Essence of Red

Essence of Red Essence of Red

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Angelina Davis thought she had it all figured out until she met Sebastian Prescott. A wealthy worldwide business owner lavishing everything and anything on her, she just can't believe her luck. She craves the want and need he has for her and although the constant jealousy and control is more than she can bare she is where she wants to be. Angelina soon realises that being apart of his world has changed her's, opening her eyes to everything she chose to ignore. Lies, deceit, control and corruption she finds herself in a place she wants and hates. Will her feelings for Sebastian make her stay or will she do something that will end everything for both of them.


Angelina Davis thought she had it all figured out until she met Sebastian Prescott. A wealthy worldwide business owner lavishing everything and anything on her, she just can't believe her luck. She craves the want and need he has for her and although the constant jealousy and control is more than she can bare she is where she wants to be. Angelina soon realises that being apart of his world has changed her's, opening her eyes to everything she chose to ignore. Lies, deceit, control and corruption she finds herself in a place she wants and hates. Will her feelings for Sebastian make her stay or will she do something that will end everything for both of them.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Essence of Red

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Angelina Davis thought she had it all figured out until she met Sebastian Prescott. A wealthy worldwide business owner lavishing everything and anything on her, she just can't believe her luck. She craves the want and need he has for her and although the constant jealousy and control is more than she can bare she is where she wants to be. Angelina soon realises that being apart of his world has changed her's, opening her eyes to everything she chose to ignore. Lies, deceit, control and corruption she finds herself in a place she wants and hates. Will her feelings for Sebastian make her stay or will she do something that will end everything for both of them. <br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 03, 2012



Chapter One

The hall is dimly lit.  Small golden lanterns with silver stars hang from each balcony ceiling, swaying only slightly as the warm air passes through when each balcony door is opened.  The silence is intimidating, cold and nonchalant my mind wonders from the moment, stealing away the composure I built within my body.

I see shadowed faces appearing from the crowded hall.  I feel their eyes opon me, pondering the brimming stage that contain the purpose of their evening.  I breathe softly to break the stillness that feeds on my nerves, the air so tight I feel it in my hands.  Attempting to inhibit the tense hold of my heart I recoil and wait.

The lights above me seek their position, searing with lustre and glow I feel a slight prickle on my neck as anticipation disperses around me.  The long silk black dress that I wear sticks to my body, the heat now unbearable I breathe out.  I feel the tension of those beside me, their feet tapping constantly on the hard wooden floor, make the wait harder.

The lights above now shine harder, stronger and brighter as I see the stick rise gently.  The conductor coughs slightly and just like hypnosis my eyes fall and I cascade into a cloud of musical notes.  The sound so haunting and beautiful I feel them gently absorb into my skin.

The violin warms the air around me, so tender and pure I wrap it round me like a cotton blanket.  It vibrates around the hall with such ease, spreading the softness of the chords in all directions.  The flute smoothly joins the chords of the violin; the melody gently enters into my ears, blending so perfectly and rising with such passion.  I feel the goose pimples on my neck stand up and just like a rush of pure euphoria all the instruments start to collide.  Intense and so captivating the hall is alive with the sound of music. 

My eyes still closed and waiting, I feel the blend of notes call, waiting for the last instrument to join them, to complete the symphony.  I raise my arm slightly and the room gently falls into a hushed silence.  Moving the bow across the steal wires, the vibration moves through me like electricity, entering me with such force, catapulting me into the swirling vortex of harmonies that whirl around me.

My fingers vibrate hard against the steal, sinking down to the base I turn the bow and the rush of instruments collide once more, the swirling vortex climbing to the apex of satisfaction, swallowing me and leaving me breathless.

The smooth base of the cello between my legs brings me to a climax, fulfilling me with its masculine body.  The bow now slowly sliding against the steel tough strings I end the symphony with a shallow note to close. 

I bring the bow to a stop.  The hall is silent and for the first time since the beginning, I open my eyes.  Replenished and satisfied I run my eyes across the faces that sit still before me, their smiles a good indication of my achievement, I nod slightly.  Whispering among themselves they climb from their seats.A wash of appreciation strikes me.  Welling eyes are forced abide, but they appear with attention, gliding down my cheeks, it is an emotion I did not want to express.The ovation surrounds the stage, the roar of hands clapping out of sync brings the hall a new noise-brings me a new noise, one that I’m not use to.

