The Huntsman’s Mistress

The Huntsman’s Mistress

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



The hunter becomes the hunted...


The hunter becomes the hunted...


Submitted: October 07, 2017

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Submitted: October 07, 2017



The Huntsman’s Mistress


The borough of Lamarr may have been small but was a hunter’s dream locale.  A dense forest full of game covered it.  Against the fertile green backdrop stood the ever snowcapped Reginberaht Mountains.  Winding through both was the Stein River supplying the area with superior fishing. 

The landscape stole the heart of the wandering adventurer Enno.  As far as the deserts to the south and wide beyond the sea to tropical islands and thick jungles, he traveled away from this land of plenty at the cusp of his manhood.  However, there was no place like home.  When it beckoned years later, he obeyed the call and returned. 

Enno re-settled on the outskirts of the village of Hamlin where he was born.  At the urging of his ailing mother, he found himself a proper wife.  Mama like Papa before her passed away too soon.  Neither would ever meet the four young ones born to him.  Three strapping boys like he was and a daughter like their mother filled his days with constant joys. 

Enno earned his keep by hunting.  His wife Winola was an exemplary weaver as were her people from a neighboring village and so helped him skin the furs of his kills.  She would, of course, also use the meat for their supper.  What they did not use they sold at market to trade for other goods they did not produce or could find in the forest.  Their children helped as well and were responsible mostly for tending the garden and making preserves for winter.

Life was busy but straightforward.  At times, Enno missed his old life and often told the stories of his youth to his children before tucking them in their beds at night.  Thus, when wolves encroached on areas where he hunted, he worried first for the safety of his progeny.  He taught them well to beware and respect the forest.  However, in taking precautions, the huntsman insisted his family retreat to the larger village of Kuno to stay with Winola’s family where they would be safe until things settled down.

Enno hunted the beasts free of worry after his family.  He felt alive again on another adventure for the wolves terrorized the surrounding villages.  When he cleared them out of the forest in the late winter, early spring, the huntsman was almost sad.  He felt full of purpose where the village called upon his expertise.  Enno admitted that he liked being needed that way, yet, even more, enjoyed being recognized and treated as a hero.

No snow covered the ground this time.  Under booted feet, the reeve of Hamlin, Peppi crunched on autumn leaves in his approach to the huntsman’s log home.  The large basket that he carried before him was filled with the gift of sweets made by his wife.  Gerda was an excellent baker, and so was Peppi before the village of Hamlin elected him reeve with the blessing of the laird.  It was a post he enjoyed very much except on dire days like these. 

A gentle wind ruffled his white hair as he watched Enno chop wood in only his breeches and boots.  Sweat bathed the younger man’s chest as he swung the ax with expert ease and split the wood effortlessly in two.  For a time, Peppi watched his back muscles that bunched and flexed with activity.

“Enno!” the reeve called cupping his hand over his mouth.  He hoped to be heard over the chopping. 

Enno knew Peppi was there long before he saw him, but never stopped his work.  It was his morning chore.  Even though his wife and kids were not at home, he could not stop the routine.  Come winter they would need the wood and would be grateful for his diligence in making sure it was done. 

“Peppi, what brings you out this way?” the huntsman asked after he dunked his dark head in a barrel of water and shook it.

The older man lifted one of his white eyebrows for a moment.  “The sooner the roads are made safe again, the better for travel of merchants.  People are scared since hunters were found slaughtered on the road between Hamlin heading to Kuno by animals.”

“Wolves you mean.”

Enno’s thin mouth pursed.  He knew it was terrible but not that bad.  That the beasts came so close to the villages disturbed him.  Maybe in winter, they would grow bolder, but the forest was full of game now.  What prompted these attacks?  For whatever reason, the huntsman didn’t think these wolves behaved like any he knew before.

“You do not seem alarmed.  Why is that?” Peppi asked while studying him.

Enno sighed at length refusing to make this easy for the older man.  “What do you want, Peppi?  I have much to do yet today.”

“We need the huntsman.  Hamlin needs you, Enno,” the reeve confessed with the clench of his jaw.

Enno clucked his tongue and shook his head.  He heard the rumor that someone younger was sought out of Kuno to hunt the beasts for Hamlin.  Some in the village even blamed the huntsman for not killing all the wolves before in the spring.  This annoyed him that they could turn on him so easily.  That was the part of adventuring Enno hated.  People tended to forget the good you did before due to the bleak outlook of their current situation.

