Late with the rent -- again! - Ch 01

Late with the rent -- again! - Ch 01 Late with the rent -- again! - Ch 01

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He wasn't a nice man... not at all a nice man!!!!


He wasn't a nice man... not at all a nice man!!!!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Late with the rent -- again! - Ch 01

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He wasn't a nice man... not at all a nice man!!!!<br /> <br />

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Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 27, 2012




Late with the rent – again!

“Aunty May isn’t here,” she said awkwardly, “she asked me to tell you that she hadn’t got the rent money yet, and could you wait until the end of the week?”

The landlord was a big, fat oaf of a man, nearing fifty she thought; with greasy grey hair and bad teeth.

Heather had never liked the way that he looked at her, and she most definitely didn’t like the way that he was looking at her now!

He came right inside the apartment and closed the door behind him.

“Your Aunty May promised me that this would not happen again!” he told her angrily as he marched into the living room.

Heather followed him reluctantly and as he sat down in one of the armchairs, she perched on the edge of the sofa.

“I’m sorry Heather, but you and your Aunt are going to have to come up with some money... or you’re going to have to leave!”

“My Aunt has gone to see a friend, I’m expecting her to call at any moment and tell me that she’s been able to lend some cash!” Heather told him a little desperately – praying that her Aunt’s friend could come through for them.

The landlord narrowed his beady, brown eyes at her as he mentally undressed her – again! She was such a pretty little thing, with big blue eyes, and popcorn blond hair, and with her petite little figure, and slightly anxious look - she looked like she wasn’t above sixteen years old – although he knew that she was over twenty – though not by too much... yes she was young and ripe...

“Then I shall wait right here – until she does phone you!”

Heather swallowed nervously; she really – really hoped that her Aunt would call soon; she had a scarily good idea, about what the slimy landlord was thinking as he looked her over; and stared at her breasts...

The telephone in the hall way began to ring, and with a little sob of relief she jumped up and ran out to answer it.

“Hello? Aunty May!” she cried out in relief as she heard her Aunt’s happy voice.

“Darling! I’m still at Franks!” her Aunt shrilled down the line to her.

Heather was uncomfortably aware that the landlord had come to stand in the door way and listen to her end of the conversation.

“Has Frank been able to help us Aunty May?” Heather asked a little desperately.

“Yessss darling... but he can’t get to the money until Friday!”

Heather swallowed nervously. “But Mr. Bridges is here, and he wants the rent money – now... he’s threatening to kick us out Aunty May!” Heather whispered tearfully.

She heard her Aunt talking to someone else, her voice low and muffled as though she had put her hand over the mouth piece.

“Heather? Heather are you still there?” her Aunt’s voice suddenly sounded in her ear, it was low as though she was whispering – and had a conspiratorial sort of tone to it.

“Now listen Heather... Frank thinks that Mr. Bridges won’t throw you out, if I’m not there with you... so he’s going to take me away for a few days... he says I’m stressed and need a break anyway...”

Heather listened to her Aunt in growing horror.

“You play nice with Mr. Bridges until frank can get the money sent to you...”

“But Aunty May....”

“I’ve got to go now darling...” her Aunt suddenly chirped at her again. “Take care darling – and remember... play nice with him... and he’ll be nice to you!”

“But Aunty May!!!!” Heather cried, but the dial tone told her that her Aunt had hung up the phone.

She listened dazedly to it for a moment, and then was horrified to hear a click.

The Extension!

Her Aunt had a second phone in her bedroom, and as Mr. Bridges appeared in the Aunt’s doorway – Heather realised that he’d been listening in on her Aunt’s extension.

He walked back through to the living room, and Heather just stood staring after him.


She dropped the receiver back into its cradle and walked slowly back into the living room.

He was sitting back in that armchair as though he was a king on his own personal throne!

“So your Aunt thinks that you can sweet talk me into – being nice?” he sneered.

Heather shrugged uncomfortably.

“I can’t control what my Aunt thinks!”

“Have you got my rent money Heather?” he demanded hardly.

“My Aunt says the end of the week!”

“The rent was due yesterday!”

Heather looked down at the ground, unable to come up with anything more; and not wanting to look at him and the way he was staring at her anymore.

“How old are you Heather?” he asked suddenly.

She glanced up and then away again. “Twenty two... why?”

He leaned forward suddenly and his beady brown eyes glittered in an unholy fashion.

“If you want to stay – then you’re going to have to do something for me!” he told her in a low unpleasant tone.


“Come over here.”

Heather gulped back a tear, and thought about a night on the streets... she wouldn’t last five minutes – and she knew it!

