Werecat Avenue

Werecat Avenue

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction. Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.


Gretchen is a Werecat. She live in Louisiana in the first ever subdivision just for paranormal's like herself. She meets Adrian at the night cub she works at and there is an immediate attraction.
Adrian is the Fae enforcer his job is to capture and apprehend Fae that escape prison. His is sent to capture a Far named Camilla. He soon realizes this isn't just any ordinary job.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Werecat Avenue

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Gretchen a werecat meets Adrian a Fae enforcer at the club she works at in New Orleans. She is immediately drawn to him, but she maintains a no dating customers rule. Will she take a chance and ignore the rules?<br /> <br /> <br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 26, 2012



Chapter 1


"Are you sure this is a good idea sweetheart?" Gretchen's mother, Alice, said. Towering above Gretchen at six feet, Alice was very thin, with black hair with white blonde streaks. Gretchen spent her life always wondering why she got the short gene.

Gretchen was your everyday Werecat. She had blonde hair with dark auburn all-natural streaks, not a dye job. She stood at 5'5 and a healthy 120 pounds. She had violet eyes, which ran, in her family. Momma cat had them too.

"Mom, relax I’m twenty-two years old, I'm not a kitten anymore. Besides, I get nine lives. What’s the worst that can happen?"

Gretchen just moved into her small house on Werecat Avenue. It was the first ever subdivision just for paranormal beings. The world knew about all the things that go bump in the night. They just didn’t like it on their street. The City of New Orleans was happy to have one of the uninhabitable neighborhoods fixed up with brand new homes.  The Council of Paranormal Beings built houses of all sizes for its members to buy at cost.

"Don't even joke about that,” said Alice. “You may have nine lives but nobody wants to use them. When they are gone, they are gone you know."

"I know mom. I'm sorry. It was a bad joke. Come on, it’s only a short drive away.” Gretchen looked at her mom with her supermodel looks and wondered why she looked nothing like her mom, aside from the eyes. Gretchen gave her a hug, and inhaled. Her mother always smelled like green apple lotion.

"Mom I appreciate you stopping by, but I think I need a little cat nap. I have to work tonight." Gretchen yawned, feeling tired after the long day of moving.

"Are you sure I can’t help with anything?"

"No I'll be fine."

"Ok then," Alice gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek as she left. She was still worried this whole thing wasn’t a good idea. Mostly Werecats live at home until mated. She didn’t know why her daughter had this need to be so independent.

Gretchen walked into her room to take a nap. Her bed consisted of a mattress and box spring on the floor for right now. She pulled out some bedding and made her bed. Lying down, she quickly fell asleep.


Gretchen walked into "Bite Me", the club where she worked, located in the French quarter. A vampire owned the club and business always seemed to be good. Most of the staff consisted of paranormals.

It was a busy Saturday night, and she knew it was going to be a long one. Loud music was thumping in the background. The club had a modern red and black decor, with a standard dance floor, something you would find at any club. It smelled of sweat, alcohol, and money.

"Hey Laya, how’s the night going?" Laya also lived in the same neighborhood as Gretchen. She was a witch and werewolf hybrid. She was short at 5'2 and was very curvy with bleached blonde hair. Gretchen always thought she looked like a short Barbie doll with boobs.

" Great night so far. Tips are rolling in. Oh, you moved in your new place right? How is it?"

"Not much more than boxes everywhere, but I want to check out a few thrift shops tomorrow to help furnish it."

"Mind if I tag along? I need a few things for my place as well."

"That sounds great. I would like the company." Gretchen went to the employee changing room to get ready for her shift. She changed into the uniform they were required to wear, tight shirt and short- shorts, kind of a hooters girl type outfit.  She had on a comfy pair of black sketchers but no one ever looked at her feet. The customers rarely looked below her chest. Gretchen found the whole thing demeaning but her tips were good, so she put up with it. She got her table assignments and entered the club.

She spotted a man entering the club. A very large man, all muscle, with short brown hair spiked on top. He had piercing green eyes. So tall, she had never seen a man look so yummy. Please sit in my section; please sit in my section she thought. Yessss! She approached his table a little nervously.

"Hi my name is Gretchen I'll be waiting on you tonight. What can I get you?” Perhaps me, naked on your bed, Gretchen thought. His eyebrows went up almost like he knew what she was thinking.

"That is a beautiful name, Gretchen."

"Thanks, what can I get you?”

"Scotch on the rocks, top shelf."

"Right away, sir." As she wrote down his order she couldn’t help but notice how good he smelled. She wondered if that was his natural scent or really great cologne.

"Call me Adrian."

"Right away Adrian," Gretchen corrected, walking away thinking how she wanted to ride him like a pogo stick. She was a virgin but a girl could still dream. Werecat females were usually aggressive and took what they wanted. As much as Gretchen would love some alone time with Adrian, she knew she couldn’t.

Gretchen could feel Adrian’s eyes on her as she fetched his drink. She slowly walked back to his table, smiling.

"Here is your drink, Adrian. Is there anything else you need?" Gretchen asked.  As she set the drink down, he reached for it, lightly brushing her hand. She pulled back and stared at him for a moment. Gretchen couldn’t help but be captivated by him; his touch sent shivers through her whole body. She had an intense urge to mark him as hers, run naked through the forest, shift and climb a tree. How odd.

"What time do you get off work?"

“I’m sorry I have to get back to work.”

“Is that your answer?” Adrian asked as he gave off a scent of arousal Gretchen could sense.

“The only answer you’re going to get, I don’t date customers.”

