The Date Trilogy (Part 5 in an ongoing series): 5. Break up

The Date Trilogy (Part 5 in an ongoing series):  5.  Break up The Date Trilogy (Part 5 in an ongoing series): 5. Break up

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This wont make much sense if you have not read the preceding parts in the series, so I would urge you to read read those first. They are both short and quite sexy, so I think most will enjoy them, An ex girlfriend of Kate turns up at her door unexpectedly. Will Kate do the right thing?


This wont make much sense if you have not read the preceding parts in the series, so I would urge you to read read those first. They are both short and quite sexy, so I think most will enjoy them,

An ex girlfriend of Kate turns up at her door unexpectedly. Will Kate do the right thing?


Submitted: December 29, 2013

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Submitted: December 29, 2013



The Date Trilogy:  5.  Break up

“Well, this is it.  Goodbye then.”Chrissy said, holding her overnight bag.

“You are only away for three days.” Her girlfriend Kate replied.

“I know, but I am going to miss you.”

“Hurry up or you will miss your train.”  Kate admonished.

“I love you.”

“Go now!”  Kate told her, kissing her girlfriend quickly on the lips.

With a slightly tearful look, Chrissy Hobbs finally headed for the front door and left.  Chrissy was a lovely girl, but if the truth were told, Kate was looking forward to the break from her.  Three days of being able to do what she wanted, not having to wear make-up, not having to be cheerful about her being Chrissy Hobbs’ lover.  Chrissy was travelling to a conference for her employer and Kate was glad.

Kate felt guilty about that last thought.  Chrissy had made a lot of sacrifices to become her girlfriend including ‘coming out’ to her mum.  She knew Chrissy had no regrets, but Kate did.

Kate busied herself around the house.  She tidied, vacuumed, cleaned and generally made the place look unlived in, but why?  Kate preferred a more chaotic approach to housework – it was because Chrissy liked it like that.


She was going to have to say something, but what?  Chrissy didn’t even think of herself as gay until she had gone on a date with her, and now she was a fully paid up lesbian keen to indulge in the culture, all because of Kate.  The whole thing was a mess.


The doorbell rang.  What had Chrissy forgotten now?  Kate opened the door.

“Hello Kate.”  A tall, striking redhead at the door said in an Irish accent.

“Cathleen.  I thought you were... gone.”  Kate replied lamely. Cathleen had been Kate’s girlfriend some months before, but she had heard nothing in the time since Cathleen had a called a halt to the relationship.

“I was.  But now I am back.”


“Do I get a ‘welcome back’ hug?”

Kate embraced her former lover.She felt warm and soft and safe – the way she always used to.

“Do I get a little kiss?”  Cathleen asked.  She lifted Kate’s chin and kissed her on the mouth. 

Kate’s knees buckled a little as the kiss went on.  Their tongues entwined, and Kate felt the buttons on her blouse being released.




The couple lay, sweating, naked together in the bed, both descending from their climaxes.  The room was heady with the smell of sex.

“I have missed you, Kate.  You always know what I want.”  Cathleen began, her heart rate slowly returning to normal.

“I missed you too.  Why didn’t you call me sometimes?”  Kate asked.

“I was trying to get you out of my system.  Of all the people I have slept with, you are the person I wanted to go back to.”

“It almost sounds like you wanted to say you loved me.”  Kate replied dryly.

“The last person I said that to was dead an hour later.”

“Your dad, when you were seven?”

Cathleen nodded.

“That is a long time to not tell someone you love them, but I guess you wanting to come back to me will have to do.”  Kate replied and kissed the Irish girl on the mouth.

“So how have you been?  I trust you got on with life after I left?How many girls did you fuck?” Cathleen asked.

“When I was sure you weren't coming back, I spent the next few weeks fucking anything with a pulse – there were seven or eight one-nighters with women from the club.  Then I met a girl called Chrissy and she moved in with me a couple of months ago.”

“I knew you would find someone fairly quickly.”

“What about you?”  Kate asked.

“Much the same – maybe 13 or 14 one nighters, although I didn’t really settle down with someone, I did find a guy who offered me a job if I would sleep with him.  I fucked my way up the company a bit.”

“Where do you work now?”

“An advertising agency in the city.  I seem to be ok at it, and they keep giving me pay rises and I have a nice company car.  Are you still at the same place?” 

“Yes, same place, but no pay rises since before you left.”  Kate answered in a resigned tone.  “You look great by the way – I love your hair.”

“Thanks.  Do you mean the hair on my head, or...?”

