Catch Me

Catch Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


After Nova Keplin leaves an abusive boyfriend she is mysteriously saved by a tall, dark, and sexy stranger who takes her to places she'd never been before. As time goes on danger shows itself and she finds that not everyone is what they seem.


After Nova Keplin leaves an abusive boyfriend she is mysteriously saved by a tall, dark, and sexy stranger who takes her to places she'd never been before. As time goes on danger shows itself and she finds that not everyone is what they seem.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Nova

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Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 16, 2016



Nova Keplin sat nervously with her hands in her lap. She stared out the windshield unable to see anything other than the sheets of rain that sloshed over it. The noise was thunderous as it beat on the roof; almost hurting her ears for its roar. The night was dark and the storm made it darker still. Mixed with the tension inside the vehicle it set Nova on edge.


Her boyfriend Stephen also sat in the car in silence. His hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly even though the car was currently turned off. Anger vibrated from his body like electricity. She could hear his heavy breathing; something he had done more and more frequently when he was upset. She could just imagine his nostrils flaring with every inhale but she dared not look.


The evening had started okay. Stephen had wanted to take her out for dinner. He had told her to look extra nice, so she had carefully chosen a red satin knee length gown, as he had chosen a very upscale restaurant.


Then it all went downhill.


All through dinner Stephen had been acting off. He seemed especially nervous, glancing every which way, sweating bullets. Nova had asked him at least four times during their meal if he was okay. He had answered every time that he was fine but continued to be distracted.


Then he dropped the bomb.


After their plates had been taken away he announced to Nova rather loudly that he had a question to ask her. Her heart leapt into her throat and all she could think was ‘Oh God NO, please NO’.

With horror she watched as he dropped to one knee and fish a blue velvet Tiffany’s box from the inside of his jacket pocket.


“Stephen,” she whispered in panic desperately trying to pull him up, to no avail.


Every eye in the restaurant was on them now.


“Nova Keplin. Will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?”


He’d intentionally made a spectacle of this charade. She knew that he did it for attention; for power; to make her look crazy. That’s how Stephen Hemrick operated. He was cold and cunning.


“No!” she’d cried out instinctively a little louder than she’d intended to.

The restaurant was suddenly abuzz with whispers and murmurs from their fellow patrons. Stephen plastered a wounded look on his face and asked her why. Nova couldn’t speak. She’d realized too late that he had won and pulled her into this game.


She excused herself from the table and ran outside to his car where she got into the passenger seat and waited for him to follow. On cue, Stephen appeared only a moment later and slid into the driver’s side. They’d sat in uncomfortable silence for about ten minutes. Maybe fifteen. She, looking out the window at the rain that had begun falling then pouring from the sky and he, breathing heavily in anger.


Nova had been planning on leaving him for a while but she had to do it methodically; step by step, bit by bit or there would be hell to pay. They’d been together just over a year but in the last six months his behavior had become alarming. He’d proved to be manipulative, irrational, ill-tempered and even mentally and emotionally abusive. His mind games were too much and it seemed that the more miserable Nova was, the happier he became.

In private he constantly berated her. He told her she was fat, ugly, unfit to be loved by anyone. How lucky she should feel that someone as great as he could tolerate someone as stupid as she. Nobody else would ever like her or take the amount of shit he had from her. He pushed her away from all of her family and friends so that he was the only one around anymore.

The sickest part was that she saw his behavior for what it was and still somehow fell into the trap of his hurtful words. She was disgusted with herself for that. Which in turn had made her feel even worse about herself. He had wormed his way into her head and it was like being a third party watching it and not knowing what to do.


Finally, Stephen broke the silence between them.


“You embarrassed me.” He seethed in a venomous tone.


“I’m sorry.” Nova responded automatically, apologies so ingrained in her head that she couldn’t stop it if she tried.


This did nothing to placate him. He started the car and slammed it into gear, stomping his foot hard on the gas. The tires squealed and the rear end fish tailed on the wet pavement as he took off through the torrential downpour. Nova gasped in fear and held her hands against the dash board.


“YOU FUCKING EMBARASSED ME IN FRONT OF AT LEAST THIRTY PEOPLE!” he bellowed, swerving the car in and out of traffic.


Nova let out a scream as he narrowly avoided the front end of a pick up when he ran a red light. The wipers could hardly keep up with the sheets of water dumping on them and Nova couldn’t see three feet ahead on the road.


“STEPHEN!” she shouted. “STEPHEN STOP!”


In response he pressed harder on the gas revving the engine and making them go faster.


“You dumb bitch.” He snarled “Do you have any fucking idea what you’ve done?”


“STOP THE CAR! STOP IT NOW!” Nova ordered.


