The Date Trilogy: 3. Sunday Lunch for Four

The Date Trilogy:  3. Sunday Lunch for Four

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This follows on from The date trilogy 1 & 2. It will mkae no sense if you have not read them first. It is supposed to be humourous and a bit sexy. There are some frank descriptions of sex in it, although I wouldnt say it was too explicit - maybe young adult. The names are all fictional.


This follows on from The date trilogy 1 & 2. It will mkae no sense if you have not read them first.
It is supposed to be humourous and a bit sexy. There are some frank descriptions of sex in it, although I wouldnt say it was too explicit - maybe young adult.
The names are all fictional.


Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



The Date Trilogy: 3. Sunday Lunch for Four

Kate was looking out of the window of her father’s house and watched a brand new Mercedes pull up outside the house. An attractive middle aged woman, a boy who looked about 12 and a Terrier climbed out of the immaculate car. The woman wiped a speck of dust from the paintwork and smiled.

“I think they are here Dad.”

“Ok, thanks love.” The father left his kitchen preparations to open the front door.

“Jane, lovely to see you,” He kissed her cheek. “and you must be Tim. I have heard all about you. I am Geoff.”

They shook hands self consciously.

“I know Minty of course.” He ruffled the dog’s ears, who licked his hand appreciatively. “This is Kate, my daughter. Kate, this is Jane and her son Tim.”

Kate shook hands with the mother and son, and made friends with their dog.

“I thought you two might get to know each other by taking the dogs for a walk?” Geoff suggested.

Kate had been told this was what was expected of her. “Lovely,” she said, unconvincingly. It was not her idea of fun to chaperone a boy 10 years her junior while her dad shagged the boy’s mother.

“Be back by 12.30 wont you.”

“Yes dad.”


Jane and the Geoff waved from the window until they had gone around the corner.

“They are going to be ok together aren’t they Geoff? Tim can be a little sensitive.” Jane asked.

“Kate can be a bit... ‘direct’, but they will get on fine.” His hands cupped her breasts as she spoke and the pair kissed.



Kate walked in silence towards the park with Tim, each holding their respective dog’s leads.

She attempted to start a conversation as they walked. “The dogs seem to get on well.”

The boy shrugged his shoulders. “Your dad seems a bit weird. All ‘happy’.”

“I know. He does that when he is nervous. I think he wants you to like him.”

“Do you still live with him?”

“No, I moved out a couple of years ago into my own place. I had lived with him since I was 15 before that.”

“Why when you were 15?”

“My mum found me in bed with the wrong person. She chucked me out the same day.”


“We can’t choose our mothers can we. You seem to have done ok though - my dad seems keen on your mum.”

“I suppose. I don’t think she would chuck me out just because I was in bed with someone. I would have nowhere to go if she did.”

They walked a little further in silence.

“So how long since your dad died?”

They boy sighed, realising Kate already knew about his dad. “About 5 years.”

“So what happened?”

“He bought himself a new motor bike. He took a corner too fast.”

“Sorry. You must miss him.”

“It’s ok.”

“So has your mum had many boyfriends since he died?”

“No. Geoff is the first one.”

“One boyfriend in 5 years? I get twitchy if I don’t get any for 5 days,” then she whispered conspiratorially “I have to call on my friend Buzz.” She mimed flicking on a switch of a vibrator, but she wasn’t convinced Tim got the joke.

“Do you think they are getting serious?”

“Dad doesn’t do ‘serious’ – he thinks if he does, he will get trapped in another disastrous marriage.”

“So you don’t think they will... you know... ‘do it’?”

“You mean ‘fuck’?” she asked. The boy nodded. “What do you think they got us out of the house for? They are fucking right now.”


The boy stopped in his tracks, causing his dog to yelp as the lead pulled tight suddenly, he then turned and stormed back towards the house.


Kate watched, surprised as he marched back, then chased after him.

“Tim, wait... you really don’t want to go in there.”

“I am going to stop them.” He said with gritted teeth.

“You really don’t want to do that.” She called, chasing after him. “If you go charging in there... think what you are going to see!”

The boy kept marching on towards the house.

“Your mum naked. My dad naked. Boobs, vagina, bottoms, balls... you probably won’t see my dad’s cock because it will be in your mum.”

The boy stopped, shoulders slumped. When Kate reached him, he had tears rolling down his face. It occurred to her that there was a tiny chance that this might be her fault.

“I just don’t want her to forget my dad.” He sobbed.

Kate took him in her arms and let him sob onto her chest.


When the boy had recovered his composure, they walked back together towards the park, both pretending that the tears had not happened and talking about things other than their parents.


They reached the park and let the dogs off the lead. The dogs were happy to play together, so Kate and Tim sat on a bench and watched.


“So does Buzz play football?” Tim asked.