She walked slowly across the room, until she was standing directly in front of him.

“You’ll do as I say... for the next twenty minutes?” he asked her.

Heather nodded her head. “But I won’t let you fuck me!” she blurted tearfully.

“Fair enough!” he nodded. “But you will do as I say, for the next twenty minutes?” he demanded?

She nodded her head dejectedly and he reached out and grabbed her wrist to pull her a little closer.

“Now lift up that skirt and show me your panties...”

Heather lifted her skirt up to show him her pretty blue undies, and Mr. Bridges sighed happily.

“Spread your legs... nice and wide... that’s it!” he muttered.

He pulled her knickers to one side and pushed his finger between her pussy lips.

Heather tensed in shock at this invasion, but she didn’t dare move.

He began to rub his finger, backwards and forwards, in a hard motion across her clit, and Heather was shocked at the way her stomach lurched suddenly.

With his other hand he reached up to paw at her breast over her clothes, squashing and kneading them roughly.

Heather whimpered softly as she felt herself getting wet in defence of her landlord’s assault on her.

It was not because what was happening was turning her on! No it was nothing like that at all!

The landlord stopped for a moment and put his fingers up to his nose.

“You smell good Heather... really good...” he stuck out his tongue, and tasted his fingers. “Hm hmmm... you taste real good too!”

He sat back and took a deep breath to control himself.

“Now take of your clothes for me... but just down to your underwear... for the moment!”

With shaking hands Heather began to unbutton her blouse, all the while her mind was shrieking out at her, ‘this cannot be happening!’

She slid the blouse off her shoulders, and dropped it onto the floor and then reached around to unzip her skirt...

Heather stood with her hands held up in front of her in just her bra and panties; and her fat greasy landlord’s – hot eyes travelled indecently over her.

“Move your hands out of the way!” he snapped impatiently.

Heather dropped her hands to her sides with another little sob.

“Put them behind your back out of the way!”

She put her hands behind her back, and used one hand to grip the other wrist tightly, digging her nails into her skin in an effort to distract herself form what was happening... what was about to happen.

For a moment he just sat staring at her, but then suddenly he reached out and pulled the cups of her bra down so that her pert little boobs popped out.

“You sure do have nice tits Heather!” he chuckled as he pinched her nipples cruelly before sitting back again in his chair.

And again he seemed to be content with just looking at her.

For a little while.

Suddenly he reached out again and grabbed her panties, and yanked them down, so that they were wrapped around her knees.

This time when he sat back, he pulled open his trousers to lop out a great big purple headed dick.

Heather had never seen such a big fat one! She had never seen such an ugly looking dick in all her young life!

She stared at it in horror, and took a couple of steps back, as his grubby fat hand wrapped around it and he began to rub it vigorously.

“Yes... you’re a nasty little girl... aren’t you!” he whispered heavily.

“I bet you’d like me to shove my fingers right up that tight little pussy of yours!” he grunted.

“I bet you’d like me to get those sweet little titties of yours and pinch those nipples until they are good and hard!”

“I... bet... that you would... love... for me to... stick my head... right between your legs... an’... lick... your juicy ripe... cunt... until you cum... all over my... ... .. faaacccce!”

He leaned forward slightly and closed his eyes, as gooey white stuff came out the end of his purple coloured dick!

He sat heaving for a moment, as though he’d just run a marathon; and Heather stood there – in her underwear, with her boobs hanging out, and her knickers around her knees.

He suddenly looked up at her with beady bright eyes.

“Come closer!” he ordered.

Heather approached him again nervously, wondering what he was going to do now.

He held out his hand to her, and in the palm of it; he held the sticky gooey mess of his cum.

“Lick it up!” he told her holding it up her to her mouth.

Heather cupped her hand around his, and diffidently touched the tip of her tongue to the palm of his hand.

“Nice and slowly Heather... take your time!”

She felt his other hand slip between her legs, and he began to finger her, as she stood there slowly licking up his cum.

It tasted about as disgusting as he looked; but she needed the roof over her head... she needed to be able to stay here until her Aunt came home... or that money turned up.

‘Please make it soon!’ she begged silently.

It seemed to take forever for her to lick up his cum; but in the end she managed it, and stepped away with a little sob and a fowl taste in her mouth.

The landlord stood up immediately.

“You can stay here tonight Heather... but I’ll be back tomorrow – for the rent money... or...” the look his shot her made her put her hands in front of her semi naked body protectively.

His evil lustful eyes travelled over her again, and he gave a low chuckle that chilled her bones as she stood there.

“Enjoy your night under my roof Heather... until tomorrow!”

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