Peppi cajoled in earnest, “No one knows these woods better.  Hamlin is tired of living in fear.”

“I fully expected the other hunters to—”

Peppi cut him off, “Wolves were spotted close to the village edge yesterday.  And then Luana and Josef’s little one was found half eaten, Enno.  The wee lad wandered not far in the wood during the day!  Vanished no more than an hour!”

That caught the younger man’s attention.  Josef was a blacksmith newly married to the pretty daughter of the barber, and their child could not have been more than five.  Enno’s own young daughter was that age.  He could not imagine losing his baby girl Etta so tragically. 

“Someone must do something,” Peppi persuaded, “What if they kill more of our wee ones, eh?  Will you help us?  Please?”

Enno knew he would eventually set aside his pride and do as bid.  With one final swing, he left the ax embedded in the wooded stump he used as a chopping block.  He approached the older man and stared into his bright pleading eyes.  He took the basket of goodies by the handle.

“Thank your wife for me.”

Peppi released the breath he held and smiled a little in relief.  “Thank you, Enno.”

“Do not go thanking me yet, old man.  I may fair no better than the last hunters.”

The reeve chuckled with the shake of his head and waved to the younger man.  “With you on the hunt, the outcome is certain.”


Wolves primarily were bothersome to livestock when acting independent of the pack and dangerous if encountered on their own territory led by an alpha.  Enno’s knowledge of this enemy he thought would be of aid.  And it was.  He killed many of the critters, skinned the carcasses, and paraded the same to the villagers and the laird while visiting his family each week he sent away from their home on the edge of the forest for their protection. 

More violence escalated in the borough of Lamarr.  Children were the most vulnerable and targeted, then the drunkards from the taverns followed by the elderly.  No one infirmed was touched.  The wolves had no interest in those people to kill.  At night, it grew so awful that people claimed to hear the beasts howling through the village streets boldly seeking their next victim. 

Enno found these wolves interesting.  In comparison, a bear occasionally entered the wood and made itself a nuisance.  They were much harder to kill than a wolf, and the huntsman preferred not to have to.  Bears did not come around people unless disturbed.  Enno would have thought the same of this brutal pack of wolves unless they were starved though. 

The huntsman knew for a fact that there was plenty of small game like hares, raccoons, and possums.  He hunted them regularly.  There was plenty to share, too.  Back in the thick woods, away from the roads he could find plenty of elk, deer, and boars.  Why would the wolves forgo even this bigger game right in their backyard so to speak?  It made little sense to him. 

It seemed the wolves taunted the villagers on purpose, which of course was utterly ridiculous.  These were animals.  Not devils, although lately the superstitious in Hamlin sought out the abbey for absolution. 

Enno only took stock in what he could see with his eyes.  What he learned while adventuring all those years of his youth was that men had the habit of wanting to call their worst acts influenced by some other force.  Men committed great evils for all sorts of selfish reasons.  He knew the real devils wore the face of a neighbor.

The huntsman discovered a trail the wolves frequented.  Investigating it further it led him close to the mountains, and he hoped to see if it might lead him back to the den.  What he found shocked him. 

A maiden of such wild beauty walked alone in the dead of night.  Her clothing was odd.  It looked of white and black fur the closer he came to her to have a better look.  For a time while watching her, Enno wondered if his mind played tricks on him.  Soon the beautiful maiden disappeared behind some trees, and immediately following that he heard the lone howl of a wolf.

The next night Enno returned to the same area of wood near the mountains.  He could barely sleep last night thinking and dreaming about the maiden discovered.  Was she real?  Did he imagine the girl?

Up in a tree, Enno lingered virtually dozing when he heard the rustle of a bush.  A wolf!  Carefully, he aimed his bow but what emerged when he sought to fling his arrow was not a wolf.  From the greenery stepped a woman wrapped in white and black furs.  Her long dark tresses were taken up and away from her face by the wind! 

Startled, the huntsman practically fell out of the tree but dropped his bow and arrow to catch himself.  This commotion gathered the attention of the woman who approached.  Enno wanted to jump down to get it, but it was too late when he had.  The woman stood before the bow and picked it up in one hand and the arrow in the other.  Her gaze lifted her round face up toward where he stood.  No flaw could he find in it.

“By all that’s holy, you are beautiful,” he said with an open mouth at the creamy skin of her face and golden eyes that regarded him with amusement.  The wind still tossed her long dark hair at will.

