The Lady of the Hunt

The Lady of the Hunt

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


==The full story is now complete and uploaded to Booksie== Comments from Bookie Readers: "Out of all the books I've read, this has been one of the best!! ... it was amazing." (reader Hk4eva123) "I loved this book." (reader carameldreams) "One of the best reads ever for me." (reader Danimal) This story is aimed at adults. The story follows the life of a young woman through tragedy, death, imprisonment, more death and love. The full novel is completed and runs to 28 chapters (with a few split across two 'Booksie' chapters to avoid maximum length issues). There is some sex (be warned - there are some graphic scenes) in every chapter, but there is an overall story arc so you would be better off reading the chapters in order. All the characters are completely fictional. Dont try this stuff at home.


==The full story is now complete and uploaded to Booksie==

Comments from Bookie Readers:
"Out of all the books I've read, this has been one of the best!! ... it was amazing." (reader Hk4eva123)

"I loved this book." (reader carameldreams)

"One of the best reads ever for me." (reader Danimal)

This story is aimed at adults.

The story follows the life of a young woman through tragedy, death, imprisonment, more death and love.

The full novel is completed and runs to 28 chapters (with a few split across two 'Booksie' chapters to avoid maximum length issues). There is some sex (be warned - there are some graphic scenes) in every chapter, but there is an overall story arc so you would be better off reading the chapters in order.

All the characters are completely fictional. Dont try this stuff at home.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Before

Author Chapter Note

This story is aimed at adults.<br /> It follows the life of a woman through tragedy, death, imprisonment, more death and love. Don't try this stuff at home. <br /> <br /> The story contains subjects including sex (both graphic and not so graphic), lesbian sex, prostitution, violence, murder, drug abuse, pregnancy, love, humour, friendship, romance, all wrapped up with a story line. The full novel is completed and runs to 28 chapters. There is some sex in every chapter, but there is an overall story arc so you would be better off reading the chapters in order. <br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 25, 2012




Susan Redman was hurrying to get ready for her first real, actual night out in weeks. She had given a lot of thought to what she was going to wear – and had finally decided on a white summer dress with bold print flowers. The babysitter was booked and should arrive any minute. She stepped into the dress. ‘With bra or without?’ she asked herself, noticing a stray bra strap visible. She unclasped it quickly and removed it – ‘Without.’ She decided, enjoying the fabric of her dress shifting against her skin.


Susan’s five year old daughter Tara had picked up on the excitement in the house and, being as bright as a button, feigned various aches and pains. Susan was alert to her little girl’s attention grabbing foibles, and as usual, she would go through the motions of being concerned, but nothing, absolutely nothing, was going to stop her getting to the open air concert with her husband tonight. Her flowing red hair was done and her makeup was on. She looked at herself in the mirror. Not bad for twenty eight, although she was well aware that her body had changed after she had given birth, she still considered herself attractive. She could still pull if she wanted to. Of course she didn’t - she was perfectly happy with David, her husband of four years.


She stepped inside her daughter’s bedroom. “Tara, are you still awake?”

“I have a headache mummy.” The five year old pulled a sad face. Susan had seen it many times before, and held back a smirk.

“I will get you a damp flannel, sweetie. That will make that nasty headache go away.”


She quickly went to the bathroom, passing her husband as he came out.

“Are you ready yet?” she asked.

“Loads of time yet, Sue.” He always did this to her.

“There are 15 minutes before we need to leave. Make sure you are dressed and ready.” She instructed. Sometimes it felt like she had two children.


She found a flannel and ran it under the cold tap, then returned to her daughter.

“I’ve got your damp flannel.” she said softly, dabbing the wet cloth at her daughter’s forehead.

“Where are you going tonight mummy?”

“I told you, sweetie. Mummy and daddy are going to a music concert. We are going to listen to lots of lovely music, then we are going to come back again.”

The girl nodded.

“Do you think daddy will say I am pretty tonight?” Susan asked her daughter.

“I think he will want to kiss you all over!”

Susan smiled – this had been the thrust of her ‘where babies come from’ talk a few weeks ago. “Oh I hope so.” She laughed.