“Er... No.” Kate answered, suppressing a smile at his mistake. “I did go out with a footballer for a while.”

“Really? What position?”


“Was he anyone famous? I bet you could pull a famous footballer if you wanted to.” Tim enthused.

“No, they played in a local league. I was always on the touchline, cheering them on. I discovered that whenever she scored a goal, she would get really horny after the match! I was like her personal sex bitch.” She joked.

Timmy laughed then realised what she had said. “She?” he asked.

“Yes Tim, ‘she’. I am gay. This is my secret to tell, so don’t go blabbing it.”

Like most people of his generation, he accepted what she had said without comment, but there seemed to be a moment where he was recounting what she had said earlier.

“So who is Buzz?” he asked.

“Buzz is my vibrator, Tim.” She deadpanned.

Tim’s ears went a shade of red until first Kate and then he dissolved into fits of laughter.


They watched the dogs fooling around for a little while, then Tim asked “Do you have a girlfriend, Kate?”

“Yes I do. Her name is Chrissy, and she is very attentive.”

“I bet she has to be good looking to go out with you.”

“I don’t throw her out of bed.” She smiled. “Would you like to see a picture?”

“Yes please.”

Kate pulled an expensive looking phone from her pocket, and flicked through some pictures.

“Nice phone. I wish I had one like that, but mum says they are too much money.”

“This is the same mum that just bought herself a brand new Mercedes?”

“Yes. Sucks doesn’t it. My phone is like something from a museum. It doesn’t even have games.”

“You should point out that that buying a new car for herself, but not a new phone for you isn’t very fair.”

“I have tried – she doesn’t want to know.”

“You need to catch her when she is feeling guilty about something – like if she forgets to pick you up, or to go to your school play or something. It always worked for me.”

“Thanks for the tip. I will give it a go.”


Kate passed her phone to him so he could see the picture of Chrissy she had chosen. Timmy looked at the beautiful young woman with short dark hair, and wearing a low cut top. She was laughing into the lens. She had a smattering of freckles on her nose, neck and her cleavage. He licked his lips, looking again at the girl’s cleavage.

“Wow. She is gorgeous! I knew she would be.”

Kate watched the dogs playing tug of war with a large stick. “Yes, she is nice. She has had a couple of boyfriends before, but I am the first woman she has been in a relationship with.”

She waited for an answer, but getting none she turned to look at Tim. He was flicking through more pictures on the phone, open mouthed.

“Thank you, I will take that!” she grabbed the phone back.

“Sorry, I just wanted to see how it worked...” he offered lamely. “You are really beautiful.”

Kate knew perfectly well what sort of thing the next few photos on the camera showed. She realised Tim was looking at her breasts, obviously imagining she was sitting naked next to him as he had just seen her in the pictures on the phone.

“They are just breasts, Tim.” She checked which photos he had seen of her. “and a bottom... and ...fucking hell - a vagina. Well, you have seen everything I have now - get over it!”


In an effort to change the subject, Kate asked Tim a question. “So is there a ‘significant other’ in your life?”

“The girls at school at just stupid. But there is someone I suppose.”

“Go on.” Kate smiled.

“She is a bit older than me, but I think she likes me. She has lovely bosoms.” He said, slightly dreamily.

“I like the sound of her. How much older is she?”

“About 30 years.”

Kate suppressed a smile. “It might be best not to invest too much in that relationship just yet. You might get a drunken fumble in a few years time I suppose.”

“Oh I hope so.” He thought some more, then a frown crossed his face. “Does your dad know you are gay?”

“He has met enough girlfriends of mine when I lived at home to know that. He has always been pretty cool about it though.”

“Kate, can I ask you something?”

“Go on.” She prompted.

“Well, I know what a man and a woman do... but what do two women do?”

“Do what?”

“You know... in bed... sex.”

“Seriously?” She relented a little – he couldn’t very well ask his father, and no boy would ask his mother a question like that. She held her first and second fingers in a V shape, put them to her mouth and waggled her tongue through the gap in her fingers.

Tim’s mystified expression showed he didn’t understand.

“Oh for fucks sake!” she flicked through her photos again, found one and briefly showed him the phone’s screen.

“Understand now?”

Tim nodded silently, mouth open again.


“Time is getting on. We had better grab the dogs now.” Kate suggested.

There was no response from the boy. “Tim?”

In no state to stand up just yet, Tim had strategically put his arms across his lap and said as coolly as he could “I think I want to just sit here for a little while longer.”



After eventually catching up with the dogs, and clipping their leads, Kate commented “At least Bruno didn’t go in the pond this time. He always goes a bit stupid if he sees one particular bitch.”

Tim was about to say ‘I know how he feels’, but thought better of it.


They walked home together.

“My mum and your dad – they aren’t going to get married are they?”

