Motor City Vampires MCV #1

Motor City Vampires MCV #1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Abby meets Javon a Vampire near a bar in Detroit when she literally runs right into him. There is an immediate attraction. Javon knows Abby is the one for him, can he convince Abby he's the one for her too.


Abby meets Javon a Vampire near a bar in Detroit when she literally runs right into him. There is an immediate attraction. Javon knows Abby is the one for him, can he convince Abby he's the one for her too.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Motor City Vampires MCV #1

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Abby meets Javon a Vampire near a bar in Detroit when she literally runs right into him. There is an immediate attraction. Javon knows Abby is the one for him, can he convince Abby he's the one for her too.<br />

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Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 27, 2012



Chapter 1

“Are you okay, beautiful?”

 A hand came down and helped her up and handed her back her glasses. Once Abby was up she noticed whom she'd smacked into: the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen. She was taken aback, he was tall at six and a half feet, and he had very light porcelain skin, almost like a statue. He was very muscular under his fitted shirt and had dark brown hair curled at the end. He was wearing all black, and he wore it well.

“I’m fine, sorry I smacked into you. Running and high heels don’t mix I guess,” Abby said shyly, trying to get her bearings. She had been concentrating so much on not falling, she hadn’t look where she was going. She had to park down the block because it was a busy Friday night.

“Are you headed to the bar at the corner – Viper?” 

“Yeah, I’m meeting a friend. Are you headed there?”

“Yes, I was going to go for a drink.” 

As Abby and the handsome stranger walked to the bar together, he was making her nervous. She thought she could hear him inhale deeply, like he smelled her hair. She decided she must be mistaken and not to say anything. 

“Okay, well here we are, sorry again for running into you.” She thought it was too bad she was meeting Jenny; it would be nice to have a drink with him.

“Believe me when I say I am quite happy you smacked into me. Before we part ways I would like to know your name.”

“Abby Montgomery.”

“Well Abby, I am Javon Bouvier.  I will leave you to your date, and go have my drink”

“Not a date, just drinks with a friend.” She said with a smile not wanting him to think she had a date. She knew she probably didn’t have a chance with him but she couldn’t help but flirt a little. “Thanks for walking me. I am sorry again for running into you.”

Javon nodded and walked away to into the bar. She couldn’t help but admire the view as he walked away. He turned around and gave her a knowing smile as he sat at a barstool.

She started blushing as she walked into the bar. She just got caught checking him out.

Viper was a mix of all kinds of people, from bikers to college students. Abby was a little shy but wanted to start getting out more. She never thought of herself as a beauty, she only thought of herself as average looking, however, she did what she could to play up her assets. Standing at 5’5”, she had shoulder length blonde hair, which she had let down today and very pretty blue eyes, although they remained mostly obscured by her glasses. Abby always felt a little bigger than what she would like to be, but at a size twelve, she was by no means fat. She wore a low cut navy top with a not-too-short black skirt, having come straight from her job as a medical transcriptionist. She mostly worked at home, but had to meet with the doctors at the hospital in downtown Detroit once in a while.

Abby’s phone started ringing as soon as she sat down, "Sorry Abby, but I can't make it," Jenny apologized as soon as Abby answered her phone.

“Not again,” Abby complained. Jenny was her best friend and she loved her to death, but it seemed like she was always being blown off for whatever boyfriend Jenny had at the time. In many ways, Abby was jealous of her friend for having such an active social life.

"You've got to be kidding, I'm already waiting at the bar and I'm really looking forward to spending time with you!”

"I know Abby, I'll make it up to you, I promise. Jeff surprised me with a romantic night at home. I can't just blow him off," Jenny said.

Why not? You blow me off all the time! “You owe me, Jenny." As Abby shut her phone, her hopes for a fun evening were ruined. Now what? She sat down and ordered a drink.

As she looked up, she noticed Javon staring at her. Their eyes met, but he said nothing, only continued to study her intently with his piercing green eyes. She was surprised that he might possibly be interested in her. She turned around, searching for anyone else he could be looking at but found no one. He was seated a few stools away, but got up and moved over to sit next to her. 

