The Date Trilogy (Part 6 in an ongoing series): 6. Progeny

The Date Trilogy (Part 6 in an ongoing series): 6. Progeny The Date Trilogy (Part 6 in an ongoing series): 6. Progeny

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This will not make much sense if you have not read the earlier parts, so I suggest you find those on my profile first. They are not long and are quite fun. Geoff does something stupid with Cathleen and it looks like he will regret it for a long time. There is also a little back-story about Geoff.


This will not make much sense if you have not read the earlier parts, so I suggest you find those on my profile first. They are not long and are quite fun. Geoff does something stupid with Cathleen and it looks like he will regret it for a long time. There is also a little back-story about Geoff.


Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



The Date Trilogy (Part 6 in an ongoing series): 6. Progeny

Geoff swirled the whisky in his glass.  The stereo was playing Dvorjak quietly.  He had been loafing around for the last two hours in joggers and a T shirt.  Right now he had a bottle of 12 year old malt in one hand and a glass in the other.  Life was good.The drink was fogging his mind a little, although not enough to call himself drunk... yet.  The house was unusually quiet – his girlfriend Jane had been roped into attending a school field trip in Germany along with her 14 year old son and 29 other teenage boys.  Even his daughter Kate, who would normally have dropped in today, was on a week-long residential course with her company. 

Jane – the perfect girlfriend.  His glass refilled, he sat down and picked up a tablet computer then turned it on, flicking to some pictures of her.  Like him, she was the wrong side 40.  She had a wonderful figure, amazing breasts, was obedient in the bedroom, yet she was intelligent and fun out of the bedroom.Who would have thought that he, a confirmed bachelor since his disastrous marriage nearly 25 years ago, would ever have contemplated getting married again and more.  Was it a mistake to take things so far with her?  25 years ago, Louisa had seemed to be ‘The One’ and look how that had turned out.  Yet here he was, ready to make the same mistakes all over again.

His ex-wife Louisa came from an Italian family who owned a restaurant back then.  She was olive skinned and beautiful.  Having been born in London, she had managed to avoid picking up the accent her brothers and father spoke with routinely – in fact she could barely speak a word of Italian.  Geoff had always told Louisa that he loved her deep dark brown eyes and her smile.  A crock of shit of course – she had large, firm breasts that he could barely look away from whenever he passed her in school.  After weeks of plucking up courage, he had asked her out and by the end of the last lesson that day, she had said yes.

They were two teenagers looking for all the things that teenagers wanted, and it didn’t take long for them to get it.  It was nothing that anyone else their age wasn’t doing of course, although his friends hung on every word each time he told them what he had managed to do with Louisa the previous evening.

Two weeks after their first date, ‘it’ finally happened.Of course, he hadn’t the sense to bring a condom with him, but when he had promised sincerely not to come in her, she smiled and spread her legs for him.  There was an awkward moment of pushing, then a gasp of pain.  After a few delicious thrusts within her, Geoff had broken his promise to her, leaving Louisa tearfully trying to scoop the blood stained semen from inside her. 

It had always troubled him that the first time with Louisa had been so unsatisfactory for her, and each subsequent time he took a girl’s virginity – 7 times that he knew of over the years - he made sure he improved upon the experience for the young lady concerned.

After that first time, Louisa always brought the condoms and their enjoyment increased as they gained experience.  It wasn’t until two months later that Louisa’s brother informed him during a particularly brutal beating, that Geoff had got Louisa pregnant.  Recalling the incident, Geoff absently felt with his tongue the now familiar rough edge of the tooth that had been broken on that occasion. 

With a Catholic upbringing, abortion was out of the question, and Louisa’s brothers had made it clear that if he wanted to continue to live in the area, he had better ‘make an honest woman of her’.  It was an outdated notion even back then and he should have said no of course, but she was beautiful and the sex with her was excellent.  They were still 16 when they married, Louisa with a visible bump under her white dress.

