A super encounter at a super market Ch 01

A super encounter at a super market Ch 01 A super encounter at a super market Ch 01

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A quick errand can become so much more...


A quick errand can become so much more...

Chapter1 (v.1) - A super encounter at a super market Ch 01

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A quick errand can become so much more...

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 09, 2012



A super encounter at a super market

A quick errand can become so much more...

(Chapter one)

She did so enjoy the feeling of being touched, the sense of a hard calloused hand stroking down her tender flesh.

She wandered through the supermarket, with the knee length raincoat, hiding the fact that she was naked beneath.

She stepped forward and the bottom of her coat parted, all the way up to her upper thigh.

The basket she was holding to her chest, made her look anxious and skittish, and the burly builder who had stopped to admire her, felt his groin heating in appreciation.

Those long silky thighs, that smooth pale skin, if he didn’t know better, he’d swear that she was naked under that coat.

He looked up to her pretty face and saw the telltale blush, her innocent looking pansy blue eyes, captured and held his brown eyes for a moment... before sliding away as she walked by him.

He reached across the freezer to pick up the tin of salmon... and then turned around to follow her.

She was at the tills having already had her three items scanned she was digging into her handbag, as though searching.

He put his two items on the conveyor belt, and watched as her searching became more agitated.

“Miss?” the cashier enquired politely. “Miss? Is there a problem?”

She flicked her long white blond hair back out of her face, and after throwing him a quick glance, she looked back at the cashier.

“I... I seem to have forgotten my purse!” her husky voice would have earned a fortune on one of those telephone sex lines.

The cashier gave an impatient sigh. “Well I guess that you’ll have to leave your shopping here and go and fetch it.” her tone clearly said that she did NOT expect the sex bomb to come back.

“Well...” the blond murmured hesitantly in that voice that had his dick swelling in his pants. “I’m rather in a hurry, and I really need these items...”

“Why don’t you let me pay for those, for you?” he had stepped forward and made the offer before his brain had even processed the idea.

The cashier looked back at him in surprise, and her eyes widened in appreciation of the physical specimen that he was.

His years of building, and working in that industry, had given him a toned and strong physic.... and his regular stints at the gym helped as well. He had a thick head of black hair, and his olive skin had been tanned to a glorious golden brown – by hours, days, weeks, and years of working outdoors, and in the sunshine.

He was a good looking guy, and the cashier smiled charmingly at him, and fluttered her fake lashes, that accentuated her ordinary brown eyes.

He dismissed her with a polite smile, and then turned to... HER.

She gave him a soft grateful smile that lit up her face into sheer angelic beauty.

“Thank you... I’d be most... grateful.”

He felt a little bit of cum oozing from his throbbing dick...

He handed over some cash and the goddess picked up her shopping bag.

She gave him one last grateful smile before turning and leaving the shop.

“Isn’t it a beautiful day!” the cashier observed in an enthusiastic voice.

“I suppose.” He shrugged as he nudged the items along the conveyor belt... since it didn’t seem to be moving.

“Much too beautiful to be stuck inside!” she persisted with a suggestive lift of her brows.

“I guess...” he agreed in a forced indifferent tone.

“I go on my break in an hour....” that suggestive brow had disappeared beneath her dull brown hair.

“That’s nice... now if you could just scan my items... or I’ll be late for my work.”

She leaned forward giving him an eagled eyed point of view of her rather flat chest.

“What’s it worth to you.” She whispered in a pseudo conspirator’s voice.

“I get my stuff... and you get to keep your job... we all win.” He shrugged hiding his impatience.

He had hoped to get done and get out of here so that he could catch up with HER.

But this silly girl’s dithering was putting paid to that chance.

She gave a sulky little pout and slid his four items across the scanner.

“That’ll be nine pounds and fifty pence please... sir!” she snipped at him.

He handed her a ten pound note, and snatched his change and his receipt from her sweaty grasp.

He didn’t know why he was rushing, she was sure to be gone by now...

He stepped out of the supermarket, and into the bright afternoon sunshine.

He looked down the empty road with a irritated glance, and then turned to walk back the other way.

There she was, as if she had been waiting for him.

She stood by the side of the alley that ran down the side and to the back of the supermarket.

She glanced across at him with a little smile, before disappearing out of sight.

He stood there for a moment rooted to the spot.

That look! That look had been a blatant invitation.

“Follow me!” her look had said.

He felt the blood flowing to his dick, as he stepped towards that alleyway...

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