The Date Trilogy (Part 4 in a series of three): 4. The Perfect Day

The Date Trilogy (Part 4 in a series of three):  4. The Perfect Day

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This follows on from The date trilogy parts 1, 2 & 3 (in the words of Douglas Adams, it is a trilogy in four parts). It will make no sense if you have not read the other parts first. It is supposed to be humourous and a bit sexy. There are some frank descriptions of sex in it, although I wouldnt say it was too explicit - maybe young adult. The names are all fictional.


This follows on from The date trilogy parts 1, 2 & 3 (in the words of Douglas Adams, it is a trilogy in four parts). It will make no sense if you have not read the other parts first.
It is supposed to be humourous and a bit sexy. There are some frank descriptions of sex in it, although I wouldnt say it was too explicit - maybe young adult.
The names are all fictional.


Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



4. The Perfect Day

“Morning mum,” Chrissy said brightly, entering the kitchen.

“Good morning dear,” her mother answered, “I have made you some toast.”

“Thanks. Where is dad?”

“He is pruning something in the garden.”

Chrissy looked out of the window and saw her father fussing with a plant.

“What are you up to today dear?”

“I thought I would spend the day with Kate. Her dad offered to give us Sunday lunch,” she mused as she crunched her toast.

“Will you be back for tea?”

“No, we thought we would go to a club, then I could stay over. Her place is really convenient for the station.”

“I see dear.” The matronly woman sat at the table with her daughter. “You would tell me if there was a new boy in your life, wouldn’t you?” she asked, placing her hand on her daughter’s.

“Yes mum...”

“It’s just that since you split up with David, you seem to have been down in the dumps, but now you are happier than I have seen you in a long time... You are using precautions aren’t you?”


“Believe it or not, I was 18 once, and I know what it was like to need to have sex ‘right now’. Before I was with your father of course. When I think of the risks I took back then...”

“Too much information mum!”

“Please dear – at your age, I just want you to enjoy sex. You do have condoms in your bag don’t you?”

“Yes mum. You keep buying them for me,” Chrissy said irritably.

Seeing that the conversation had outlasted her daughter’s patience, her mother switched tack. “Kate was asking what moisturiser I use – I have a little pot for her. Not that she needs it with her skin. Did you say she was part French?”

“Italian. Her dad is English and her mother is Italian.”

“Does she have a boyfriend?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Two girls on the pull together, eh?”

“We are just going out for a good time mum.” Chrissie was becoming exasperated. She had to go through this charade every time she spent time away from the house. The truth was she had had sex with a sum total of 3 people. There was a boy at school, who had then bragged to his friends about his conquest, then there was David, her boyfriend for 2 years until 6 weeks ago, and then there was Kate – a girl she had met every day on the train to work and first slept with a few weeks ago.

Kate with the beautiful Mediterranean skin.

Kate who kissed her with such intensity.

Kate who had shown her how to make love with another woman.

Kate who could give her screaming climaxes.

She could barely wait until she saw her later.

Chrissy wasn’t a lesbian of course. She enjoyed sex with David, and she liked boys, so how could she be? Kate was amazing though, and she had never experienced sex as intense as it was with her. She imagined slowly dipping her tongue into Kate’s sweet hole, and felt a tingling in her own sex. She knew she was ‘bi-curious’ at the most. She crossed her legs and felt her silk underwear shift across her freshly shaved mound.

“A girl who spends as much time in the bathroom as you did this morning is preening for someone,” her mum said in a fake, sing-song voice.

“Mum, you are prying now.”

“Just make sure you are careful, Chrissy – and enjoy yourself!”

“Yes mum.” There was no point in arguing.


An hour and a half later, and Chrissy was feeling hot and sweaty. She was laying naked with her lover in her lover’s bed. Her heart had still not slowed from her orgasm at the hands and tongue of Kate.

She looked at the beautiful girl next to her, who’s own chest was rising and falling rapidly as hers.

“Good?” Kate asked mischievously.

“Amazing.” She leant forwards and lightly kissed her lover on the lips. Kate pulled Chrissy closer and kissed her back hungrily. For a moment Chrissy felt the urge to tell her that she loved her, but she fought it back.

“So you are ok with meeting my dad later?” Kate asked, gently caressing the inside of Chrissy’s thigh.

