, shocking him. He couldn’t stop. His hands fastened on her hips and he felt faint. Still he came, life draining from him.

He forced his eyes open.

She was still smiling. But her beauty had begun to dull.

Her hands reached for him. Still inside of her, he leaned forward for her to touch him. She licked her lips. He blinked and she laughed, her tongue oddly pointed and sharp.

Panic rose in his gut.

Her hands splayed against his belly, fingers probing. He shuddered, the caress both pleasurable and foreboding.

He hardened again. She arched her hips and he began to thrust. He slowed this time, sliding in and out of her with sweet clarity. She groaned and threw her head back. Her hands lowered and she touched herself. She played and rubbed while he watched his cock slip inside of her and draw out, dripping with her wetness.

She laughed.


Pain, sharp and hot sliced through his groin as her hand split his skin.

Blood spurted onto her white skin.

He stared at her, open mouthed as he felt her hand grasp muscle, then intestine.

She pulled.

He couldn’t even scream.

Still inside of her, his entrails spilled onto thighs. She laughed.

He gurgled, feeling vomit rise into his throat.

His body betrayed him and he felt his cock spasm and he came again into her. Her hand entered the gaping wound, reaching deep. He heard a pop as she withdrew a vertebrae. She put it into her mouth and sucked on it. He fell forward. She pushed him off of her and rolled him onto his back.

She cackled as she stuffed his now flaccid member into herself. He was at the edge of consciousness now, could see the blackness forming at the edges of his vision. He saw his own blood streaking the sheets and could taste it as it worked its way into his throat.

Her hand jutted upward into the hole again and his breath left him as she drove a long nail into a lung. Blood dripped from his mouth. His eyes began to roll into his head.

He ebbed.

He barely felt her hand clutch his heart.



She licked her fingers as she finished tasting the sweet muscle. It was still warm as it slid down to her stomach.

She looked at him, blue and empty. She leaned forward and kissed him, working her tongue into his mouth. She straddled him again, her flesh sliding across the fluid that oozed from his lifeless body. She took his hand and slid his finger inside of her and worked it in and out. She kissed him again as she came and laid down atop him, his finger now turning cold inside of her. The sensation was sharp and she came again.


She slept.

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