Deon, Victoria and Cybele

Deon, Victoria and Cybele Deon, Victoria and Cybele

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


A lone wanderer in an apocalyptic land sets off to find another living soul amongst the desolation. Little does he know what lies in store for him when he happens upon a seemingly deserted manor and falls victim to two mistresses of seduction. [unfinished] - This is just a sample of the chapter, a work in progress. Please do not hesitate to leave critique, so that I may continue to work on this and write content that is enjoyable, rich with description and logically sequenced :) Thank you.


A lone wanderer in an apocalyptic land sets off to find another living soul amongst the desolation. Little does he know what lies in store for him when he happens upon a seemingly deserted manor and falls victim to two mistresses of seduction.
[unfinished] - This is just a sample of the chapter, a work in progress. Please do not hesitate to leave critique, so that I may continue to work on this and write content that is enjoyable, rich with description and logically sequenced :) Thank you.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Meeting

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W.I.P. : Will be re-uploaded as I continue to add to it. Please leave positive critique :)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 30, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 30, 2016



The mountain’s shadow grew long and pale as the sun stole below the horizon and the starry nightscape engulfed the sky. Deon craned his neck as he stared up at the summit, the white cap of snow at its peak beginning to glow mutely against the blackness. The day was once again dying and Deon sighed with its passing as the night reminded him that he had to find shelter. Several days beforehand, Deon had begun accumulating necessary gear and supplies for the move. In the week that he had holed up at the hotel, he’d repaired his two-man tent, found a radio and batteries and stuffed his backpack with rope, torches, medical supplies and canned goods. Earlier that month he had also come across a diesel snowmobile, sitting neglected in a locked garage. He had broken through the small window to the area and found the machine somewhat rusted, but in fine running condition. That evening, after scouring the remainder of the small suburb for extra supplies only to come up with nothing, Deon knew he had to move on.

That late winter season was still bleak; flurries of snow usually accompanied nightfall and blistering cold winds were cast like a net across the land. But then, as he stood gazing up at the rocky mountain, Deon thanked his unanswerable God for the conditions that night. He would have good weather and consequently more time to search for warmth and shelter in a desirable location, a pleasant alternative to the forced residence in small, dirty liquor stores or gas stations. Those places were little other than a dry corner to sleep in. After thanking his lucky stars once more, Deon straddled his snowmobile, ignited the engine and revved loudly. No one heard him, except perhaps the occasional deer, or lone wolf. He was alone in the country, or so he had come to believe. He revved until the engine was warm and then took off, across the steady incline of the valley and then higher up toward the great black mountain.

For four hours, the snowmobile ploughed over shallow hills and wide valleys, traversing the white tundra with promise, before reaching Consternation Peak. Whilst he could not spot it from the mountain’s base, the peak supported a large allotment; leafless apple and pear trees lined the estate and framed Deon’s arrival at the grand manor. Awestruck, he parked his vehicle at the front gates and demounted it, trying to estimate the size of the plot. The house itself appeared to fit fifteen-or-so rooms and he wondered if the building extended further back in addition to the wide birth it occupied. Switching the ignition to ‘off’ and pocketing the keys, he slung his backpack over his shoulder and sauntered up to the main doors.

Deon’s hair hung limp in his face as he pressed the doorbell, hoping against hope that somehow the door would be opened from within. Pushing back the strands of hair, he realised suddenly that he was very tired and needed rest. Even still, he insisted on waiting before barging into the manor unwelcome. Despite the effort, there was no one to greet him. He pressed the doorbell once more, holding still until the dull ringing echo turned once more to silence. Then, he pressed his weight against the heavy oak door and let himself quietly inside. 

Shutting the door behind him, Deon found himself within was a hall, a spacious one with very high ceilings and ornamental decor. The east and west walls were graced with wooden French windows and the moonlight from the night sky filtered in peaceably, casting a pretty glow about the hall’s interior. Looking closer, Deon realised that the curtains and lounges were moth-eaten, although he could still appreciate the homely qualities it attributed to the house. Dully, a thought occurred in the back of his mind that he ought to be carrying a weapon. However, since he had none, he simply gazed around resignedly and then moved onto the next room.