Their breasts were touching now. “He definitely knows you are gay and that I am... that we are... you know - an item?” Chrissy asked uncertainly.

“He has seen enough girlfriends of mine to know about me. I think he will make that assumption about you.”

Chrissy swallowed. Meeting the parent of a lover was a big deal, but even more so for a same sex lover. What would they say to each other?

“Not going to chicken out are you? He is fine about it. You will like him.”
“He won’t go on about ‘us’ will he?”

“No. Trust me. He just likes to meet my girlfriends to make sure I am not shagging a drug dealer or anything.” She kissed her once more. “You aren’t a drug dealer are you?”

“No.” Chrissy laughed.

“Or a murderer?”

“Not recently, but I was considering it with my mother this morning.”

“Giving you a hard time?”

“She is determined that you and I are going to be shagging anything with a dick later on. I have a handbag full of condoms she has given me.”

“Oh if only she knew what we were really doing!”

“That is not going to happen – not in my lifetime!”

“You aren’t ashamed of me are you?” Kate grinned.

“No of course not. I just don’t want anyone to know that we... you know... go to bed together.”

“So you don’t want her to know you are in bed with a woman of loose morals. You do know we don’t have to leave for a while yet...”

Chrissy face brightened. “Really?” She rolled over so that she was on top of Kate in her arms, facing her. Kate opened her legs to allow her to lie between them, their pubic bones against each other.

They kissed again, then Chrissy moved down Kate’s body, kissing and nipping down her neck and chest.

Kate let out a squeak. “You bit me really hard!” she said, breathlessly.

“I figured you like it a little harder than you let on,” Chrissy smiled, then headed further south.


An hour later and the two young women stood outside the front door of a house.

“Are you sure I look ok? You know, I look ‘normal’?” Chrissy asked.

Kate tried not to take offence. “I love the ‘no bra’ look. I know what I would like to do right now...” she teased.

“You have had plenty of that already,” Chrissy smiled, “and I am only ‘no bra’ because you begged me to be like this.”

“You look fabulous – and as straight as a die.”

“I’m not too... slutty though?”

“In my opinion, you look straight, but not slutty enough. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Chrissy took some deep breaths while Kate unlocked the door.


It was early evening. Kate unlocked the door to her flat and let herself and Chrissy in. “Well that was quite a day. Would you like tea? Coffee? Something stronger? I have some cider in fridge, or brandy for emergencies.”

“Brandy please,” Chrissy replied.

“Do you want to get the duvet and we can cuddle up on the sofa.”

Kate returned to the room a few minutes later with two large glasses of brandy. Chrissy was already under the duvet. Her shoulders were bare above the covers, indicating she was naked underneath.

“Hold these a second.” Kate asked, passing the glasses.

Chrissy watched silently as Kate slowly stripped off. She was just so beautiful.

When she was fully undressed, she slipped under the covers with her lover. “Cuddle up, it is cold under here,” she instructed.

Chrissy passed her a glass and they both sipped their liquor.

“How are the bruises?” Kate asked, presently.

“They will heal. This was one weird day, wasn’t it?”

“I thought it was the perfect day.”

“I nearly die, and you think it is a perfect day? Nice!” Chrissy laughed.

“Well, it was going so well – apart from Jane and Tim being there of course – they were supposed to be staying at home. Things were all very grown up and no one mentioned the ‘gay’ issue. We just had nice adult conversation around the dinner table.”

“Do you think Jane realises it was all her fault? She waited for me to have a big chunk of lamb in my mouth, then she said ‘I think I know your mum – how is she about you being gay?’”

“At first no one realised what was going on – we just thought you were too embarrassed to say anything.” Kate added.

“It was lucky your dad knows the Heimlich manoeuvre.”

“I thought that when you didn’t cough it up immediately, you were going to die. That would have been a first for me – my first girlfriend to have died on me. Thank god dad was there though. Jane was panicking so he just ordered her to call an ambulance while he kept on trying to fix you.”

“It is a bit hazy – what did you do?”

“I was busy panicking too. I think Tim was as well, but when the buttons on your blouse burst open... let’s just say that boy can get an erection under the most adverse of circumstances.”

Chrissy laughed. “Did the paramedics get the meat out of my throat?”

