Part One....First Chance

Part One....First Chance Part One....First Chance

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


God torn, single female angel, chaos upon Earth, sex, desires and hidden secrets


God torn, single female angel, chaos upon Earth, sex, desires and hidden secrets

Chapter1 (v.1) - Part One....First Chance

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God torn, single female angel, chaos upon Earth, sex, desires and hidden secrets

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 09, 2012



Part One: First Chance

Chapter One

Part One

The bombs had stopped somewhat, but was it really over, no one knew. The scientist, military and whoever else was behind all this destruction could not be for sure either. All hoped and prayed it was over. As the clouds of darkness lighted up some, the sky and air seem to holding something more in it now, but what? The children were fearful to go outside, the teenagers seem to want to hide or stay in too, no one with children could figure out what was going. The animals seem to howl all the time, pets seem to grew distant from adults, they were growling and snapping at them, if their masters came to close to them.

But a month later, all the birds fell from the sky dead upon buildings, roofs of houses and streets.

Another month passes by life when all the animals simply laid down and never got back up.

The lakes and river turn black and strange film of slime covered the top of the water, and then a three month later…….all the seas were the same.

It was getting worse.

Strange sounds……some people walking about the streets as if they were lost, they seem different. People stock up on food and water, they boarded up their windows and drilled bars on the doors and window, they moved thing around in the house, so families even place all appliances in their huge basements or attics, where there were no doors leading out or windows, the only way in and out became an iron bars with unbreakable glass, so whatever wanted it to harm their family… would not get in. Families took radio or television to the basement or attic, it was their way to make sure, they knew what was happening.

Some small towns and cities were lost from power or outside word, so they protected their families with fatal acts.

Those who had power…….turn on the television; they would bear witness to what was starting to happen to people.

The news flash…..on television

A lovely red headed, her long red hair was down around her oversized mountainous breasts, she wore lite make-up, but her haunting glistening blue eyes was more focus on the papers before her, she had work long hours, many sleepless night for the right story that would one day end up giving her the anchor chair, in the end, she did, now she was part of nightly news anchor team, she was sitting at the news desk with her two male co-reporters, she is wiping her hands with wet towels.

The sport man, who was dress in dark blue tailored suit fit for prince, he was too busy to care what was going with the woman sitting next to him or the anchor newsperson, his throat was dry, so he had grabbed a small cup of hot black coffee, he was turning up a cup of coffee, he was drinking it, but he must had drank it too fast, he begins to cough out of control. He drops his coffee cup on the new desk upon his papers about the local sports and weather.

The other man, who seem lost in thought, he was dressed in black suit, he leans over, his head dropped down as if he weeping his heart and soul out to his hidden fear what will happen to him and his family, who he has not heard or seen in three days, his fingers runs back and forth upon the spread papers, he softly moans out.

The man behind camera says, “Ten…..nine….eight……..six…..” The man flips on the camera; he is shocked to what he is seeing.

The man who had dropped the cup of coffee on the desk sees the dripping blood upon the other man’s papers; he watches his co-anchor fingers run through the blood like it was nothing. The sport man is not sure what to say or do, even if this is really happening here and now, he had heard rumors, but never actually seen it happen. He said, “Hey, are you okay?”

The other man says nothing, he just seem fascinated with his fingers moving about the dripping the blood from his eyes, nose and mouth.

The woman goes to touch his shoulder, she can’t believe this happening, she can’t believe she had went to his place last night and many other times, she hated herself now for being in love with him, even when she knew he had children and wife, but as she watched him change…..

She hated what she knew now about, he didn’t. She slowly rose from her chair, she stood there, she said, “Vance, are you okay?” She hated he didn’t seem to know his name or her voice, she prayed nothing bad would happen here and now, she had to think of her baby….his baby….their baby. She feared most….what if. What if their child within her was affected like its father was here and now, would she be changing next. She felt her heart shatter, she felt her soul weeping, but mostly she felt sick, so sick she threw up on the desk.

The sports man touch her, she smack his hand away, she said, “I am fine.”

Vance slowly rose his head up, he looks dead into the camera, he hears the woman heartbeat, her breath, he turns around, his eyes, nose and ears are bleeding, his hands where the blood veins are, seem to pulsated like beating heart, the skin begins to form sores, the sores upon….his hands, wrist and face.

The woman rise and backs into the blank screen behind her. She softly said, “Vance, please don’t hurt me….please darling, I am carrying our child.” She was not sure if he could understand her, but she need to him to not to harm her or their unborn child.

Vance rose out of his chair, he turns towards her, he smiles, and the blood runs down his ear onto his black suit jacket….out of nowhere….his hand runs up and down her breasts and belly, he leans into her belly, he moans. He rises up; he runs his tongue up and down her exposed breasts. She holds her breath in, she is trembling, and his other hand…..runs up between her legs.

