Sex in the friend zone....Part two

Sex in the friend zone....Part two Sex in the friend zone....Part two

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After ten years of lusting after her dream man, Hannah finally gets the fuck she as always wanted, but what lays ahead for the best friends?


After ten years of lusting after her dream man, Hannah finally gets the fuck she as always wanted, but what lays ahead for the best friends?


Submitted: April 05, 2014

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Submitted: April 05, 2014



So people let me fill you in on the latest gossip so after ten years and a drama from me you know my boyfriend James splitting with me,well my best friend and the love of my life came to be the knight in shining armour, well the vodka was flowing and I guess we both became way to confident and Dan decided a game of true of false,

This game lead me and Dan to let ten years of built up passsion explode all over each other now its two days after the deed and things are quite awkward with us,

So his chipminuk sounding girlfriend decided she should surprise him and turn up to London, fucking idiot so this as ment Dan as gone to join her in the hotel,

Deep down I am gutted Dan left very quickly with my pussy jucie still all over his hands and cock and mouth to meet her and now I havent heard anything from him,

I sit wondering what he his doing then I relive what we did together and man it is fucking hot I am throbbing so bad here, my mobile bleeps this means I have a text, I suppose its probably James but I am wrong and my heart beats so badly when I see Dans name,


"Hiya Hannah, Look sorry not been in touch been hectic with Rach coming she had some surprises lined up for me, a bit like you the other night and we need to talk about that, I can't stop thinking of what we did and what you let me do to you, so got a idea cause I want to see you, this is going to sound dodgy but I want you to meet Rach and I at our hotel Grange park, I wanna see you xx"

So lets look at this text he sends it now, he must be horny and lets face it the chipmunk girlfriend cant do the things I did, but how long does it take to send a text?

And this whole meal thing there is no way what so ever I will sit opposite Romeo and Juliet pretending I like her and knowing that two nights ago her boyfriend was pounding my ass,

"Oh here he is! tell me Dan how long does a text take? you have left me feeling so shit, but I want to see you as well, can you possibly book a extra seat at the lunch table got a date and may as well go double xx"

I know this is bitchy but he left me feeling shitty not hearing from him and then him to text and suggest I sit with him and his girlfriend that is way below the belt, but my plan is my gay mate Paul now to look at him you would never guess he was gay at all, took me six months to find out, but Paul will do anything for me and a free meal, 

I fill Paul in with what Dan and I did and he is loving the drama, hes happy to act as my date and play along with our story, and he as said if I throw a free night at the top bars in London he will even throw some cheeky kisses in.

We arrive at the Grange I am feeling very fucking horny and feeling so sexy think that is down to the make over that Paul as given me, I am wearing a mint green mini summer dress, which Paul says brings out my amazing tan and he does my hair up for me, and he makes mw goe braless because when I am cold you can see the nipples ercet on me,

Paul holds my hand into the hotel its really busy in there and we spot Dan who is messing with his phone and Rach on her phone, 

"Hello," the chipmunk screams bring the whole hotel bar to a stand still, Paul grips my hand I know what he his thinking then I see Dan giving Paul death stares,Paul his a very good actor and I can tell Dan as not clicked he his gay I sit opposite Dan who is still starring away at Paul, 

"I have heard so much about you" says Paul to Dan, Dan smiles slighty and looks at me I look at Rach who is looking at herself in the mirror pouting applying her lipstick, so I lean back in my chair giving a streach, in the light doing this Dan would see my nakad tits.

He bites his lip and I remove my shoe and work my foot up his leg, at this point Paul places his arm over me and pulls my chin to his face, the cheeky fucker is going in for a cheeky kiss and I let him still running my foot up Dans leg, I feel him grab my leg under the table his grip gets tighter the longer Paul touches me,

"Oh my god you two need a room" the chipmunk chirps in and Paul turns to her I love Paul he his smart and funny and knows what hes doing, 

"Sweetheart, if I could skip lunch no offence I would be dragging this girl to a room, the things she does to a man" I stopped him there and placed my hand on his lap I could see Dan getting mad

"Sorry people, can you just excuse me while I nip to the ladies and quickly give my mum a call back its super important" this was my excuse to leave the table to see if Dan would follow,

I walked away slowly and turned back Dans eyes were fixed on me, I walked down the dim lit corridor towards the ladies toilets, 

"Where the fuck are you going" and he followed me, I was excited deep inside but I had to be mad to him,

He came towards me with that fast pace and look in his eye like when he wanted to finger me, my heart was beating so fast and I knew we could get caught but I know that Paul will amuse Rach,

"Take me to your room now" I snap at him he grabs my hand tight and pulls me into the waiting lift,

"So who is the man with you?" he barks at me I think I have made him mad just what I was wanting.