Living with her in the same house as her family quickly made life impossible.  Whenever they made love, it seemed like everyone in the house could hear them, and on one occasion her father had walked in them while Louisa was  giving him oral sex, and had slapped her face, saying that it ‘wasn’t good for the bambino’.  The marriage had ended less than two years after their baby Kate was born.  He had a vasectomy shortly after to ensure he never made that mistake again.


Yet here he was, now fully recovered from the operation to reverse his vasectomy, looking forward to giving his girlfriend Jane another child.



Geoff was pouring one last glass of whisky before bed when he heard car tyres screeching and a rubbish bin being knocked over.  These things happened on the best of towns, so he tried to ignore it, but a few minutes later the doorbell rang.  It was late for callers.  Was it someone trying to sell him something?  He would give them a piece of his mind if they were.


He opened his front door sharply. 

“Cathleen.  What are you doing here?”  He asked in surprise.  Cathleen was the on-off lover of his daughter.  Right now they were very much ‘on’ – which had resulted in the sudden departure of Kate’s former girlfriend Chrissy. 

“Hi Pops,” Cathleen answered in her lilting Irish accent.  She knew calling him ‘Pops’ annoyed him.  “I was just passing, and I thought I would drop in on the girlfriend’s old man.”

“What are you really doing here?  Have you been drinking?”

“I was supposed to meet up with a friend while Kate was away on that stupid course.  He didn’t turn up, and I had one or two drinks while I waited.”  She was swaying.

“So you thought you would drive by and see me.  Great.”  He was going to tell her he would drive her home until he realised he was probably almost as drunk as she was.

“I just wanted some company.”  She said quietly.  She answered his querying expression with, “It is the anniversary of the day my dad died.”  Her voice cracked a little.

“I am sorry.”  Despite his dislike of the woman, Geoff wasn’t made of stone.  He opened his arms to give her the hug she clearly needed, and she gratefully took the chance to embrace the male figure in place of her father. 


She was warm, and smelled of expensive perfume.  He could feel her breasts against his chest and felt a tingle of desire.

“You had better stay here tonight – neither of us is in any state to drive.”

“Sounds like a proposition.”  She had that infuriating smile she used when she thought she had got one over on him.

“You can stay in Kate’s old room.”  He began, but as he finished his sentence, he felt her hand slip inside his joggers.  He was not flaccid.

“It feels like Pop’s old man has other ideas?”  The stimulation of her hand quickly made him fully erect.  “Kate never told me you were big.”

“That is a really bad idea, Cathleen.  I think...” he was cut off by the young woman kneeling down and taking him in her mouth.  He felt her tongue caress the tip of his penis.  He savoured the sensation for a moment before reaching down into her blouse for her firm breasts.




6 weeks later, Kate and Cathleen impatiently waited for the two most important minutes of their lives to be over.  They were waiting for either one or two blue lines to appear on a pregnancy test kit.

“I can’t be pregnant.  You are the one that has wants children.”  Cathleen complained, looking at her watch again.

“Maybe it was meant to be this way?” Kate replied.

“I have a stupid one night stand and now I am the one doing a pregnancy test – why aren’t you angry?”

“Because I love you, and I know you are bisexual.  You still have urges that I can’t satisfy, and I accept that.”

“But I am not the one who was supposed to get pregnant.  I am supposed to earn the money while you have a baby.  My figure will never be the same...  It just isn’t fair!”

“It is 2 minutes now.”  Kate reminded.


They looked at the test.


“Shit!”  Cathleen exclaimed.

“That is wonderful!  We are going to be parents!”  Kate laughed excitedly.  “Are you going to tell me who the lucky father is?”

“Just some guy I met up with when you were on that course.”

“Anyone I know?”

“No.”  Cathleen lied.  “I guess he does fit all of your requirements.  Clever, attractive in a rugged way, good in bed, and nice eyes.”

“He sounds perfect.  I know it isn’t what you wanted, but this way you can have the baby and go back to work as soon as you are ready and then I can give up work to look after it.  I can’t wait to tell dad!”

“Perhaps we ought to give it a couple of months... just to make sure everything is ok?”




