Food for Tomorrow - Poppy Special (full story)

Food for Tomorrow - Poppy Special (full story)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This story takes place in an alternate reality about 30 years in the future. A chemical plant accident has killed all traditional foodstuffs, and left the human race with far more females than males. The solution to the food problem is a monthly draw from eligible females to decide who is going to become food... If they manage to become pregnant before the slaughter date, they avoid the slaughterman's knife. The story is written as a TV game show script. I know, it is a weird premise. I previously published just the opening page or so to gauge the appetite for this sort of thing. The feedback was positive (if a little sparse), so I have decided to 'publish and be damned'. I would still appreciate feedback, good or bad.


This story takes place in an alternate reality about 30 years in the future. A chemical plant accident has killed all traditional foodstuffs, and left the human race with far more females than males. The solution to the food problem is a monthly draw from eligible females to decide who is going to become food... If they manage to become pregnant before the slaughter date, they avoid the slaughterman's knife.

The story is written as a TV game show script.

I know, it is a weird premise. I previously published just the opening page or so to gauge the appetite for this sort of thing. The feedback was positive (if a little sparse), so I have decided to 'publish and be damned'. I would still appreciate feedback, good or bad.


Submitted: November 10, 2012

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Submitted: November 10, 2012



Food for Tomorrow – Poppy Special


NICK KERNEY: (to dramatic music)  A year ago two girls sat in this very studio, watching a landmark in television history – the first televised slaughter.  By chance, those two girls have both been drawn by the national lottery.  They are in the studio again tonight  (cut to both girls sitting in interview chairs). At least one of them is going to be slaughtered tonight.  One of them is my daughter Poppy. (cut to Poppy, smiling nervously at the camera)

Title music plays.  Title of program is the usual ‘Kill her Cook her Eat her’ with a stamp of ‘Poppy Special’ overlaid.

NICK:  Hello, I am Nick Kerney.  Welcome to Kill her Cook her Eat her!  (wild applause).  Firstly I would like to thank everyone that has helped slaughter become a mainstream event and have helped it out of the shadows.  (audience applause – Nick sits between the two girls).

NICK:  I should explain to the viewers at home that there is a slight format change for this program.  There will be no red button voting on who to witness being slaughtered. As this is the Poppy special we have decided that if Poppy is not pregnant, she will be the star of the show.  If she is pregnant, then Cassie here will be the star.  Now Cassie, just so there is no confusion – you have had your final pregnancy test an hour ago.

CASSIE:  Yes.  It was negative.

NICK:  So whatever happens, you are being slaughtered tonight.

CASSIE:  Yes.  Either in front of the audience, or out of sight, depending if Poppy is going for slaughter.

NICK: Are you ok with that?  An hour is a long wait for slaughter, especially if you still do not get to be the star of the show.

CASSIE:  My family are getting the prize whatever (cut to a shot of her father and two younger girls waving).  Of course I want to be famous, but I am a really big fan of Poppy.  I love her magazine column in ‘Teen Things Weekly’ and everything.

NICK:  It is very generous of you to share the limelight like that.  Let’s have a big round of applause for Cassie as she prepares for slaughter.  (audience applauds.  The girl is big breasted and pauses to speak to Poppy briefly.  They shake hands then kiss on the cheek, then Cassie is lead away).

NICK:  So Poppy love, you were in the studio audience when a girl called Claire become the first woman to be slaughtered ‘un-stunned’, televised live.  I don’t suppose that you thought you would end up here?

POPPY:  Well, the odds are that a woman will be in this position at some time in her life, but obviously I had hoped to have longer before it happened.

NICK:  We have a short film of how you broke the news to the nation. 


(Cut to clip of a breakfast news interview three months ago)

INTERVIEWER:  I have in the studio today a father and his daughter.  The daughter has just been drawn in the national lottery.  Nothing unusual there, unless her name in Poppy Kerney and her father is Nick Kerney.  They have chosen to go public with this.  Hello Nick and Poppy.

BOTH:  Hello

INTERVIEWER:  So Poppy, why are you telling the world about this, when it is obviously going to be a trying three months for you on a personal level.

POPPY:  Like most people I saw Claire being slaughtered on ‘Kill Her Cook Her Eat Her’ and I was so impressed by her resolve and dignity in facing her slaughter.  I decided then that I was going to be un-stunned myself, but I also wanted to go public on the whole process – I want to help women understand what I go though, so I am going to be followed by cameras.

INTERVIEWER:  That is very brave.  Nick, how do you feel about that?

NICK:  Of course I am upset that my little girl has been picked, but in three months time I will either be eating her or looking forward to a first grandchild.  I think it is a great idea that she should want to share the experience so publicly.  We have decided that Poppy will feature in a Kill Her Cook Her Eat Her special.

INTERVIEWER:  I for one will be watching that.  Poppy – have you started trying to get pregnant yet?

POPPY:  Not yet – my period only just ended and I wanted my first to be someone special.

INTERVIEWER:  You are still a virgin? Well, I would happily submit myself if you want me to be the first.  (laughter).  Seriously... when is it going to be?

POPPY: (looking embarrassed) Tonight.

INTERVIEWER:  Well good luck with that, and I look forward to seeing you in three months time.  I may even see if I can get in the audience.  (Clip ends, and cuts to the interviewer in the audience waving happily to the camera).


NICK:  (in the studio) So, the plan was for you to have a camera of your own, and be followed around by a camera crew for 3 months.  But of course that first night we weren’t quite ready with all the preparations, so you thought you would sneakily lose your virginity out of sight.

POPPY:  Dad! (she goes red)

NICK:  Well, you thought wrong... I had your bedroom wired for video while we were out that day. 


(cut to clip)

Poppy and a boy who looks about 16 years old go into the room together.

“And your  dad doesn’t mind that we are going to... do it?” the boy asks.

“No he is ok with it.  You know the rules.  I wanted you to be my first.”

“Actually, you... I haven’t done it before either.  How do you want to start?”

“Well, you could kiss me.”

The couple kiss for a moment, then we see his hand moving over her breast.  The girl is still in her dress, but she doesn’t try to stop him.

“Is that ok?”  he asks.

“I like it.  You can get them out if you want.”