I move my cello away from my legs, placing the full bodied instrument to the side; I stand nervously looking down at the crowded hall.  My bow still held firmly in my hands I grip it like a crutch, twisting it in my hand as I look beside me. Musicians standing with pride, smiling softly into the crowd I know their true feelings, they want to scream, shout, laugh and cry and so they should, they just performed their very first orchestral performance; my feelings match theirs in so many ways.  With delight, I stand proud, proud for the musicians around me, proud for myself but most of all proud for coming so far.  I look on and smile.My nerves no longer an issue I place the bow by my side.

I step back, the thick red printed curtain slowly comes down above me, the roar of the crowded hall vibrates louder from wall to wall, their cheers so penetrating it brings me the longing to start again, to perform one last time.

The curtain gently stops to the floor and the stage of musicians collide together, hugging and appreciating each other, complementing and praising I am stuck, unable to move.  My eyes glued to the curtain that blocks the still roaring crowd, I can’t seem to rid myself of the feeling I endured only a moment ago, the want to perform again, to experience the thrill of it all.

Shivers are running up my spine as I remember and still feel each note penetrating my body.  My first solo performance on my hand crafted cello has made an impression, a very heart-warming impression. 

Almost being crushed I am lifted from the ground, spun around so fast I am brought back to reality, I am brought back to the now, to the present, to a hold that someone has wrapped me up in.

“We did it.  We did it Angelina, wasn’t it amazing? Have you ever been so freakin’ scared in all your life?” his tone mirrors his feeling, his emotion, mirrors mine-my emotion.

My dear friend Peter has me in his embrace, smothering me with his tightly grip, bringing me his own happiness, his own wonder.  His expression so full of excitement I can’t help but smother my face into his neck, show him how proud I feel.  I wrap my arms around him, laughing from the pit of my stomach, I shout out in exhilaration.  I feel it pulsing through my veins and with Peter feeling the same I can indulge further without feeling guilty for my own pleasure in tonight’s performance.

“Oh Peter don’t you feel the adrenaline, isn’t it just amazing, I thought I was going to faint”.  My eagerness for him to tell me how well I done shows in my voice.  His arms still wrapped around me he squeezes tighter.

“Oh Angelina you were amazing, you looked amazing and sounded so perfect, everyone did just brilliant”.

I’ve known Peter since my very first year.  His company has been so inspirational, relaxed and supportive.  Peter knew from the very first day I met him how much being in this school meant to me, not one to shy away from honesty he reminded me every day  how much of a study freak and perfectionist I was, and still tells me to this day. He doesn’t say these things to offend me as the way most people see it, he says it to remind me what I did to get here.The countless months in the library, the constant questions I asked him and the numerous times I forgot to eat from the pressure and panic of meeting deadlines for exams.  He was always there to tell me, to reassure me and to show me he cared.

I was lucky that I met Peter, if I didn’t have him in my life I wouldn’t be the person I am now, happy, out-going and involved.  Sometimes when things get too much for me I think back and remember the first time I met him. 

Every evening I spent two hours in the library, my passion to succeed and to receive high marks on each exam were a constant battle. I made it a habit to spend as much time in the library as possible and to know everything about the subjects.  I remember being so frustrated with a particular assignment, I just couldn’t get to grips with the mechanics of it all and just out of pure frustration I threw a book across the floor and shouted.

Peter was behind me, laughing.  I turned around scowling at him, eyes narrowing in his direction, mouth hardened, lips pursed. I planned to tell him off but I couldn’t.  My eyes relaxed and my mouth softened, I couldn’t help but laugh too.  The other students were not too pleased with our distraction and hushed us, scowled us and nodded in disapproval, but we laughed….we laughed so hard.

That’s what Peter does; he brings out the very best in people.  He sees their through nature and respects it and it’s the reason why I liked him from that moment, and above all else Peter is the only man that never once tried to come on to me, he is what a true friend is made of.

Here we are, on the biggest stage I’ve ever set foot on, hugging one of my true friends and doing what I always wanted to do, performing for an audience who appreciates my playing.  Bringing them an experience that words cannot describe and overwhelming them with emotion. It’s a bookmark in my life, a moment that I will never forget and a cherished memory that has etched its mark on my brain. 