 “Ok, I am here.  Why all the cloak and dagger?”  Geoff asked tersely when he met Cathleen at a bar outside town.

“Let’s find somewhere quiet.  The table over there will do.”

“Do you want a drink?”

“No I had better not, but maybe you should.”


They sat together in a secluded booth at the far end of the bar.

“So?  Why have you dragged me all the way over to a pub miles from where anywhere?”

“I have some news for you.”

Geoff folded his arms.  Everything this woman did annoyed him, particularly when she played games like this.  “What is it?”

“I am pregnant.”

The colour drained from Geoff’s face.  “Are you sure?”  He managed. 

“Positive.  I missed a period, took a test.  Two blue lines – pregnant.”

“Tests aren’t always reliable.”

“I did two more afterwards.  I am pregnant.”

“And you are sure it is mine?”

“Amazingly, I have spread my legs for two different people in the last few months - you and your daughter.  Whilst your daughter can do most things to me in bed, she simply doesn’t have a penis or testicles, so I think probably you are responsible,” she said, dripping sarcasm.

“But I thought you were on the pill... you didn’t ask me to use anything.”

“I thought you had had a vasectomy.  Kate told me that often enough, saying that you didn’t want any more kids.”

Geoff held his head in his hands.  “I had my vasectomy reversed.  Jane wants a baby with me.”

“And you didn’t think it was worth mentioning that before you screwed me bareback?”

“I was drunk.  We both were...”  Geoff managed lamely.

“The first time, maybe.  What about the following morning?”

Geoff remembered waking up with the naked, beautiful Irish red-head next to him, and becoming hard again.  He had made love to her while she still slept to wake her up, culminating in them both reaching orgasm and him dumping a second load in her. He looked up at Cathleen who had tears in her eyes.  “I will pay for an abortion if you want it.”

“Nope.  I’m Catholic remember.  Besides, Kate knows I am pregnant now and she can’t wait for the baby to arrive, so I am just going to have to have this baby.  Kate wants to look after it and I will go back to work as soon as I can.”

“Kate doesn’t know it is mine does she?”

“’Hey Kate, I’m pregnant and it was your dad that knocked me up!’  That would hardly go down well would it?”

“It wasn’t like that, and you know it.”

“You are right.  How about ‘Hey Kate, your dad fucked me twice without a condom, but it is ok because we were both a bit drunk the first time’.”

“I can’t believe this is happening to me!” Geoff couldn’t stop himself saying.

“The bit that happens to you is all over!  I have been puking most mornings, and I still have seven and a half months of growing to the size of a bus, then there is giving birth... Are you going to hold my hand for me when I am pushing a fucking great baby out of my cunt?  No I thought not!”

“I am sorry.  What do you want to do?”


Cathleen managed to calm down a little.  “Obviously, Kate must not know.  We are coming over for Sunday lunch at the weekend, and we are planning to tell you ‘officially’ then, so act surprised.  I just wanted to give you advanced warning so that you don't freak out.”


They sat in silence for a moment.


“Cathleen... I am really sorry.”

“It’s ok.” She replied, her tone softening.  “It’s not like you forced yourself on me is it.  And you were a good fuck.”




The table was fully laden with a roast dinner big enough to feed far more than the 5 of them present.  As was often the case, there was an expectant hush as Geoff carved for his girlfriend Jane, her son Tim, Kate and Cathleen.  He placed the last slice on his own plate then sat down, but before the general noise of 5 people eating began, Kate clinked her spoon against her wine glass.


“I have an announcement to make...” she began.  It was the moment Geoff had been dreading.  “We had some wonderful news.  Cathleen and I are going to have a baby in March!”

Tim looked a little confused until Cathleen quietly explained “It is amazing what you can buy on the internet.”

Jane squealed with delight and rushed around the table to hug Kate, who delighted in it.  “You look wonderful on it, I am so pleased!”

“Actually it isn’t me.  Cathleen is going to have the baby.” Kate explained.


Jane looked amazed for a second and gave Cathleen a slightly more restrained hug.  “I never would have thought you would go for being the maternal type.”