Eventually, he found himself in a larger anteroom. Cupping his hands around his mouth, he called out in a strong tenor;
“Hello -lo-lo-o, anyone there-ere-e?”.
His voice reported back to him in short echoes before dissipating completely through the space.

He listened but there was no response.

Further through the house he moved, at several points noticing his haggard reflection in the glass of cabinets and windows. He realised that since last properly catching his reflection, he had lost a lot of weight. He was more toned and his complexion was darker; toiling in the garden and working on machines under the sun had given his normally pasty skin an appreciably deep lustre. He saw too another change in the eyes, which had become even further deeply set below the brow complemented by the thick beard grew along his prominent jaw. He suddenly also noticed himself slouching and quickly corrected the posture; a curious piece of advice from his long dead wife, which oddly, of all things, always stirred in his memory. Turning back to face the route through the house he was now taking, he happened upon a small heap of clothing near a closed door to his right. His heart gave an unexpected jolt as he considered that in the next few moments, if he opened the door, he may yet come across the first live human being he had seen since two years ago. He also considered the more likely possibility of finding corpses rather than living, breathing people behind the door although his mind refused to seriously consider the option at that moment. His hand went to his face and he rubbed at it distractedly. Regardless, the possibility of either finding someone alive or dead brought on a wave of trepidation and he began to regard the door with malaise. Looking down at the clothing on the ground, he deliberated painfully for a moment longer before plucking up the courage to knock at the door. It was a polite rap against the wood and in the hopes of being less of a concern to the possible inhabitants within the room ahead, he called out gently;

“Hello, anyone there?”
No answer. After another moment’s thought, he said;
“Just if there is, I’ll be coming in in about two minutes”.

He took the opportunity to drink generously from the water skein in his backpack. Lack of potable water was not a common concern so Deon was able to stay regularly hydrated. Replacing the lid on the water skein and tucking it back into his bag, he furtively patted down his clothes and hair as neatly as he could, then curled his fingers around the doorknob and twisted. He held his breath in trepidation as he pushed the door open and walked into the room.

The following was what Deon saw, through the eyes of a man hoping for human contact and human comfort:

A woman. She was naked, turned away from him, kneeling on a bed and Deon thought, perhaps straddling something on the mattress. His eyes widened, his throat grew dry and was quite embarrassed except he found he was rooted to the spot. Though he wanted to turn and leave, something held him in place and his eyes could not avert themselves from the female figure on the bed. Her entire lower body, excepting the shoulders and upper back, was swathed in white twisted bedsheets. Long, red hair fell in soft waves down between her shoulder blades. Her head was tilted back, toward the ceiling and Deon realised she was softly rising and falling in smooth undulating movements, causing the silken curls to bounce and sway gently with her movements. Deon regarded this, a high blush rising to his neck and cheeks as he stood in the doorway still completely frozen in place. A stirring had begun between his legs and he wondered at the sensation – it had been such a long time since he’d felt such a natural erection. The naked red-haired woman’s moans came softly to Deon as she moved her hips against the bed and only until a second person rose up from the mattress did he realise she was not alone. A woman, black-haired with very dark complexion, rose up from beneath the red-head and began stroking the paler one’s back. Then as Deon watched, the dark haired woman opened her mouth and filled it with the others’ breast, crushing it between her hungry lips, sucking and licking in slow, deliberate movements. Her hands grabbed fiercely but lovingly, working their way over the red-head’s body and then slipping down below Deon’s sightline. He continued to watch them, wondering why they had not yet noticed him standing there, when the black-haired woman’s eyes suddenly flared open and boldly met his gaze. She did not gasp with surprise or appear in any state of self-consciousness. Instead, her pale grey eyes narrowed to slits, a smirk stealing across her lips and she lifted a hand to him, beckoning with one finger. Deon swallowed hard and finally found his voice. He seemed not to heed the woman’s request.