Peter loosens his grip and the spinning subsides, bringing me gently to the wooden floor, dizzy and a bit nauseated.  I stop and look at him, his hansom face so bright and animated it brings a new feeling, a feeling that has been for  just a short while locked away in the back of my mind, but now resurfaced.  I can’t help but feel that things are moving too fast and coming to an end.


I feel relieved that I am among dear friends of whom I shared lessons with at Prescott & Stone Music School, their presence with me on stage made playing so easy and so free, but as it is our last performance here in the great hall of Prescott & Stone a rush of sadness enters me, disabling me with such force.

My dear friend Peter stands beside me, his hand clutching mine, he whispers in my ear.

 “We did it Angelina, we finally did it, our graduation performance has been a success”.  His words are so encouraging, but I can’t seem to rid myself of the sadness and the goodbyes we will eventually have to do when the night ends.

“Peter, this is it, the end of an era, our five years have come to an end.  I don’t want to have to say goodbye to you all”.  My words are low and hoarse, his hand grips mine harder, reassuring me.

“Quick Angelina their pulling the curtain up….ready? he asks, gripping my hand again, nodding at me to let me know he feels the same. 

We hold our arms up to the applauding audience, we bow, smiling and laughing.Sadness overwhelming every part of my body at the thought of our last performance and the feeling it brought us as we ended our last note.

The heavy printed curtain drops again, everyone on stage applauds each other, laughing and talking, praising one another.  I try to hide my sadness, to relish in the moment of the stages presence and the energy that surrounds me.

“Well done everyone on a spectacular show, you have done Prescott & Stone proud.  We would ask all of you to meet in the downstairs auditorium for meetings, greetings and celebration drinks”. 

Miss Carrey, our class tutor appears from the front stage curtain smiling from ear to ear, she is the one that got us all here and believed in us all.

“Hey, are you ok Angelina”? Peter asks, wrapping my arm around his. I Nod in hesitation.

“It’s just…..well after tonight, everything will change”, I say, putting my head on his shoulder, my sadness resurfacing, putting a dampness on my mood.

“Oh you silly girl, we will keep in touch, I promise.  It’s not as if we will never see each other again.  I promise I’ll right, email, phone, text and visit you at every chance”, his expression changes, I feel guilty.

“My Angelina, I can’t forget about you, I mean look at you- you’re beautiful, how can I forget about you”, I flush. 

My dear friend Peter, you always knows what to say.

I look at him forcing my mood to a happier one.  I change the subject and turn my head around to the circle of excited students.

I see Carla and Sophie; their aluminous auras bring a smile to my face.  I wave in their direction, so full of life they run over to me so fast that before I can even tell them how great they were I’m smothered in hugs.

 “Angelina you were fantastic.  Your solo was so haunting I thought I was going to cry”.  Carla always loved the way I play.  Sometimes I would catch her stirring at me while I practiced and she would smile at me, complementing me, asking me to play for her when she needed inspiration. 

“Ah you guys, you were brilliant, you gave me chills”.  I shouted, excited that they too were also with me for our last performance.  My three best friends, by my side sharing in a moment that will probably never happen again, unless for some fortunate coincidence we are asked to join the same orchestra, in that case I’d be so happy. 

“Come on you three, there will be no drink left if we don’t go down now”, Peter’s narrowing eyes break the embrace and we laugh, his humour was always direct but he was right and besides, I needed a drink, my nerves still visible from the show I needed to relax and enjoy the company of my friends.

I turn around, the now empty stage seems bare, almost frightening.  The lights no longer brightening the empty chairs of the musical talent, it feels unreal, like I imagined it.  I can still hear it, the music we performed, I can hear it reverbing around me, the melody still clutching to my body.  I think from now on every time I step foot onto this stage that is what I will feel, what I hear.  It’s an awkward feeling to endure because it’s my first recital but it’s a happy one I am pleased to tolerate.

I smile as I turn to Peter; he knows exactly how I’m feeling.  He waves his arms to come join him and I nod as I stride pass the conductors stand and place myself by his side, pulling my arm through his.

 We enter the auditorium, our laughs suddenly silenced by the slight darkness of the hall.  Everyone is seated around large tables.  A man’s voice can be heard above anything.