“Please Vance…..please don’t hurt me or our baby.”

Vance rips her dress open, he sucks on her naked breast as his fingers moves between her legs, she moans, but she not dumb enough to move or fight, she figures let him do what he wants and when he moves away, she can run away fast. Vance grab her naked body, he pinned up on the desk, he rip off her white panties, he shriek like a demon as the men and women watched the horror was about to continue upon the naked newswoman. She was looking back into the darkness for someone to help her, she knew something was going happen to her and her unborn child, if no one helped her.

Vance shrieks again, his cock enters her, he thrust wildly into her like mad beast within her.

She weeps and weeps, but her nightmare is just begun, with each thrust, with lick and touch, she is being affected more by him.

Vance moves faster and faster within her, he moves off her, she lays there with the fluid from his sores upon her naked flesh, she jerking and moaning.

Vance sees the other man reaching out to help the naked woman on the desk, but he jerks back, he says, “Its okay, Vance… not at blame for raping Kari.” He slowly steps back; he looks at Vance, who is now focusing on him. He looks over at the people in the darkness, he says, “Do something! Help her ~ help me!”

There is no sound or movement in the darkness, all in shock or disbelief this is happening.

The sportsman screams as the Vance’s veins spur out like whips wrapping around the other man’s arms, slowly dragging him closer….


A woman in the darkness screams out, “Someone help him!.....for God sake….someone help him!!”

The crew and staff watches as the man is drag closer and closer, the man screams as the other man mouth bites into his throat. Two other men help Kari up, she is taken out of the studio, and she is taken to the hospital. Another camera runs over with bat, he swings like is in a baseball game. He draws back…..he swings…

The bat hits the back of the infected man head, the dull cracking sound echoes out in the studio, the other camera catches on camera, yet……the public sees it too, hears and bear witness to what has just happen in the news station.

The staff comes over to move the bodies.

The camera man says, “We are on air now.” He has no idea, he the mist of what was happening; he had switched the camera on….

The men help clean and set back up studio and news desk. There new people, one woman and two men sit down at the desk, they act as if nothing has happened, none of them knows…..

The new female newsperson sits staring at the camera lost to what just had happened, she can’t think, she can’t talk, and she just stares at the camera like fawn stun by a car headlight. The new sports man touches her arm, she looks at him, and she shakes her head. The other man says, “We have the following information for the infectious Control Center, here is the message.” The man sit there as calm as he could, he said……

Anyone feeling sick, weak or confused, please go see your doctor as soon as possible, if anyone has bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose and coughing up blood, please contact the Infection team immediately, the number is at the bottom of the message, if anyone has sores, or strange coloring or veins are pulsating, please stay clear of them. Those who are not sick, please confide yourself in safe place away from the infected.

Anyone with sores and veins or flesh draining with yellowish liquid please kill them upon sight.

The Biswine flu-P has now become highly dangerous for all elderly, adults, it has become clear, if the children are under the age of 13, and they are somewhat uncontaminated with the deadly and dangerous virus.

Warning signs…..




Veins up lifted out of skin

Bleeding of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.


Are dangerous, they hunt and kill, even some have become cannibals. Or much, much worst, so if you see changes, don’t wait, run and go for help, don’t try to help them.

The army begun to force marshal law upon all the lands, the virus was all over the world now, it was no longer contained.

Countries started pointed fingers are each other…..

Demands upon each other came.

Harsh and angry words flow between people in power, yet in USA, one woman was sitting back and laughing, she had created this…..but with help from bombs, it would get worst, yet she had the only cure, death for all them, even if it meant her death and her children death. She rose, she thought about it, why let her children die, when she and them could watch and boast in the after as the means of the way of them being a family again. She went into the lab; she worked on cure for it, so she and her children will be okay.

As the cure was being worked on……

The meetings were beginning, but no one seem to get along, countries which was once USA allies turned on USA, when USA tried and tried to make their allies see, this was not their doings….it just made matter worst. USA was accused, demands were made, when USA refused to listen and warned their allies if they turn on them, it would be act of war.

Countries that was once allies with USA, begun to fire their chemical and germ war bombs at USA, so it left USA no choice……

This was a time of terrible struggle upon life seemed to have every complication within the dark life moving about it, the endless struggle of food, water and safe shelter. The buildings, homes and churches were rumble or death trap waiting for victims. The streets, alleys and wherever else you thought you could walk, wander down or hide was more dangerous than the crumble buildings or other places. Those who didn’t find safe shelter became prey for those searching for food, we had step back, the dark plaque us made us hungry, we ate and hunted whatever breath, ran or accidental enter within our sight, reach or places they felt they would find help, safety and whatever needed to live a little bit more, but we had become our own worst enemy and nightmare. Children….were crying, a lot of them were being cared for other children, who ran and locked themselves away in the darkness of closets or sheds to keep those walking away half mad or sick with need to find something to eat. The word zombie (mankind was able to think, figure out and act upon need), not like what movies had lead mankind to think, see and know what was happening now did not fit the movies version of what a zombie was, since the adults were not feasting on life like horror of movies of zombie was, would and did, it was much more….