“Sorry… I’d better go”. In his mind, the fact that he had not seen a living person for so long rendered him completely incommunicable. Secondly, as witness to something so private awakened in him a long dormant beast, one that suffered two winters of loveless, aching loneliness. And so because of this, since he was ill prepared for the strange encounter, the dark woman approached him herself. She extracted herself from her red-haired lover and walked over to the man, her full nakedness causing Deon’s blush to deepen. Her deep bosom swayed as she made her way over, long legs and dainty feet gliding across the immaculate carpeted floor. She was only several inches away from Deon when he broke from the hold she had on him and blinked rapidly, stepping backward once… twice…

He had almost completely shaken off the hex he was in (it were the eyes! He was nearly certain of it, their power) then the dark was upon him again, the weight of a tonne of feathers pressing down upon his consciousness. The woman stroked his arm gently with one slender finger, her touch tickling the skin, and then drew close enough for him to hear her whisper, “Why not stay and join us?”.

His skin crawled suddenly with apprehension. Something deep in her voice disturbed him; its timbre was unsettling, rich with… what? Darkness, evil perhaps. And yet, he felt his feet moving one step at a time, pulling his vertical body along across the carpet toward the bed. The woman led him not with touch but with an unspoken jurisdiction and as she stepped back into the sheets, Deon followed. He was sitting between both women when they began to administer gentle, teasing strokes over his body. Although not unwelcome, his unsureness was sensed by the others and as if to banish the anxiety in him, they guided him back off the bed and toward the adjacent bathing suite. There, they ran hot water, another old-world luxury that he had not experienced for the last two years. All the while, they combed and washed his hair, scrubbed his body with sweetly scented soaps and massaged his feet. They pushed him back into the nook of the marble tub as they themselves climbed in, hands around one another’s waist, their almond eyes settling appraisingly and coveting him. As Deon felt himself slipping further into the grip of the women, of the water, he succumbed to the power of the hex and merely watched as the women opposite him began to caress and fondle one another. Averting his eyes at first, he gradually found that he was forced to stare as they unabashedly teased each other’s nipples, using tongue and teeth and fingers. They giggled occasionally and maintained constant eye contact with him as they did it. The dark one washed the other, while she kissed the red-headed girl along the nape of the neck, the shoulders and fingers. Then some moments later (Deon could not accurately cognise the time by this point), the red-head was sat on the edge of the bath whilst the darker one trailed kisses up the others’ thighs to finally pause between them. Soft lapping could be heard as the dark woman’s mouth worked against the red-head’s throbbing pleasure, all in plain view of Deon as he remained completely enraptured. The red-headed girl’s moans grew in level and pitch until finally she was whining and crying out in ecstasy, her writhing body rocking against the others’ mouth, her long fingers running wildly through the black hair between her legs. She guided the others’ face to rotate in circles as the tireless and hungry mouth continued to consume her. The black-haired woman paused to look up at her lover, smiling wickedly. She squeezed the girl’s thighs, leaving long, red marks along the skin before flicking her tongue out to lap playfully at the glistening clitoris. The red-head gazed back down and groaned in ecstasy, before looking back up at Deon. Her lover licked up all her wetness with long, slow tongue strokes. She appeared intoxicated with desire and yet Deon could see something stirring, possibly ancient, in the woman’s demeanour.

