Sex on the Sheets - Chapter-2

Sex on the Sheets - Chapter-2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



I have published this in complete raw form, I have not done any editing on a request from my fan, as the typing mistakes or any other irregularity make the story as real as it actually is. So if you're unable to understand then please let me know I'll edit it.


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annasteele_16:hey sexy..

lisaf_uk: Hi anna, hugggg

annasteele_16: how are you

annasteele_16: hugs to u too

lisaf_uk: I am good, and in debt, kneeling for you, knees apart, straight back,

annasteele_16: theres no debt silly girl

annasteele_16: stand up

annasteele_16: and give me a kiss

lisaf_uk: Lol i felt awful having to leave u

annasteele_16: its fine..

lisaf_uk: Thank u,

lisaf_uk: I was so excited to see you yesterday, i didnt think we would start something it was a surprise to meet you for the first time

annasteele_16: same here..

lisaf_uk: And i do like to disappoint my friends

annasteele_16: you like or you dont

lisaf_uk: Do not

lisaf_uk: Lol

annasteele_16: thats what i thought..

lisaf_uk: I do not like to disappoint

annasteele_16: i know..

lisaf_uk: My fingers keep missing words

annasteele_16: its okay..

annasteele_16: dont want your fingers to miss something else..;)

lisaf_uk: What are u up to today

annasteele_16: the usual attending classes and hanging out with some friends..

annasteele_16: you?

lisaf_uk: Busy morning, shovelling snow, walking around park, shopping, lunch

lisaf_uk: Chilling on settee now, glass of wine

annasteele_16: great..

annasteele_16: whats up

lisaf_uk: One finger!

annasteele_16: what

lisaf_uk: One finger, is up

annasteele_16: okay..

annasteele_16: how old are you?

lisaf_uk: Lol, i have been diddling, u said, whats up

lisaf_uk: 24

lisaf_uk: Why

annasteele_16: oh yeah I get it..

annasteele_16: just curious

annasteele_16: feeling very lonely here..alone in my bed

lisaf_uk: Ohhhh, i am chilling on my settee, glass of wine

annasteele_16: wanna join me ;)

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm hoped u might ask

annasteele_16: i remember the fun we had last time..

lisaf_uk: I crawl under the duvet, from the bottom of your bed

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm naked legs i find

annasteele_16: this time i wont let you go until i fuck you hard..

lisaf_uk: I want pussy, your pussy, i want pussy now

annasteele_16: okay baby its yours..

lisaf_uk: Are u naked

annasteele_16: yes..

lisaf_uk: Spread your legs, raise our

lisaf_uk: Your knees

lisaf_uk: I am coming in

annasteele_16: okay..

annasteele_16: legs spread andknees up

lisaf_uk: Kneeling, looking at you, extends my tongue, head down, ass high

lisaf_uk: Long slow licks, dragging my tongue through your full pussy length

annasteele_16: mm..

lisaf_uk: Lick lick, long slow licks, lappimg your juices

annasteele_16: my pussy quivering from pleasure

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm savouring your nectar, mmmmmm, licking, lick lick

annasteele_16: your tongue feels so good..

annasteele_16: mmm..

lisaf_uk: Swirlimg my tongue over your clit, lashing

lisaf_uk: Lapping , lickimg, swirling,

annasteele_16: clenching the sheets tightly in my hands..

lisaf_uk: Loving your pussy, probing your vagina entrance

annasteele_16: chest rising offthe bed..

annasteele_16: it feels so good baby..

lisaf_uk: Pressing in, inserting my long tongue

annasteele_16: ahh..

lisaf_uk: Jabbing in out

annasteele_16: breathing fast now..

lisaf_uk: Swirlimg

lisaf_uk: Lapping

annasteele_16: moaning now..

lisaf_uk: Pressing in vagina

lisaf_uk: Lick lick dabbing

annasteele_16: yesss...

lisaf_uk: Dragging flattened tongue

lisaf_uk: Grinding into clit

annasteele_16: cupping my breast and squuezing..