The bleeding eyes, ears and nose, coughing up blood and whatever else, the flesh covered with sores, the vile seeping from the open wounds and veins becoming something to use to hold and pull, entangled their prey, so they could do whatever they wanted to them, men were killed, unless they were ones already infected, women become vessels for spawns…..spawns that became the next step of darkness and danger for those who had found safety and secure place to wait out the nightmare.

Before parents were affected, they warned their older children to hide, run and never allow anyone to touch, see, hear and find them…..the older children became the protectors of the younger children. The children were afraid of their parents, aunts and whoever else came within reach of them.

The building, churches and homes, even the streets filled with screams.

The madness and sickness was changing daily, it was dark time and death waiting everywhere. Our mortal experience had and was still destroying our life by refusing to live, love and flourish through God words and laws.

We were our nightmares now….there was no fear of robbers, con artist or police, we had rid life of those who were older and empowered over people, lands and government. There was nothing but brats, bullies and worst running about the world, struggling, fighting and killing to be top dog.

God’s flocks or followers were no longer obeying his words or laws. Life no longer had hope, trust or compassion for each other, God was sad to this fact. Now life feared what would be for them, some begin to wonder, if God had turn his back on them. God is our safe place and strength, but life had forgotten all about him. Life lived for greed, vanity and self. Everything and everyone came last, including God.

Anger was over the need to better than the next person ruled. Anger over the control life and land flow like air of life, instead what God wanted and hoped for within a planet that he created for his children to come to live, breathe and understand, why he held life so precious within his massive entity.

None wanted to reach out to others, unless there was something in it for them. God felt lost to why his children were so lost and willing to keep on creating destruction upon his perfect world.

Insincere of the true meaning of life begins the reality of the wild beast that which allows Evil to beget evil upon all life on earth. The evil that made men do lives after them….

Evil Beget Hiroshi Takahashi into life and power.

To overcome their evil, one must resist it with God words and laws, but mankind refused to heave the warnings that were clearly written with the words of the holy bible. We must live life to the fullest without the false illusion that we control life. Life is a tragedy that begins with a lifelong love story that is just a romance dancing with good and evil. Our truest life is awakening within God words and laws that would wash away the evil from the souls of everyday life. Our success in life had become our desire to change our need to control over life, but our minds and reality became the nightmares of life upon us all, because we had become self-centered with our greed and narrow minded ways of thinking and living….

In the end of our reality, we were our own worst enemy more than the evil place upon life. We had become Satan. When we lost ourselves into the darkness, we had lost our Wisdom.

Obedience to God is gone, which now we are lost from charity and Humility.

No longer is there patience within life or for others.

Trust, hope, joy and faith are a fading dream upon distant winds of lost memories of yesterday.

Most of all we lost, courage to see and believe that we are the same, even though we are not of same color or race.

Born in the minds of men are the goals of our tragedies. Change is the law of life….

Fate is the strength that is undefeatable, conquering the fear is the courage to the secret of life among God words and laws, but we saw not our wickedness within our eyes or listen to what evil was looming upon our words of hatred and selfishness.

Human wisdom was no longer there within our reality or life. The teenagers ruled and made the laws, even carried out the punishment for breaking their laws, children were ruling the world with such rage, angry and evil.

Knowledge to create things to save lives was replaced with hatred, war and judgment of others, and even our wicked minds begin to torture upon human life, but we used our knowledge against life, which robbed life of its true path. A warm embrace from someone you love or a good meal with dear friends and family was all gone now. Children no longer cheerful or at play, now children had to learn how to survive or die….

What life gained was nothing to want or see as something worth all the other good things in life? We had left.

Anger and hatred is upon the world.

Life is now all about pride and jealousy towards life and others.

Sexual sins and lust ruled life.

Sickness and death breathe upon life like a ruler forever chaining life to its walls of damnation.

Laziness has filled most hearts upon the lost and wandering soul of nothing. Faith and self-sacrifices were gone, it was all about ME!

Fear and enemies were upon all. While our mad scientist’s stir the mind and creation into reality, which was not best for humankind or our world. Our perilous times came upon us with vengeance and fatal blows that life would never withstand and find salvation within homes and churches.

All because of the sins of our dead parents, now we are to be condemned.

The dreaded and foreseeable day fell upon life.