All the while, the performance was building an alien kind of desire in Deon as he lay back, gazing upon the sickeningly beautiful duo before him. Their bodies, wet from the bathwater and with sweat, glistened and beckoned to him. Soon after, his own member stood erect beneath the suds. Ashamedly, he longed to touch himself, longed for the moaning women to do it for him, but realised that he was too afraid to move lest his actions drew attention from the others. Regardless, they sat before him pressed against each other, moaning and kissing, caressing and fingering, gazing at him and casting quick glances down toward his groin as though they could see below the opaque, creamy white surface of the water. He soon realised that each time they broke their gazes away from him, he felt a little bit of his normal self return to his consciousness, as though the spell grew weary when power was not fed through their attention to him. They watched him from time to time, below long, batting lashes as they slipped fingers inside each other, rubbing thumb against clit, flicking slow and then quickening the pace to hasten the approaching waves of orgasm in one another. Then without warning, the red-head broke away from her lover and her plying hands, and moved toward Deon, cutting across the water’s smooth surface as she approached his spread legs. She opened her smiling mouth and said:
“My name is Victoria”.
From behind her, the black-haired woman spoke also. Her voice was silky, deep.
“And mine is Cybele”.
Deon thought that perhaps the darker woman was older than her female lover, possibly ten years her senior. No wrinkles revealed this however, and it made him wonder exactly how young the red-head was. Seventeen or eighteen perhaps? Surely no older; her youth was clear in her eyes, the corners of her mouth, her figure. Her breasts, set high and full, were matched perfectly to the remaining curves of her body and as she rose up out of the water above him, he saw with wonder that her hairless groin was petite and age-defiant. She moved closer to him and her crotch stood inches from his mouth. As her hair dripped rivulets of water down her body, Cybele approached from behind her and reached her hands down to Victoria’s groin, spreading the outer lips there for Deon to appreciatively behold. He did not move but waited with anticipation as Victoria edged slowly closer to him until his lips came only millimetres from her begging pussy. Slowly, without being able to control himself, he parted his lips with his tongue and licked at the honey that was offered. His body shuddered under the unseen power emanating from the women. His head had begun spinning. The running juices coated his lips in small fragrant amounts whilst the sensation and the situation produced a buzz all throughout his body that was all too familiar not to enjoy. Sucking at his own lips, closing his eyes and guiltily savouring the flavour, he went for her and more surely this time. With the added defiance, likely fuelled by the alluring magic of both women, he spread the red-head with his lips and pushed his tongue deep into her, wrapping his hands about her firm thighs, drawing a pleasurable gasp from the woman as she leaned back against her mate whom stood supportively behind. Cybele cupped Victoria’s breasts in each hand and pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger, tweaking and teasing as Deon thrust his mouth against the throbbing pussy. She watched him work on Victoria, a slow smile spreading across her lips and her fondling grew steadily stronger. Cybele knew how much Victoria loved her breasts being toyed with and Cybele kissed her neck lovingly, her eyes never leaving Deon’s face. His licks grew stronger and greedier as his hands worked up the woman’s legs, appreciating the swell of her firm buttocks, then feeling their way toward where his mouth was. There he stroked gently at her anus and clitoris, his fingers moist from saliva and cum. Between Cybele’s loving kisses, the fondling of her breasts and Deon’s oral consummation, the red-head’s gasping and crying out became louder and louder until finally she was released in great orgasmic convulsions, her body thrashing in the clutches of her two lovers. When it was over, she sank slowly into the embrace of the warm bath water, her eyes never leaving Deon’s, which spoke volumes about the illicit pleasure that was to come.

