Sally's Wolf MCV #3

Sally's Wolf MCV #3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After getting Abby back everything had gone back to normal sort of. Sally has started spending a lot of time with Connor a werewolf. Connor wants to be more than friends, is he the one for her or is there someone else out there for her.


After getting Abby back everything had gone back to normal sort of. Sally has started spending a lot of time with Connor a werewolf.

Connor wants to be more than friends, is he the one for her or is there someone else out there for her.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sally's Seduction MCV #3

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After getting Abby back everything had gone back to normal sort of. Sally has started spending a lot of time with Connor a werewolf.<br /> <br /> Connor wants to be more than friends, is he the one for her or is there someone else out there for her.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 27, 2012




Egypt, 52 BCE, September

“Salihah it’s time to wake up and feed.”

Dakarai was an ancient Vampire — older than time itself. He had tan skin, a unique feature for a vampire, as he had been a laborer before his turn. His skin had always been a very dark tan and now was the perfect shade of gold. He was a tall, towering at 6’3 with black hair and brown eyes. He saw Salihah and thought she would make an excellent Vampire and Mate. He turned her only a couple days ago, and so far she wanted to die and refused to eat. If she didn’t eat soon she would go on a killing rampage.

“You ruined me. You separated my Ba from my Ha. I will never walk the afterlife. I am a walking corpse!” “I brought you a present. This is Ebo; he has agreed to feed you. I will be back tomorrow.”

“I will never drink the blood of another; you are a creature of the night, worshiper of Apep.”

Dakarai left the tomb hoping Salihah would feel differently tomorrow. He knew she would make an excellent mate given some time. Salihah started praying to her god of the underworld, she hoped he would take pity and allow her to die and join her soul.

“Dear gods, Osiris help me to pass into the underworld, help me to leave this undead existence.” She was on her knees as she prayed. Salihah noticed the boy was in the corner staring at her. He looked frightened; she could smell his blood pumping through his veins, calling out to her.

“Please Osiris, help me, I can’t hold on much longer.” She lay on the dirt floor and closed her eyes hoping she would find death in her sleep.

“Salihah get up!” She heard a loud voice in her head she quickly got up of the ground.

“Who’s there?” Salihah yelled. Out of nowhere an image of a man appeared. At first he was like a ghost then became a solid form.

“I am Osiris. You summoned me in your prayers.” Osiris was like a dream, white soft fabric covered his lower body and his features were strong and chiseled.

“Please take me, take me to be united with my Ba, take me to the afterlife. Please help me Osiris.”

“You my child are still alive. Your Ba is still quite intact, you are just on another journey, and there is nothing to fear. You will one day eventually die. It will just take much longer. Do not fear, drink from the young man, and take his life-force inside you. Live a happy and long Vampire life, live a life of the night.” Osiris disappeared in the same fashion he appeared. Salihah took off her wig, her hair was practically shaved bald but she didn’t care. She walked over to Ebo. As much as she didn’t want to, her god said it was okay so she would drink from him.

“Ebo, I’m ready to eat.” She stood waiting for him to come over to her. He was a handsome young man, shorter than her. He had dark skin and wore a traditional wig and a white kilt. He walked over to her looking very nervous.

“It will be okay, I won’t take too much, just a little.” She sat down and had him sit by her to make it easier. He removed his wig and moved his neck to the side, giving her access. Salihah could smell the sweetness of his blood, she could hear his heart beat in her ears. She could sense the way the blood flowed through his body making her fangs descended in anticipation. She struck quickly taking all he had to offer. He started to moan as his cock hardened and he started rubbing against her. She finished and sealed the wound with her saliva. She quickly moved away putting as much distance between them as she could.

“You can leave now, Ebo.”

“I want to stay with you.” Ebo said as he looked at her in awe.

“Please leave,” Salihah demanded.

Ebo obeyed and hurriedly ran out of the tomb. She decided she needed to leave before Dakarai returned. That crap he was spouting about her being his mate didn’t sit too well. Who did he think he was, the Pharaoh? Walking along the darkened tomb she could see almost as well as she did during the day. She approached the entrance with extra caution, she didn’t know what time of day it was and didn’t know if her kind could be out during the day. She had no idea of her abilities and what she could and couldn’t do. There was no way she would stick around to have Dakarai teach her. She would have to learn on her own. She saw it was dark out so she used her Vampire speed and ran out. This would be the beginning of her long undead life.