Bird, pig and Swine Flu joined together to begin taking one life after another, it was now called,

“Biswine-P Flu”.

This flu was had change from the first moment it was found out, but it had helped….

Sick scientist…..

Angry people in power…..

A scorn mother, who lost her children with the corrupt laws and crooked judge, she had lost her husband to crimes he was not guilty of, but with the files and documents, which the government of USA falsified, she lost him first, to shut her up….they took her children, so she embrace the darkness, she went for their

The children were left alone upon a world of sick people that began to find pleasure in sparing no harsh treatment upon them for the sake of carrying on with life. All became a pawn within life.

Our father's had turn around too late to help their sons become men, yet when fathers died off....sons become something their father would weep forever over. Mothers and daughters became bickering witches riding upon the winds of destruction to have the love and heart of the man between them, yet when mother's began to die off....daughter's become a evil seductress upon men to gain what they need to survive life. Hearts became wicked and cold leaving life full of darkness. War had become an endless game where no one seems to see that begin or end of what was part of life now and forever. The old died. The aging ones seem to slither away after the harm of upon life was crumble down around what was left to carry in the shambles of reality now left upon those that could no longer see where to walk without death or torture upon them.

War once curable was now nothing, but death and despair. It gives the bird and swine flu a way to strength beyond any cure to ever erase it from life.

Teenagers were now in power of the world. Children became the warriors that would have to fight and find a way to carry on. The strained of war, a war with no good results had fallen upon the world, leaving restless hearts awakening upon a dark day. Nations were angry, confused and greedy, so came down, upon mankind….wrath of mankind upon each other with such results, all those powerful leaders were now slowly dying and praying upon their knees for God….save them….but God turn his back on them, he weep as his children begun to die off because of their greed and powerful need to rule the world, a world they would never rule.

The buildings seem like lifeless shells of nothing to them that held no hope or future for them, if there were any standing.

Bombs and flu had erased the past.


The Sermons of Wickedness and Endless Suffering begun

There was only lostness and confusion upon the world. Highways, streets and dirt roads had become endless nothing and remains of past that no longer were known to those growing up. Land was full of nothing, trees were dead, no animals and water...well water was as deadly as the air. Faces were cover up with thick rags to keep from breathing in the fowl and germs, yet the rags were not always good to keep life safe. Air mask and air tanks strap upon your back like an endless walk under water. Eyes within the masks became endless reflection of haunting danger and sorrow.

A new reality for life has begun….

The world was no longer about saving water, air and land, it was all about who control the world….

On the verge of a tremendous crisis…life was failing to see the warnings or caring enough to protect the future all the children born, being born or future ones. The strained needs of power, greed and control were restless becoming a realization that would have worse effect upon everything, including humankind. The winds of strife (doom) was blowing, the four horsemen were set free…

The white horse of the conquest/ pestilence was breathing with swift desire across the land, the red horse of war claim land and hearts of men upon battlefields, the black horse of famine swift through life upon poor people wishing only food, water and safe shelter for their families, the pale horse of death… was now soaring high above and within life. The hearts, souls and endless minds wanting, wishing and desiring things within life was now falling into despair and destruction.



Faith and time to change what mankind felt would never befall upon them.

Life after the deadly “Biswine-P Flu” was no better than a horror movie that had become reality. As time march on....Life was people running about the streets looking for food and safe shelter from gangs that came to rape, kill and steal whatever they could. Girls were seen as profit and young ones were brutally raped and used for many men pleasure, young girls were left heavy burdens with a child deep in their bellies that were seen as just bastards. There were no adults to help them or guide them. Rules and laws no longer applied to life, each person on earth was their own ruler, but out of the confusion came one in Japan that took the bull by the horns and brought justice back within the streets of Japan.

Bombs fell upon lands only spreading the Biswine-P flu faster and giving it more strength to kill people, animals and destroying air, land and water.

~ ???? ~

North Korea, China and Japan had smart bombs had become the world’s most effect away to kill off all life leaving the world barely living, what was left were just shadowy existence of life.

~ ???? ~

Russian, England, Africa and Germany had bio-chemical bombs which would attack human flesh and system in such ways the deaths were long and painful, yet the ones who suffer the most were the ones.....under the age of thirteen. Sick and elderly......died quickly, but with great pain and suffering, until the last breathe were gone. The ones that linger in life with most suffering where those between the ages of thirteen and sixty, they watch life slipping away, with no guidance or future to carry on, the streets filled with confusion and lost-ness, a life that seem so full of endless dreams and time, now was nothing tears, shatter dreams and awakening of lawless streets, city and lands.