“No chance. Dad never wants to be married again.”

“Good. I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

“I know what you mean.”

“They will have finished having sex by now won’t they?”

“I bloody hope so.”


They approached the house.

“You are really cool, Kate.”

“You aren’t so bad yourself.”

“Friends?” he asked, holding his arms out for a hug.

“Friends.” She replied, embracing him, his head against her chest.

He held her in the embrace for a little longer than seemed necessary until she realised she could feel something hard pressing against her upper thigh through her skirt.

“Easy tiger. I am gay, remember?”

“Sorry.” He said sheepishly, his ears turning red in embarrassment.



“Hi Dad, Jane! We are back.” Kate called after letting herself and Tim into the front door.

Her dad appeared at the end of the hallway. “I have left some towels to clean up the dogs. I trust there were no mishaps this time?”

“No, they were both as good as gold.”

“Lunch is nearly ready, so wash your hands and come and sit down as soon as you are done.”


The four people sat down at the table laden with a roast beef Sunday lunch.

“Did you enjoy the park, Tim?” Jane asked her son as they added food to their plates.

“Yes, it was good fun. Kate is really cool.”

Geoff and Jane smiled at each other in relief.

“And Tim was well behaved, Kate?”

Tim rolled his eyes.

“Little Timmy was as good as gold.” Kate answered.


There was some growling from the dogs in the hallway.

“Were Minty and Bruno ok? It sounds like they may be squabbling over something out there.” Geoff asked.

“They were fine. I expect Minty has one of Bruno’s toys or something.”

Geoff poured them all some wine, and they began to eat.

“I wasn’t sure if it was you, but now I have met you again I am sure it is...” Jane began.

“That’s right – I went with you, Josh and Tim to the beach.” Kate answered.

“I don’t remember that.” Tim interjected.

“I think you were only about 4 at the time.” His mother suggested. “Josh had such a thing for you, Kate.”

Kate just smiled. She noticed Tim grinning as he ate a Yorkshire pudding.

Jane continued, “When you agreed to go to the beach with him, he spent hours in the bathroom preening himself every day for a week beforehand.”

“He didn’t need to, he was a handsome guy. I was really attracted to him.”

Tim spluttered over some food, and Kate noticed a stony look from her dad. Jane didn’t see either reaction and carried on. “You would have made such a lovely couple... if only you two had got it together... who knows where you both might be now. Why didn’t you go out with him again?”

“I don’t know what it was... his hormones, or mine maybe... but there was this animal thing – a sexual chemistry. I just didn’t trust myself to be alone with him.”

“Kate!” Geoff was losing patience with his daughter’s teasing. Tim was trying to smother his hilarity.

“I expect he can come over another time – he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, maybe you could go out to the cinema or something?” Jane continued blissfully.

“Just the thought of it... I am starting to feel a bit... you know.” Kate replied, fanning her face.

“Kate, that is enough! If you don’t tell her I will.” Geoff demanded.

“Tell me what?”

Kate was going to pout at her dad until she realised he was looking right at her with a look that left her in no doubt that he was at the end of his patience, and she knew that she really wasn’t too old to be put across his knee. “Sorry Jane, I was teasing you a bit. I don’t think a date with Josh would be a good idea because I am gay.”


A flood of realisation came over Jane. The reason why Kate had not accepted any invitations from Josh was now obvious. Jane’s face flushed with embarrassment until she realised there was an unanswered question. “Why did you go to the beach with us then?” she queried.

“Yes, tell us Kate. Why did you go to the beach?” Geoff asked.

It was Kate’s turn to blush. “I... er...” she stammered. Her eyes involuntarily settled on Jane’s well proportioned breasts for a second, just long enough to be noticed by Jane. Suddenly all was clear.

“You know what – I don’t want to know.” Jane suggested.


They continued with their meal, but the noise of the dogs squabbling got louder.

“Can you sort them out please Kate.” Geoff asked.

“I’ll go.” Tim replied, heading out to the hallway.


“Did Timmy mention how he felt about me and your dad while we were out?” Jane asked quietly whilst Tim was out of the room.

“He said he didn’t want you to forget his dad, but I think he accepts you need a sex life.”

“He has worked out we are having sex?” Jane asked, hand to her mouth.

“I suppose it wasn’t hard to figure out.” Kate replied without making eye contact.


The dogs had stopped squabbling and Timmy returned to the table. “They were arguing over this.”

He held up a soggy, chewed, fluffy pink thing. It was the hand cuffs that had secured Jane naked to the bed frame an hour earlier while the two kids were at the park.

“What is it anyway – it doesn’t look like a dog toy?” Tim asked.

Geoff and Jane did not reply, but had guilty looks etched on their faces.

After a few seconds pause Kate answered, “Tim, this is a really good time to ask for that new mobile phone.”




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