Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Its a collection of stories of cyber sex like m/f, f/f. Enjoy my horny readers..;p


Its a collection of stories of cyber sex like m/f, f/f. Enjoy my horny readers..;p

Chapter1 (v.1) - REAL CYBER SEX

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Its a collection of stories of cyber sex like m/f, f/f. Enjoy my horny readers..;p

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 22, 2013



Chapter : 1

annasteele>  would you like to be tied up and then used like a slut?

<loves2squirt>  I'm usually more dom than sub so i have never tried it but maybe ;) lol

<annasteele>  yeah..? i have tried both..its fun..

<annasteele>  like to be controlled and to control..

<annasteele>  its a fight of will power thats all

<loves2squirt>  lol mmmm sounds sexy! ;p

<annasteele>  so wanna see who can win at dominating the other..

<loves2squirt>  sure! lol

<annasteele>  i think that can be fun

<loves2squirt>  yes def ;)

<annasteele>  whats your name honey?

<loves2squirt>  nikki

<annasteele>  thats a beautiful name.

<annasteele>  not here though..

<annasteele>  yahoo?

<loves2squirt>  damn, i dont have yahoo or anything, just on here

<annasteele>  okay then..

<annasteele>  i push you against the wall..taking your hands i put them above your head..holding them together with my one hand and kiss you..

<annasteele>  hard

* loves2squirt feeling your soft lips on mine..squirming under your grip...getting wetter every second

* annasteele  bites your lip then pushes my tongue inside you mouth..mouthing your mouth

* loves2squirt loving every second of it, i get a hand free and spank your clit...

<annasteele>  (how can you spank my clit?)

<loves2squirt>  with my hand lol

<annasteele>  ( can my clit be spanked!)

* annasteele  kisses you hard teasing your tongue and biting it

* loves2squirt  i flip you around against the wal, pinning you down...and start nibbiling on your kneck

<loves2squirt> **neck

* annasteele  exposes my neck and cups your ass with both hands and start massaging them

* loves2squirt  mmm babe…I'm so wet lol...squeezing your tits as i kiss your neck..biting your sholder gently

* annasteele  pushes down your panties and start fingering your clit, massaging it slowly

* loves2squirt  ohh babe...its been a little bit so it probably wont take long for the first one

* annasteele  fists your hair and pulling it back i take one exposed nipple in my mouth and bite it hard

* loves2squirt oh god babe!

* annasteele  bends you more backwards by supporting your clit with my other hand and suck that bitten nipple hard

* annasteele  says ''do you like it honey?''

* loves2squirt  dont stopp...i want to cum bad

* loves2squirt  yes!!

* annasteele  takes you nipple between my teeth and flicks my tongue on it, my teeth also biting hard against your skin

* annasteele  says "do you like it babe when i go rough on you?''

* loves2squirt  yes baby! i love it!

* annasteele  meanwhile massaging your clit, your pussy juices wetting my fingers

* loves2squirt  holy getting  closer babe...

* annasteele  flicking your clit and massaging it slow and hard and slow and fast

* loves2squirt  oh god!!!!

<loves2squirt>  so close!

* annasteele  says'' cum for me babe" i say with my mouth full of your breast

<loves2squirt>  mmmhhmm!! fuck i m

<loves2squirt>  cumming!

* annasteele  says "cum baby cum" i say as i tease your pussy entrance with my finger

<loves2squirt>  fuck mee!

* annasteele  takes you in my arms as you cum

* annasteele  kissing your neck

* annasteele  carries you to the bed and sets you on it with your ass on the edge of the bed

* loves2squirt  ohhh damn...

* loves2squirt  wow....

* annasteele  before you can catch your breadth i start mouthing your pretty pink pussy

* loves2squirt  fuck! thats soo good!

* annasteele  says "how was it babe?" looking up from your pussy, sitting on the ground, and smirking

* annasteele  and b4 you can reply i start flicking your clit with my tongue again

* loves2squirt  it was awsome! i moan out

* loves2squirt  clamping your head with my thighs

* annasteele  says "yeah baby?"

* annasteele  and pushes my tongue inside your pussy

* loves2squirt  holy shit know exactly how to make me cum...

* annasteele  " say my name baby" i say as i take my tongue out from your pussy for once and talking around your clit so that you can feel my lips moving against it

* loves2squirt  mmm fuck yess anna!

* loves2squirt  make me squirt again...

* annasteele  says "say it again!" saying it the same way as before

* annasteele  and pushes my tongue back inside your pussy

* loves2squirt  fuck yes anna!!!

* annasteele  says "baby i love it when you moan my name!"

* loves2squirt  mmm anna i moan..your soo good!

* annasteele  ''do you want me to make you cum again?''

* loves2squirt  please anna...

* loves2squirt  please make me cum anna

* annasteele  fuck you with my tongue, by hardening it, then sending it in deep inside your pussy as far as it goes then taking back out, then again in, again out

* annasteele  deep in, out, deep in, out

* annasteele  again and again and again

* annasteele  ocassionally flicking your clit with my tongue, when out of your pussy, massaging it babe

* loves2squirt  yes babe, dont stop anna..make me cum!

* annasteele  taking the clit between my teeth gently and sucking on it

* annasteele  then again that deep in and out, again and again and again

* loves2squirt  mmm anna! im getting close again!

* annasteele  says ''cum for me baby, cum for your miss anna''

* annasteele  says ''fill my mouth with your cum babe''

* loves2squirt  oh anna im gonna cum!

<loves2squirt>  oh anna!

<loves2squirt>  im  ccumming!

* annasteele  sucks off all your cum from you pussy, sucking it all the way in my mouth swallowing it

* annasteele  tonguing your pussy as you cum

* loves2squirt  oh god anna....

* annasteele  licking it clean paying speacial attention to you clit as that is very sensitive now

* loves2squirt  squirming as you lick my clit...

* annasteele  says ''you taste amazing babe so sweet like honey''

* loves2squirt  mmmmm so fucking good! your tongue is amazing lol

* annasteele  comes and lies down beside you on the bed and takes you in my arms

* annasteele  touching your amazing breasts, softly caressing them

* loves2squirt  ohh anna...its so good baby

<annasteele>  did you cum baby?

<loves2squirt>  oh yes i came hard lol

<loves2squirt>  squirted on my computer lol

<annasteele>  really?

<annasteele>  you are really hot babe got me so wet for you..

<loves2squirt>  thank you got me very wet lol, made a mess ;)

<annasteele>  no need to say thanx i enjoyed it too

<annasteele>  you are amazing i just want to fuck you more and more  until you pass out i guess

<loves2squirt>  oh i would love that soo much!

<annasteele>  i havent even tied you up yet..

<annasteele>  not even feasted on your magnificent breasts..

<loves2squirt>  oh in for it aren't i?

<annasteele>  im in, if you are?

<loves2squirt>  oh yes!!

<annasteele>  yeah..want to take it slow nikki?

<loves2squirt>  its up to you baby you are in control of me...

<annasteele>  let me think..these past two orgasm of yours were fast and hard..

<annasteele>  i want to see how the slow one goes

<loves2squirt>  ok baby ;)

<annasteele>  you dont need to go anywhere soon do you?

<annasteele>  coz this can take time

<loves2squirt>  mmm good, no i am staying right here ;)

<annasteele>  good girl..x 

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