~ ???? ~

United States had them all.....all got trigger happy upon a day where bombs lite up the skies like falling stars from heaven above upon life. Well, what can one say about USA, they became willful and over-stepping need to tell other countries what they could or couldn’t do with their lands, exports and people. USA even begun to destroy its own people by stealing homes, land and children away from their people, it became another Hitler. When USA crossed one mother, USA left her with no choice, she would no longer trust, honor and obey the laws, she begun to search, create and plot against USA, which lead her too stop taking or accepting what her country dished out, she became the USA destroyer….in cruel and ruthless way. She brought the powerful and mighty USA down to its knees.

When the bombs exploded....buoy of human of life was bellowing in the winds of soaring death Now was the time of…..

Storms of Darkness flow upon the World

It changed the Biswine-P flu into the most deadliest and fatal thing upon the world. It left...... nothing, but rumbles of old buildings that laid on the ground, the houses in shambles, the life with no birds, fish had seem almost gone from rivers and seas. The air seems to smell like death. The land covered in nothing, left life much of nothing to desire or want in your life, but all seem lost and standing still, as if time was stopped because it was refusing to move about life upon Earth. The water was not clean enough to drink from the stream, lakes or rivers, if you did, you would become sick and died a few months later. The water was only safe after boiling it and cooling down. Food was only safe from cans; fresh food was hard to find, if you did, you would have to battle over it.

Some water and ground become death traps for life. Animals seem too changed become something only out of horror story or made up movie. Waters filled with creatures that seem to rule and devour anything daring to across the water. Life.....was no longer life like the past had no future but death.

The old ones seem like a thing of the past, if some lived. They were like death walking. Most tried to teach what they knew, so life could find a way.

Bodies laid around as the flesh rotted away from the bones. The bones of the dead became the tools of death. Some of the young ones used them to beat and kill their prey.

Life was a now a living nightmare that we had created for our future children.

The Counsel of the Savior

There was a message for all life upon earth, especially to those, who feel that they have had no more to lose.

Death was best, instead of daring to live.

Their trials, sorrows had bare all that life could place upon them. Now their hope, strength, and deliverance depended on one unselfish soul, which lived within the paradise of God’s eternal home. But God had seen what the humans had done to life, and God was not pleased.

God was angry at life on Earth…….

A single breathtaking angel, the prefect creation of God, as his equal moved about the many heaven within the main heaven of God, she was worried, her heart was trembling to what their beloved father would do the human beings upon earth, her single desire was finding a way to save them, give her beloved father hope and faith in them once again, so life and heaven would walk hand and hand once again. She stood looking down as the end begins to unfold upon life and land. She wept her endless glistening tears that made stars surrender to darkness and looming death. She held her arms around as her body grew weak and fearful what happen to the people upon a world that was dying because of their selfish needs, wants and desires. She knew now why….her beloved father was going allow death erase them, and wait for thousand years to begin again upon this once breathtaking planet. Masiera turns to see her beloved father standing behind her, she softly said, “Forgive them….don’t let life die like this.”

God walks over to her, he loves more than the any other angle within the seven heaven and here, but he says with heavy broken heart, “I cannot….they have only created death for them all, they are selfish, greedy and want more and more that is not theirs to gain. They have not learned why I place life up this once breathtaking world, why I created it for them….look what my children have done to my planet.” God open the clouds for her see the land….the water and air….he added, “Death plaques the lands, water and air because of them. They think and feel progress is better than sparing life. They live for power, wealth and control. No one controls life other than ME. I cannot allow this continue anymore, Masiera.” God touch her face, a face worth more than any other angel or human to him, he felt and saw her endless need to save them within her single tear that fell upon his hand, he took breath in.

Masiera said, “I will give my life up for theirs.” She dropped to her knees, she kissed God feet, she said, “I offer my life to give them a chance to correct this.”

God said, “I cannot.” He offered her twice to them, each time, it gave them more time to correct, see and learn, but each time….Humans Failed! Not this time…he would not offer them anymore chances, he touch Masiera head, he said, “You are most precious to me, I created you for me, but I sent twice to them, it hurts me, Masiera to deny you, but I must. They are no more chances for them.”

Masiera looked up into his haunting, sparkling blue eyes, she said, “My beloved father, without hope and faith, nothing is worth daring. Life is precious as I am to you, so please…let me help them, help you. Let me give hope, let me endure the evils and lead them away.” She rose, her hand touched his face, and she smiled and added, “Before you judge them with death, please let me find the way to prove they are worth the one more chance.”

God shook his head, his heart knew better, but he said, “I will give you this time to offer me a way, but I will not pause what is happening to them. They must suffer their crimes against everything I created for them, which they had destroyed.” God walks away from her.

Masiera had time….but what would she figure out? She walked around, she paused, she watched a single boy, teenage rising and rising in the ranks of life, but still his heart and soul was closed to the light, if she could change this one life, lead him and others like him….into the light, others would follow them back into the light. She knew leaving here would be risk, but without risk of her life here, she was just as bad as those upon the once beautiful planet. She sits and watched him…..