“No, dad managed to do it, but by then you had fainted. They said he saved your life.”

“I will have to thank him when I see him again. I remember being in the ambulance.”
“With me holding you hand begging you not to die! I was such a wuss! Twenty minutes later and you were sitting up in the hospital bed, right as rain.”

Chrissy smiled and kissed her girlfriend, noticing the taste of the brandy.

“Then your mum turned up at your bedside – I think dad must have called her somehow. What you said to her was just amazing. I suppose that is what a near death experience does for you. You told her you were a lesbian – not bisexual or bi-curious, but a lesbian. I didn’t think you ever would say that, but you did. I thought she was going to explode, but then she recovered and was cool about it. Then you kissed me and told me you loved me in front of her.”

“I do love you. Are you ok about that?”

“You would be surprised how few girlfriends have said that to me. I love you too.”

They shared another long kiss, but were prevented from making love again on the sofa only by their two half full drinks. Chrissy adjusted her position so that she was leaning against Kate, allowing her lover to stroke her hair as they talked.

“What do you think of Jane?” Kate asked presently.

“I think she is quite nice.”

“’Nice’? Come on – you are officially a lesbian now. Is there anything else about her that you noticed? The ‘elephant in the room’?”

“Well... She has amazing boobs.”

“Correct answer! I fell in love with them when I was 15 – I had all these fantasies of what I wanted to do to them, it just sucks that now she is my dad’s girlfriend and he gets to do them all.”

“Aren’t mine good enough for you?” Chrissy asked innocently.

“Mmm, yours are perfect.” They kissed again, Kate cupping Chrissy’s small breast in her hand and gently teasing her nipple.

Chrissy’s Phone buzzed. “It is my mum,” she said, checking the display.

“You had better answer it – she nearly lost a daughter and gained a lesbian.”

Kate listened to the half of the conversation she could hear.

“Hi mum. I am fine, thanks. I am at Kate’s place – I said I was going to stay over with her.”

“Yes mum, we are going to sleep together. This morning you said you wanted to enjoy myself – well I am. Loads more than I ever did with David.”

“Don't cry mum. I am really happy.”

“No, you haven’t done anything wrong. Neither did dad. This is just me.”

“Is that what this is about? You want grand children one day?”

“We can talk about it tomorrow evening. Yes I am going into work – I only choked on some food then I fainted. I am fine now.”

“Ok, bye. Love you too.”

“I told you she would take it ok. She still loves you,” Kate offered.

“I can’t believe she was worrying about not having any grand children.”

“Tell her lesbians can still have kids. Has she heard of the turkey baster method?”

Chrissy laughed. “Kids are a big step – do you want to have kids one day?”

“Yes, one day. How about you?”


“I guess we will have to toss a coin then – the winner opens wide and thinks of England, the loser aims the turkey baster.

“Deal.” Chrissy held out her hand and Kate shook it.

Kate’s phone began to ring. “It is my dad,” she said, picking it up.

“Hi dad. Yes she is fine. We are cuddled up on the sofa getting a bit drunk and deciding how many kids we want.”

“I am going to try not to this time. Love you. Bye”

“What did he say?” Chrissy asked.

“He told me not screw things up with you.”

“Awww. He is so sweet.”

“I think it is only because he got to dry hump your bum, pretending to administer the Heimlich manoeuvre to you.” Kate said, slurring slightly.

Chrissy snorted, a little drunk herself.

“I bet he is practicing the manoeuvre on Jane as we speak... right up her bum...”

Chrissy laughed loudly, then slurped the last of her drink. “That is so cool.”

“Got you intrigued has it? My dad sliding up Jane’s bum? A little fantasy of yours is it?”

“Maybe.” Chrissy answer coyly.

“Then I may have to see if I can indulge it – without my dad obviously.”

They kissed again, Kate’s hand drifting down towards Chrissy’s sex.

“What about you? Do you have any little foibles I need to take care of?” Chrissy asked.

“Maybe.” It was Kate’s turn to reply coyly.

“I told you mine, so you have to tell me yours.” Chrissy demanded, smiling.

Kate paused for a second, then leaned forward and whispered in Chrissy’s ear. The broad smile faded from Chrissy’s lips, her eyes went wide, then her mouth dropped open in shock.

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