“Did you mean to fire this at me, huntsman?” she questioned in an amused lilt.  It was almost musical in its sound. 

His heart fluttered faster than it had already.  He wished that he understood what came over him.  Heat flooded his veins, and he licked his lips.  Enno released his hold on the tree and faced the far shorter maiden.

“If you were a wolf.”

Her eyes swelled with innocence, but there seemed to be no fear in them of him.  “A wolf you say?  And what wrong has a wolf caused you to seek such vengeance?”

“No vengeance do I seek.”

Her lovely face frowned at him.  “If not that then what?”

“To protect the village and the innocent.”

The maiden shook her head and laughed.  “There is no innocence.  There is only survival.  Does not the wolf have the right to exist?  To pursue its nature and preserve the balance?”

Enno shook his head.  “Not at the cost of human lives.  No.”

“A life for a life.  That is the natural order of things.  The balance of things in our world.  Humans know so little of cost.”  She tossed down the bow and arrow in front of him before walking away barefoot.

Enno kneeled to pick them up taking his eyes off the maiden for a second.  Standing up straight, he frowned.  No one could move so fast or silently from his presence.  It changed nothing about the fact that she had.  At the corner of his eyes to the right, the huntsman saw the blur of fur.  A wolf dashed out of sight.

“Damn!” he gritted under his breath.  Surely this could not be construed as a dream.  The maiden was there!  Enno even spoke to her.

Returning to his log cabin and his bed, he dreamed.  The mystery maiden’s eyes haunted him.  Golden orbs shined with an unearthly glow in the night.  Enno struggled to contend on whether he saw the woman or not.  It made no sense for her to be out there in the middle of nowhere, yet he saw no fear in her body language.  The maiden seemed calm and at home wandering the dark wood.

Perhaps Enno had been alone for too long.  How else could he explain the most beautiful maiden he had ever beheld alone in the middle of the forest surrounded by deadly wolves with a taste for human flesh?  He couldn’t.  After checking all his other traps, turning in the furs of the wolves, he did capture, in the village he heard that no murders were committed the previous night.  Maybe they were finally dwindling the number of the beasts.

Enno was not so sure of anything except the maiden.  He could not seem to get her off his mind.  During the day, he thought he saw her at the corner of his vision before she vanished like vapor.  By nightfall, he returned to the spot where he first viewed the maiden determined once and for all to quash the doubt that riddled him.

At first, the huntsman believed it was a wolf but not so.  From a bush emerged the maiden in fur.  Her raven curls fell down her back without restraining them.  White legs flashed at him.  He dropped down to his feet and followed close. 

The trees thinned a little to reveal a small pool where water fell overhead from the mountain cliff above.  The fur fell from her narrow shoulders.  Enno saw a sight that caught his breath.  Legs of cream led up to a round bum.  Slim waist.  The maiden swung her head and let her dark loose curls drop down her back.  She leaped forward and into the clear waters that looked strangely aglow against the moon. 

Enno could see her swimming beneath the waters in his shock still.  Suddenly she rose up, and he could see her front.  Perfect breast rose from her chest.  These did not sag like the big jugs of his wife.  These were firmer breasts that knew no children.  A thatch of hair like the curls upon her head pointed down to her womanhood nestled between the lovely curve of her thighs.  The maiden walked toward him out of the water.  She never bothered to cover her dripping nakedness. 

“Why have you come?” she asked him as if she could see him through the tree.

Enno stepped out from where he hid seeing that there was no need.  The maiden knew he was there.  He approached her and stopped when he stood before her.  He stared down into her golden eyes. 

“I do not know why.”

The maiden looked him over with a hint of mischief curling up her red lips.  “That is the first lie that you have told me.”

“Who are you?” he struggled against his reason to understand what was happening.  “Is this a dream?”

The naked maiden reached to touch his bearded face that lowered to her.  Enno was drawn in by the glow of her amazing eyes.  He was lured by her smell of the forest.  His body ran hot at her soft touch.

“Do I not feel real to you, huntsman?” she whispered drawing her lips closer to his that parted.  “Do I not taste so?”

Her lips did touch his now and opened him to the sin of her ambrosia.  Better than any sweet known or wine combined, her mouth dripped with it.  Enno was drunk at that first taste.  He lost all sense of right or wrong.  His hunger awoke.  It was all he could see.  Feel.  Taste.  Smell. 