“Are you going to leave me on my own, mummy?”

Susan held back another smile, still gently dabbing Tara’s forehead. “No, Sally Grainger is going to come and baby-sit for us. You know her, she has been here before. Now, give me a big kiss and I will pass it on to daddy for you.”

“Kiss Snookie first.” The child demanded, holding up her much loved toy rabbit that never left her side.


After Susan kissed the toy, the young girl gave her mother a wet kiss, and apparently satisfied by the attention, snuggled down into the covers to sleep.

“Goodnight mummy.”

“Goodnight sweetie.”


Leaving the night light on, Susan closed the door. Almost immediately, the phone in her bedroom started ringing. David was pulling on his shirt, so cursing the timing of the call, she quickly answered it.

“Susan Redman. Oh hello Gerry.” Her demeanour changed slightly. “David?” She looked at her husband who was gesticulating that he didn’t want to speak to his brother. “He is… in the bath. Can I take a message? Ok I will tell him. Goodbye Gerry.”

“What did that old fart want?”

“He wouldn’t say. Just asked you to call him when you were out of the bath.” then as an afterthought, she added, “And you shouldn’t speak about your brother like that.” She grinned at the finger signs her husband was jokingly making at her.


Gerry was indirectly the reason why she had met David. She had been in a long term relationship with a medical student called Peter – he was an accomplished lover, and she had thought he might be ‘the one’, but finding him in her bed screwing her best friend had caused a messy breakup. Gerry had been in their circle of friends at the time and he was available as a shoulder to cry on that night. He was dull to talk to, had no hobbies apart from ‘the church’, he wasn’t the most attractive man in the world, and, as she discovered when she initiated a ‘vengeance fuck’ with him on that first night, he was dreadful in bed. Despite this, they had become an item but after Gerry introduced her to his much more attractive brother David, they started a clandestine affair together. She didn’t have the heart to dump Gerry immediately - there had been a period of a couple of months when she had been sleeping with both of them.


“I think you are still holding a torch for Gerry.” her husband teased, knowing the reaction it would provoke.

“Oh yes, the next time I want my breasts slobbered over, followed by two minutes of missionary position and then to have to sleep in the mother of all wet patches, I am going to invite him over.” she replied, slightly irked.


David hugged his wife, who forgave his comment immediately.

“I don’t suppose we have time to… ?” he asked, stroking the back of his fingers down her spine, flipping the strap of her dress off her shoulder and exposing her breast which his fingertips gently teased. Her nipples hardened and Susan flushed slightly. It was true to say that David’s constant trips away with his work, and a curious five year old seemingly intent on watching them every time they made love had tarnished their sex lives. She dearly wanted to make love with him now.

“No, the babysitter should be here any minute.” she replaced her strap, then straightened his shirt buttons, and checked his appearance. He was a few years older than her, but he kept himself in shape. He was everything his brother wasn’t – he was handsome, interesting to talk to, muscular, and an attentive lover. He had short dark hair with flecks of grey at the sides, and a strange tuft at the crown, which could never be tamed. “You scrub up quite well.” she told him.


They went downstairs and the doorbell rang. Susan answered it and let the babysitter in. She was a neighbour’s daughter and was aged about 15. For some reason she seemed to be dressed up tonight – she was wearing a cropped t-shirt with noticeably no bra, and a very brief, tight denim skirt. Susan watched her husband’s reaction to the girl. He said hello to her, but then carried on putting the finishing touches to his clothes. No sneaky checking out the girl’s breasts, no looking at her ass as she walked by, and as far as she could see, he didn’t even know she was watching him. He was definitely a ‘keeper’, she thought to herself. She turned to the babysitter.

“Right Sally, we are going now. Tara is upstairs and should be asleep by now, so hopefully you won’t have anything to do. We should be back by eleven easily. If there are any emergencies, then Miss Moore is at home next door, and she should be able to help. You can eat whatever is in the fridge.”

“Ok, thanks Mrs Redman.”