Hiroshi Takahashi…a boy within a dark, twisted and hidden truth within his life was being watched over by a single female angel in Heaven. He moved about the Japan with someone, but things were getting harder, darker and wicker. Soon his life would lose, rise and search for something he would never have again within his life or reach.

Masiera rose, she knew this was the place to start……Japan. She rose up from her cloud chair, she straight out her golden wings, her long flowing snow white hair draped around her body like blanket of fine silk entwined with soft snow clouds, her haunting blue eyes spark with hope and new faith within herself, and she could save the humans upon Earth. She went to rushing off to speak to her beloved father, who was holding counsel within the great main hall within the celestial Heaven that ruled over the other seven heavens. She would endure all the hardship, twisted fate and endless suffering to find the way to help, comfort, save and lead them all back into the light of Salvation.




God sit down upon his heavenly throne, he was lost and unsure what to say or do, but he knew…he had allowed the humans upon Earth too much free will, now his prefect world was destroyed and suffering. God knew…he had no more patient or love for them, he had forgiven them too much, now they had destroyed the one greatest creation he allowed them to live, flourish and dare their ways of life, which lead to destroying life, land, water and air…..and each other. God grips his throne chair arms, he wanted to weep, scream and shake them off his once breathtaking world, so there was no more darkness, yet he knew….they were his children.

God was lost to word, feelings and emotion, even the answers were lost to him. God need no more time or words, he could no longer allow this wicked twisted ways of life live on. God watched as the day was erased, night was forever. Lands wither away with beauty, waters became darkened and deadly, the air…..dark, full of death and endless suffering for any human to breath. He rose up, he shook his hands in the air, he shouted out into the stars and heavens, “Why did mankind have to do this to life upon my perfect paradise for them? Why did I allow them to have free choice?” God screamed out into the heavens. Angels weep and tremble to their god words; they knew god would now make the most sorrowful decision against life upon Earth. God pace the heavens with his sorrow to what life had become upon his world of paradise. He was no longer happy or favoring life now, he had found he must make a willing choice to start over or.....

Erase all life and never replace it upon the once breathtaking world.

God wept for his lost children. God’s heart was torn apart by what he must do to save or erase life. God had judged us for the crimes of which we had enforced upon life and land that was not meant to be. God ponder on what Masiera had spoken to him about, he was torn about her desire to descend down upon life again, give them hope, faith and lead them back to him. God want to save them, but twice, he had done this, both times, life had turn against him again and again. God had sent her twice, both times, she had never failed him, she had done what he wanted, yet here and now….he feared the worst upon this deed she wanted to do for him and the humans upon the world that was suffering because of their vanity, greed and endless striving hatred for each other. God walked and walked, he knew not if he could allow her will to be done.

God sit upon the lonely of spaces in far stars away from all his angels and Masiera.

Time moved on.

We had forgotten the purpose of life that which God had created upon this paradise, which we lived upon. Our crimes had condemned us all to the wickedness and evil that lurks from the lost son of Heaven that ruled Hell now and forever. Our greedy and selfish needs to control life and land upon earth did not make our creator happy.

Life was judged and founded guilty against God words and laws.

Time moved on and on, but Masiera still wanted to find and speak to God about her decision. She ran into the other angels, who were worried, she ease drop on their words, she knew her beloved father was not happy, but now their beloved father was leaning more and more towards ending all human life upon the planet. Masiera lean against the white stone towering pillars, her heart was breaking, he soul was weeping, her body and will knew she had no other choice…she would go back down. Their beloved father had to know, feel and see, the humans could change and never fall away from his words and laws. She had to find her beloved father. She only knew, his pain was all of their pain, but she knew….he needed her to give him the strength, he was feeling he no longer had.

She went on searching for her beloved father.

God was not pleased to have to rid life from the planet that which he had created to place his image upon, but no longer could he allow life to always walk alongside his lost son, Lucifer. Life was not meant for hellish torment. Life was meant to nourish and flourish not become the rulers and destroyers of life upon earth. God knew his one perfect female angel was looking for him, but he remain where he was time being, he was not ready to hear, learn and surrender to her will and words. Deep down, God knew…she was his one weakness.

All the celestial angels knew and felt their Heavenly Father pain to what to do about life upon earth, but one heart was stirring into a path that would bring hope too even to GOD. His heavenly angels feared the choice of their father, but none dare to speak of another chance for life. Yet one heart stirred about the heaven, this heart was one that meant everything to God, he would come to see and learn what love and willingness would be within this one angel that would dare the wrath and dare to save what he held high upon Earth.

