Bent, Twisted and Perverted...

Bent, Twisted and Perverted... Bent, Twisted and Perverted...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


... Just another day at the office!


... Just another day at the office!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Bent, Twisted and Perverted...

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... Just another day at the office!<br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 06, 2011



Bent, Twisted and Perverted…

(Just another day at the office!)

Brenda was late for work… AGAIN!

She dashed down the road and through the double doors, giving Burt the security man a quick wave as she flew passed him.

As she waited impatiently for the elevator to descend, she could hear his chuckles, and the colour flooded her cheeks.

The doors whooshed open and she stepped inside the little tin box with a shaky sigh.

“Please let him be late too!” she whispered fervently, as she shot up to the top floor of the towering office block.

No such luck! Brenda was beginning to suspect that Patrick Farnly – her boss – lived here!

He was standing in his private office, with the door open, and obviously impatiently awaiting her arrival.

His blue eyes narrowed over her dishevelled appearance, her flushed cheeks and nervous brown eyes.

“Late AGAIN Miss Hampton!” he observed in his cold dispassionate voice that sent the chill right up her spine.

“I’m so sorry Mr Farnly… the bus was late… the queue was too long, and I couldn’t get on it when it did turn up… I… I had to walk all the way into town!”

“Hmmm…” he watched in annoyance as she dropped her bag on her desk and slipped her plain brown coat off her shoulders. He watched irritably as she pulled her little grey skirt straight, and tugged at her purple satin blouse.

She was a tall girl at just under six feet in height, but he was taller still.

Her bubbly brown hair hung down around her shoulders, and constantly fell over her eyes, always making her look slightly untidy, and flustered, as her nervous brown eyes peeped out anxiously at him through the messy locks.

Her buxom figure was just made for sex and sin… one of the reasons he had been reluctant to hire her in the first place…

“Well...” he sighed in resignation after a couple more moments studying her. “You know the rules... you’d better get yourself into my office... Pronto!”

Brenda gave a little sob and chewed at her bottom lip in open distress. “I really am so sorry!” she finally whispered.

“No apologies or excuses are accepted!” he barked in blatant anger now. “Inside and take the position!”

It was that anger that sent her scurrying through to his office, with no more thought of begging.

She scuttled across to his large imposing desk, and then with a little whimper and a sob, she bent over the hard edge.

She heard him enter the room and a quiet thud as he pushed the door closed.

“Skirt!” he snapped impatiently.

Brenda grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, to reveal the little purple thong, which conveniently exposed her pale, curvy ass cheeks, and the lacy edges of her nearly black stocking tops.

“Arms outstretched!” he barked.

Again Brenda gave a little whimper as she stretched her arms high over her head... out the way of temptation.

“Grip the edge of my desk, and don’t let go until I say that you can!”

She did as she was told and then held her breath.


“Oowww!”  She cried out loudly as she felt the sting if his hand against her sensitive flesh.


She gave a little sob and bit her lip, gripping the desk even harder... making sure that she didn’t instinctively try to protect her vulnerable flesh.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

She whimpered and she sobbed, and she bit her lip until it bled, but she did not cry out again... he had begun to train her well...

Smack... smack... SLAP!

Her ass cheeks burned, her ass cheeks stung, and her lips bled as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

She felt punished... she felt pain... and she felt humiliated, that this would happen to her every time that she was late...

“Stand up!” he snapped suddenly.

Brenda gave a surprised little snort, and looked behind her at him questioningly; she usually had to endure twice as many slaps as that.

“I’ve decided to extend you punishment,” he declared ominously. “Now... STAND UP!”

She stood up immediately, just like a well trained pet.

“Take off your underwear.”

She blinked at him in horror, but he merely stood there, her blue eyed, blond haired, good looking boss; the man who she secretly fantasised about seducing... the man who was now standing in front of her holding two strings with balls on...

“Oh god!” she whimpered as a suspicion began to form in her mind about WHAT he intended to do with those... Things!

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