A little thing called destiny Ch 01

A little thing called destiny Ch 01

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A young girl's fantasy grows into a woman's desire...


A young girl's fantasy grows into a woman's desire...

Chapter1 (v.1) - A little thing called destiny Ch 01

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A young girl’s fantasy grows into a woman’s desire

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Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 13, 2011



A little thing called destiny

Chapter One

(A young girl’s fantasy grows into a woman’s desire)

The party was already in full swing when Maureen arrived.

“Hi honey I’m so glad you could make it.” Her sister Heather beamed at her.

Maureen returned Heather’s hug affectionately. “I just knew that you would never let me forget it if I didn’t.” Maureen smiled a little smile as she looked at her sister fondly.

The sisters were extremely close, with Heather just two years older at thirty three against Maureen’s thirty one. But to look at them you would never even know they were even related. With Heather with her fair hair hanging straight and fine down her back and pale blue eyes; whereas Maureen’s hair was short and thick and a dark rich auburn colour, and her eyes were the deepest darkest blue.

Both women were stunning to look at, and diminutive in size, with Heather at five foot two, and Maureen at five foot one inch tall.

“Well I’m pleased that you came, whatever the reason.” Heather smiled gently. She walked her sister through to the kitchen, so that she could get her a drink.

“Gosh there’s a lot here this year isn’t there?”  Maureen murmured in surprise.

“Yes there is isn’t there?” Heather was pleased and a trifle smug as well.

The kitchen was a bit quieter than the rest of the downstairs, and Maureen leaned against the counter with a little sigh of relief.

“Oh by the way, happy birthday ducks.” Maureen took a card and a small brightly wrapped gift from her bag.

“Ahh! Thank you!”  Heather exclaimed as she grabbed the present and tore the wrapping off with childish excitement. The gift box contained a pair of gold earrings with pale blue pear drop stones hanging down.

“Oh they are just lovely!” Heather reached out to hug her sister gratefully.

“You’re worth it.” Maureen whispered softly.

She put the gift down along with the card and reached for a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“Cheers.” Maureen grinned as they tapped their glasses together lightly.

“Cheers.” Heather laughed.

As they sipped at the wine, Maureen felt herself relaxing, she was never comfortable around lots of people, preferred one on one kind of conversations, and she felt uncomfortable being single at this Valentine party, but this was her sister’s birthday and it wasn’t really her fault that she had been born on Valentine’s day, but Heather did so like to milk the romance thing, with hearts and flowers, and little cupids everywhere, and the emphasis was most definitely on couples this evening.

“Oh by the way,” Heather suddenly said quietly. “Steve is in town and Dave said he will probably be coming tonight.”

Dave was Heather’s long suffering partner of seven years, and husband for the last four, and Steve was Dave’s younger brother and the cause of Maureen’s teenage heartache.

Steve was to a young Maureen the embodiment of a Greek God. With the thick dark blond hair and hazel coloured eyes, that would crinkle at the corners in the sexiest manner. He was tall and lean and all in all a gorgeous specimen.

He was also a really nice guy, and so it was inevitable she supposed that she would fall for him. The only trouble was that at sixteen to his twenty one, he thought she was too young for him, and anyway he already had a girlfriend in the stunning and beautiful Sonia.

He had been kind to her, and when she had professed her undying love for him, he had not laughed or mocked her or teased, or even dismissed her.

Steve had kissed her gently on the cheek and said that he was honoured she felt that way, about him, but she was still so very young, and so she should go away and grow up a little bit more, and then she would find that it was nothing more than a teenage crush.

Maureen put her hand up to her cheek, remembering the feel of that kiss.

“Is he still with that Sonia?” she asked trying to sound casual.

Heather gave a short laugh. “God no!” she said in surprise. “That one finished before the summer did that year, I’m surprised that you even remember her name?”

The summer that year had consisted of three short weeks of mild weather and the rest being windy wet and gloomy.

Maureen struggled to hold back the tell-tale blush. “She was so very beautiful.” She murmured wistfully.

Heather looked at her speculatively for a moment. “I suppose that she was…” she murmured thoughtfully. “But I think that Steve was looking for something more – even back then.”

 “So who is he with now?” She didn’t doubt that he was with someone.

Steve would never be alone for long.

“I’m not sure to tell you the truth.” Heather frowned. “I don’t think he’s been in town long enough.”

It was Maureen’s turn to frown. “He is just here for a visit; isn’t he?”  Steve lived in London, where the job opportunities were better.

“Actually….” Heather began slowly.

The door was suddenly thrust open, and several revellers all piled in.

“Where’s the booze ducks?” one of them slurred.

Heather rolled her eyes and pointed to the bottles and cans all standing on the side, where people could easily see them.

“Thanks darling.” The head guy kissed Heather’s cheek as he went by them.

Maureen laughed lightly and Heather, after a little scowl joined in.