 Miss Carrey stands apposite us, holding up four fingers she points down to the front of the hall, an indication of our table number.  We silently walk against the wall of the auditorium ensuring our heels don’t touch the floor, our interruption to the speech been given would not go down very well.

We have to cross the spotlight to get to our table, another interruption we avoid.Our late presence seems to go unnoticed by all those already seated and we silently giggle between ourselves.  We stand against the wall, the stage only a couple of feet away, I look down at my dress, its soft silk material hugging me but I question whether it was the right dress to wear, especially for a night like this.

“You look fantastic Angelina”.  Sophie whispers, her pleasant nature is felt in her tone, I smile and agree,

“I do don’t I”, I smile, giggling as I rub my hand against the sides.  Sophie giggles and wraps her arm around mine, breathing softly I mimic her silence and turn my head to the stage.

I see him, a stranger standing in front of me.  I am completely enthralled; my eyes are glued to this man.  His presence is overwhelming; gravity is forcing me to the ground, movement restricted from my waist down my legs are firmly cemented to the floor. 

His seductive dark eyes move across the shaded faces of those surrounded by him.  His tall masculine body embrace his black suit.  His white shirt unbuttoned at the top reveals the top of his chest.  His perfect tan so translucent it radiates his lustrous dark locks that sometimes fall against his brow, and in such a sensual way he glides his beautiful hand through his hair to remedy it.  His faintly seen dark stubble appear when the spot light hits the side of his face and I feel my face light up almost scarlet.  His movement across the stage appears to be with ease, it probably does all of the time.  His beautifully defined lips move as he speaks, showing his perfect straight white teeth.

I’m flustered, agitated to the point of shyly looking away.  I look at Carla who also seems to be transfixed on him.  Does she feel the same way as I do? Does she see him the way I do?  Am I the only one?

I pull my arm into Peters, his gaze meets mine and he whispers, “You okay”? But my words falter and I nod and smile at him.Peter squeezes my arm, his smile relaxes me, it brings me back down to earth, unhinges the bolts that have my feet sealed to the floor.

I look up to the stage again and my eyes meet his.  His expression changes, his eyes a little wider than before, his speech is forgotten and for two or three seconds there is silence, a silence that heats the air around me.  He looks away and blinks a few times before asking the audience, “um….where….was…I?

He smiles once more and looks to the floor, forcing his dark locks to hit his eyebrow again, he glides his hand through his hair and sets his stray strands in place. 

I remove my arm from Peter’s tight grip and I walk away, my legs feel like Jell-O as I make my way to door of the auditorium.Miss Carrey looks at me in confusion but I ignore her worried look and walk on.  Once outside I fall back against the door, my back pressed firmly against the wooden imprinted surface.  I close my eyes and breathe heavily, my beating heart so inflamed I feel it throbbing from my chest.  Pictures of his eyes and mouth flash against my eyes, a sensual feeling creeps into the pit of my stomach that makes me breathe heavier.  I raise my finger to my lips; touching them softly I remember the outline of his, so perfect and alluring I force myself up from the door and try so hard to pull myself together.  Pressing my hand against my chest I try to ease my beating heart, racing with such speed my hand moves to its rhythm.

I take a deep breath in and walk back into the auditorium.  Trying to hold myself up I am relieved that he is gone, the stage empty, free from the overwhelming figure that had me hypnotised.  His speech finally over I can begin to enjoy myself, enjoy the company of friends that I have come to love and now have to say goodbye to in the next couple of hours. 

My distraction has gone and now my eyes wonder across the tables, searching for Carla, Peter and Sophie.  Peter stands up, looking over at me with worried eyes.  He waves his hand to come join them, I smile and wave back.

As I make my way to the front of the hall I squeeze pass tables of teachers and students.  “Angelina, over here”, Carla shouts.  Turning heads look directly at her.  Her lips suppress and she sits down straight away, embarrassed. 

Peter stands and hugs me, “were the hell you’ve been, you just walked out”, he whispers.  Concern spread across his face.

“Oh I…..needed to go to the bathroom”.I say, trying to think of a good reason for leaving suddenly.  My eyes wondering nervously over my hands, the guilt of feeling so enthralled with a perfect stranger questions my sense of self.  I couldn’t tell Peter the truth, he would never leave it down. 