She saw a feral, malicious smile creep over his lips just before he stomped the brakes. Nova hadn’t been buckled and she flew forward smacking her forehead on the windshield hard enough to crack it. Her left wrist twisted on the impact and she felt a searing pain. She slumped in the seat dazed and groggy. Warm blood seeped down into her eye but she made no move to wipe it away.




She sat up trying to get her wits and reached for the door handle in the dark. Without a warning Stephens fist flew into her face. His knuckles caught her in the mouth in a hit that split her lip and made her head ring. She wailed in terror and pain wildly clawing for the handle now. A second blow landed on her cheekbone and she felt like her face was going to explode. She saw stars for the first time in her life. For a second she thought she was going to black out as her vision got darkened and wavy but she pushed through it knowing that if she lost consciousness he would surely kill her.


With a new resolve she clutched the handle and swung the door open prepared to roll out if she had to. As she kicked her legs out Stephen grabbed a handful of her hair trying to pull her back in. Nova violently pulled herself from his grip and heaved her body out of the car.


“GET BACK IN HERE!” he raged but she didn’t even give him a second glance.

She kicked off her heels and ran as fast as she could into the storm.


She had no idea where she was. Nothing looked familiar not that she could see much in the rain. Her head and her face hurt badly and for a minute she contemplated lying on the flooded pavement. She had no phone. No money. Her purse was still in Stephen’s car and there was no way she wanted to be anywhere near him. There’s no telling what he would do if he caught her.


Her red satin dress clung to her cold skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. She shivered hugging herself tightly and trudging along the sidewalk.


‘Keep moving’ she told herself. ‘Just keep moving.’


Nova wandered aimlessly hoping to find a pay phone or a police officer but found nothing but closed businesses and empty streets. Occasionally a car would pass by and she would hide in fear of it being Stephen but it never was.


Finally, freezing and exhausted, she found a small recessed stop of a quilting shop. She stepped inside the chilly cove and slumped to the ground. She drew her knees to her chest and hugged them burying her face into them. That’s when she broke. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks mixing with the water that streamed down from her wet hair. Sobs wracked her body, heaving her shoulders, and she could hardly breathe for crying so hard.


The rain poured on and thunder boomed as lightning lit up in flashes in the sky. The storm raged on and worsened around her. Nova had no idea what to do. She was lost and alone and especially terrified.


“Excuse me.” She suddenly heard someone call over the noise of the rain hitting the pavement.


Her heart pounded and she looked up in fear. Before her stood a menacing figure she couldn’t quite make out in the darkness. She cowered further into the recess of the shop. The shadow stepped into the entryway effectively blocking any exit she may have had. Nova gave out an involuntary whimper.


“Ma’am, are you okay?”


The voice was deep. Definitely male. A large male. That didn’t ease her at all. She said nothing. The man crouched to her level and lowered his voice a bit.


“I won’t hurt you. I promise.”


She saw him put his hands up as if in surrender.


“Are you hurt?”


Nova nodded still not daring to speak.


“Do you need me to call you an ambulance? Were you in an accident?”


She shook her head.


“Can I call someone for you or take you somewhere?”


She stared in wide eyed fright while trying to tell herself this man was not Stephen.


“What’s your name?” he finally asked.


“Nova.” She answered in a haze. “I want to go home.”


“Well Nova my name is Jase.” He said as he removed his leather jacket and slowly moved toward her offering it to her. “Please take this. You’re shaking pretty badly.”


Graciously she took it and wrapped her trembling body in it. It was much too big but warm from his body heat. It felt glorious.


“May I call a car to take you home?”


She nodded again.


Jase pulled out his cell phone and punched in some numbers then made a request to someone on the other end to come get them. Within five minutes a black town car pulled up to the curb and a gentleman got out of the driver’s seat, went around to the back and opened the door. He stood there in the pouring rain like a soldier, unmoving.


“Come on Nova. Let’s get you home.” He said in a gentle tone.


She allowed him to help her up as her legs didn’t want to cooperate and her head was dizzy. He helped her into the backseat where it was warm and comfortable then slid in beside her.


“What’ your address?”


She told the driver and he took off not bothering for directions.


“Maybe you should go be seen by a doctor.” Jase suggested wincing at the glimpses of her face.


“No. Please.” She pleaded tears filling her eyes once more.


“Okay.” He agreed reluctantly. “But I have some medical background. Will you at least allow me to look at you when we get to your place?”


She looked at him skeptically.


“I promised you I wouldn’t hurt you.” He reminded. “You are one hundred percent safe with me.”