“Just because I like to go on top, doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a baby.  Besides, Kate has told me she is going to give me an orgasm every single day of my pregnancy, so I am quite looking forward to it.”

Tim’s ears burned red as he imagined Kate giving Cathleen an orgasm.  He decided against standing up just yet.

Geoff kissed his daughter and her girlfriend and congratulated them.

“It is amazing, and I am so happy for you both.” 

“Geoff, shall I tell them about us?  It seems a good time.”  Jane asked.

Geoff begrudgingly agreed her request.

“Well, we weren’t going to say anything, but we are trying for a baby too!”

“Mum!  You are way too old for a baby!”  Tim retorted at the unexpected news.

“A woman in her 40s is still perfectly capable of conceiving a baby, Tim.”

“But aren’t you too old to... you know?”

“Geoff and I enjoy a very healthy sex life, Timothy.  I must say, I thought you would be happy for us.”

“I suppose I am happy.”  He didn’t sound it.  “Will that make me an Uncle?”  He asked, brightening a little. 

“Honorary uncle to Kate and Cathleen’s baby perhaps, but a big brother to this one if he or she arrives.”  Jane patted her stomach.


“Dad, you have had the snip.  I tell you off every time you sleep with...” A look from her father had told her she had said more than enough so she stopped her sentence.

“I had it reversed – it was those days I said I was away in Germany.”

She smiled broadly.  “So I am going to be a mum and maybe a sister too – I have never been either before!”  She turned to Cathleen and hugged her.  “This is turning into the best day ever!”



Pregnancy had not suited Cathleen at all well.  She had hated the morning sickness, losing her figure, her swelling breasts, the enormous stomach, the cravings and being prodded and poked in the most intimate of places by medical professionals.  As she approached 9 months, she just wanted the ‘evil spawn of the devil’ as she had come to call it out of her.  Kate would have been far more suitable for motherhood – she actually liked babies.  Instead Cathleen was stuck in the house getting fatter by the minute, whilst Kate remained slim and beautiful.


“Kate!”  She called.  “Kate!”

“Coming sweetheart.”

 “Don't sweetheart me.  I need relief.”  Cathleen allowed Kate to remove her underwear, then sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs.  This was probably the only thing keeping her sane. She could barely see Kate’s head under her bulging stomach, but appreciated the attention she was being given.

“That feels so much better.”  She felt Kate’s tongue tease her opening.

“Is my pussy any different to what it was?”  She asked, relaxing a little.  The baby shifted inside her.

“It is still beautiful.”  Kate paused long enough to tell her. 

“And my pubes?”

“I trimmed them last week.  They still look lovely, like always.”

“What about my arse.  Is it big now?”

In answer she felt Kate’s tongue tease around the rim of her anus.  Kate was the only girlfriend she had had that would do that, and she loved the sensation every time she did.  She smiled despite everything.


“Hmmm?” Kate managed without ceasing her ministrations.

“Do you still love me, even though I am fat?”

Kate’s head bobbed up, chin glistening.  “Of course I do, but you aren’t fat.  You are pregnant, and you are still the sexiest woman I know.” 

“Did I tell you to stop?”  Cathleen asked, mischievously.  The baby felt like it was doing a somersault.

Kate disappeared below her stomach again and she could feel her lover’s tongue back inside her.  An orgasm was starting to build within her.

“Nearly there...” she said to herself, “Nearly...”

Her orgasm began to burst, and she was lost in ecstasy for a moment, coming down to some spluttering noises from down below.

“That was a good one, Kate,”she said, eyes still closed.

“Your waters just broke.” 

Kate was soaked by the stream of fluid that had jetted from her lover.

“But I have not had a contraction yet...” A sudden, crippling spasm ravaged Cathleen. When it was over, she said calmly, “You had better call your dad to get us to the hospital.”



Eight hours later an exhausted Cathleen held her new baby boy for the first time.  He was tiny, a weird colour, his head was a strange shape and he had a pitiful cry.

“What is wrong with him?” she asked.