Enno dared to respond to her seducing.  His hands dropped his bow, unstrapped his quiver, and unbuckled his sword.  The kiss built on feeding the embers of lust lurking in his heart.  How long had it been since he felt the heat this way?  His clothes dropped off one by one until he too stood as naked as she. 

Even now he attempted to break through the fog of his primitive desires, to remember his own name.  Her scent was upon him, marking him.  He forgot that he was the huntsman or a husband with children and responsibilities.  Enno could see no more of his world than that he was a man starving for the kind of intimacy the maiden promised with her eyes. 

The strange woman enchanted him from the very beginning, but it was too late to think of consequences.  None mattered beyond the flames of need that led him there.  Enno lay with her upon her own soft furs that they would use as their bed.  On the way down, he suckled her breast and nibbled the nipples with bites until the maiden gasped and mewled at how sore they were. 

When the naughty maiden pushed his dark head down her creamy body, Enno laughed and kissed her navel.  He liked that she was in a hurry for him to go to her point of need, but he wanted to enjoy every aspect of her body he admired while watching her moments before in the pool.  No hurry rushed him to taste her creamy skin or hear the reward of her sweet mewls. 

Soon enough the huntsman rooted his nose in her snatch of soft curls that smelled strongly of her arousal.  He groaned as his personal broadsword thickened further in reaction.  He was lost as he drank at her inner chambers and played with her inner lips so slippery and stimulated by his tongue. 

The maiden bucked to his invading fingers stretching and stabbing her.  Her hips met each stroke inside her.  Enno’s tongue in the meantime lapped at the bud peaking at him from her forest.  He pressed her close to a release that had her panting after her breath.  He drank of her arousal drunker than ever. 

“Give me more,” she demanded flushed and needy.  She stroked his pulsing blunt weapon aimed to enter her while looking up into his eyes.  “More.”

More Enno gave in the breach of her tiny walls with his broadsword.  It tore through any resistance as she screamed but muffled the cry by biting his arm.  He held trembling with need yet wanted to give her time.  Arching her back the maiden thrust up to meet him crying out again when he wedged deeper inside her heat.  Both fell into trembling with need overtaking them.  She thrust again looking up at him moaning and then thrust up against his sword sheathing it deeper inside her.  Her virgin blood made it easier for him to side right in.  She bravely claimed more of him until he was fully sheathed. 

The maiden could feel his heart racing with each pulse of his cock.  Her head rose as her arms wrapped at his neck.  She kissed him while looking into his dark eyes shining.

“More,” she begged in whisper.

Her muscles rippled around him deliciously.  The maiden did not shy away from his girth the way his wife did.  Enno feared to bring her harm seeing how tiny she was in comparison to him.  He was wrong to be too tender the way he needed to be with his wife who found laying with him so painful.  Winola did try her best to please him, but he never complained how disinterested she was in consummating their vows with each year and child she birthed.  Each bearing was excruciating for her that he came to fear touching her. 

Enno resigned never to enjoy laying with a woman the way he used to in his youth.  Neither Winola nor he had touched each other since the birth of their daughter five years ago.  They kissed and hugged, but no more affection did they share.  It was not until now did he realize how starved he was for the attention shown to him by the lovely stranger.

The huntsman loved the tight feel of her walls caving as he held her close and humped at his will.  He moaned in his desire to cum.  Never so long did he last with his wife, but Winola never gripped him in a lust that had him thoroughly under her spell.  His wife pleased him, in her own way.  However, nothing ever like this!

“More!” the maiden cried clutching onto him as she clawed his back in possession. 

Feeling her nails digging into his flesh only urged his hips to ground into her more making her come thrashing on his broadsword.  Enno would not stop letting her feel the width and length of his blade.  Her quaking within and in his arms let him know she enjoyed the ride.  If she wanted more, he intended to give it until he could not anymore.

The time did arrive when sweat covered him like a downpour.  Slowing his thrusts, he knew that he was not as young as he used to be.  So, Enno rolled the maiden on top as he panted and rocked up into her as she groaned.

“Then take what you want, maiden,” the huntsman urged with each sharp thrust he made up into her.

Her golden eyes stared at him fixed but just as enthralled as he.  “You give yourself to me body and soul?”

“I am yours, my maiden.”

The maiden’s sharp nails like claws scratched his chest just over his heart.  He flinched for they felt like tiny blades and did draw his blood.  He didn’t care and did not look away from her eyes.  Enno knew he wanted her and would have done anything to have her.  This felt destined, and he could not fight her.  He didn’t want to because he never wanted a woman the way he wanted his maiden, mistress of the forest.

