A super encounter at a super market Ch 02

A super encounter at a super market Ch 02 A super encounter at a super market Ch 02

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A quick errand can become so much more...


A quick errand can become so much more...


Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



A super encounter at a super market – A second part


A quick errand can become so much more...


He looked quickly up the road, and then down the other way; before turning to follow her.

He took three quick strides, but then stopped for a second, when he began to move again he forced himself to go slower, reining in his impatient desire to catch up with her... he walked slowly down that shadowed alleyway, feeling the coolness washing over him, as he stepped out of the oppressive heat of that sunny afternoon.

He could smell the faint odour of rotting food, and stale beer, and guessed that this place was often the habitat of some vagrant or other; at the moment though it seemed deserted, and silent as the grave.

He saw the little flash of her rain coat as she disappeared out of sight about half way down.

He followed her down that abandoned alleyway, keeping his strides short and casual, not wanting to seem anxious or eager.

As he reached that dip, he saw that it was a slight alcove, and she was stood back against the far wall, as far back as she could get – she seemed to be waiting... for him?

He stopped in front of her, his eyebrow lifted as if in query, and her pansy blue eyes narrowed uncertainly.

“I just wanted to say...” she began huskily, and he gave a little shudder as her velvety voice seemed to caress his overheated skin. “I just wanted to... thank you... for your help...”

He nodded his head in acknowledgement, and then waited silently... expectantly.

She licked her lips seductively, although he didn’t quite know if she had meant it to be seductive, or if she was just nervous.

“Thank you...” she whispered as the silence dragged out a little too long.

“You’re welcome,” he told her gruffly as he stepped suddenly into the alcove, trapping her against that wall. “But... if you really want to thank me... then you could answer a question for me...”

She tilted her head slightly, but her wonderful voice remained silent.

He reached out a hand slowly to stroke down the lapel of her Mac, watching her intently – making sure that she didn’t flinch away from him.

“I... would love to know what – if anything – you are wearing under that coat?”

Her eyes drifted from his and the colour briefly touched her cheeks.

‘NO way!’ he thought silently to himself. ‘No way is she embarrassed!’

“Will you show me?” he asked her boldly.

He stroked further down her lapel, until he reached the belt which was fastened tightly around her waist.

He grabbed it firmly in his wrist, and then looked her in the eyes again, silently asking the question.

She hesitated for a brief moment; she looked beyond him, as though making sure there was no one else around.

She licked her lips and her shoulders seemed to go back a little, and silently she nodded her agreement.

He tightened his grip on the belt of her coat, and took in a slow breath, for a moment longer he hesitated, almost reluctant to follow through on the motion... wanting to – savour – the moment.

He gave a little smile at his whimsical thoughts, and tightened his grip further.

Then with one swift yank he pulled the belt and stepped back.

Her coat fell open and he looked at her with awed admiration.

“Amazing!” he muttered in a strangled tone!


**If you’ve lost interest in this story, then I will understand, and I won’t bother writing any more for it... if however you do want to read more....?

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