“Oh, wait David. Shall we get Sally to take a quick photo of us? We never get both of us in the same picture.”

“Good idea honey.” David replied. He found his camera, made sure it was ready to go, and handed it to the babysitter, indicating to her how to take a picture.

“Isn't that the film with… ?” she tried to use her eyes to signal the words ‘the pictures you took while we fucked’ to David. He received the message.

“Yes.” He grinned. “We just need to use up the last picture and we can get it developed.” It was David’s way of making sure it did get developed.

The couple posed together in an informal embrace, and Sally took the picture for them. After the shutter clicked, the motor wind began winding the film back into its cassette.

Finally, the couple were ready to depart and they left through the front door and stepped into David’s new Mondeo. He had only bought it the day before – the seller was rather shifty looking, but David had doubled checked everything and it was legit. They needed a car, and it was a bargain. Susan didn't approve – she always wanted a year’s guarantee on everything and an extended warranty on top, but David knew he was right this time.

David started the engine and watched his wife pull her seatbelt on before he drove off. Sally, the babysitter watched the car leave, then quickly made a telephone call.

“Hi Barry, its Sal. Yes, they have gone – we have the place to ourselves for four hours! Mmmm, I can’t wait!” she gently squeezed her nipples to make them stand out again, and waited for her boyfriend to arrive.



The concert was set in the grounds of a stately home. The stage was in one corner of a large undulating field. There are two types of people who attended these events - those who lived and breathed classical music, who sat directly in front of the stage and enjoyed every nuance of the orchestra and the soprano’s performance; and those people who took a picnic, sat further back and enjoyed the music and ambience of the evening. David and Susan were in the latter category, and found a place to sit well back from the stage, although close enough to the sound system to hear the music perfectly. David laid out a picnic blanket for them both, and opened a bottle of Champaign.

The couple embraced loosely, sipping their drinks. The event was wonderful, but had been undersubscribed, leaving large gaps in the spectators further back in the field. The performances went on, and sparse crowd lapped it up. Susan particularly became enraptured by the music; applauding at the end of each performance, laughing at the fun pieces, and crying at the sad ones.

“It is getting a bit chilly.” Susan commented, between performances, rubbing her slightly goosy arms.

David, being a knight in shining armour as usual, produced a second blanket from their picnic basket and unfurled it over them both. Susan kissed him for his reward.


The opening bars of a Bizet set began to play. Bizet usually had an effect on Susan. She looked around at the people who might be able to see them. There was an old lady about twenty yards away to their left, but she was engrossed in the performance. No-one behind them. A middle aged couple some distance away to the right. The rhythmic beats of Bizet pulsed through Susan. She knew what she needed. With a discrete wriggle she managed to shuck off her panties under her dress, and push them over towards the picnic basket.

“You do know this is Bizet?” she asked her husband.

“And you know what Bizet does to me?” she ran her hand over his crotch, still hidden by the blanket over them both. She felt his erection start to grow inside his trousers.

“Yes. I was counting on it.” he grinned.

“Tell me you have some condoms with you.”

“The days of me carrying condoms ‘just in case’ ended about five years ago.” He felt her unzip his fly and start to massage his nearly hard penis to full erection.

“In that case, this is a ‘me, me, me’ moment. You do not get to come!” she asserted, swinging her leg over him and kissing him on the lips. Under the blanket, she had hitched up her skirt to enable him to enter her, which he did easily. She took a moment to enjoy the feeling of him inside her then warned him “Come inside me and I will be eating your balls for breakfast tomorrow. Understand?”

“Understood. My balls, on toast.”

She let the steady beat of the music flow through her again and started to make love with David, pushing down onto him with each bar. She managed to retain some discretion at first, but as the music built to a crescendo, her thrusting became stronger and stronger there could be no more pretence of hiding it. The final few bars arrived and Susan felt her orgasm grow within her, stronger and stronger until the mother of all orgasms burst within her.


The crowd applauded, and Susan slowly regained her senses.

“Hmmm,” she kissed her husband. “That was lovely.”

“Oops.” David replied, sheepishly.

“You didn’t?”