The maiden licked the wounds she caused to his shock and kissed him.  The huntsman tasted the coppery sweet of his own blood in his mouth.  She then clutched his throat driving herself hard and fast into him.  At times Enno was frightened at the aggression of who he thought was a soft maiden.  Gripping him painfully, she turned the wild beast as she demanded more until he gave all he had.  He could not resist her.  His will, mind, and body were hers alone.

The maiden sounded the wild banshee or howling wolf.  She whipped her head back and humped the huntsman nearly raw.  His seed gushed from him as she took it from him more than once that odd night control felt as distant as his memories.  Anything beyond the golden hunger of her eyes he swam in her sea of greed…drowning in it.  The pleasure of slapping, clashing, thrashing flesh flowed from one position to the next.  Each offered a different angle of more intense gratification. 

Their coupling never ended it seemed.  Each time she renewed his strength they began anew discovering more positions of satisfaction.  Standing with her bent against a tree, her floating in the pool as he feasted between her legs, or him taking her from behind while laying on top of her were all quite rewarding.  The insatiable woman liked it most though when taking his cock again while on all fours with his big hands dug into her hips forcing her to him until she came screaming or howling. 

The morning sun in his eye woke him, but Enno was not in the wood by that magical pool with the little waterfall.  Instead, he laid naked in bed at his house, sweating with his seed crusted around him and the sheets. 

“What the hell?” 

The huntsman sat up running his hand though his loose dark hair.  He smelled of sweat and cum.  None of this made any sense to him.  He did not find the maiden near.  The anguish he felt in not waking with his maiden beside him never left him.  Not even when nightfall returned.  It grew.

The maiden was nowhere to be found.  Mysteriously the murders discontinued, too.  No more wolf attacks were reported.  No more wolves at all in fact.  It was as if like the maiden, the wolves vanished, also.

Enno was praised the hero, but he felt no such thing.  He cared nothing for that or even much for his family who returned to him.  Each night he pined after the forest maiden.  While he loved his wife and children, he knew they would be well cared for.  Winola was still young and could find another husband.  Perhaps one who was more worthy of her.  He never felt needed by his wife.  She always could care for herself.

The maiden though knew great danger she would never explain.  She needed Enno.  In dreams, he felt the truth.  He wanted to go to the maiden if he only knew where she was.  She would never say.

The dreams lessened over time as did their odd connection through them.  The maiden seemed far from him, and fuller in her face in thicker furs.  The huntsman didn’t understand what she tried to tell him.


After many months passed, the bloom of summer was upon them.  Enno saw a wolf pup when fishing in the creek on the edge of his property.  Stunned he followed it when it turned and ran from him.  The pup led him to a familiar spot he visited once upon a time.  No maiden did he find to his disappointment.  There was recent activity though. 


Quickly the huntsman ran home to gather his gear and investigate, but what he found sickened him.  His wife’s throat was torn out where she strung out laundry.  A dead wolf lay beside his eldest son’s decapitated body.  His torn head held a frozen scream.  His other son was missing a leg that appeared chewed off at the hip.  His throat also ripped out.  His final son, he barely recognized, lost his arms, legs and most of his face save one dangling eye. 

When he found his daughter Etta, Enno fell to his knees beside her and cried.  Her little face stained and splattered in her own blood displayed her agony.  Much of her body was chewed off.  Only one small arm remained whole to a shoulder.

Enno wept, “How can it be?”

“The cost is paid,” the maiden said with a bitter smile.  “We are free.”

Seeing through his smeared tears, Enno pulled a knife he always carried and charged her.  The huntsman swiped at nothing but the air.  The maiden’s fur covering she shed smelling like the forest was all he held before he discarded it.  Her body vanished.

“I do not understand,” he yelled and shook with his anger.

“We are renewed after you killed my mate last spring.  With your strong seed, you have given me back what I lost at your hand.  For that I thank you, but it will not save you, huntsman.”

Enno stared in horror at all the wolves that surrounded him now.  At the center of them stood the white and black wolf with golden eyes.  It howled with the voice of the maiden.  The wolves around it launched at him, teeth gnashing, snarling. 

The huntsman brought the knife quickly to his throat and would know no more what happened that summer’s day the wolves he hunted exacted their vengeance.


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