“Nothing.  He is beautiful.”  Kate replied, her eyes brimming with tears.

“He is?”  Kate asked, not sure they were talking about the same baby.

“You son has all his fingers and toes, he is alert, he is a good weight and looks the picture of health.”  The midwife added.  “Would you like to feed him?”

Cathleen looked blank.

“Breast feed him.”  Kate prompted.  “Did you read any of the pregnancy books I bought you?”

“I never got past the pictures of babies with big heads in small birth canals.  Those pictures are wrong by the way – the baby’s head was way bigger, and my cunt was way smaller!  My cunt has a tear now – my beautiful cunt!  My cunt has been complimented by royalty!”

“Really?” Kate asked, taken by surprise.

“Well, he said he was royalty.  My point is that I used to have a nice cunt.”

Kate tried not to smile.  “I know labour was hard, Cathleen, but we have a wonderful healthy baby boy now.  Breast feeding is really good for him in the first week or two.  It will set up his immune system for life.”

A look of disgust passed over Cathleen’s face.  “You are supposed to be the one sitting here doing all this shit with the tears and the afterbirth and the ‘spawn of the devil’ hanging off your teats!”  She said angrily to Kate.

“I know, and I would do all of that for you, but you are the one who carried the baby, and you are the one with the milk.”


Cursing, Cathleen lowered the baby down to her breast and with some help from the midwife the baby latched on quickly, sucking hungrily.

“This is absolutely disgusting.  I have the spawn of the devil sucking my... my god what is happening to me?”

“Your stomach muscles are contracting.  It is triggered by the breast feeding.”  The midwife answered.

“So feeding the baby gets back into my old shape?”

“Quicker than without it, yes.”

“And we can’t keep calling him the ‘spawn of the devil’.  Have you any names in mind?” Kate added, “How about after our fathers?  What was your dad’s name?”

“James.” Cathleen replied.

“So does ‘James Geoffrey’ sound ok to you?”

“‘James Geoffrey Mahony’.  My Dad would have liked that.  That sounds good to me.” Cathleen replied.


The two women kissed. 

“Can I ask my dad in now?  He must be bursting to see his grandson.”

Cathleen covered up as best she could and nodded.


Geoff was caught off-guard by the sight of his daughter’s lover feeding his new son. 

“He is perfect.” He said, a large teardrop running down his cheek.

“Do you want to hold him?”  Cathleen asked.

“Of course I do.”


The midwife showed her how to detach the baby from her breast and Cathleen passed the infant to his father.


“Meet Daniel Geoffrey Mahony.  Your... grandson.”  Cathleen said.

“So I don’t get to hold him first?”  Kate asked, a little offended.

“You will get to hold him plenty.  Right now I need you to hold me.”

Kate embraced Cathleen and whispered, “I would make love to you right now if I could.”

“Everything I have bleeds, wobbles or drips at the moment.”

“How is your bum hole?”

“Fine, thank you.”  Cathleen replied, grinning broadly.

“Then you know where my tongue is going the first chance I get.”

“I am still in the room, and I can hear what you are saying!”  Geoff interrupted, a little crossly.

Kate stood up for herself.  “Dad, Cathleen is my partner and I love her very much.  I will make love to her in every way possible, as often as possible.  If she wants my tongue up her bum hole, she gets it up her bum hole.”

Geoff was a little taken back by his daughter’s defiance, but Kate pulled her girlfriend close to her.  “Are you going to lick my arsehole out while I am too sore for anything else?”  Cathleen asked.

“And lick out my patched up cunt when it feels better?”


“And rub my shoulders when they ache after work?”
“Every night.”

“And get up in the middle of the night if he cries?”


“And change the baby whenever he needs it?”



There was a pause.


“Geoff, may I have your permission to marry your daughter?”  Cathleen asked.


There was another pause.  Geoff really wanted to say no, but he was at least gratified that Cathleen had asked permission first.  What else could he say?

“Yes, you may marry her.”


“Kate, I love you.  Will you marry me?”

“Yes, Cathleen, I will.”

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