The door behind Maureen opened again, and Heather’s face lit up.

“Steve!” She gushed with delight.


The evening which had begun so typically for Maureen became hazy and surreal, dreamlike and magical.

Heather had kissed Steve warmly on the cheek in welcome and had promptly abandoned Maureen with the rather lame excuse of having a party to host.

Maureen wasn’t even sure that Steve would remember her, and had been quietly thrilled at his next words.

“You’re looking very lovely tonight Maureen.” He greeted her gently.

The colour rushed into her cheeks and her blue eyes lit up with pleasure, and Steve was instantly transported back to another time and place, when a young girl had professed her love for him and ruined him for any other woman.

He stayed by her side for the remainder of the evening, always a matter of millimetres away from her, almost touching her but never quite.

Maureen found her senses on fire and alert for the chance to make the contact that she found she was craving; to have him touch her, just once even if it was accidently, impersonal and meaningless to him.

But it never happened; he seemed to be hell bent on not invading her personal space… just kind of loitering on the edge! And Maureen wanted to cry with frustration, she wanted to turn to him and touch the back of his arm, the back of his hand, anywhere that would be seen as socially acceptable, as she would and could with almost anyone else.

It was almost as though the two of them were dancing, shadowing one another but never daring to touch.


They walked casually down the darkened road.

“So Heather tells me that you’re thinking of moving back here.” Maureen had wanted to make light conversation, instead it sounded like the start of an interrogation.

Steve laughed lightly. “Oh I’m not thinking about it anymore.” He told her happily.


“Tell me Maureen,” Steve asked instead. “Why did you come to that party alone?”

She shrugged her shoulders in confusion. “Because I’m single – obviously?”

It was too dark for her to see the flash of satisfaction that came to his eyes.

“But you could have brought someone along, even if it was just as a friend?” he pressed. “A beautiful woman like you, you must be beating them off with a stick?”

Oh to be called beautiful by Steve, she thought in a daze. How many times had she dreamed of that?

She bit her lip and held her tongue, just gave another little shrug.

She lived fairly close to Heather, and so five minutes later they were standing outside her front door.

“Well….thank you for walking me home Steve.” Maureen whispered uncertainly as she looked up into his handsome face.

Steve smiled gently as he bent to kiss her gently on the lips. “You’re welcome Maureen.

All evening she had been yearning for his touch, remembering her dreams and fantasies as a girl, but when it finally happened, Maureen welcomed him as a woman, an equal.

The kiss was to be a light salute, a gesture of affection, and friendship.

He was not expecting the static shock; that glued his lips to hers.

He was not expecting her to pause for a moment in surprise, and then to open her mouth as if to invite him in to taste of her and enjoy what she had to offer.

He was not expecting her tongue to pop out and tentatively touch his lips.

He was not aware of his arms circling around her waist and pulling her tightly against him.

Of his own mouth opening to kiss her greedily, as his tongue came out, to explore her, taste her, caress her, and tease her.

He felt her shake with longing, he felt her tremble with desire, and he knew that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

She had always been there, in the back of his mind.

Her earnest expression and her solemn pledge…“I love you,” she had whispered.

She had been just sixteen then and too young, too young to handle the rush of emotion he’d felt at HER words.

He had smiled kindly and kissed her cheek. “You’ll get over me.” He told her gently. “It’s just a crush, one that you’ll grow out of; you’ll see.”

Her beautiful blue eyes had filled with tears, and she had fled from him.

He knew that she would avoid him from then on, and gave a little sigh of regret.

He packed his bags with a sense of relief, knowing that it was the right thing to do.

Leave her to grow up, and find her way in the world.

He had come back to town just for a visit, but after two weeks here, he found that the lifestyle appealed to him.

The rat race of London and the hectic pace, had appealed to him ten years ago, even five years ago, but not today.

Today he’d half made the decision to resign his job at the bank where he worked, and to move back home.

He had told his brother Dave that he was thinking about it, but had not yet committed to the idea, one way or the other.

Seeing Maureen again tonight, seeing the beautiful woman she had become, and the way she still looked at him.

Steve’s life had clicked into place and his fate sealed.

“Will you invite me in?” he asked her huskily.

Maureen looked up at him as though in a dream, as indeed she was in some ways.

How many times over the years had she dreamed of this? Of Steve coming home and looking at her as though she was an attractive woman, and no longer that pathetic adolescent child; to meet him again as an equal.

“Will you come in for a nightcap Steve?” she asked him.

Steve looked into her blue eyes, drowning in the depths he saw there.


She looked like he’d just slapped her, and he felt small and worthless.

“I don’t want a nightcap Maureen, I want you; Now and forever, if you’ll have me.”

Her eyes blazed and her breath caught. “Yes,” she finally whispered. “I’ll have you.”

She opened her door and led him inside...

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