Masiera saw Michael, her human husband long ago, but she didn’t love him like she loved her beloved father and humans, she feared she would one day hurt Michael in ways, which he would never move on from, she paused…

Why did she feel like that? What was it about her past that was so distant, painful, yet always out of her memories or thoughts? Michael was always there for her, she had spent a lifetime with him upon Earth, yet here and now, she felt distant from him. Her heart belongs somewhere and someone, yet his name, his face and whatever this angel and her had shared together was lost to her. She had no time to deal with Michael.

Archangel Michael hated the look within Masiera heavenly blue eyes, she had once belong to him upon she was about to embrace something no archangel wanted for her or themselves. Archangel Michael had tasted her kisses, felt her touch and used her body as his to bare life upon Earth, he knew her like no other angel within heaven, yet did any of them truly know her best like God did. She smiled and touched the angels, they moved out of way, as she moved through the hall full of angels towards them and God, he dropped his head. God help her heart and soul for what she was about to dare for life down upon Earth. His heart and soul knew.....she loved one more than God, but since his lostness from Heaven, she was sent down to Earth to become Eve....

Eve and Mary…..what was the truth about these two women that God held high within his kingdom, only God and his angels knew, but humans upon Earth did not know the hidden truth about how Eve and Mary were connected…in fact, they (Eve and Mary) were the same single precious angel created for God’s perfect mate, but he choose her for to become the mother of the children upon Earth, when all things seem needing a boost of hope and faith, he sent her down to be the mother of his son, Jesus….no one upon Earth ever knew.

Masiera had no memories of him...Lucifer.

Yet within HELL, Lucifer remembered her, yet he had no memories of image, just her taste and body, he long for her back in his arms. He cursed his beloved father and brother, Michael. She was given to him to create life upon the world, when she belonged to him. Lucifer hated more and more each thought….memory of her kisses, touch and how they soared upon mating. He would own Heaven like he owed Hell.

As Archangel Michael stood there....he knew once she embrace what she was going to offer to God.....her life would be torn apart, nor would she ever be safe from his reach or touch. With each step....with breath she took in, and then breathed out....Archangel Michael vowed...

He would dare all to protect her from him and life.

The other archangel spoke out of turn, but spoke with heated words....

God wander back to his man hall of celestial heaven, he walks over towards his golden throne, God sits down, and God knew his angels want to speak about this more with him. Here and now, God still had no answers or solutions to what he should or shouldn’t do. God looks around, God didn’t see his perfect single female angel, she was missing from this meeting, deep down God was happy she wasn’t here, God feared her words, and his answer to her request. God knew….all of his celestial angels felt he should have the answers and solution, but this time……God was lost to what to do with his wicked, twisted and destructive children upon Earth.

"Our heavenly father, it’s about time we stop holding the human upon Earth highly. They have done nothing but create, destroy and turn cold towards life and others, worst.....our heavenly father....You." Gabriel said. Gabriel wasn’t mankind friend, or their foe, he felt his beloved father had allow mankind too much free will. It was time to take it all back and punish them for destroying Earth.

Raphael shook his head and took a deep breathe in. Raphael felt mankind needed help, yet each time their beloved father had given them help, it was wasted.

Uriel said, "Our heavenly father....Gabriel is right." Uriel was with Gabriel now, he once believed in mankind could change and save themselves and future mankind, but time after time, they all walked, acted and talked with lies and twisted realities, now it was time to take it all away from them.

Chamuel and Jophiel knew this was going to be long winded speech about old issues, which lead to Samael to turn against God and seeking power over the seven heavens and mankind, but God had choose Michael, too add much worst pain upon Lucifer, God gave Masiera to Michael as his wife upon Earth. Raguel step away from the heated words, he knew the only one in the seven heavens and Celestial Heaven that could save the world and mankind….was Masiera, and she was always the source God turn too, but now he feared even Masiera could help God or mankind.

Gabriel said, "Have we not learned our lesson with Samael (Lucifer) betrayal upon us here in Heaven, our heavenly father? Father, have you loved and cared over the Human life-forms as long as time has begun upon Earth? When is it enough, our heavenly father?" Gabriel moved closer to God’s throne, he bowed and said with heavy words, "Humans have only destroy land, water and air, even other humans for pride, greed and other sins. Why not just end....and replenish the planet with life without humans." Gabriel had always believed in Samael, he knew Samael would never had betrayed God, if he had not believed or knew something more than the rest of them, but he had never dare to side with Samael over their beloved father, yet all the angles within the Celestial Heaven knew…God held his laws, words and hidden fate away from them all.

God ponder to Gabriel words, he rose his head up, he looked at Archangel Michael, and he motions him to come closer. Archangel Michael moved closer and bowed upon his knee.