lisaf_uk: Lashing lickimg

lisaf_uk: Sucking hard

lisaf_uk: Suck suck suck

annasteele_16: mhmmm..

lisaf_uk: Flicking clit tip

lisaf_uk: Flick flick

annasteele_16: yes baby yesss...

lisaf_uk: Frantic flicking

annasteele_16: aaaah..

lisaf_uk: Lick lick

lisaf_uk: Faster

lisaf_uk: Faster

annasteele_16: hips bucking

lisaf_uk: Licking lapping suckimg

lisaf_uk: Fmgers probimg

annasteele_16: grabbing your hair..keeping it attached to my pussy

lisaf_uk: Grinding my face

annasteele_16: breathing fast and moaning

lisaf_uk: Lapping

lisaf_uk: Suckimg

lisaf_uk: Lickimg flicking

annasteele_16: aaah yesss...

annasteele_16: grinding to your face

lisaf_uk: Lashing clit

lisaf_uk: Suckimg hard

annasteele_16: going to cum now..

lisaf_uk: Mmmm cum for me

lisaf_uk: Cum for lisa

lisaf_uk: CUM CUM CUM

annasteele_16: yess..i wanna cum for lisa

lisaf_uk: Cover my face

lisaf_uk: Smear me in juices

annasteele_16: yes oh god yess..

lisaf_uk: Grinding my face

annasteele_16: my pussy quivering now..

lisaf_uk: Lapping your pussy cum

lisaf_uk: Scream my name as u cum

annasteele_16: aaaahhhh lisaaa yesss...

lisaf_uk: Lappimg

lisaf_uk: Sucking

annasteele_16: cummminggg

lisaf_uk: Licking

annasteele_16: lisssaaaaaaa

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmm loving it

lisaf_uk: Covered in creamy white cum

annasteele_16: toes whole body shaking..

lisaf_uk: Face pressed tight

annasteele_16: panting..trying to control my breadth..

lisaf_uk: Crawls up, holds u tight

annasteele_16: i pull you up now..

lisaf_uk: Arms around u

annasteele_16: cupping your face..

annasteele_16: looking in your eyes..

lisaf_uk: Moving in to kisssss

annasteele_16: kissing you back

annasteele_16: tasting my cum..

lisaf_uk: Tongues battling

annasteele_16: sliding against it..

annasteele_16: teasing your tongue..

annasteele_16: now my cum is on my face too..

lisaf_uk: Licking it off

annasteele_16: licking your cheeks

annasteele_16: your nose..

annasteele_16: your chin

lisaf_uk: Our naked bodies sharing warmth

annasteele_16: holding you tight

annasteele_16: our breasts squished between our bodies..

annasteele_16: so soft..

annasteele_16: looking at your beautiful face then kissing you deeply

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm

annasteele_16: probing your lips

annasteele_16: tongue entering your mouth

annasteele_16: teases you..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm allowimg you tongue to explore

annasteele_16: sliding against the insides ofyour cheek

annasteele_16: your teeth

annasteele_16: tasting you

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm so excited, loving your attention

annasteele_16: you taste so sweet baby in the morning..

annasteele_16: battling against yours

lisaf_uk: Mmmm thank u,

annasteele_16: coaxing your tongue in my mouth..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm ramming tongue in your mouth

annasteele_16: hands running on your back

annasteele_16: such soft smooth skin..

annasteele_16: makes me want to kiss every beautiful inch..

annasteele_16: tangling against your tongue in mymouth..

lisaf_uk: Shivers ripple through my body

annasteele_16: cupping your ass

annasteele_16: squeezing it..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm hips moving

annasteele_16: and holding you tight against my pussy

annasteele_16: sucking on your tongue..

lisaf_uk: Grinding gently

annasteele_16: my hips moving too..

annasteele_16: grinding..