“Shall I remove your bollocks now or later?”

“You like them.” he grinned at her. She tried to be angry with him, but she couldn’t help smile at his ‘naughty little boy’ expression.

“Yes, I like them sliced with a little mayonnaise and black pepper.” She laughed, withdrawing from him and feeling the unmistakeable sensation of warm sperm oozing from her. She dipped her head below the blanket to take his softening member in her mouth.


Despite Susan’s caution, two people had watched them making love that evening. The elderly lady sitting to their left had watched them and almost immediately realised what they were doing. She was shocked at first, but then saw how intense it was becoming for the woman. She observed with some jealously – she herself had been married for over 40 years and had never experienced sex like that woman was having. A dim, distant spark of desire within her own loins, long since forgotten, was awakened and the woman imagined her younger self in the place of the woman, enjoying the sensation of the man thrusting her to orgasm.


The other person who had watched them was Nikolai Kokolska, an employee of a Russian drugs oligarch. Having traced the car to their house and following them here, he impassively watched the woman pleasuring herself on his target.


When the evening was over, the couple made their way back to their car in the adjacent, dark field and started the drive home. Susan could feel the ever growing deposit of semen in her panties.

“If you have knocked me up again...” She began.

“Hmmm?” David wasn’t listening, peering into his rear view mirror.

“I was saying you might have got me pregnant this evening.”

“It will be ok.” He replied absently.


Susan felt the car increasing in speed through the country lane. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“There is a motorbike that seems to be following us.”

“Why would anyone follow us?”

“I don’t know.” David increasing the speed of the car further.

Susan looked behind them, and saw the bike keeping pace with them. It moved to overtake them and Susan saw Kokolska in a black helmet pull alongside and look into the car. The target confirmed, the bike dropped back behind their car.

“David, this is frightening me. Why is he doing that?” Susan said, watching the bike through the rear windows. The powerful bike accelerated to position itself to the right of the car, and Susan saw him point something at them. “David, I think he has a gun!”


They didn’t hear the shot, but a front tyre on the car exploded, causing the car to weave across the road. Out of control, the car crashed through a hedge, flipped over onto its roof then turned over again to right itself, finally hitting a tree.


Susan came to her senses. She had some cuts, but was otherwise ok. David was unconscious in the driving seat, his head bleeding quite heavily. She couldn't wake him, so she tried the door. It was stuck. She frantically pushed and shoved at it but it wouldn’t open. Then she saw the leather clad motorcyclist appear. He was pointing his gun at her. He was going to shoot her! She scrambled to get further away from him, but there was nowhere else to go. She stared down the barrel of his gun for a second, then breathed a sigh of relief as he lowered the gun. She briefly thought he may have been just trying to scare them. Maybe David had been involved with the wrong sort of people at work. Did he have gambling debts or something? She watched uncomprehendingly as the motorcyclist removed his helmet, took a cigar from his pocket, and lit it up. The red tip glowed red as he drew on the cigar. Then he tossed the cigar towards the car. It landed in a puddle of petrol which had run from the Mondeo’s ruptured fuel tank. Orange flames sprung up around the car. New panic surged through Susan. She kicked at the door and screamed at David and the motorcyclist. She pleaded with them both as the flames reached the inside of the car, but both men remained impassive.


Kokolska watched, his erection growing stronger and stronger as the flames reached the panicking young woman and set fire to her dress. The car interior filled with smoke but he could see her hair was on fire, and her arms were hamming in vain at the windows.


After a minute, the screaming stopped, and Kokolska relaxed a little, enjoying the spectacle for a while. He adjusted his motorcycle leathers to relieve his uncomfortable erection. Killing women always made him hard, especially when he could watch them die slowly. He considered returning to the target’s home to have some fun with, then kill their kid, but then decided against the move as the babysitter and her boyfriend he had observed sneaking down the driveway the moment the car had left introduced too many variables. He resolved instead to pick a woman up later.


He tossed his distinctive lighter though a broken rear window as a message to teach the target’s cohorts a lesson, and left the two corpses to burn by themselves.

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