God said, " were always my champion here and on Earth. Now I have to ask....Would you save them or end it now." God knew this was dangerous question to ask Michael, who was once Adam upon Earth, yet he dare the question to Michael.

Michael said with deep heartbreak within his words, "Our heavenly father, I have been Adam, the first man upon the Earth. I weep for humans as time marches on, yet I see they have not learned what life is all about. I wish I could say save them or end them, but our heavenly father......I am not you." Michael feared one angel most…..Masiera, she was still not here, he was glad she wasn’t. He knew she would choose to save them, help them and give their beloved father hope again; he could not lose her again, even if they were never allowed to be together as they were on Earth. He sighed, he knew his thoughts were lies, he and Masiera still carried a torch, but if had to be totally honest without himself….he feared Samael hold upon her mind, body, even her heart and soul. She had loved him more than God, but God had cast him out, erased her memories of Samael. What would Masiera do or say, if she ever remembered what Samael was to her, God had taken it all away from her?

Masiera had entered the Celestial Heaven, she had not made herself known to God or the other angels, she watched and listened, she knew all was against saving the mankind upon Earth, it was true….mankind had not better life, only created more deadlier ways of control, ruling and killing each other. Yet deep down, she felt they were worth saving, they were her children with Michael, but how much more would she have to do, say or give up for her children, was she only caring about them more than her beloved father and brothers here in Heaven? Masiera leans against the huge, towering white glowing star columns, there were so many, no one angel nor many could surround them, or ever touch the end of them, yet here and now, she wished these columns were breathtaking and haunting like mankind was to her, yet…..they were not creating so much destruction and death. Masiera just stop thinking and twirling around what was right or wrong, she focus on what was being said or not said at this meeting.

Michael rose and walk around the huge white and glistening throne room, he said, “Father, you created all this, you guide us, you created Earth and them to learn why you hold life so precious and close to your heart and soul, but how many times have you saved them, spare them and sacrifice for them….I am their father as well as Masiera is their mother, but she has sacrifice more than I for them…she was Eve, and then she was Mary, the divine woman who gave birth to your son for a chance to come back here, but after his death…they went back to their old ways of hatred, judging and creating more greedy, control and death over land, people and world.” He paused, he dropped to his knees, he said, “I am sorry father, my children have turn their back upon you, I am sorrier, I have to turn my back on them. I must agree with all the others, it is time to erase them and start over.” Michael knew if Masiera was here, she would not like his words, deep down he was thankful she wasn’t here.

God shook his head and his fingers strummed upon his throne arm; he was lost for words and actions to save his perfect planet that now was dying because of humans upon it.

All the other angels felt Michael pain and sorry, yet all wonder why Masiera wasn’t here? Had she turn her back on them and mankind now or was she still trying to figure way to save them? What more would she or all of them have to see, hear and felt before she would turn her back on mankind too? Would she dare to return down to Earth…to help, lead and save mankind again? All the other angels knew she was powerful as God, if not more, since God always held her highest overall them, yet none of the male angels feared her or rank in Heaven, she had never abuse her power, in fact, she had never dare to use it for or against mankind or them.

Michael rises up, he walks away. He walks around the huge, endless towering columns; he moves out of sight of God and the other angels…..he turns to face Masiera...

Her haunting blue eyes told him she was upset at his words, her tears…her trembling body told him, she wanted to hurt for betraying their children upon Earth, but he knew….she understood his words, even if she didn’t want to give it substance within her thoughts, heart and soul. When he stared into her haunting blue eyes like he was here and now……everything to Michael made more sense when she was close, but who his emotion and feeling for her be seen by their heavenly father, the one man, who loved her and kept her away from them. How could he move pass their life upon Earth as husband and wife? Masiera was still a breathtaking woman, who still owned his heart and soul. His hands were sweating, his legs were getting weak under his long white robe, and his wings were fluttering out of control.

Masiera moves into sight of God, when she does, Michael moves in front of her, he fears what she is about to say or do.

God sees them…..he can tell their looks are dangerous, so God asks, "Michael, you are trembling like love sick angel. Are you okay to finish your words or listen to others who are against saving the mankind upon Earth?"

Michael cleared his throat, he said, "Yes, my heavenly father, I was just lost in many words upon this issue." He bowed, then said, "I believe in time....mankind can change their wicked ways, if our heavenly father doesn't lose patient with them." He rose up and turns to see her coming closer to him and the other angels.

Masiera smiled at him. Masiera did not know God nor the other Archangels had seen her enter, so she would dare what Michael felt necessary to speak about to her, before she went to speak up for mankind upon Earth.

Archangel Michael said, "Don't do this, Masiera." Michael pulled out of sight fast, he moved her body behind the huge white columns, he presses her body against the cold white column, he added, "Please don't choose them over Heaven. You will suffer greatly this time....please for my sake and yours."

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