“Both.”  Kate grinned.  Cathleen had tamed a few of the curls on her head into a slightly shorter style, and her red pubic hairs were now much shorter than Kate remembered them.  Everything else about her – the freckles, the pale skin, her firm breasts and the noise she made when she climaxed were all reassuringly familiar.


They kissed again at length.  Kate was considering returning to Cathleen’s clitoris when Cathleen declared that she was sweating like a pig and needed a shower.  They both did.


“There is probably only enough hot water for one.”  Kate warned.

“I had better go first then.” Cathleen winked, climbing out of the bed and sauntering naked towards the bathroom.  Kate watched her hips sway enticingly.  Kate mentally added ‘fantastic bottom’ to the list of things that were familiar to her. 


When she heard the water running, Kate got up, put on her robe and went to the kitchen – Cathleen always used to get hungry after sex, so she made a couple of slices of toast, buttered them lightly then added a thin smear of marmite just the way Cathleen liked it.


Cathleen eventually came out of the bathroom wearing Chrissy’s robe – it was short on her and had a sheep motif which looked a little out of place on the otherwise elegant woman.


“Tell me this robe is not yours?”  Cathleen asked, walking towards the toast.  “Marmite... lovely - you always know what I want.”

“The robe is Chrissy’s – she likes that kind of stuff.”

“Eww.  Well, at least she is you ex-girlfriend now.  Get yourself into the shower now honey and we can go into town for a little ‘getting-back-together’ shopping.”


Kate complied, and set the now icy jets of water running in the shower.  It was going to be bracing, but she needed time to think about what to say to Chrissy.


Cathleen was finishing the last corner of toast when she heard a key rattling in the lock.  Curious, she walked over to the front door in time for it to be opened from the other side.  A young girl, about 18, about Kate’s height with short dark hair, stepped into the flat and started explaining something about a tree on the line when she realised it wasn’t Kate she was talking to.  She stopped talking and looked at Cathleen a second.


“That is my bathrobe.”  She began, unable to think of a better opening question.

“I think it probably is.”  Cathleen replied.

“Give it back.  It is mine.”

Cathleen pulled off the robe and passed it to the girl, who was left momentarily dumbstruck by the now naked red-head in front of her, standing with her hands on her hips and legs slightly parted.

“What the hell are you doing in my flat?”
“It is Kate’s flat actually, and I would have thought it is obvious what I have been doing – I have been fucking Kate.”


Chrissy looked shocked for a second then lashed out with a hard slap to Cathleen’s face.  Cathleen felt the anger rise within her.  She stepped forward until she was toe-to-toe with Chrissy.

“I will give you that one for free, as I have just stolen your girlfriend.  Try it again, and I will break something on your plain little face.”  Cathleen threatened menacingly.

Chrissy looked like she was considering another slap. 

“Or do you want to fight for Kate? – she would love that.  But I will win, and you will lose what looks you have.”


Chrissy’s nerve failed and she retreated back through the front door into the communal area of the flats.  Cathleen followed her, ensuring the younger girl’s retreat was complete.  There were the usual obscenities, but they were to be expected, then the girl stormed out of the building.

Kate appeared outside the bathroom, naked, dripping and freezing and noticed Cathleen closing the front door.  “Did I miss someone calling?  Where is your robe gone?”  Kate asked her teeth chattering as she found a dry towel in the airing cupboard.

“I didn't catch her name.  She was a fairly small girl, about 18... fairly plain... mousey... She wanted her robe back.”

Kate’s heart sank.  It was Chrissy – she didn't deserve to find out like that.




Geoff’s ears were becoming pink – a sure sign he was, at the very least, in a heated discussion.  “Yes, Mrs Hobbs, I completely understand your anger, but I really think we should leave this to Kate and Chrissy to sort out.”


“No, I don't think my daughter’s sexuality or her promiscuity is anything to do with what happened.  I know Kate has had a lot of girlfriends in the past, but that isn’t relevant to what happened today.”


“No, I do not approve of violence, but from what you said, Chrissy slapped the girl, not the other way around.” Geoff took a breath, and then continued in a more conciliatory tone.  “Mrs Hobbs, if it is any comfort, I think Kate is mad to throw away what she had with Chrissy, but it is her mistake to make – either of us stepping in now will just seem like interfering.”


“Yes, I will let you know if I hear something that may help.  Goodbye.”


“What was that about?”  Geoff’s girlfriend Jane asked, poking her head around the door from inside the kitchen.

“It seems Kate has a new girlfriend, and apparently Chrissy unexpectedly walked in on them together.”