“Mind If I sit, Abby? Until your friend arrives, of course.”

"Sure. She actually just called and cancelled though," Abby said, happy to have some company while she finished her drink. 

“That will give us more time to get to know each other.”

“I guess you’re right.”  She couldn't help but feel a strong attraction to him.

"So, Abby can I buy you a drink?"

"That would be great, but you’ll have to wait until I finish this one. You don’t mind do you?” Abby said with a teasing smile.

“Of course not. Shall we get a table with a little more privacy?”

"Okay." Abby nodded. As she walked to the table Javon chose in the corner of the bar, she felt her body come alive just being near him. He looked nervous and Abby couldn’t figure out why. He was the type of guy that could get anyone he wanted. As Abby sat at the table, she wasn’t sure what she should talk about. Small talk had never been her strong suit.”

“So, Abby, do you live in the area?”

“I work at home as a Medical Transcriptionist. This is actually closer to the Hospital where I was meeting some Doctors I work for.”

“Do you like it?” Javon asked as he reached out to hold her hand.

“I do, it’s nice being able to work in my PJ’s if I want to.” Abby laughed. “What about you? What do you do when you’re not picking up women from bars?”  

Javon held her hand as they talked; his tough was soft and a little rough at the same time. Abby noticed the warmth of his hand and his scent, she wondered if that was cologne he was wearing or his natural musky scent.

“Actually I’m in between jobs. I’ve made some good investments so I’m just figuring out my next business venture.”

“You’re not married are you? Because I won’t be your mistress if that’s what you’re after.” Abby was looking at him with a serious look on her face. She had seen too many of her girlfriends get tricked into dating married men.

“Oh, Abby you are a breath of fresh air.” Javon said as he laughed. “I have never been married. I would however like to see more of you very soon, I would love to get to know you better."

Abby just stared at Javon, not answering at first. Javon had a panicked look on his face.

"I think that would be fun." Abby wasn't sure what to think, but she was excited he wanted to see her again. Javon gave her a smile that melted her heart. Score! Hot guy just asked me out!

Abby smiled before she noticed that he was suddenly staring at someone across the room. She turned around to see who. There was a creepy looking man with shoulder length blond hair and sunglasses sitting at the bar looking their way. He seemed to be giving Javon a dirty look. His all-black leather trench coat gave him a sinister look.

“Who is that?” She asked. Javon look shocked at seeing the man, as if he knew him. 

“Nobody, he looks familiar, but I was mistaken. He was just checking you out.” 

The creepy man gave Javon an evil grin and made a hasty retreat. Abby and Javon continued talking before they finally exchanged numbers and made plans to go out the next night.

"I'll walk you to your car." As Javon and Abby walked out of the bar, Abby started to shiver as it was a cool night out. Javon noticed and put his arm around her. Her body reacted to his touch immediately. She wanted to feel more of it. She wanted to snuggle up to him like a warm teddy bear.

"Well this is my car," Abby said as they reached her car after a short walk. Staring into his green eyes, she didn't want the night to end. She was tempted to invite him home with her but decided against that idea.

If only he would kiss me, I would die a happy girl.

Before she could say another word, his lips brushed against hers. His body pressed against hers, pushing her back up against her car. She tasted him and couldn’t get enough. She felt her panties dampen as his tongue caressed hers. She could feel his impressive erection against her stomach. She wanted him like she had wanted no other man before. She felt his hands caressing her back as they kissed. He pulled away suddenly.

"I'll see you tomorrow; I can't wait for our date," Javon said with a sexy smile.

"That sounds like an excellent idea," Abby replied her voice husky with desire.


Javon arrived at Bloodlust, a local Vampire bar, after the kiss with Abby. He couldn't get the kiss he had shared with Abby out of his head. He feared his fangs would descend from his mouth, as her scent was so intoxicating. The taste of her was like nothing he had ever experienced in the 400 years since he was made a Vampire, and he wanted to be near her so badly it had taken everything he had to pull away. He headed directly to the VIP section where there were men and woman he could feed from. As he sat in the VIP section a skinny brunette approached.