Gretchen walked away. She had other tables to tend to. It turned out to be a hectic night, lots of grabby college students, and horny old men, but she could handle it and the money was good. When she went back to Adrian’s table he had already finished his first drink. She took his empty drink and he ordered another one. She walked away noticing two women ogling him from across the bar.  As she put in his drink order she notice the two women approach his table and walk away disappointed. Ha ha, bitches take that. He’s mine. She quickly brought back his drink to the table.

“Anything else I can bring you.”

“Your phone number would be great.”

“You don’t give up do you?”

“Not easily,” Adrian said as he took her hand in his. She pulled away.

“I gotta get back. Enjoy your drink.”

Adrian watched all the humans as they danced on the dance floor. The air was perfumed with sexual energy. It was ripe for him to feed. He closed his eyes and opened up himself to receive the energy that was everywhere. He took a little from everyone in the club who was experiencing any kind of sexual feelings at that moment. It was like a nice appetizer it just made him hungrier for more. Adrian walked the club as he watched Gretchen work. She had a drink in her hand as he watched her walk out the back exit that led to the alley behind the club. He followed her to where she was sitting at a small table with a couple fold up chairs around it. This must be where the employees took their breaks. He approached her and she stood up as soon as she saw him.

“What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you.”

“Why would you do that? There are plenty of women in the club who would love to take you home.”

“But they are nothing compared to you.”

 Adrian looked at her with lust in his eyes. He imagined what it would feel like to bury his cock in her; bring her to one orgasm after another. As he took her hand in his, she felt the warmth of his hand and felt incredibly aroused just from his touch. She’d had dates in the past but never had she responded to a man like this. He came closer to her and brushed her lips with his and then kissed her. A soft moan escaped her lips as she parted her mouth for him. He began tasting her with his tongue and his cock became rock hard as he pressed himself against her. Gretchen pulled away out of breath as her eyes began glowing.

“I’m sorry I can’t do this.” Gretchen ran back into the club leaving Adrian out in the back alley alone.

A few minutes later after Adrian left Gretchen was clearing the table, she smiled when she saw that he had left a one hundred dollar tip and a card with nothing but his name and number. She put the card in her pocket but had no intention of ever calling. It was fun imagining what it would actually be like to go out with him.


Adrian stood outside the front of the club after kissing Gretchen. The emotion coming off of her was extraordinary. It felt like home. He knew it just couldn’t be, he was Fae. He had left the homeland over a century before. It just didn’t make sense but he knew one thing; he had to see her again. He started to walk toward his car when the two women from the club approached him.

“You going home alone, good looking?”

“Yes I am.” He smiled looking at the woman. She wasn’t Gretchen, but he still needed to feed. Once a week he needed to take in sexual energy. He could take it passively, or he could take part and feed during sex. He almost always preferred the direct route.

“My girlfriend and I were wondering if you would like to come back to our place for a drink,”

“It would be my pleasure ladies.” He smiled unenthusiastically.

Adrian sat in a small but nicely decorated apartment. He usually was quite happy feeding off the sexual energy of mortal women, but his mind kept going back to Gretchen. She felt like home. Like one of his kind, and he still didn’t know why. He worked as an enforcer so he normally didn’t have much contact with his own kind other than capturing and sending them back to the other realm. He watched the two women fetch him a drink. They smelled like alcohol and cheap perfume and they were pleasant enough to look at. One had blonde hair the other one black short hair with a more natural figure. Tonight he decided he would just feed passively.

“Here you go. All I have left is a beer.”

“This is great, thanks.”

“My name is Delanie,” said the blonde, giving him a sex kitten smile.

“And what is your name?” Adrian asked the black haired woman.

“My name is Rain,” she said stiffly as she drank her beer.

Adrian walked over to Rain and stared her in the eyes. He took her hand. You will let loose tonight, you find Delanie incredibly attractive and will act on it. You will make passionate love to her like there is no one else in the room.  “It is very nice to meet you Rain. Your name is a very nature-like, and I love nature.

“Thanks, I think.”

Adrian could sense Delanie’s arousal; all she needed was a push. He walked over to her and took her by the hand. You find Rain so sexy you have to have her and will cherish her always. “I think it would be more comfortable if you sat by Rain,” Adrian suggested.

“I think you’re right,” she said as she sat with her friend.

The two friends started to hold hands; then they started kissing. Adrian sat back and began to take in the energy, but not too much at once. He had a feeling they would be going at it for a while. He drank his beer, not really enjoying what he was watching. A different girl every night was getting old. Perhaps it was time to visit home for a bit to reconnect with his people.


Seelie Court: Other Realm

Leona sat at her desk overlooking the valley in the Other Realm where most Fae lived. She wore the typical Fae attire: flowers in her hair and a blue flower petal dress. The open window let in a nice fresh breeze while she worked. She was the Seelie Queen’s personal assistant. Today’s task was to go over prison records, and to issue warrants for those who escaped prison and fled to earth. Queen Brianna had recently imprisoned one of the ladies at court for sleeping with her husband, King Kieran. He was well known for having sex with anything that moved, men and women of the court. She managed to escape prison somehow. Many speculate the King helped her.

The Other realm was very much a matriarchal society. The Queen made all decisions. The King was the King in name only.  His only real job was to father the Queen’s children. Unfortunately, they had no children. The king was always kind to everyone he came in contact with. The Queen didn’t have that luxury and wasn’t much liked by the Fae.

She carefully wrote the name of the Fae woman being charged, Camille Maryweather. She folded the warrant and placed the Queen’s seal upon it, handing it to a servant to be sent to Adrian the enforcer.  Leona had known Camille when they were children; she just didn’t seem like the type to sleep with anyone’s husband. This whole situation just seemed strange to her.

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