lisaf_uk: Yssss mound to mound

annasteele_16: pushing mychest towards yours

lisaf_uk: Breast to breast

lisaf_uk: Mouth to mouth

annasteele_16: and hip to hip

annasteele_16: legs tangling too..

annasteele_16: breaks from the kiss

annasteele_16: pecking your sweet lips once more..

annasteele_16: and trails kisses across your cheek to your ear

lisaf_uk: Aroused, excited, anticipation unbearable

annasteele_16: kissing biting and sucking..

annasteele_16: sucking behind your ear..

lisaf_uk: Agitated

annasteele_16: then blowing on it..

lisaf_uk: Grinding

lisaf_uk: Hands roaming over your back

annasteele_16: trailing kisses from ear to your neck

lisaf_uk: And ass

lisaf_uk: Caressing stroking

lisaf_uk: Feeling

annasteele_16: stroking your leg and pulling it over my waist..

annasteele_16: sucking on your neck..

annasteele_16: licking your soft skin

lisaf_uk: Opening me up

annasteele_16: so sweet

annasteele_16: biting between your neck and shoulder..

annasteele_16: hard..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm love it rough, yessss

annasteele_16: my teeth marks showing on your smooth beautiful skin..

annasteele_16: now slightly red..

annasteele_16: then sucking it

annasteele_16: flicking my tongue on it

annasteele_16: swirling my tongue in circles aroung the bite

lisaf_uk: Omg omg

annasteele_16: cupping your ass..

lisaf_uk: Writhing

annasteele_16: holding you tight

lisaf_uk: Streaming

lisaf_uk: Sooo aroused

annasteele_16: u mean screaming

annasteele_16: rubbing your leg

annasteele_16: trailing kisses from your neck to the top of breasts wet sloppy kisses..

lisaf_uk: Aaaghhhh

annasteele_16: then giving light kisses on the middle of breasts till the end

annasteele_16: then licking one long lick from bottom to top of breasts

lisaf_uk: Omg please please

lisaf_uk: I need it nowwwww

lisaf_uk: Rubbing my mound vigourously

annasteele_16: blow on your wet skin looking up at you

lisaf_uk: Begging u

lisaf_uk: Needing to cum

lisaf_uk: Desperate

annasteele_16: yes baby wait for it..i'll finish what i started yesterday..

lisaf_uk: Squirmimg

annasteele_16: dont touch your pussy..

lisaf_uk: I am sooooo wet

lisaf_uk: Omg omg

annasteele_16: when i'm fucking you with my dildo then onlyyou are allowed to touch yourself..

lisaf_uk: Hands are away

annasteele_16: good

lisaf_uk: Soooo difficult… May i use my dildo

annasteele_16: i know baby..not now..

lisaf_uk: When u tell me to

annasteele_16: yes thats right..

lisaf_uk: Omg omg hurry please

annasteele_16: for being such a good girl i'll make you cum good

annasteele_16: and hard

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm i neeed it sooo much

annasteele_16: i take one nipple in my mouth..

annasteele_16: suck onn it

annasteele_16: tell me baby is your nipple brown or pink?

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm squeezing mine

lisaf_uk: Pale brown

annasteele_16: good i like brown..makes me think of choclate..

annasteele_16: and i love choclates

lisaf_uk: Mmmm as do i

annasteele_16: taking your nipple between my teeth

annasteele_16: i press on it

lisaf_uk: Omg ohhhhhhhh

lisaf_uk: Pinching nipples

annasteele_16: flicking my tongue on the tight enlarged bud then suckon it

lisaf_uk: Sooo sensitive

annasteele_16: opening my mouth and letting air come in

lisaf_uk: Firm and rigid

annasteele_16: across your wet nipple...