The boy slides one of the straps of the dress down her shoulder but it doesn’t go down far enough to expose her breast, although we can see the top of her ‘cattle’ barcode.  We hear the sound of his trouser fly being undone.  The boy is still struggling with the dress.

“There is a zip at the back.” She tells him.  She pulls his penis from his fly while he tries to undo the dress.  She strokes him gently while she waits.  Finally the zip goes down and the dress falls from her shoulders.  She is naked.  The boy starts pulling off his jeans, nearly toppling over on one leg in his haste.  Finally he is naked apart from his socks.  His erection juts out.  The girl sits shyly on the bed.

“What should I do now?” the boy asks stupidly.

“Make love to me.” The girl says, lying back and spreading her legs.

The boy climbs onto her.  There is some shuffling as he adjusts his position. 

“It won’t go in properly!” he says, desperation in his voice.

“Push harder!” she says, firmly.

We can see his buttocks straining a little, then suddenly something gives way and his full length launches into her.  She lets out a stifled cry.

“I did it!  I am inside you – it feels great!” he says, excitedly.

“So fuck me!” she says mischievously.

The boy starts thrusting quickly.  The camera picks up Poppy’s barcode on her breast jogging in time with his thrusts.  Finally he makes one large thrust, holding himself within her and letting out a groan.

“That was amazing.”

“Have you finished?  You came inside me?”

“Yes.  It was wonderful – was it... ok for you?” 

“Er, yes it was... very... nice.” She lied, lamely.

“Shall I pull out now?”

“Yes please.”

He withdraws his sticky penis from her.  She tucks a pillow underneath her bottom to allow the sperm to flow to her cervix.

“Er Poppy...” the boy begins, “My dad said I should always get a girl to clean me off... down there... if I give her the gift of my sperm.”

“Oh... of course.”  She sounds a little disappointed, “Would you mind coming up to me – I want to keep my bottom on the pillow for 20 minutes.”

“Sure.”  The boy straddles her face on the bed and lowers himself into her mouth.  Poppy takes the head inside her mouth as she continues to lie on the bed.  She swirls her tongue around the knob, taking in the new tastes.  The boy slowly pushes more of himself inside her mouth, but then there is a gagging noise, so the boy withdraws.

“You went in a bit too far.” Poppy explained, eyes watering a little.


“That's ok.  I think it is clean now.”

“Oh... shall I go now?”

“Yes I think so.  And thank you.”  She holds out her hand, and he shakes it before putting on his clothes.


(back in the studio.  Poppy is hiding her face in her hands.)

NICK:  Was that a full 30 seconds of heaven there Poppy?  (audience laughs)

POPPY:Dad, that was the most embarrassing thing you have ever done to me.

NICK:  Don't forget that camera has been recording everything in your bedroom for 3 months! (Poppy looks mortified).  Come back after the break to see if we are going to kill her cook her and eat her. 


(Music, then Cuts to adverts)


NICK:  Before the break, approximately 15 million people saw my daughter Poppy lose her virginity as she started her plan to get pregnant and so avoid being slaughtered.You shouldn’t be embarrassed Poppy, I know I was just the same as that lad and I bet every woman in the this audience can identify with it as well.  (women in the audience nod.  Poppy glowers at her father)  This program is all about the experience subsequent to being picked by the national lottery, and losing your virginity before you are really ready is one aspect.

POPPY: I suppose.

NICK:  You made a video diary didn't you.  I have to say, that watching it as it was being edited, I noticed you growing in confidence as more men serviced you.

POPPY:  Thank you.  I got more used to being naked and intimate with strange men.

NICK:  I should tell the audience at home that an extended version of this diary will be available on DVD from Monday.  We are just going to show a couple of teasers.


Clip1:  Poppy speaks to the camera she is holding in her darkened bedroom.

“You can’t see it, because I don’t want to show my private parts, but my bottom is on a pillow – it is supposed to make sperm collect around my cervix.  I just had my first ever, with a boy I really like at college, and it was awful.”  Poppy wipes a tear.

“It only hurt a bit at first, then he got it in and just jabbed at me for like 30 seconds, then he groaned and he said he had come!  I was like ‘is that it’?  I suppose his sperm is as good anyone’s”


Clip2:  The bedroom is lit, and the camera is mounted to show her sitting on the bed.  She is topless.

“Slaughter day minus 72.  This getting pregnant thing is a bit of a chore.  I have had sex 12 times with 8 different men.  I just don’t seem to feel anything when they do it – maybe something is wrong with me?  Anyway I thought I would show you what just came out of me.”

She holds her hand out and the camera picks up thick gloop of sperm, and tips it around her hand.

“This has to be more than one man’s sperm.  I am hoping it had become trapped in my uterus making babies, but it smells rank!  Dad keeps making comments about fish...  However, I have been brought up to value sperm, so here goes – ‘bottoms up’.”

Poppy put her hand to her mouth and tipped the thick liquid into her mouth.  She pulls a face as the sperm sits on her tongue, then through force of will she manages to swallow.

“Urgh!  That tasted worse than it smelt.  Anyway, thanks guys.”


Clip3:  Poppy is being filmed in a museum.

“Hello.  I got my period today, so no babies yet.  As I have a break, dad suggested the family go to the Food for Tomorrow museum.  He is on the camera, which is why it is wobbly.”

Nick turns the camera around to wave at it, then back to Poppy who begins to talk to the camera.

“I wanted to show you something I saw.”

She stands in front of a display showing the history of the slaughter program.  There is a very graphic film playing, showing a row of naked women in a line.  A man walks behind them with a handgun and shoots them in the back of the head.  Assistants pick up the fallen bodies and carry them to a large machine into which they are tipped unceremoniously.

“Slaughter was more like execution in the early days.  But as time went by, things became more civilised...” she walks past a model of a naked woman tied to a pole and her throat being cut, “and more geared towards food production...” she walks to a picture of a woman clamped into a metal frame, with her intestines spilling out of a vertical cut in her stomach into a metal tray at her feet, “until the present day, where woman are treated with respect as they are slaughtered humanely and only after they are stunned....”  she arrives at the last display of the Kill her Cook Her Eat her show, the face of her father smiling as a girl hangs from her ankles, blood draining from her neck. “But last year’s show made more and more people realise that they wanted to be conscious for the slaughter process after Claire decided to do just that live on television.  I was in the studio that day and I watched her smile as her throat was cut.  It made me know that if I was slaughtered I wanted to be conscious too.”