“Oh dear.  That doesn’t sound like the Kate I know.”

“There is worse.  From the description of the other girl Mrs Hobbs gave – ‘tall, red haired and naked’, it sounds like it might be an ex of Kate’s.”

“Who?”  Jane asked.

“You never met her.  I think it might be a girl called Cathleen who is possibly the most annoying woman I know – and she used to keep calling me ‘Pops’ but she must have known I hated it.  Kate always followed her about like a love-sick puppy the whole time they were together.  I suppose if there is a silver lining it is that at least Chrissy slapped her.”


“So do you think Kate is still coming for Sunday lunch today – I am just starting the vegetables.”

“I am sure she will, but if I know Cathleen, she will turn up as well.  I think you should say five for lunch.”




Geoff opened the door to let his guests in.

“Kate.  It is lovely to see you again.”  He kissed his daughter on the cheek.  “And Kathleen.  You are here too.”  He grimaced a smile.

“Hey Pops.”  Cathleen kissed Geoff on the cheek and bounded in.  “You must be Jane, and you must be Timmy.  Kate has told me all about you on the way over, and I must say Jane, Kate wasn’t exaggerating when she described you.  Pops is a lucky guy.”  She kissed Jane on the cheek for a second longer than seemed appropriate, and Geoff noticed his girlfriend blushing. 


Cathleen turned to Tim.  “Little Timmy – I have to say Kate didn't say you were filling out so nicely... There again she doesn’t do guys, so she doesn’t notice things like that.  It is a real pleasure to meet you, ‘Big Man’.”  She leant down to kiss him, giving him a glimpse down her blouse.


Geoff tried to ignore the obvious effect on Timmy.  “You may as well come in – Timmy has walked the dogs already as you were running so late.”

“Sorry about Pops, you know what we girls are like:  we always need something attending to at the last minute.”  She winked at Kate.


They gathered around the table which was already set with cutlery, pots of vegetables and a steaming roast chicken.  Geoff sat at the head of the table, with Jane and Cathleen facing each other next to him, then Kate and Tim facing each other further down the table.


Geoff gave his carving knife a few sharpening strokes then stood to carve the roast.  “Jane, would you pass your plate please.”  He requested.

Jane held her plate up and a few slices of chicken were added to it.

“Now Cathleen – your plate please.”


Cathleen did as she was told, but as Geoff started carving she theatrically whispered to Jane, “I love all this ‘Alpha Male’ stuff... it makes me a bit tingly down below.”

Jane smirked but didn't speak, so Cathleen continued in an imitation caveman voice, “‘Me Geoff – me carve food for troop.  Me mate with females later’.  I think I might involuntarily ‘present’ to him in a minute.”


Both Jane and Tim laughed this time, leaving only Kate too intimidated by her father to join in.


“Cathleen, there is an impressionable youngster present.  Would you mind?”  Geoff chastised as he finished the carving.


Cathleen couldn’t help herself.  “Of course Jane, by our position at the table, one of us is the Alpha female.  But who is it?”

“Sorry Cathleen, there is only one of us with mating rights to Geoff, and that is me.  I think you must be second in command because you get mating rights with Kate.”


Tim blushed, unnoticed by his mother.  He would have settled for mating rights with Kate or Cathleen.  Or just rights to watch them mating.


“I suppose I will just have to console myself with Kate’s comely thighs.  You are a lucky woman to get Geoff, but I suppose I haven’t done too badly in the deal.”  Cathleen briefly kissed Kate on the lips.


“Can we just eat now?”  Geoff asked, exasperated.




Geoff’s public hair tickled Jane’s nose, whilst his warm, hard manhood was completely enveloped by her mouth, the tip of it teasing at the back of her throat.  This had made her gag when Geoff had first instructed her to do it, but she had mastered the act now.  Geoff had his hands in her hair, but he had no need to guide her.  She slowly pulled away from him until the tip of his penis was just inside her lips, she then slowly pushed back down again.


“Yes.”  She heard Geoff say in a whisper as the pubic hairs began to tickle her nose again.  He wasn’t far from finishing now.


“Goodnight mum!”  Timmy called from the other side of the bedroom door.  He was used by now, to Geoff and his mother going to bed earlier than him.

“Goodnight son.  Sleep tight.”  Geoff called back to him.  Jane was in no position to answer, and didn't want to upset the rhythm of her movement.  Instead she pulled back slowly, but the moment to reply had gone by the time she was fully withdrawn from Geoff, so she started her next downward movement. 


