the babysitter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The babysitter. When a new family moves into Mickey's neighbourhood she never expected her life to change so drastically...

Table of Contents

the babysitter

The babysitter. When a new family moves into Mickey's neighbourhood she never expected her life to change so drastically... Read Chapter

Saturday morning I did my usual routine, grabbed my book, water bottle and headed to the park. Saturdays I read, Sundays I jogged. I find... Read Chapter

Greek god, Greek god indeed. Holy shit you are so a DILF Mr Ashton avery. Standing at 6.1 easily towering my 5.6. That golden olive skin ... Read Chapter

The week goes by quickly surprisingly since Saturday it's now Thursday morning and I decide to text Greek god about further details for F... Read Chapter

Ashton was in my kitchen, why? I Stood against my counter as he dug in my freezer for ice, wait what he was taking care of me? He got two... Read Chapter

God I can't believe what's happening. And what I just said. I got up off him and his face began to fall until he realised what I was up t... Read Chapter

I felt the tears sit in my eyes. He turned me so he could see my profile and pulled out when he saw the tears. *** God what was I thinkin... Read Chapter

It's 4:30 and the thought of last night's events is still on my mind. Do I still want her to babysit? Fuck does she still want to babysit... Read Chapter

What a fucking dick. Dictating here like Hitler. Oh wait till he fucking gets home. I tuck lilly in and it's only 9:30, two movies, a piz... Read Chapter

I squeeze, and she gasps again and puts her small hand over mine in a attempts to get rid of them. I squeeze a little harder and she groa... Read Chapter

I somehow twist under him and just rip my dress up and over and lay down on my back. He has a confused look on his face but continues to ... Read Chapter

"Oh my god your daughter! Get off" I hiss in a low whisper. "No, I'm not done yet. Don't worry baby." he kneels back and pulls me on to h... Read Chapter

I come back with my belt, she starts to get off the bed and I grab her "don't you worry il take care of your goood night." I spit at her ... Read Chapter

Before I let her ride it out I grab her neck and kiss her with the same fierceness that I'm fucking her with "I. Said. Say. It. Again." I... Read Chapter

I feel like I'm out of this body, and everything that I am. Is just mind and soul. I don't think I've experienced anything like that, wha... Read Chapter

He eyes told me how you tell a nervous child busy doing a oral in front of the entire class, carry on that reassuring smile included. So ... Read Chapter

I wake and feel that wonderful ache, I almost forgot what that feels like, some great sex the night before always left the muscle singing... Read Chapter

'''Sunday''' Laura and her son Andy had joined lilly and I for a little picnic in the park today. One of lilly-pad's friends from school ... Read Chapter

Oh god, oh god. Please tell me I did not just have the most amazing sex with someone else's man. This is not okay, not okay at all. How c... Read Chapter

"What are you doing here?" she asked in the smallest voice ever. I thought it was quite amusing she was never this quiet with me, ever. I... Read Chapter

"I said, where is your bedroom Mickey?"  My mind was still having a hard time registering that Randall was in fact in my house, in... Read Chapter

Tick Tock Tick Tock ... I follow the faint sound of the clock, that is how empty my home is that I find myself listening to time go by, t... Read Chapter

 The return of the babysitter, their story continues...   “Ashton please just calm down I can’t, I just cannot thin... Read Chapter