Next, the women were on their knees in the water, stroking and teasing Deon’s hard member. It throbbed and twitched in their hands as they watched him with passion in their eyes, his head tilted back against the tub wall, his own hands resting gently on the backs of each woman. He sighed once, then twice… and then suddenly his eyes flew open when he felt soft, prying lips close about his cock. He looked down and found that Victoria had disappeared underwater. Her tongue danced wonderfully against the head of his cock, circling and rubbing, thrusting and sucking from tip to base, all whilst she held her breath without any noticeable difficulty. He grew concerned and went to sit up, to pull the girl out of the water, but Cybele stopped him. She placed a hand against his chest, shook her head and smiled silently, gesturing to him to lay back and be still while her lover worked on him. Cybele herself fondled the girl and slipped her fingers into her pussy as Victoria pleasured him. Cybele then moved closer to Deon and pressed herself against his body, bringing her lips down to his own. They kissed gently at first, then it became hot and passionate, her fingers never leaving Victoria. Deon soon felt his desire banking high. Victoria broke away from him and rose up from the water, a great breath drawing into her empty lungs, her bright red hair now soaked and draping beautifully about her shoulders and face. She grinned at him then moved over to straddle him, his arms closing about her, welcoming her to him. She raised herself on her knees above him, then brought her arms about his neck and slipped down gradually into the water. Her pussy angled closely toward his erect member and he moaned before he became properly acquainted with her, anticipating the feel of her against his cock. As she coveted him, he gasped and held her close, savouring the pleasure of the intimate contact, her tightness. Cybele moved close behind Victoria and wrapped her arms about the girl, one hand bringing the seeking, young mouth to her own and kissing it passionately. The younger woman began thrusting against Deon, slow at first as was the whole performance, but then faster and more firmly. He filled her completely and felt her body convulse following each upward thrust, the bathwater sloshing heedlessly over the sides of the tub and onto the floor-tiles. Deon thought she was crying out in equal amounts of pain and pleasure but although he paused a few moments, panting heartily, she continued to thrust hard against him, seemingly desiring more. This banished his fears of hurting her. Cybele rubbed Victoria’s clit with two fingers, strumming her quickly and beckoning another orgasm. Deon himself felt near the precipice and swiftly removed himself from the red-head, groaning loudly with the abatement of the not yet released orgasm. The women watched him with heavy-lidded eyes as he rose from the water and took a towel, wrapping himself. The towel tented proudly at his crotch and he looked back at them, calling with his gaze toward the bedroom. He realised that the power they held over him was so quickly subverted; his dominance was apparent and he enjoyed it. He wondered how far his authority could take him and a few scenarios unravelled in his mind’s eye, and intense satisfaction surfacing. Another, less uplifting thought, settled in his mind but he quickly banished it. The two beautiful women, who smiled and followed his desire without hesitation, surely would not harm him… could they?

On the bed, Deon pulled the two women close. They moved gracefully to his side, but then he took Cybele’s hands and put them against Victoria’s supple body, suggesting that they pleasure one another while he watched. Cybele turned to her female lover and kissed her softly. The older woman’s hands caressed and pinched at the others’ nipples, loving caress after loving pinch, then came to a stop at the navel. Cybele pulled away then, suddenly, and turned Victoria around. The red-head willingly obliged and lay back on the bed whilst Cybele moved her hips over to the girl’s face and brought herself down. Deon watched as Victoria placed both hands on each of Cybele’s round buttocks above her face and slapped hard twice, smarting them red, before running her fingers down toward the woman’s centre. She spread Cybele’s pussy lips slowly, firmly. Victoria smiled up and over at Deon as he watched her suck two fingers into her mouth before withdrawing them and then plunging them into Cybele’s pussy. Slowly she withdrew them again and then plunged them all the way in, repeating the process while she sucked and licked at the clitoris that hovered in the air not far from her face. Deon could not resist stroking and pumped his own stiff cock, watching as Cybele buried her tongue in Victoria’s pussy, rising only to flicker over the clitoris and thrum it skilfully with two soaking wet fingers. The women pleasured each other until both began to vibrate with approaching orgasm, which was when Deon rose onto his knees and pulled Cybele toward his hips. He buried himself in her and she cried out in gleeful surprise, continuing to pleasure Victoria with her mouth and hands. Deon thrust against her slowly, his member sliding in and out of Cybele, as Victoria sucked on Cybele’s clitoris. She was cupping Deon’s balls in her hands, pushing against his weight, absorbing the vibrations one strong thrust at a time. Soon Cybele was on the cusp of orgasm and with a few more violent thrusts, Deon wrought forth the shuddering orgasm deep from within Cybele’s body, her cries muffled against Victoria’s dripping pussy. 


To be continued...

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