She paused for breath, and walked back to one of the earlier displays.  “I was admiring the displays, and the museum curator appeared, we talked about my impending slaughter, and I mentioned that we seem to have lost some of the humanity in the slaughter process in our desire for hygiene and quick throughput.  ‘The worst thing is, you have to hang upside down’ I said.  She replied that the principle of a frame where the woman stands upright – the slow bleed frame...” Poppy points to the a tableau of a woman clamped upright into a metal frame, with her intestines spilling out, “was never officially struck from the rulebook.”

Nick focuses the camera on Poppy’s face.  “So here is the challenge, dad and television company: If you kill me, cook me, and eat me, I want to be conscious, and I want to be upright.”  She ends her speech with a defiant look.


Clip4:  In a darkened bedroom.  Poppy is holding the camera herself and talking to it.  She is laying on her front, naked, and her bottom can be seen behind her. A bare-chested man can be seen holding her hips, thrusting into her and making slapping noises as he does so.

Poppy speaks as if this were not going on.  “It is Slaughter minus 17 days, so this is a vital time for me.  This is a friend of my dad’s called...”  her mind goes blank. 

“Lance.”  The man says, helpfully.

“Thank you.  His name is Lance, and he is giving me a service.  I am being serviced twice a day now, and things are getting a bit sore down below.”

She pauses as his pace quickens.We hear a long groan as he delivers his sperm into her.  Poppy is about to speak when we see and hear a sharp slap on her bottom, causing her to flinch.

“The number of guys who do that amazes me!” she exclaims to the camera, then asks “Do you want me to clean you up, er...?”

“Lance.  Yes please.”

“Can you pop around here so I can stay like this.”

Poppy speaks to the camera again.  “I don’t know where this unwritten rule came from.  I have checked and it is definitely ‘unwritten’... but every guy wants it done.”

A slick penis appears next to her face.  She takes it in her mouth and sets to work with her tongue.  She soon takes the entire length in her mouth and in a few long strokes has it entirely clean.  Lance withdraws his still erect penis from her mouth.

“Thank you very much Lance.”

“Actually Poppy, your dad mentioned you might like it anally if I am up to it.” 

“Oh... that was kind of him.  Thank you.  There is some lube on the cabinet over there.”  She smiles weakly at the camera and switches it off.


(Cut back to the studio.  Audience applauds wildly)

NICK: So Poppy.  Slaughter minus 30 minutes.  None of us know if you are pregnant or not, so in half an hour you could be being slaughtered.  Nervous?

POPPY:  Of course.

NICK:  I loved the bit where you swallowed the sperm.  Let’s just see that bit again (cut to a short clip of Poppy shuddering as she swallows).  Did it get any better each time you did that?


NICK:  Was it just old sperm, or was it any sperm that was the problem?

POPPY:  It was alright when I cleaned the guys off, but I never actually had a guy come in my mouth – that would have been wasteful.

NICK:  We thought you might say that, and it would be a shame if you never had the chance to try fresh sperm, so all of the men in the audience, the crew and myself chipped in... (he lifts a glass up, filled with thick creamy liquid.  The audience laughs.)  Can I just say viewers, this is still warm.  (more laughter).

POPPY:  You want me to...?

NICK:  Yes.  In one go if you can.

(she takes the glass, smells it tentatively, then dips her tongue in it).

POPPY:  It tastes better than stale sperm.  You do know I am not supposed to eat or drink anything before the slaughter?

NICK:  Sperm is exempt from that rule.  Drink up.

(poppy puts the glass  to her lips and tips it back, swallowing one big gulp and managing to get the rest in her mouth.  She has a ‘sperm moustache’ .  She swallows her mouthful in one large gulp.

POPPY:  Urrghh (pulling a face).  It’s not the taste - it is the texture.  There were thick bits and thin bits, and it was slimy.  Yuk!  And it had yours in it as well – Yuk! (audience laughs and applauds)

NICK:  I would offer you a drink to take away the taste, but of course it isn't allowed. (laughter)

NICK:  It is nearly time to test you Poppy, but there is one more film that I want to show the viewers at home.  Those viewers with holographic projection TVs should activate them.


(Clip5:  Cut to a medical lab environment.A pretty nurse in a white uniform smiles to the camera as her boss, a middle aged, male doctor speaks to Nick.  Poppy stands nervously  next to her father wearing a hospital gown)

“I would like to introduce Doctor Adam Smith, head of research at this food standards agency research facility,”  Doctor Adam nods.  “And his nursing assistant Carly.”She smiles with large dazzling white teeth.  The camera can pick up a hint of cleavage under her immaculate uniform. 

“We are now one week into the countdown to slaughter, so Poppy and I are here to see if there is anything we can do to make sure she gets pregnant before Slaughter day.  Doctor Adam?”

“We will do our best of course.  We will perform a full resonance scan of Poppy and see how things are performing for her.”  Doctor Adam said, “Firstly, Carly will place a number of markers on Poppy so that our machines can track her.”  Carly starts placing small blue ‘dots’ on Poppy. “There are three for her head, one for each shoulder, one between her breasts, one on the small of her back, one on her pubic bone, and one on each hand and foot.”  Poppy looks a bit uncomfortable as Carly reaches under her gown and places a dot between her breasts, and others onto on to her back and pubic bone.

When the dots were placed, Doctor Adam continued.  “Now can you step into that device, hand Carly your robe and stand with your feet on the marks and arms out straight.”

Poppy did as she was told, and after stepping into the device her hand appears holding the gown which Carly takes and closes a door.  The machine starts to hum.

“This machine is taking a 360 degree image of Poppy.  Here – you can see on the monitor as it builds.”

Poppy’s head, then shoulders and arms, then breasts appear, and the image continues to build.  The humming stops and the image is complete.

“So it takes naked pictures of my daughter?”  Nick jokes.  “Well, it is worth taxpayers money straight away.”

“The purpose will become clear.  Can you help Poppy out again please Carly.” 

Carly  opens the door on the device and passes in the gown.  Poppy emerges, her modesty seeming to be intact.

“Can you show Poppy into the resonance device please, Carly.  Poppy, just wait quietly on the examination table and I will speak to you over the intercom. I will be able to hear if you reply.  There are no cameras in the resonance chamber as anything metal would disrupt it, so you can relax.”