I sit on the chair, pulling it closer to the table.  “For you Miss Davis, a delicious glass of Prescott & Stone’s finest red wine”, he puts a glass of wine in front of me, its essence fill me up as I smell the delicate red liquid. My mouth waters with such delight, I drink the entire glass in one go.  The fruity sophisticated flavours caress my mouth.  I close my eyes as I swallow, feeling the burning sensation run freely down my throat.

“Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Sebastian Prescott Stone”. 

As I open my eyes they are met by the same seductive and alluring eyes of the man who had me entranced only moments earlier.  I swallow hard, coughing slightly into my hand.  He keeps his eyes on me as Miss Carrey introduces him to the people around the table, never leaving my gaze he gently moves forward arriving by my side.  His eyes still upon mine, Miss Carrey introduces me,

“And this is Angelina Davis”.She smiles at him and then at me.  

I stand up from my chair and pull my weak, shaky hand out towards him.  His eyes never leave mine. 

“Hello Miss Davis, nice to meet you”.  He half smiles.

Keeping my hand in his for longer than it should I am a little overwhelmed to feel his thumb caress the back of my hand.  I swallow air, a flurry of butterflies enters my stomach and I breathe in as he finally let goes.  He smiles down at me as he adjusts his straying locks.  His smile reaching his eyes I finally lose his stir and I turn my attention to Miss Carrey, smiling politely at her, I cough to fill the silence that now surrounds the table.  I am struggling to understand my feelings, why this beautiful man has me flustered and questioning my body’s excited feeling.  His body so rich and intense I can feel a charge pulling me, pulling me to him and as I thank my good friend Peter, by silent thought,  he grabs my hand, pulling me softly back into my chair. 

I pour myself another glass of wine, not caring what others may think I swallow the full glass once again.  I look around, smiling faces stir at me, “WHAT!” I whisper.  I lift the bottle again and pour another full glass.  Peter looks at Sophie, his confusion is obvious but my willingness to divulge his confusion will be ignored. 

Miss Carrey circles the table, introducing everyone.  I hear her voice louder as she nears once more. 

“Not at all, please come join us”.  Peter looks at me, waiting for me to explain why I seem so agitated, but I pick up my glass and to ease his confused mind I slowly sip, raising my eyebrows to show him that I’m taking my time, he looks away annoyed and I roll my eyes to the ceiling. 

I take another sip of my wine, savouring each mouthful, drowning my tongue in its aroma.  I relish in it.  “Maybe you should slow down Angelina”.  I look around, “Oh mind your own busi….”  I instantly feel a strange pull, the electric charge sparking up.  Fuck! It’s him.

“Oh…I’m….so sorry I didn’t know….it was…you.  I’m breathless, I feel like I’ve been running a marathon, finding the air to breathe is such a struggle.

“Hello again, I see you like the wine”, his eyes narrow, his alluring sexy eyes meet mine and I feel my face burn.  Oh I hope he doesn’t see me blush!

He is beside me, so close I can smell him, a scent so intoxicating I feel dizzy.  Or maybe it’s the wine.

I feel my inner Angelina wake up; possessed with a need for him and my god I want him. 

“It’s delicious Mr Prescott….umm I mean Mr Stone”, I stutter.  Blinking a few times I smile apologetically.  I take the glass from the table and as I do Peter leans in against me whispering quietly into my ear, “are you ok? I turn and smile at him.

“Please, call me Sebastian Ms Davis. Miss Carrey tells me your one of her most talented students.  I’m afraid I missed the symphony this evening, but I’m sure from all the great reviews you did brilliantly”.

 My heart skips a beat.  His eyes slowly move to my lips and I feel a tense pull in my thighs.  I feel a charge within me, igniting me with an intense flame. 

He’s doing this to me!

He pulls closer to the table, gently brushing up against me.  I can smell him, fuck! He smells so good.  I look around the table, all eyes are focused on the man sitting beside me.  Carla and Sophie both have their elbows on the table stirring over, their face placed slightly to the side in their hands, smitten and transfixed on this sensual and beautiful man. 

“So Mr Prescott how is everything in the business world”? Peter asks, bending beside me, looking at me as he does.  Sebastian notices Peter's swift glance and I feel awkward.  Sebastian's eyes narrow and a hard-line appears on his mouth.

