Feeling Neighborly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Anna just moved into the neighborhood. Dan is her ruggedly handsome neighbor who has not had sex with his wife in over a year. This is the story of their sexy encounter…


"Hey hon, look, someone is moving next door”, Dan’s wife, Tessie exclaims, as she is slathering butter on toast for breakfast. She was 5’7 and 140 pounds when they were newlyweds but after 10 years of marriage, she let herself go and is now tilting the scales at over 200 pounds. They haven’t had sex in over a year and as far as he could remember, it was unmemorable and kind of awkward, with Tessie just laying on the bed as Dan thrusted into her.

Dan looks out the window and sees a Penske truck. A couple of guys were unloading furniture and boxes next door. He was about to look back down on his oatmeal when he saw her--- a beautiful Asian/Hawaiian-looking girl, directing the movers. She is 5’4, 110 lbs, tanned skin, with long, dark hair dyed blonde at the tips. She is wearing the shortest ripped denim shorts and a white top, cropped to just below her beautiful 32D breasts with spaghetti straps framing her delicate shoulders.

He groaned inwardly and thought to himself, “Man, am I in trouble”.

Tessie nudges him. “We have to be neighborly and introduce ourselves”, she tells him as she stands up from the kitchen table, dragging her ratty house slippers as she shuffles along. He had no choice but to follow her. At least he is presentable, since he is going to meet his buddy, Steve, for golf this morning. He fidgets with his hair and takes a quick peek in the hallway mirror before stepping out of the house.

Dan does not look bad for his 42 years. He is 5’11 and 160 pounds. He has some gray in his temples, but he has a full head of hair. He goes to the gym almost everyday and eats pretty healthy. He started cooking his own food about 5 years ago when Tessie stopped caring about what she ate.

Tessie and Dan started walking to their new neighbor’s driveway. “Hello neighbor!”, Tessie cheerfully yells out.

The gorgeous girl turns around and gives them a dazzling smile. “Hi! I’m Anna, nice to meet you”, she says as she extends her tiny hand.

“I’m Tessie and this is my husband, Dan”, Tessie tells her. “Let us know if we can help you with anything. I’m going out of town early tomorrow morning to visit my sister but, Dan will be here if you need help”.

“Thanks for offering”, Anna smiles again. “I may have to take you up on that”.

The next day, Anna saw Dan come out to his backyard to trim the hedges separating his property and hers. “Hmmm, perfect time to go out and get a tan”, she thinks. She takes off her dress and puts on a teeny tiny white bikini. She grabs her coconut oil, puts on her aviator sunglasses, and heads out the back door.

As she opened the door, she saw Dan trimming the hedges. He looked up when he heard her close the back door. “Good morning, neighbor”, she greets cheerfully.

Dan had the hardest time stopping his jaws from dropping. His gorgeous neighbor, Anna, is wearing the tiniest white bikini that could barely contain her luscious breasts. He could see her pert nipples straining through the white fabric. As she walked further down the deck in her backyard, he could see that her bikini bottom is Brazilian cut and leaves nothing to the imagination. “How the hell am I gonna work and cut the hedges with this in front of me?”, he asks himself, as he tries to focus his concentration on trimming the plants and not on his burgeoning hard-on. Thank god the bushes are waist high and can cover his growing cock. “Good morning”, he barely grunts.

Anna places her towel down and plops herself down onto a plastic recliner. She starts to rub coconut oil all over her upper body, starting from her neck down to her arms then down to her chest. She takes off her bikini top and starts rubbing the oil onto her breasts. All of a sudden, she stopped, as if just realizing something.

“Oh, Dan, this isn’t bothering you, is it?”, she asks innocently. “I really just hate tan lines, don’t you?”

Dan, still trying to engross himself in the hedges, looks up and sees Anna and her beautiful, bare breasts, gulps and manages to choke out, “No, not...at all. W-w-would , would you want me to leave so you can have your privacy?”, he stammers.

