White Night

White Night

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Constant readers, The poem is now finished; hope you enjoy. Kindly, Ana.


Constant readers,

The poem is now finished; hope you enjoy.



Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



Where the willows sway gently 

Silhouetted by the ultraviolet moon

A figure rises from the midst of a pond.

Lillies part slowly to make way

For the man with the rivulets fanning downward

Over the shoulders

Running down further

Between slightly parted legs,

Between muscular thighs that lift once, then again

As they step up and out

Of their watery grave.

And his stride is steady

No hesitation, as though gliding

Across the still pond surface

To where I sat at the edge, watching

Hands stolen to my throat in fear,

Feet immersed in the black liquid

Reflecting moon, reflecting stars.

Ripples approached me

Touched my skin and sent shudders up my legs

Of slender willow trunks, buried in the waterbed

Absorbing nutrients from the soil they clutched to.

Then, he was before me

Great Atlas hands reaching out

And when they touched me

I felt secure, my beating heart growing still.

Slowly, we rose together

My hands never leaving my throat

But we were sprawled, across the grass

My body crushing the flowers and carapaced insects

The chitin destroyed, gooey centres leaking.

Death brings life.

And all around me, I could smell the perfume of lust

Gazing up, I could see his dark form

Consuming my vision

And the touch of his skin, so much like water

Like a gateway

That if pushed hard enough

I would pass through to another realm.

And then:

Gossamers dancing across my vision

Shining distorted through his rippling skin

Crevices of muscle and edges of contours

Lowered slowly


Down to where I lay.

White night, up there in the black sky

Dark lover, crushing wet kisses against my hair

Dripping all over

And consuming me, one


At a time

Then, there it was

The rush of cool between my legs

Opening me suddenly, my gasps muffled

Against his warm lips

But cool he was all elsewhere

Cool and cool and up his thighs

Cool and hard he plunged into me

Once, twice and three times, we were The Undulating,

My fingers gripping tightly

Around his corded neck,

Tight and closed was my menacing grip,

Choking him out with my pleasure.

But oh how lovely were his hands

Travelling up and then down again

Along my slender legs

Across my goosebumped flesh

And all the while, deeply into his eyes

I stared

Losing myself in the trap of his gaze

The stars which through him I could see

Just as much a part of him

As the universe.

Blossomed then did I become

Tight bud no longer;

His thrusting giving way

To an uncaging of emotion

Fierce tears then streaming

Down my face, caught by furtive licks

Of his wet tongue.

Then, without warning, a fear stole through me

Trepidation, disgust and dread:

The man who had spent his seed in me

From the man who's home was water;

Was he dead?







© Copyright 2020 Ana Lamperouge. All rights reserved.

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