“Yes Doctor.”  Poppy replied obediently, following the nurse into a room sized device next door.  She sits on the edge of a wooden examination table, her legs dangling over the side, gently swinging.

“Are you comfortable Poppy?”

“Yes thank you doctor.”

“I shall start the device – you will hear a slight hum while it is running, but it is perfectly safe.  It will be monitoring your internal organs whilst I run a number of simple tests.”


The machine starts to hum. 

Switching the intercom off, the doctor points at a life size holographic display of a grey figure in a sitting pose.  “You see Nick, this is a resonance image of Poppy.  The image is perfect in every proportion, but it is grey – the resonance imager has no definition of colour.  Whilst we can define the colour of a liver, or lungs or heart, the skin, face, eyes and hair are unique to every person.  Hence the first device – the optical mapper.”  He click a button.  The grey figure turned into a perfect representation of Poppy, sitting naked on an apparently invisible seat.

“That is amazing, doctor.  Did she take her robe off when she got in there?”

“No.  She is still wearing her robe.  The resonance chamber does not pick up anything which is not part of Poppy.”

“The reason we can’t see the examination table!”  Nick exclaimed. “Amazing!”

“There is more.  I can filter anything I choose.”  He clicked another button, and the image of Poppy changed into a skeleton, still idly swinging it’s legs.  The skeleton reached up to its skull and scratched it’s nose.  “Tell me Nick, did Poppy ever break a bone as a child?”

“Yes, she broke her left arm when she was about six.”

The doctor moved a trackball device, causing the holographic display to enlarge, centring on Poppy’s left arm.  The image grew so that all that could be seen was a section of the bone.  A jagged, faint white line was visible running across it. “There is her healed break.”He clicked some buttons and spoke to Poppy.  “Could you waive your left arm please Poppy.”

Poppy did as she was told.  The image stayed stable on the display.

“I have locked the image to this part of her anatomy, so however she moves it, we can still see what we want.”  He clicked another button and told Poppy to put her arm down.  “Another feature.”  He rolled the trackball a little. “I have now selected her bones and internal organs.”

Lungs and heart appeared in the rib cage.  Intestines in the abdomen.  Nick watched his daughter’s heart beating and lungs inflating, open mouthed. 

“Impressive, eh Nick?  Let’s see how her brain works.” He changed the display to show just her brain. “It is a perfectly ordinary brain.  The right size and makeup.  Not much to see, but if I switch to this view...”  The brain switched to an outline in the holographic viewer.  Inside a series of tiny sparks seemed to ignite each other.

“Poppy...” a new series of sparks occurred in the rear of the brain. “Could you think of a really happy birthday, when you got a wonderful present.”  A set of sparks appeared near the top of the brain. “Good, now think of a sad time.  Perhaps when your mother was slaughtered.”  The sparks moved across slightly.

“Now think of something that really scared you as a child.”  A set of sparks occurred deep inside the brain.  “last one, now think of the most delicious bar of chocolate.  Imagine yourself  licking the delicious chocolate goodness from the bar, and letting it slide down your throat.”  The sparks fire to the right of the ‘fear’ area.

“You can almost tell what she is thinking...” Nick mused out loud.

“In primitive terms, yes.”

“Anyway, on with the tests.”  Doctor Adam proclaimed. 

“Carly, could you show in Davide please.”  The nurse left the room.  “Poppy, I want to monitor you being serviced.  It will help me see how things are going, and if there is anything we can do to improve upon your fertility.”

“Dad, we agreed!  You said I could choose who serviced me!”  The Doctor pointed to the sparks appearing to the left of Poppy’s brain and said ‘Anger’.

Nick was about to start bargaining with Poppy when Carly opened the chamber door and showed in ‘Davide’.Nick had noticed him passing through the office with Carly – he was about 25, had long, curly hair, dark eyebrows and dark skin.  He was wearing a similar gown to Poppy.

“The machine has no references to him, so we don’t see him.”  The doctor explained.

“’Ello.  My name is Davide.”  A disembodied voice said in a thick French accent. 

“Hello... My name is Poppy.”  Poppy said shyly.  A series of sparks were appearing in the base of her brain.

“I hate the term ‘servicing’.  I prefer ‘make love’.”

“Oh.”  The section sparking was gaining intensity.

“I would very much like to make love to you Poppy, if you will permit me?”

“Well, I suppose...”

“I understand... Perhaps I could just kiss you, to remember you by?”

“Yes.”  Poppy said weakly, her mouth sounding a little dry.

The doctor pointed to the broiling mass of sparks at the base of the brain.  “This is the sex response.  Essentially she wants to have his babies.  You will notice that the more instinctive the behaviour is – sex, fear, and hunger, the closer it is to the base of the brain.”

He switched back to the full view of Poppy, who was now standing apparently in an embrace – her arms around an invisible lover.  She was clearly kissing him.

“A few more signs of the sex response.”  The doctor went on, as if he were talking to medical students.  He flicked the view around her body.  “Her nipples are very erect.  Her heart rate has increased.  Her body temperature has increased.” 

The display switched to a close up of her pussy.  “He labia are becoming engorged.”

He zoomed in a closer.  “There you can see her clitoris swelling.  Right now Nick, you daughter is all systems go to make a baby.”

Nick watched his daughter’s clitoris.  “She is beautiful isn't she.”  He managed, then became slightly irritated when the doctor switch the view to the full size one.  She was apparently leaning back on the edge of the invisible table.  Her head was arched back and her breast deforming strangely as Nick watched it.  Nick puzzled for a few seconds until he realised Davide was taking the breast in his mouth.  He could see her hand clasped gently around what had to be his penis.

Nick stood enraptured by the sight of his daughter being made love to on her own.

“Right, we better let them get on with the preliminaries.  I have something else to show you while we wait.”

The doctor switched the display to Poppy’s uterus, zoomed in and locked the view.

“This is your daughter’s uterus.  There is her cervix, beyond which is her vagina, there are her ovaries, and there are her fallopian tubes.  All normal so far, and perfectly designed for conceiving and gestating a baby.  However if I show you the interior lining of her uterus, you will see a problem common to almost every woman alive today.”

The display showed a series of white dots across the lining.