Nova looked him over in the faint light of the backseat. He was wearing worn jeans and a black t-shirt that was now wet and plastered to his broad chest and shoulders. Tattoos ran down his arms and across the backs of his hands. He had a dark close trimmed beard and dark hair that was cut close on the sides and longer on top. His eyes looked black. Nova thought how this man who looked so intimidating had shown her such kindness tonight.


“The old man up front can vouch for me.” He said half in jest.


“Master Brooks will take good care of you Miss.” The driver said with a warm smile.


Master Brooks? This was obviously no cab.


She just nodded and buried her face into the jacket he had given her to warm up in. It smelled like him. Clean and slightly woodsy. It was nice.


About a half hour later the car pulled up in front of Nova’s house as promised. She felt relief wash over her that instantly turned to horror when she saw Stephen’s car parked in the driveway. Jase saw her eyes widen in alarm and felt her body stiffen next to him.


“Here’s what you’re going to do.” He instructed calmly “You’re going to get out of the car with me and I will walk you to your door. I promise you will be safe.”


He had no idea what was going on but he assumed what happened to her face had something to do with it. She took a deep breath and nodded in agreement. Jase opened the door and slid out then extended his hand to help Nova. She took it, his warmth enveloping her fingers, and he gently helped pull her to her feet. She dared not glance at Stephen’s car and walked quickly to the door with Jase close at her side.


Nova lived in a small one story rambler that she had worked hard to buy and took pride in. She hurried up the three concrete stairs in her bare feet and quickly grabbed the spare key from its hiding place. As she got it into the lock she heard Stephen and froze.


“Nova!” he yelled over the rain. There was no anger in his voice anymore. Mr. Hyde had gone and Dr. Jekyll was here now.

Her hand shook so hard she couldn’t turn the key. Jase put his hand on hers and helped, putting his other hand on her back reassuringly.


“Nova wait.”


He reached the porch as she opened the door and quickly stepped inside. Jase stayed where he was between the two of them. Stephen ignored Jase and handed Nova her purse. She took it silently.


“Can we talk?” he asked with false pain in his eyes.


Still she said nothing.


“Please baby.” He begged, his voice cracking. “Please. I love you. Nova, I do. I’m so sorry about our fight. This was all my fault. I’m to blame baby. God, I’m so sorry.”


He fell to his knees and hung his head sobbing.


“Nova, please don’t leave me. Please. We can fix us. I promise we can.”


She began shaking again but not from the cold this time. This was anger and outrage. She opened her mouth but the words wouldn’t come out.


“It’s time for you to leave.” Jase growled in a deadly timbre.


Stephen whipped his head up to look at him as if just noticing he was there.


“Who the fuck do you think you are?” he sneered getting to his feet.


Standing face to face Jase had about four inches on Stephen in height but Stephen outweighed Jase by at least twenty pounds.


“Seems to me that I’m the guy who brought your girlfriend home after you beat her and left her in a fucking gutter.”


Fury was in Stephen’s eyes as he turned to Nova.


“Is that what you told him you fucking cunt?”


Nova felt like she was going to vomit. His fists clenched and she knew she was in trouble.


“She didn’t need to tell me you piece of shit. Get the fuck out of here before I really lose my temper and punch your teeth down your throat.”


Stephen swung at Jase and with ease Jase stepped out of the way throwing Stephen off balance. In an instant Jase had him on the ground and punched him full fist three times in the face. Blood spattered as Stephens nose exploded from the first blow. The second landed on his cheek and the third dead in the mouth.


Nova screamed and backed into the house. She stared as Jase got up, kicked him in the ribs, then followed her into the entryway. He locked the door behind them leaving the coward on the porch groaning in agony. Nova dropped her purse on the floor and stood there in shock. Water dripped onto the floor and puddled around her.


In the light of the house Jase could see the full extent of the damage she had endured. She had a gash and deep bruising on her forehead that was seeping blood. Her cheek was red and purple, her bottom lip swollen and split open.


“He hit you.” Jase stated


She nodded.


“He hit you and left you in a storm in the middle of the night.”


“I ran away.” She whispered. “He tried to keep me in the car but I ran away.”


“Where’s your bathroom?”


She led him to the master bath and pulled out a first aid kit. Jase made her sit on the counter while he checked out her wounds, then cleaned and bandaged what he could. She took some pretty hard hits and Jase thought about hunting that rat bastard down and gutting him.


“Do you have someone to come stay with you tonight?” he asked putting the first aid kit back where she’d taken it from


“No. I’ll be okay.” She said in a dull voice.


“I think you should call the cops. File a report.”


Nova paled noticeably.


“I can’t do that.”


“Why not?” he questioned


“Stephen is the District Attorney.”



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