“Oh no, Dan” Anna replies. “I need your help when I turn over. Would you be a dear and stay here until then?”. She smiles as she takes off her bikini bottom. Dan could see her beautiful pussy. She is not fully shaved but her pubic hair looks soft, trimmed, and well-maintained. Try as he may, all Dan could do at this time was stare at her and try not to touch his fully erect cock.

Anna turns around, showing Dan her pert, juicy ass. “Now I need your help. Can you come over here please and help me?” Anna looks over her shoulder and gives him the sexiest smile.

Dan walks over to her backyard. “What do you want me to do?”, he asks nervously.

“Rub the oil all over my back”, Anna replies. “I can’t reach. Thanks”.

Dan start by rubbing the oil all over Anna’s back. Her skin is the smoothest thing he has ever touched. As he is getting closer to her ass, he hesitated. “You can keep going”, Anna urged.

He then started rubbing the oil all over her pert bottom. He was trying so hard to be a gentleman but as he was rubbing around her ass, he was able to see her beautiful cunt and it was wet as can be. He decided to try his luck and “accidentally” slip his thumb into her wet slit.

Anna groaned and moved her hips closer to his finger. Dan puts his index and middle finger in and starts fingering her. He unzips his pants with his other hand and frees his swollen manhood. He turns her around so he could see her in full naked glory. He bends down and kisses her lips, her neck, her breasts, then sucks on her hard, erect nipples. She groans and holds his head down. He then moves further down to her wet cunt. He can smell her aroma as he feels his pre-cum ooze out. He find her clitoris and starts licking it with his tongue, putting pressure on it then releasing. He could feel that Anna is really enjoying this, as she pulls his hair and squeezes her legs together, almost trapping his head. He pushes his tongue in and out of her wet slit, alternating with sucking her clit. He then feels her vagina contract, and more of her lovely honey oozes out as she screams his name.

Anna keeps her eyes closed as she allows the orgasmic waves to come through her entire body. She hasn’t come like that in awhile. She opens her eyes, looks at Dan and notices his beautiful, 8 inch cock. “Now it’s your turn, stud”, she tells him as she stands up and pushes him down on the recliner.

Dan takes off his shirt. Anna helps him out of his pants. The tip of his cock is glistening with pre-cum, veins coursing through and pulsing down his long and thick manhood. She licks off the pre-cum at the tip and looked up at him. Dan almost lost it. He can’t even remember the last time he had a blow job. Tessie hated doing it. And now, this beautiful goddess is bending down over him and taking him in her mouth. She is using these long, slow strokes, her tongue pressing on the underside of his penis. At the end of each stroke, she goes all the way down and Dan could feel the back of her throat as she makes a humming noise, and sucks his cock so hard, right before she releases the tip from her mouth.

Anna loves giving head and she starts to get really wet again. She moves down Dan’s balls and licks each of them, alternately sucking on them, while she strokes his penis with her hand. She does this for a few minutes then goes back to sucking his cock. Dan could not take this sweet ecstasy anymore. He felt his orgasm building and after having Anna deep-throat him, he let his wad go. He exploded all over her mouth and face, with thick, white cum coming out of him like a geyser.

Anna licks her lips and tastes Dan’s cum. It was semi-sweet, just as she likes it. She takes the cum from the rest of her face and swallows it. Dan almost came again watching her enjoy his cum.

Anna stands up in her birthday suit, puts on her aviators, takes her bikini and coconut oil. “Thanks for your help, neighbor,” she tells Dan. “I hope we can help each other out again”.

Dan is still laying on the recliner catching his breath. He still can’t believe what just happened. “Thank you, Anna”, was all he could say.

“What are neighbors for?”, she playfully asks. Anna winks at him as she goes back inside her house.

Submitted: December 25, 2015

© Copyright 2023 AnnaTalya. All rights reserved.

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I volunteer for suntan applicator, & promise to apply tongue-to-cheek as professional as any applicator could do!

Thu, March 7th, 2019 9:58am


Hahahaha i approve of this message

Thu, March 7th, 2019 9:33am

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