“What are they?”  Nick asked, concerned.

“Abnormalities caused by the poison gas leak 60 years ago, which unfortunately are now the norm in women.  Those growths cause the womb to be slightly more acidic than the ideal.  Instead of it being quite simple for sperm to reach the egg and fertilise it, the sperm are dying in the acidic environment, and the eggs are a little less receptive to it.  That is all.”

“So why are male babies so rare?”

“Similar growths in the male testis cause the majority of spermatozoa to be y chromosome.”

“So the reason why the world was on the brink of disaster 60 years ago was just a few bad cells in the  pussy and balls.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a gasp.

“It sounds like he is penetrating her now.”  The doctor explained.  He altered the display to show a large grey penis shape  inside the vagina, elongating the small canal considerably.  Poppy let out another gasp.

“He is a big boy isn't he... Why can we see his penis now?” Nick asked.

“Quite simply because it is inside Poppy now – it shows up as if it was part of her.  Naturally, the computer doesn’t know what it is, so it is grey.”

“He is really giving her a seeing to...” 

Poppy let out a louder cry.

“I will just switch to her cervix...”  A large pink doughnut shaped ring the size of a tyre appeared on the holographic view.  “I have locked it so it doesn’t shift around.  Now watch that little dimple in the middle when she climaxes.”

Poppy’s voice carried over the intercom, “Yes, yes , yes, fuck me, yes, harder.... aaahhhhhh!”

As Poppy screamed her orgasm, Nick watched the dimple dilate and contract several times, then close once more. 

They heard Davide’s voice saying “I am coming Poppy... ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh.”  Three milky jets of sperm gushed onto Poppy’s cervix.”

The sound of the couple kissing could be heard over the intercom.

“That was lovely, Poppy.  Would you mind propping your bottom up on a pillow please.  Davide, could you stay there for a moment.”  The doctor turned to Nick. “The sperm that had hit Poppy’s cervix had pooled around the base of it away from the opening, but as Poppy adjusted her position, it has now fully coated the cervix.  Our problem is that the cervix is no longer in spasm, thus allowing very little sperm into her uterus.”

Nick heard his daughter say “Would you like me to clean your penis off for you?” to her lover.

“Only if you really want to.”

“I really do”

Nick looked at his daughter’s cervix once more, then asked “ Would you mind if we switched back to the full view?”

The doctor switched the view to show poppy cleaning Davide’s penis, whilst remaining in the ‘bottom up’ position. 

“Let me switch her skin to opaque, and zoom in...” the doctor suggested.

The view flicked to Poppy’s head, her skin strangely see-though.  Her tongue was swirling around a grey disembodied penis.  Nick felt his erection straining uncomfortably inside his jeans. 

“We had better let him recover for a minute.  Just to recap – like all women today, Poppy’s uterus is an inhospitable place for sperm.  If it arrives in small quantities, it will die before it can fertilise an egg.  Only in larger quantities can it hope to alter the PH balance enough to survive to fertilise an egg.  The thing is, only a tiny portion of sperm in the vagina can get through the opening of the cervix unless the man ejaculates at the very moment of female orgasm when the cervix is in spasm.  As you saw, even a professional stud like Davide will struggle to deliver the sperm at precisely the right moment.”

Nick nodded sagely, noticing that the grey penis in his daughter’s mouth appeared to be fully erect again.

“The trick is to get the cervix to spasm again after the sperm is present.”

“How do you do that?”  Nick asked, fascinated.

“Carly, take some lubricant into them please.  Poppy,  I would like Davide to service you anally now.  Keep your bottom on the pillow though.”

“In my... bottom?”  Poppy asked.

“This is part of my treatment Poppy – it will genuinely give you more chance of getting pregnant.”

They heard the squelch of lubricant being squeezed from a tube.

“Wont it hurt?”

“I will make sure it won’t hurt, my love.  Just follow my lead” Davide said in his silky accent.

They were kissing again, and Nick could see the tip of a grey tongue in his daughter’s mouth.

“Switch to her arse!”  Nick pleaded.

The view changed to Poppys bottom and vagina.  Two grey circles appeared to be in her pussy.

“Does that feel good, Poppy?” Davide asked.  Nick realised he was fingering her.

“Yes.”  She said huskily.

“Can you feel my cock on your bottom?”

“Yes.” She said again.

“Are you frightened of me entering you there?”

“No... uuurgh!”

“Push down on me with your bum hole muscles.”

“Arrh... yes!  It is in!”  Poppy’s sphincter was now stretched around a grey circle.

“How does it feel?” Davide queried.

“Like I am... full”

The doctor switched back to the enlarged view of Poppy’s cervix.  It was still at the bottom of a pool of semen.

“I am about to fill you completely.  When I push into you, I want you to feel yourself drawing me in.”

Poppy let out a long groan.

“Feel me inside you Poppy.Pull me into you!”

“Watch the cervix.”  The doctor told Nick.  There was a definite twitch below the semen.

They heard just a whimper from Poppy in return.

“I am right inside you Poppy... I am so pleased to have the honour of being your first.”

There was a whimper in reply.

“I am going to pull out again now.  I want you to feel yourself pushing me out with your body.”

Nick heard a relived sigh come from his daughter.

“And in again – pull me into you again.  Pull me hard!”

Davide picked up the pace of his thrusting, making it clear to Poppy she had to keep up with the sucking in and pushing out.  Nick watched amazed as each time his daughter ‘pulled in’ her cervix opened and allowed some of the sperm in her uterus.  By the time Davide had delivered sperm into Poppy’s rectum, the sperm around her cervix had all drained into her cervix.  Doctor Adam switched the view back to the cross section of Poppy’s uterus to reveal that the organ was now awash with the sticky, life giving fluid.


Twenty minutes later, Poppy, Nick and Doctor Adam sat around a desk.

“How do you feel Poppy?”  the doctor asked.

“A bit wobbly.  That was amazing.”

“Good.  From what we have monitored in the resonance chamber, we can see that your uterus is full of Davide’s sperm.  There is every chance that right now an egg is surrounded by sperm cells trying to fuse with it.”

“Thank you so much doctor.” 

“Doctor Adam, can you confirm the steps the viewers can take to improve their chance of pregnancy?”  Nick asked.