Chapter 1

Sally sat in the salon chair after getting her hair straightened for the first time. She had dark Egyptian skin, black hair, and almond shaped dark brown eyes. She always chose to wear her hair in its natural state of spiral curls, but today decided on a whim to see what it would look like straightened. She wasn’t sure how she felt about her hair yet. She knew a lot of women with her dark skin color liked a straight hairstyle.

“So, Miss Sally, how do you feel about your new hairdo?” asked Lanie, her hairdresser.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t really look like myself.” She touched her hair and started shaking it from side to side.

“It will take some getting used to, I think you look cute as a button.” Sally studied herself in the mirror. With her hair cut straight across just above her shoulders, she thought she looked more like she did when she wore a wig before her turn.

“I think I will get used to it and love it,” she smiled.

“I’m so glad you think so, I was worried you hated it. Would you consider a change in hair color?”

“Thanks, Lanie you’re a doll, but I think one change at a time is all I can handle.”

Sally got up to leave and noticed that Abby was just walking into the Salon. Abby was now six months pregnant and had a small baby bump showing. The pregnancy definitely agreed with her — she had that glow women in her condition were rumored to have. She was wearing a floral sundress, since the weather in Michigan had finally decided it was, indeed, summer. Abby ran up to Sally. ,

“Sally, I didn’t know you were coming here today, I love your hair, it’s so cute.”

“Thanks. Where is Javon this evening?”

“Parking the car, I don’t know why he insists on tagging along.”

“I do, he’s a paranoid Vampire daddy to be.”

“So does your new hairdo have anything to do with your date with the sexy wolf Connor?”

“It’s not a date. We’re just getting to know each other, friends, that’s it.” Sally could feel warmth in her face, if she could blush her face would be beet red. She liked Connor, he was a hot werewolf, she just wasn’t sure it was going anywhere besides friendship.

“Well, you look hot with your new hair, enjoy your non-date.” Sally gave Abby a kiss and hug goodbye as she left the salon. It was a warm evening and she was glad she chose to wear a sexy tank top and flowing knee length skirt. She wished her breasts were bigger, but it allowed her to go braless on occasions like this.


Connor was waiting at the restaurant Sally chose, he wanted to pick her up, but she insisted this wasn’t a date so they should just meet somewhere. It was a Japanese restaurant; he’d never eaten Japanese before. He was hoping they had steak. He saw her enter the restaurant and was shocked to see she had changed her hair.

“Sally you look stunning, you changed your hair. Did you get fancied up just for me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself wolf boy. I’m still not sure if I like it. It’s so different from what I’m used to.”

“You look beautiful no matter what.” Connor said with a smile. He noticed the heat in her eyes when he gave her a compliment. She sat down at the table with him. Connor noticed her scent of Jasmine and exotic spices, he breathed in deeply hoping she didn’t notice, he could take in her scent all day long.

“Shall we order, or would you rather smell me some more?” Sally laughed as she looked over the menu. Connor turned red from embarrassment.

“Sorry, you just smell so good, I looked at the menu before you came but I have never eaten this sushi stuff before, I usually stick with steak, I don’t know what’s good.”

“Leave it to me. I’ll order for us.”

The waitress approached the table and they both ordered drinks. Sally ordered a variety of food for them both to try.

“My favorites are the veggie ones but I ordered some others for you to try, too.”

Connor looked over at Sally nervously “So, Sally I really enjoy the time we spend together.”

“I do too, it’s so nice to finally have a good friend to spend time with.”

“I was thinking maybe it’s time to take our friendship to the next level, you know, more than friends.”

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting this conversation today, I like things the way they are.” Sally said as she took a sip of her diet pop.

“It’s the Werewolf thing isn’t it?” Connor asked.

“Well, Werewolves and Vampires just don’t mate.” Sally stated plainly.

“I don’t care what, anyone thinks or what has been done in the past. I want you, I’m falling for you.”

Sally was happy the food arrived. She was so stunned she couldn’t think what to say. She liked Connor. She just wasn’t sure a relationship was something she wanted to pursue.