“Oh, you know, board room meetings and tedious speeches, it’s all boring stuff”.  He coolly states, sounding rather vaguely and a little rude, I cough to sweep away the tension that builds around me. 

I pick up the bottle of red wine from the table and I pour the delicious red molten to the top of the glass.  Peter watches my every move while Sebastian watches peter’s every look. 

I roll my eyes and sigh. 

I can feel the effects of the wine.  I feel light headed, dazed, but it feels good, I feel relaxed and at ease. 

The DJ begins to play the music.  Black Eyed Peas, I’ve Got a Feeling starts to belt out from the speakers around us, Carla and Sophie look at me smiling, waving their hands above their heads they slowly move from their chairs.  Moving their hips from side to side they walk around to me.

“Come on Angelina, let’s dance, let your hair down and dance baby girl”. They shout. I smile back and with one swift pull of my glass I drown my mouth with the last of my wine. 

“No, no girls, you go ahead I’m fine.  Maybe later”, I shout.  The disappointment shows in their faces.  I want to dance but I can’t move from the chair I’m sitting in, I can’t move from…..him. 

They turn their focus to Peter who knows exactly what their thinking and with a quick warning he waves his hands and shouts, “NO GIRLS, I DON’T DANCE”.  They look at each other and smile, without warning they grab his arms and pull him from his chair.  “No girls please I don’t dance”, but his words fall on deaf ears and he is pulled to the middle of the dance floor.  He looks back at me with angry eyes, I can tell what he’s thinking, “get me away from here”, but with an apologetic smile I mouth sorry towards him.  He shakes his head at me in disappointment.

I turn to face the figure of a man sitting beside me, his eyes intense and stirring straight into me, piercing my body.  I look down at the table, trying to figure out what to say but instead my hand reaches for the glass of red wine and like before I swallow the entire glass, closing my eyes as I feel the red essence slither down my throat. 

“Maybe you should really take it easy Angelina with the wine”, he whispers, taking the glass from my hand.  I shoot a look of confusion at him, a look that says, “Maybe mind your own business”.  I am here tonight enjoying myself, the company of friends, the music and the fact that tonight is the last night that I will be among all those who shared in my success. 

“I’m fine, I’m a big girl, I can look after myself”, I say, not looking at him.  I pick the bottle of red wine up from the table and pour it to the top.

He sighs; taking the bottle from my hand he places it down, far beyond my reach and toots at me.  At that moment I can’t help but feel like a little child been scowled.

“You really are a stubborn girl Angelina”.  He states.  Lifting my hand from my lap he holds it gently, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles.  I can feel myself blush brightly and instantly that same charge surges threw me, a charge pulling at my insides.  He is smiling at me, a lock of his elegant black hair falls to his brow and in this moment I feel like a child, a giddy child so infatuated with this beautiful creature beside me.

I don’t know whether I should get up and walk away or just stir at him, he has me melting, pulling at all the chords inside me, making me fall into a hole full of him, his presence, his scent, his alluring but sexual smile.

“Hey thanks for helping me”. Peter shouts, walking behind me out of breath, he slumps into his chair and drinks a full glass of water.

I pull my hand out of Sebastian’s hand quickly.  I look at Peter, his eyes looking at me with confusion.

“What’s wrong with you”? He whispers, looking me up and down.  I can’t help but feel embarrassed and ensure of my feeling.

“Oh……umm…nothing, just a bit hot”, I stutter.  I feel Sebastian smile, his charge bringing me a feeling that I never felt before. 

Get a grip Angelina, it’s not as if he likes you, I mean he owns this collage and most of the city for Christ’s sake.  Why would he like you!

I feel embarrassed for the feelings I have.  Stupid Angelina!!!!

“I must go, I have a busy day tomorrow”, he whispers.  I smile without looking at him, realising my actions around him have been that of a foolish drunk girl, I nod. 

Sebastian takes the bottle of red wine from the table and pours the last drop into a glass and drinks it, a childish thing to do but I suddenly realise that he drank the wine so I wouldn’t have anymore.  Peter looks at me and puts his arm on my shoulder.  I smile at him, I wanted to tell him that my behaviour was that of a drunken young girl unable to distinguish a conversation from a flirt but my humiliation will be laughed at and questioned, and I recoil and decide just to let it go.