“Of course.  1.  Have sex with a man who has not had sex in a couple of days.  2.  Soon after sex, raise the hips above the shoulders – face down or face up, either way is fine.  3.  If possible have anal sex soon after vaginal sex, using the sucking in and pushing out process –this is crucial in stimulating the cervix to open to allow a larger quantity of sperm into the uterus.”


(Cut back to the studio where the audience applaud wildly)

NICK: A wonderful film Poppy.

POPPY:  I didn't realise how much you could see. 

NICK:  Obviously you didn't get pregnant on that occasion.  Have you continued with the Anal sex approach.

POPPY: Not every man who serviced me could manage it, and to be honest it made me rather sore, but yes I did keep trying.  I am really hopeful that all the effort I have put in this last month has paid off.

NICK:  I am sure women all over the country will be asking for anal servicing from now on.  However, our time has run out and we must now  perform the blood test to see if you are pregnant or not.  Please give a warm welcome to our resident representative from the Food Standards Authority, Mr Wilkins (the crowd applauds politely.  A man in a black suit walks onto the stage carrying a scanning device).

WILKINS:  Good evening Poppy.  Please expose your barcode. (Poppy pulls down her top to reveal the barcode on her left breast.  Wilkins scans it and we see the display on the device confirm it is Poppy  and the words ‘Cattle, Slaughter Due Today’.  He instructs Poppy to hold out her arm and he uses a small syringe to take a sample of blood from her arm.  He puts the syringe into the side of the machine and after a couple of minutes a printout appears which he tears off and passes to Nick).

NICK:  Poppy... I have the results of your blood test here... Find out after the break if we are going to kill her, cook her and eat her!


(cut to adverts)


(Nick is now on a darkened stage with Poppy and the other contestant Cassie on either side of him.  Cassie is wearing a white bath robe).

NICK: Hello, and welcome back to Kill Her Cook Her Eat Her.  This is the ‘Poppy special’ – in case you were on a different planet, my daughter Poppy (he puts his arm around her shoulder) is up for slaughter tonight, unless of course she has managed to get pregnant.  We already know that Cassie (he puts his arm around the other girl) will definitely be slaughtered tonight, either as the star of the show or quietly behind that barrier (cut to a large barrier with a man in brown overalls waits).So let’s find out the result!

(A drumbeat sound ratchets the tension.  Both girls look nervous)

Cassie, you are going to be slaughtered tonight, but will you be the star of the show, or just another carcass?

Poppy, you will either leave here pregnant and with a two year exemption from the national lottery, or you will be slaughtered, cooked and eaten live on the show

(drum beat continues)

Poppy... you are... (more drum beat)  NOT pregnant, so you will be the dish of the day!

(both girls are in tears, consoling each other)

Poppy, could you go with Nadia here and prepare to be slaughtered.  (Poppy is lead away by a woman wearing a headset).

Cassie, if I may have a word before you are slaughtered.  How do you feel about Poppy not being pregnant.

CASSIE: I have known I was going to be slaughtered since just before the program started tonight, so I have had some time to get over the initial shock of having my throat cut.  I was hoping to get to be the main attraction tonight, but we can’t usually choose these things.

NICK: Viewers will be able to see you being slaughtered online directly after the show ends, and you will also feature in the DVD of the show along with an in-depth interview you gave us.

CASSIE:  Thank you.

NICK:  As you know, it has become something of a tradition on the show to donate one of the carcasses to a good cause.  What cause would you like your carcass to go to?

CASSIE:  I have given this some thought.  I help out at a local donkey sanctuary, so I would like them to have a barbecue day to raise funds and awareness of the plight of some donkeys.

NICK: What a lovely cause – let’s have a round of applause ladies and gentlemen.  (audience applauds happily.  Nick resumes when it becomes quiet again).  Firstly some formalities – you have been prepared for slaughter, so you have no body hair.

CASSIE: That's right, it was all removed with a cold flame.

NICK:  And for the record, do you want to be stunned or un-stunned.

CASSIE: Un-stunned please Nick. (Audience applauds, although this has become the norm on the show).

NICK:  If I may take your robe.  (She rather self consciously removed her robe to reveal her large breasts and completely hairless vagina.  (Nick is rather taken by her breasts) You have lovely breasts Cassie... do you mind if I...?

CASSIE:  Go ahead.  (Nick weighs each breast in his hands)

NICK:  I may pop down to the donkey sanctuary – your breasts will cook up perfectly.  (Wilkins, the food standards official uses his scanner to scan the barcode on Cassie’s breast.  The display shows her name and ‘For Slaughter’.  He leads her away behind the barrier).

NICK:  Give her a big hand ladies and gentlemen.  I for one am going to watching her being slaughtered online straight after the show. (She gives a shy wave before going behind the barrier).


NICK:  Now let’s welcome back my daughter Poppy! (applause.  Poppy re-appears wearing a white bathrobe).

NICK:  Poppy, you didn't get pregnant, so we are going to slaughter you live on TV tonight.How do you feel about that?

POPPY:  I am ok.  Of course I don’t want to die, but it is our culture that anyone who can’t produce a baby in time is used to support the population as food instead.  (Audience applauds)

NICK:  Have you been prepared for slaughter?

POPPY:  Yes.  The crew wanted me to leave my hair down, so sorry if it gets damaged.

NICK:  And for the record, do you want to be stunned or un-stunned.

POPPY: Un-stunned please.

NICK:  I have just been given word that Cassie has been slaughtered...  (a stage hand wheels Cassie into view.  She is hanging lifeless, upside-down by her ankles which are separated by a metal bar.  Her torso has been opened up from pubic bone to neck.  There are no internal organs inside the body.  Poppy looks visibly shocked.)

NICK:  Feel the meat on her Poppy (Nick slaps the bottom of the carcass.  Poppy tentatively reaches out and strokes the side of the carcass).

POPPY:  She is still warm!

NICK:  The scientists say there is still brain activity at this point, so she can probably hear you.

POPPY:  Cassie, you look great.  Really tasty.

NICK:  I would like to welcome Marjorie, our resident chef.  (a red faced, rather overweight woman of about 60 years enters the stage to applause).

MARJORIE:  Hello Nick, Poppy.

NICK:  Poppy, if I can take your robe so the Marjorie can inspect what cuts of meat you can provide. (She disrobes very shyly, trying to cover her genitals from the audience).