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmm tingles

annasteele_16: releasing your nipple i run my nose in circle across your nipple

annasteele_16: your so beautiful..

lisaf_uk: Watching you nuzzle into my breasts

lisaf_uk: Blushes

annasteele_16: goes to your other breast

annasteele_16: takes as much in i can and suck on it..

annasteele_16: my tongue flat against your hard nipple..

lisaf_uk: Omg omg soooooo

annasteele_16: my hands rubbing your ass..

annasteele_16: teasing you on the entrance..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm love it

annasteele_16: biting hard on your nipple

lisaf_uk: Wriggles ass

lisaf_uk: Owwwwwwww

annasteele_16: like on your neck

lisaf_uk: Writhing, in ecstacy

annasteele_16: a red mark shows on your breast

annasteele_16: then again sucking on it..

annasteele_16: lapping up your sweet taste

lisaf_uk: Marking me as yours

annasteele_16: yes baby marking you as mine..

annasteele_16: sucking hard..

annasteele_16: then giving one light lick on the mark

annasteele_16: and looking at your face

lisaf_uk: Trying so hard to refrain, wanting you to be proud of me

annasteele_16: good baby..

lisaf_uk: Eye to eye, pleading looks

annasteele_16: kissing you on the lips

annasteele_16: pecking you once

annasteele_16: then your beautiful eyes..

annasteele_16: and nose..

lisaf_uk: Please miss anna, please please

annasteele_16: you ready babe for the dildo?

lisaf_uk: I have it poised

lisaf_uk: Legs spread

annasteele_16: whats the longest and thickest yoou have?

lisaf_uk: 9 inch

annasteele_16: ever used that

lisaf_uk: Yesss

lisaf_uk: Fills me soooo

lisaf_uk: Stretches me

annasteele_16: you have 10 inch

lisaf_uk: No

annasteele_16: damn..

lisaf_uk: Silver bullet

lisaf_uk: But plug

lisaf_uk: 9 inch dildo

annasteele_16: we'll use those only the dildo

lisaf_uk: Yes miss anna

annasteele_16: i cover you body with mine legs and hands on each side

annasteele_16: maintaining distance between our bodies

annasteele_16: looking in your eyes

lisaf_uk: Ohhhhhh

lisaf_uk: Watching intently

lisaf_uk: Glazed,

annasteele_16: i rub our beasts

annasteele_16: nipple to nipple

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmm yesssssss

annasteele_16: teasing you

lisaf_uk: Omg omg

lisaf_uk: Gasping

annasteele_16: gets up and straps on the dildo

annasteele_16: stands on the end of the bed

lisaf_uk: Nervous yet excited

annasteele_16: looking at you

annasteele_16: sprawled on it..

annasteele_16:looking so beautiful and sexy..

annasteele_16: takes your foot in my hand

lisaf_uk: Ohhhhh writhing in anticipatiom

annasteele_16: and lift it

lisaf_uk: Omg

annasteele_16: sucking your toe

annasteele_16: running my tongue aroung it

lisaf_uk: I am soooooo in need

lisaf_uk: Please please

annasteele_16: biting the soft pad..

lisaf_uk: Omg omg anna, please please

annasteele_16: then crawls up the bed

annasteele_16: parts your legs

lisaf_uk: Yessss yessssss nowwww

lisaf_uk: Parted, spread wide

annasteele_16: slides above your body

lisaf_uk: Insert please

annasteele_16: holds your hip in one hand

lisaf_uk: I need fucking hard

annasteele_16: and the dildo on another..

lisaf_uk: Omg tormented

annasteele_16: teasing your pussy from the head..rubbing against the clit

lisaf_uk: Writhing squirmimg

annasteele_16: and then slams into you in one hard thrust till the dildo is burried completely in your pussy end..

lisaf_uk: Raising hips

lisaf_uk: Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss

annasteele_16: full 9inches dildo completely inside you

lisaf_uk: Hips raise

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmmm

annasteele_16: i take out slowly

lisaf_uk: Take me, use me, omg fuck me

annasteele_16: and then slams into you again

lisaf_uk: Clenching

lisaf_uk: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss

lisaf_uk: Clenching vagina muscles

annasteele_16: i lift your leg and wrap them around me

annasteele_16: i look at your face..