Sebastian pulls his chair out and smiles and nods at me and Peter, his eyes are different now, blazing and intense he stirs down at me with a hard-line etched on his mouth, he forcefully pushes his chair against the table and walks away.

I can breathe now, that charge that has me tingling all over seems to be fading away, giving me back my sense of being. 

“I’m fine Peter honestly; just feel a bit drunk that’s all”.  I say, touching his hand to reassure him.

I look over my shoulder and I see Sebastian talking with Miss Carrey, my heart begins to race and I feel so angry.  Maybe he is telling her how inappropriate my behaviour has been.  You fucking idiot Angelina!!!

I see Sebastian looking over my way while talking to Miss Carrey, his face unreadable but I take it from her expression and the smile that spreads across her eyes that he is divulging my stupidity to her. 

I have never felt this way about a man before but in all the men in the world why did these feelings have to vault out for him.  A man who is drop dead gorgeous, rich and powerful and voted sexiest man of the year, why would he ever be interested in someone like me.

I turn and look down at the table; I move forward and put my head on the table.  I can’t get rid of this anger and humiliation out of my body.

“Hey what’s wrong”? Peter’s hand is on my back.  How could I be so stupid?  I blame the drink, I would never have acted so inappropriate if I hadn’t of had almost a full bottle of wine and now I’m paying for my actions.

I feel sick now, my head is aching, and spinning in all directions I can feel the wine taking effect.  From the way I’m feeling the wine doesn’t taste as nice as it did before. 

“I don’t feel so good Peter.  I think I’m going to be sick”.  I pull my hand to my mouth.  The loudness of the music is burning my thoughts, hurting the inside of my brain with torturous banging.

Peter lifts me from the chair, pulling me up into his embrace I feel so light and powerless, I look at him.  Concern spread across his face he moves around the table with ease.

“Peter please I’ll walk to the bathroom.  Put me down and relax, I just need a bit of fresh air that’s all.  Sit down and enjoy yourself, I’ll be back in a few minutes”, I say with a soft but reassuring voice.

He gently puts me down; I wobble for a second and then try to regain a little composure.  I look up at him and smile.

Oh Peter you’re a good friend.

Carla and Sophie come running over, “Hey what’s going on”? Worried voices ring in my ear.

“I am feeling a little sick so I’m going out for fresh air.  Don’t worry I’ll be back in a few minutes”, I stutter, trying to be a little sober.

“Ok, well if you’re not back in ten minutes I’m coming out after you”, Peter stats, his eyes bright and worry.  To be honest it seems a bit much, I feel sick that’s all, not bloody dyeing.

I walk around the tables, people talking and laughing, singing and crying I try my best not to stumble and fall.  The sickness still lingering in my stomach I feel tired and hungry.

I look back at the table and Carla, Sophie and Peter look over at me.  I wave to show them I’m still standing.  They worry too much; it’s a bit annoying to be honest.

I open the auditorium door; heavy to push I breathe hard and put my effort into it.  It didn’t feel so hard to push last time but my weakness while drunk show’s clearly.

I walk along the silent corridor, my hand clutching the side of my head I look at the doors along the white hall.  Squinting to find the words on the doors I walk slowly, closer to the doors. 

I come to the end of the corridor, my shoes hurting my feet I struggle to take them off.  The cold winter’s air grabs me by surprise and I feel refreshed already.  Closing my eyes I breathe in, the coldness engulfing me, pushing back the sickening feeling sits in my stomach.  I walk further into the courtyard, I sit on a cold wooden bench, the light above streams down and I feel so much better.

I feel tired, really tired and as I push myself back further onto the bench I lean my head back and place it on the back.  I look up and gaze into the dimly light above me. 

My mind wonders, the sadness enters and I feel my eyes welling up.  Its ended, a great five years of hanging out with friends, learning so much, its ended and now everything is going to change.  I’m going to be on my own.

I close my eyes and my mind wonders further.

“Oh for Christ’s sake Angelina, wake up”.  I hear a familiar voice, a voice I don’t want to hear.  I open my eyes and I see his face, his sexy eyes.

I sit up and he is in front of me, kneeling on his feet. 