“Let’s eat. We can talk about this later.” Connor was disappointed; he thought for sure she felt the same way he did. He looked at the food in front of him not sure what to think, it didn’t look quite edible to him. Sally attempted to show him how to use his chopsticks, but in the end he used the ones made for the little kids. Despite his initial hesitation he was surprised how much he enjoyed the sushi; he was a big eater so they ended up ordering a lot more. By the end of the evening he was stuffed and had the bill to prove it.


“I have an appointment with Sarah.” Dakarai said to the receptionist at the Massage Parlor. It was a pleasant night in San Francisco’s Chinatown. He had been coming to the same place every Friday for a month for his feeding. Sarah reminded him of his Salihah; he would only feed from her.

“She is still with another client; it will be about ten more minutes.” Dakarai sat down in one of the flimsy waiting room chairs. He watched as men came out from the back room through the curtain all sweaty and with smiles of their faces. He tried not to think about the men she serviced before him; he needed to feed.

“Dakarai, Sarah is ready for you now, room five.” He got up and walked through the curtain that led to all the rooms. As he walked by he could hear men moaning as they received their pleasure from the other employees. He walked into room five, as Sarah was just finishing getting the table cleaned and ready.

“Are you ready for me?” asked Dakarai as he entered the massage room.

“Yes, what would you like today?” Sarah was of Asian and African heritage. She was only about 5’3 with short black hair. She wore a bikini top and bottom the same as all the women who worked there.

“The usual.” He took off his clothes and lay on his back on the table. He paid her very well to give him services no one else got. Sarah took off her top and started giving him a massage with various oils as her breast swayed back and forth. When she started rubbing his chest he moaned and didn’t even bother hiding his fangs, he reached out and fondled her breast as she continued to work her way around his body. His erection was hard and ready for her.

“I’m ready,” he moaned. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and started sucking hard and fast; it didn’t take long before he spilled his seed into her mouth, moaning as he released everything he had. She spit it out into the sink nearby and rinsed her mouth with mouthwash. When she finished she sat next to the table moving her hair to the side giving him access to her neck for feeding. He sat up and struck quickly. The blood flowed into his mouth. It tasted bland and he could tell she wasn’t eating enough. He retracted his fangs and sealed the puncture holes with his saliva. He paid her the agreed upon amount, got dressed and left. He walked along the streets of Chinatown feeling a little better after having had some sexual release and a feeding. He had been looking for Salihah since the night she fled after her first feeding. He knew she had gone to America in the 1930’s but had been unable to locate her. He was walking past one of the Clubs that featured music that thumped loudly and poured out into the street. There were men and women dressed in strange outfits waiting to get into the club. He considered checking it out but kept walking. His phone started ringing. He looked at the caller ID and saw it was a number from out of the country.

“Hello?” Dakarai answered.

“I know what you are looking for,” said a strange voice on the other end.

“Is that right? And what exactly am I looking for mister whatever your name is?” Dakarai walked into a coffee shop and sat down as he continued his conversation.

“You can call me Maurice; I know you have been searching for a woman named Salihah.”

“You have my attention Maurice, what do you want?”

“The same thing you want, your woman back.”

“I help you locate Salihah and you help me get my Mary back. I will be in touch.” The phone went dead. Could it be true? Did someone really know where his love was after all this time? He put his phone away and decided to order a coffee and pastry. He sat for a few minutes when a text came through. All it said was go to Detroit Michigan. He immediately got up and left, it was time to go find Salihah.


Connor arrived at his pack meeting late as usual; they always met in the woods. Everyone liked to shift afterwards and hunt.

“You smell like a Vampire.” Anna whispered as he stood next to her. Anna was his younger sister and constantly worried his job with the vampires would corrupt him.

“It’s all part of the job baby sis.”

“You always smell like Vamp, couldn’t you at least take a shower.” Anna replied, making a face.

“I had dinner with Sally.”

“Again?” Anna asked as she tucked her auburn hair behind her ear. “Please tell me you’re not sleeping with her.”

“Don’t you worry about me, what did I miss so far?”

“Beowulf is trying to take Gunther’s mate — says he treats her badly and he wants her.”

“For crying out loud, if I wanted to listen to this kind of thing I’d sit at home and watch one of those smutty daytime talk shows.” Anna started laughing.

“Shhh, don’t let the Alpha hear you talk like that.”

“He hates me already. What do I care?” Connor stood by his sister half listening to the rest of pack business. When it was over it was party time. Everyone started eating and drinking. Connor stayed only a few minutes, then slipped away.

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