The bedroom is opposite the lift and he picks me up and carrys me in, I let out a little play full scream as he throws me on the bed,

I put my legs up in the air and spread them wide apart not taking my eyes from him, I could see he was getting hard and we did'nt have long, I place a finger into my knickers and rub myself quite hard, my breath becomes short and fast, 

"Take my knickers off Dan" I demand, 

He attempts to go in with his hands to remove them but I stop him quickly, 

"Use your mouth babe, take this as your starter" 

I felt his warm breath between my legs he was making me wet once again, I couldnt control my moving around so it was making it harder for him, he got the knickers to my knees, and looked down at me I flashed him a naughty smile and he smiled back to.

"Eat your starter baby, I hear the cunt tastes good" oh yes I can be very naughty when I want and it was a starter that he was eager for,

He parted my pussy lips and used a great powerful force with his tongue I could feel the mini rockets expolde deep within, I moaned out and then his tongue was in my and then I felt that pain he had used my dripping pussy juices to lube my ass and inserted his fingers into my ass, I was fucking loving it and wanted to carry on but we had to get back to lunch quickly, 

I checked Dan over and made him wash his mouth and hands and sorted myself out,

"So what about your date Hannah" he said quitley 

I paused and smiled at him and said "The thing is Paul is my gay best friend, and well he is downstairs he will force your chipmunk with so many shots she will pass out before dessert and then well, you are going to fuck me so hard for desserts"

On that note I left the room, I could hear Dan laughing I rejoined the table and the chipmunk was almost drunk, I looked at Paul gave him a wink, and looked at the chipmunk,

"Oh Hannah, this man is a bad influence on me, where is Dan" I looked at her blank and quickly replied, "Just going to ask you the same question"

Dan rejoined us and all the way through the meal he watched me and my every move, then he pointed to my phone making out there was a text, I looked it was from him,

"Hurry up eating, and let me get this daft cow to bed great plan by the way you naughty woman, and for that I will smash you so hard I will make your pussy squirt, I am rock hard for you xxxxxxx"

I gave a sly smile cant give the game away so I place my foot inbetween his lap and teased his bulge, and replied to him.

"If you want to see the suprise under the table look under! and I cant wait and hope you follow through saying you will make me squirt, I want you in me and all over me xxxxx"

The surprise for when he looked would be my pussy looking at him, I needed to keep him motivated for me, the the chipmunk stood up, well tried to, she looked at Dan and said she had to go bed she had drank to many shots,

Half an hour later Dan returned and looked at Paul and gave him £100 quid and grinned, 

"Well thanks for that pal, hope you have a great night you two naughty fuckers" said Paul taking the money and sorting out his night out, 

"I have booked us a room Hannah, and Rach is sound out dead to the world" said Dan eager to get me upstairs,

I waited in the bedroom as Dan was in the bathroom, then he walked in all masculine,

"So Hannah, you always like to be incharge I see, well for the stunt pulled today I am incharge of what happens" I rolled my eyes at him trying to be bossy toward me, 

"So what do you want Dan?" I said expecting him to say a blow job, 

"I want you to sit on my face and I dont want you to moan while I am fucking you with my mouth" I looked at him now he knew what he was doing with that tongue and I was up for a challange,

I did as I was told knowing it would be hard not to moan with him, 

I held a tight grip on the head board and he gripped my hips smashing my pussy over his mouth, I took a deep breath in holding it for as long as I could remember feeling the pounding from his mouth it was hard for me not to let out a little cry and I felt the pools of wetness escaping me, 

Then he lifted me up and made me lay down, he took his pants off showing me his monster erection, I lay back and put my fingers inside but he had made me wet enough and easy to slide in, the on the second attempt he was buried deep inside, thrusting away and moaning loudly, the, I felt the little signs that I wanted to cum, and it would be soon I called out to him,

Then all of a sudden he pulled out and my juices sprayed him all over, he bent down over me and whispered,

"The cunt is well recommended....................

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