MARJORIE:  Well, my first impressions are that her small breasts will shallow fry beautifully with a vanilla pod pressed into the flesh. Feel them, they are lovely (she squeezes one breast quite firmly, and indicates that Nick should feel the other, which he does).

NICK:  My goodness, they are firm aren’t they.

MARJORIE:  Poppy, dear.  Put your legs apart a little for me – I want to check your vagina.  (She motions for Nick and the camera to come in closer.  She parts the girl’s labia and exposes them).  She has lovely labia – not too big, or too small.  I know you have a weakness for crispy lips Nick so I will slice these off and fry them up for you.

NICK:  You know me too well.

MARJORIE:  Poppy, is there a lover or someone special that you would like to get the second crispy lip?  (without warning she slides two fingers into the girls’ vagina)

POPPY:  (in some discomfort)  I think Davide is in the audience.  He can have it.  (The camera briefly cuts to Davide, who smiles and waves to the camera).

MARJORIE:  Yes, her vagina is still nice and supple.  I will stuff that and bake it.  Open your mouth Poppy.  (Poppy does as she is told, and Marjorie peers inside it).  No piercings.  I thought I would do something with her tongue – it is a cheap cut of meat, but it can be delicious if done right.

NICK:  Wouldn’t that spoil the look of her head? 

MARJORIE:  No, it wouldn’t show unless her mouth was left open.

NICK:  I can’t wait to tuck in.  Are you ready Poppy?  (she looks rather un-ready, but she nods).  In that case, I have a surprise for you.  In one of your films, you said that you wanted to be slaughtered the right way up.  We have spent weeks negotiating with the Food Standards agency, and we have found a lawful means of doing that.  Tonight Poppy, you are going to be the first woman in over thirty years to be slaughtered the right way up!  (wild applause.  He leads Poppy to a large item under a sheet, which he pulls off to reveal a large metal frame).  This, Poppy, is our modern version of the slow bleed frame you saw in the museum.  (More applause.  He waits for a comment from her, but she seems lost for words).

NICK:  I had better introduce you to Frank – he is going to slaughter you today.  Frank holds out his hand and Poppy shakes it.

FRANK:  Right Poppy, let’s get you into the device now.  Stand on these two plates, and hold onto those two handles.  (Poppy does as she is told, and Frank deftly clips up a manacle on each limb.  Poppy is left standing in the frame with her legs apart and arms above her head on the top rail.) 

NICK:  Can you take us through the process Frank?

FRANK:  Yes, this is the slow bleed frame.  We have modified it so that Poppy is comfortable in it, and when she loses consciousness, she can’t fall out of it in any way.  There is a pivot going horizontally across here, so that we can tilt her body forward like this.  (he pulls the top of the frame forward so that Poppy is leaning over by about 25 degrees).  Are you still comfortable Poppy?

POPPY: (in a small voice) Yes.

NICK:  Why do you need to do that?

FRANK:  Firstly it helps the intestines spill out in a more controlled manner, secondly it makes access easier for removing her bowel at her anus, the third reason is a historical one – in the old days, it made it easier for the slaughter man to rape the woman he was about to slaughter.

NICK:  That really happened?

FRANK:  Oh yes, if I stand here (he stands directly behind Poppy, with his hands on her waist) you can see she is perfectly positioned for me to rape.  Of course now that sort of thing has been outlawed.

NICK:  Quite right too.  And the rest of the process is approved by the FSA?

FRANK:  Yes, we still have to follow the rule book, although we are taking advantage of some rules which were never struck from it.  The FSA have double checked everything and they are happy with the procedure I will be using.

NICK:  Could you take Poppy and I through the process please Frank?

FRANK:  Of course (he stands the frame up straight again).  I will start by making cuts on both sides of her groin.  (the camera zooms in to Poppy’s groin and picks up Frank’s fingers prodding where the cuts will be). Here and here.  Her blood will run in a controlled manner down the inside of each thigh to collect in the tray under the frame.

NICK:  Have you done those cuts before?

FRANK:  As we wanted tonight to be the special occasion, I have only practiced on freshly slaughtered carcasses – we rigged up a fake blood supply to make sure the cuts were at the right places. (Nick nods his understanding)  I then tilt her forward and cut from the sternum at the bottom of the chest down to the pubic bone, allowing her intestines to spill down.  The rest of the process is much the same as you have come to know, apart from it all being the right way up.

NICK:  Are you happy with that process?

POPPY:  (almost inaudible) Is it going to hurt?

FRANK:  The only painless slaughter is a stunned one.  It is absolutely going to hurt. 

POPPY:  I see.

FRANK:  I can give you a gag if you think you might make a fuss?

POPPY:  I will be ok.

NICK:  Are you ready Poppy?

POPPY:  Yes.  Do it.

NICK:  Frank, can you make a start please (audience applauds).

(Frank kneels before Poppy, allowing a close up of his face, near a thin bladed knife and Poppy’s groin).

FRANK:  You will see a difference straight away – I am using a long bladed knife rather than the usual short one to cut the arteries.  This is because the arteries are quite deep in the groin – I have to push the blade in quite a way.  Brace yourself Poppy.  (He pushes the blade into the flesh in her groin, and we hear an intake of breath from Poppy).  You see how far the blade has gone in?  I give the blade a slight flick to cut the artery entirely, then a twist to ensure the exit for the blood is unobstructed.  I withdraw the blade (the blade slides out covered in blood) and you can see a pulsing stream of blood going down her leg.  I repeat the cut on the other side... (another gasp from Poppy) and you can see the blood flowing quite nicely.

NICK:  Nice work Frank.  Now, supposing I realised hypothetically that I couldn’t bear to lose my daughter after all, and I paid for her to become a citizen...

POPPY: (through gritted teeth)  Don't you dare – you know I disagree with the whole purchase of citizenship thing.

NICK:  I know Poppy, hypothetically though Frank – is it too late to save her?

FRANK:  No it isn't, but she would need an operation very quickly.

NICK:  So what is next?  Do we need to wait for her to lose consciousness?  