 “I am Brittany, how can I serve you tonight?”

“No, I want the blonde over there.” 

Javon pointed to the other side of the room where a more robust woman with blonde curly hair was walking towards the employee lounge.

“That’s Joanne, I’ll see if she is available. Are you sure you’re not extra hungry? Two’s better than one.”

“No, I want Joanne,” Javon replied harshly.

“As you wish.” The brunette disappeared through the employee lounge. Moments later the blonde was at Javon’s table.

“You requested me?”

“Yes, are you available to serve me?”

“Yes, come this way.” 

The blonde led Javon toward one of the many private rooms. They were small, just large enough for a loveseat, an end table and a flat screen TV on the wall. As they entered the room Javon turned down the music. The blonde took off her jacket and moved her hair to give him access. He was instantly on her, piercing her with his fangs. She gasped then relaxed as the pleasure hit her. Javon drank from her, the warm liquid going down his throat, not at all as good as he imagined Abby would taste. The woman moaned as she reached her orgasm. Javon pulled his fangs out and licked the wound, sealing it. It did little to ease his bloodlust. He wanted Abby.


"Javon, you're home early," Sally, Javon's sire and best friend exclaimed. 

Javon had just arrived at his West Bloomfield Hills home, a well-to-do area just outside of Detroit. He had a very large home by one of the many lakes in the area. Being a Vampire for so long had its advantages. He’d had a very long time to acquire his wealth. 

Sally was an ancient Vampire compared to Javon, born around 52 BCE. She claimed not to remember the exact date, but Javon had it narrowed down. She had brown colored skin, shoulder length black hair, big brown eyes and a tall slender body. She was wearing a silver designer dress and looked right at home in the huge house by the lake.

"Yeah well I thought I would try and catch you at home." Javon didn't really feel like discussing Abby. The thought of her scent and the way he kissed her would likely bring on another rock hard erection, and he had other more pressing issues to discuss with Sally.

 “Maurice found me tonight.”

“Are you sure it was him? He hasn’t been seen in over a hundred years.”

“I was at a bar tonight having a drink, when I saw him staring right at me. He didn’t look too happy to see me”

“Did he approach you?”

“He left right after he spotted me.”

“I will let the Council know he has been spotted in town. There is nothing more we can do for now.”

Sally stared at Javon, suddenly noticing a change.

“You smell like a Human. Have you had relations with a female?”

“No, I just fed recently.”

“Javon, tell me, you smell of female arousal. A nice scent, too.”

“Fine. I met a female, we kissed, and I’m going to see her again tomorrow.” Javon replied sharply.

“Perhaps she will be your Eternal Mate. It would be nice if one of us got a mate eventually. I'm going to retire to my room; the sun will be up soon. You may join me, if you like." Sally secretly missed Javon spending the night with her. She thought of him like her child. She thought the possibility of finding an Eternal Mate was slim, and without an Eternal Mate she would never have a child of her own.

"No, thank you." Javon replied dryly.

"You used to sleep with me often, Javon. Why do you refuse me?"

"I'm not the young one I used to be. I'm not afraid anymore."

"I know. It was just nice to feel wanted." Sally replied sadly.

"You know, things have changed. You can't treat me like a child anymore."

"I will say good night then." Sally gave Javon a kiss on the cheek and left for her room.

"I will see you tomorrow evening." As Javon watched Sally walk away he couldn't help but think she really needed a mate or another young one to take care of. He knew Sally needed to feel wanted and useful. She had a maternal instinct, which wanted out. Javon, still thinking about Abby, walked to his room. The furnishings in his room were masculine with accents of dark wood, and a four-poster king size bed. His bedding had a pattern of amber, brown, and red on it, which Sally had picked out. He didn't really care for decorating. He had special black out shades on a timer to keep out the sun.

As the sun came up, Javon rested for the day in his darkened room.

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