lisaf_uk: I am screaming here, ramming in my dildo

annasteele_16: AND Start fucking you in earnest

lisaf_uk: Yessssss

annasteele_16: wrapping my arms aroung you

annasteele_16: my hips bucking

lisaf_uk: Thrusting my hips up to meet your lunges

lisaf_uk: Inviting u to pound my pussy

annasteele_16: the dildo sliding in and out..

annasteele_16: i thrust fast

annasteele_16: fucking you hard

lisaf_uk: Ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh getting close

annasteele_16: wanting you to scream my name...

lisaf_uk: May i please

annasteele_16: not yyet..

lisaf_uk: Omg omg

lisaf_uk: on the edge

lisaf_uk: Fucking my pussy

lisaf_uk: In out

lisaf_uk: In out

lisaf_uk: Soooo close anna, please

lisaf_uk: Fighting to refrain

annasteele_16: sliding the dildo in and taking it out and thrusting it in again and again

lisaf_uk: Gaspimg

annasteele_16: wait baby

lisaf_uk: Ohhh ohhhhhhhh

lisaf_uk: Trembling

annasteele_16: kissing you on the lips passionately

lisaf_uk: Humping

annasteele_16: fucking yoou hhard and fast

lisaf_uk: Omg omg please please let me cum

annasteele_16: jerking my hips

lisaf_uk: Desperate

annasteele_16: holding you tight

lisaf_uk: Pamting

annasteele_16: kissing you deeply

lisaf_uk: Omg omg i am going to pop

annasteele_16: my tongue battling against yours..

lisaf_uk: Please please please please

annasteele_16: squeezing your breast

annasteele_16: pinching the nipple

lisaf_uk: Teased tormented omg

annasteele_16: kiss me

annasteele_16: kissing you demandingly

lisaf_uk: Kissssssssssssssssss now fuck me, please

annasteele_16: i twist my hips

annasteele_16: dildo reaching in deeper and in hidden areas in ur pussy

annasteele_16: wanting you to scream myy name as you cum..

lisaf_uk: deep deep

annasteele_16: thrusting hard and deep and fast

lisaf_uk: Pleading for permission

lisaf_uk: Desperate to cum

annasteele_16: now flicking your clit..

annasteele_16: okay you may cum now..

lisaf_uk: Gasping

lisaf_uk: Omg omg nowwwwwww Annnnnnnnnnnnna yessssssssss

annasteele_16: continue thrusting in you as you cum..

annasteele_16: as hard and fast i can be

lisaf_uk: Humping

annasteele_16: going deep in you

lisaf_uk: Shaking

lisaf_uk: Jerking

lisaf_uk: Omg omg

annasteele_16: looking at your face...

lisaf_uk: Glazed

annasteele_16: eyes closed and lips parted slightly in pleasure..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmmm well used

lisaf_uk: Bliss

annasteele_16: give you a last few thrusts till the shaking of your legs stop

annasteele_16: and stay still inside you..

annasteele_16: pulling out slowly..

lisaf_uk: Drained

lisaf_uk: Limp

annasteele_16: letting your pussy stretch for me..

lisaf_uk: Still shakimg

annasteele_16: lie beside you and take you in my arms

annasteele_16: our bodies sweaty

lisaf_uk: Mmmmm cuddles in

annasteele_16: your head on my chest

lisaf_uk: Breathing heavily

annasteele_16: my arms tight around you

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmmm nestled

lisaf_uk: Love the after sex cuddles

annasteele_16: stroking your beautiful hair..

lisaf_uk: So happy to be with you

annasteele_16: and your legs and hip..

annasteele_16: will have to give your pussy a massage tomorrow for all that pain..

annasteele_16: but now you can sleep if you want..

lisaf_uk: Mmmmmmmm loving your caring

annasteele_16: kisses your forehead..

annasteele_16: and holding you tightly closes my eyes..

lisaf_uk: (Thank u anna, that was awesome)


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