FRANK:  No – it is called a slow bleed frame for a reason – it would take maybe 15 minutes for that to happen, and you imagine how it would be if there were another 100 women waiting behind her.  No, I will crack on. (Frank has switched to his familiar short bladed knife and deftly runs it down from the apex of Poppy’s chest to her pubic bone.  Poppy lets out a series of expletives which are bleeped in the five second delay before the program goes out)

NICK:  Poppy, I will put the gag on you if carry on with that kind of language – this is a family program.

POPPY: (looking pale, tears running down her face) I am sorry, it really hurt.

NICK:  I expected more blood, Frank?

FRANK:  There are no arteries there, so no blood.  Just some oozing from the capillaries.

(Frank pulls the top of the frame forward, so the Poppy is leaning forward as before.  He reaches into the opening he just made and pulls on her intestine.  It spills out of her in one long movement like a rope.  Poppy’s breathing become very rapid as she looks, wide eyed, at the pile of intestines below her.)

FRANK: (taking a pencil from his pocket and putting it in Poppy’s mouth)  Bite on this Poppy, the next bit is really going to hurt.  (The camera watches him insert his left hand deep into her body cavity.  His right hand cuts around her anus as if it were an apple core, allowing him to remove her bowel from her body without losing its contents. Poppy lets out a muffled groan.  With some more quick cuts inside the body cavity, Frank is able to remove her entire digestive system).

NICK:  Poppy, you are doing fantastically well. (she looks heavy-eyed now, her head slumping).

FRANK:  I just need to remove her organs now.  There are some arteries which will need to be cut, so I wouldn’t expect her to stay conscious much longer after that.

NICK:  Have you any last words Poppy?

POPPY: (slowly and slightly slurred).  Yeah... I love you dad... and I am glad I am the right way up... (audience applauds).

Frank: (Reaching inside her body cavity once more)  There is her liver... one kidney... two kidneys. (he places them near the pile of intestines)

NICK:  They look delicious, Poppy.  (Poppy mumbles incoherently, then stops)

FRANK:  The blood from inside her body cavity is now draining out of the hole I made around the anus.  You can see it is running quite fast.  Her heart should stop any moment.

NICK:  You have been a trooper Poppy!

FRANK:  There... it has stopped, so I will crack her chest. (he runs his knife along the length of her breast bone and pulls her ribs apart, exposing her lungs and heart which is twitching.  With a few more cuts the heart and lungs join the other organs under Poppy.)

NICK:  She is obviously dead in that her heart has been removed, but can she still feel this?

FRANK: Almost certainly.  There is activity in the brain for at least 20 minutes after the heart stops.  As far as the FSA is concerned however, she is a carcass now, and we can begin the butchery process.

NICK:  You have done another wonderful job.  We are going to take a break now, join us in a few minutes to see Marjorie butcher and cook Poppy.

(Advert break begins)



Two hours later, Nick was sitting in the ‘green room’.  Poppy had been sliced and shared out among the audience and crew, and was now just a carcass on the table in front of him.  Nick felt full, but pulled a strip of meat from her and ate it anyway.  It was cold now, but still delicious.  Nick’s other daughter Hailey was slumped in a bean bag.

“I can’t eat another bite.” She moaned, grease evident around her mouth.

“She was good wasn’t she.  Did you enjoy slicing her bum like you wanted to?”

“It was awesome.  I just wish she could have still been a bit alive when I did it, but it was still great.”

“You were ok with her getting slaughtered like that?”

“Sure.  I thought it was pretty cool.”

“So do you want to be stunned when it is your turn?”

“No way!”  she laughed.  Nick smiled proudly at his daughter.


The door opened and a short rotund man entered the room.  Nick turned around lazily to tell the intruder that the room was private, then realised who he was seeing.

“Mr. Goldberg.What an honour.”  He shook the man’s hand.

“Nick, lovely to see you.  I just wanted to tell you I loved the show.  It was a huge ratings winner.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“So this must be the delightful Hailey I have heard so much about.”  He shook Hailey’s hand. “And this is the delicious Poppy.  May I?” He asked, pointing at a small section of meat.

“Of course Sir.  She has gone cold, but I can probably get her warmed up for you.”

“Not necessary dear chap.”  He snapped off a rib with some meat attached and started to nibble.

“Would you mind if we had a word in private, Nick?”  he asked between mouthfuls.

“Of course Sir.  HAILEY, would you go and some drinks from the machine.  Don’t hurry back.”

Hailey pulled a face, but did as she was told.


Mr Goldberg watched her leave, then turned to Nick.  “She is cattle now isn’t she?”

“Yes Sir.  A month ago was her first lottery draw.”

“My people were thinking of a way of capitalising on your success.  We think you could crack the states.”

Nick looked stunned.  “How?” he eventually managed.

“Young Hailey is the key.  We arrange for her to get her own program, touring the world for maybe 3 months, watching different slaughter techniques.  We thought we could get Frank, the slaughter man to go with her to explain the finer points.”

“I didn’t know there were lots of different ways of doing it.”

“Oh yes, there are some really bizarre ones around the world.  Alaskans just club them once then skin them alive... Kenyans leave a group of women in the bush overnight for the lions, then eat what is left in the morning... Australians impale them on a spit and roast them alive on a barbecue... the list goes on.”

“Wow, that is amazing.  I never knew.”

“Just as filming starts, Hailey has the terrible luck to be picked in the lottery, but the show must go on and we stick with the same schedule.  When she gets slaughtered at the end, a viewer’s red button vote is used to pick which method gets used... We estimate 30 million votes at $10  time...  You present the finale – the Hailey special, but it goes out in the states – we were thinking thanksgiving – every family in America watching her... and sympathising with you, her poor father.”

“That sounds great, but it would be a bit lucky to get the timing right like that.”

“Nick...” he smiled condescendingly.  “Sometimes the lottery isn’t quite as random as people think.”

Nick stood stupidly, taking this information in, then asked his next question. “But she might get pregnant half way through?”

“Pregnancy isn’t always as random as it appears either, Nick.”  He patted him on the shoulder.

Nick was lost for words.  “That is the most... the most....” finally he was able to finish the sentence. “...the most amazing idea I have ever heard!  Thank you Sir!”

“I knew you would like it.  My people will call your people in the morning.”  He said as Hailey returned with their drinks.

“What did Mr Goldberg want dad?”  Hailey asked putting both drinks down.

“He wants to make you a star – in America!”

She jumped into his arms excitedly.  He was so proud of her.

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