“Oh….what do you want”, I say, folding my arms and looking away.

“What the hell are you doing out here, it’s the middle of winter, you could freeze to death”, he says worried, he brings his arms to the top of my arms, rubbing gently; he turns his face to try and look into my eyes.

I sigh and I turn to face him, “look I’m fine ok, so please don’t let me interrupt your evening, I’m sure you have paperwork or some other work related task you have to do”, I take my purse from my hand and place it at my side.

His eyes narrow, he inhales sharply, jaw clenched I feel a little taken back by his expression.

“You have a nasty smart mouth don’t you Angelina”.  His harshness can be heard and felt and I feel a little frightened.

I look into his eyes and like a bolt of lightning I can feel that charge again, tingling my insides, caressing me all over.

“I didn’t mean two sound so rude but it just seems lately that I can’t put one step in front of the other without someone asking me am I all right”, I say, my voice soft and apologetic.

His expression changes and a softer side appear.  He is intense, his masculine posture so over bearing I feel like a small lamb caught in the headlights of a truck.

“Maybe it’s because you have a lot of friends who care about you”.

He stands up, putting his hand out for me to take it; I do so without hesitation, the charge pulling me to his body.  Warm and soft I can feel him and it feels so good.  I blush, my eyes filling with grandeur I am pulled a little closer to him.  He pulls a lock of my hair around my ear and gently brings his finger down my cheek.

He stands looking down at me, our eyes locked together; his powerful aura wraps me in a moment, a moment that ends by the shouting and panic from behind him.

I look over Sebastian’s shoulder and I can see Miss Carrey, Sophie, Carla and Peter running toward me.

I roll my eyes and sigh.

Sebastian releases me and once again I feel trapped by the constant worried voices around me.

“Angelina are you ok”. Miss Carrey rushes to my side, placing her hand on my shoulder.

“Yes, yes, yes I’m fine, as I told PETER earlier I was coming out for a bit of fresh air”, I say, annoyed that I’m being constantly watched.  My eyes look at Peter, who seems to be looking angrily at Sebastian.

“Well it’s been twenty minutes, I got worried”, He says angrily, his eyes darting to mine,

“But I see that you’ve been looked after”.  His eyes are now intense, a sight I have never seen before.

“What happened Mr Prescott?” she asks, looking at Sebastian with a worried look.

“I was driving out of the car park and I noticed Ms Davis here asleep on the bench, I ran over to see if she was ok”.  His eyes are bright, aluminous, and heartfelt.  Carla and Sophie stir at him, sighing as he speaks, their look of wanting, the same wanting I feel.

“Well it’s a good thing you were on your way home Mr Prescott, god only knows what could have happened”.  Looking at me once again with a worried look Sebastian takes his coat off and wraps it around me, eyes are now on me, curious eyes searching mine, searching Sebastian’s.

“Well you better get inside Ms Davis, before you catch your death”.  His half smile brings me longing, a longing not for him to go.  I nod at him in appreciation.

“Well good night, you all should get inside.  It looks like it’s going to snow”.  He takes one more look at me and then to Miss Carrey.  Rubbing his hands together he walks to his car, the engine still purring he opens the door and climbs in.

Sebastian rolls down his window, “Oh Miss Carrey please remind Ms Davis about Monday”.  He rolls his window up and just like that he is gone.

“What the fuck was that all about”, Peter’s annoyed tone mirrors my feeling.  His eyes are still intense and cold.

“What the fuck was what Peter”? I shout.  I’m sick and tired of the way everyone is treating me, like a fucking invalid, unable to look after myself.

“Oh yes, Mr Prescott wants to see you in his office on Monday morning at nine thirty”.  I feel warm inside, I’m going to see him again.  I feel excitement in my body but not showing on the outside I look at Miss Carrey and thank her.

I look at Peter, his expression still obvious, I walk away from him and stand in front of Carla and Sophie.  I reach my hands toward them and hug them tightly.

“I’m fine guys, I’m going to head to bed, I’m really tired.  I’ll see you up there”.

I turn to Miss Carrey, “goodnight Miss Carrey, I will see you in the morning”.

Their smiles are seen, worried and confused I smile back and walk away, hugging and wrapping the coat around me, feeling its fabric against my skin.

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