After a few more strokes, Jane began to quicken her pace until Geoff held her head a little tighter and began his own thrusts into her.Soon Jane felt the thick, warm saltiness spurt from him in three thrusts.  She had never done this with her husband when he was alive, and she had initially found the taste of semen a difficult one to acquire, yet with Geoff’s instruction over the last months here she was, washing it around her mouth, then swallowing like a fine wine.


She shuffled up the bed to rest her head on the pillow next to him.  Geoff wiped a small trace of semen from Jane’s chin, and allowed her to lick it from his fingers. 


“That was beautiful,” he told her.


“My pleasure,” she smiled.  “For all the talk of mating rights today, it is about the best I can do when I am on my period.”

“You can’t help that.”

“No, but I hate that monthly reminder than my life is ticking away.”


He moved his arm to embrace Jane as the talked, her ample breasts against his chest.  He gently toyed with a nipple ring she wore on her right breast – a present he had chosen for her and watched being fitted about six weeks ago. Having only previously had her ears pierced, it was an ordeal for her, but one which she had embraced.  Her nipple became erect. 


“You don't like Cathleen, do you?”  Jane asked.


“What don't you like?”

“She is smart mouthed, annoying, disrespectful, lazy, self centred and she dumped Kate without a moment’s thought a few months ago,” Geoff stated.

“I liked her.”



“She is all the things you said, but she is also quick witted, beautiful, funny, clever and easy to talk to.  I was impressed that she had the balls to stand up to you today, and Kate is clearly absolutely crazy about her.”

“It is just infatuation surely?  She is like a love sick puppy.”

“She was infatuated with Chrissy.  I think that was more about the sex than the girl.  Cathleen pushes every one of Kate’s buttons.  I also think that, whether she likes it or not, Kate pushes most of Cathleen’s buttons.  It is love if ever I saw it.”

“Shit.  So Cathleen is going to hang around for more than a few weeks?”

“I think so, yes.  If it is any comfort, you push my buttons in pretty much the same way.  That is why I am like a love sick puppy with you.”  She kissed his neck.


They lay silently together for a few minutes until Jane spoke.  “You called Tim ‘Son’ again when you said goodnight.”

“Did I?”

“I have noticed you doing it a few times recently.  He hasn’t complained, so I think he likes it.”

“It is just a word.”

“You are more a dad to him than his father ever was.  How many times have you watched him play football?”

“Maybe eight or nine times this season.  He has real potential.”

“Dan never watched him once.  I also want to confess that I overheard you talking to Tim when he asked how to speak to a girl he liked at school.  When Josh asked his father that, the advice was to ‘buy her a present’.”

“I am sure Dan wasn’t that bad.”


Jane breathed deeply a couple of times before going on, wondering how to phrase her next question.  “Geoff, there is something I wanted to ask you.”


“Don't freak out, but... I want to have another baby before it is too late.”

“Why – you have two great boys?”

“Actually I have two children who are casualties of my marriage with Dan.  At least Tim is getting a chance to learn from you, but poor Josh is a lost cause, destined to a mediocre existence just like his dad.  I just want a chance to do it right before it is too late. When I see Kate and Cathleen and I see two women who seize the day, every day.  Just like you.”


Geoff’s mouth hung open a little until he gathered his wits.  “You do know I had a vasectomy years ago?”

“Yes, but they are reversible – I checked.  There is a clinic near here that will do it in a day, and you could be fertile again within a month.”

“I remember all the middle of the night stuff with Kate when she was a baby...”

“Then we get a nanny.”

“We would need a bigger house.”

“I still have money I can give you.  We can get a bigger house.”


Geoff considered the question silently.  If any of his previous girlfriends had asked him to try for a baby, he would have refused then dumped them.  In fact, anyone who got too close was dumped.  Jane was different though – the thought of having a child with her wasn’t making him want to run.


He considered the possibility some more.

“So I get the reversal and impregnate you.”


“Then there are 9 months of you getting bigger and bigger – it wont be as easy for you at your age.”

“I know.”

“Your piercing would have to come out so you could breast feed.”

“Then you can choose another after the baby arrives.”

“Tim wont like it.”

“It isn’t any of Tim’s business, but I think he will love having a younger brother or sister in time.”

“I still want sex as much as I have now.”

“Of course.  I will use my mouth if I get too big.”

“And if you step out of line, I will still punish you.”

“Yes.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We will work something out if I am too big to go over your knee.”

“And my word is final regarding the upbringing of the child?”

“Yes.  I would like to choose the name if you don't mind.”


“Ok,” Geoff finally managed.

© Copyright 2019 Andrew Jay. All rights reserved.

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