Spank Me

Spank Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tee enjoys Tequila Tuesdays more than most in her favorite Miami bar when things heat up in unexpected ways.


Tee enjoys Tequila Tuesdays more than most in her favorite Miami bar when things heat up in unexpected ways.


Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



I love Tequila Tuesdays!

My friends say the lime-refreshing day is named after me.  Fluffing my obsidian shoulder-length curls, I lick my red lips with a sly smile.  Damn straight it is.  I live up to such a name and the same being my favorite drink…

You guessed it! 

Mom and Dad are total boozers with a special love for Tequila.  No.  I’m not born into a Mexican family although I must say my mid-western parents have a lusty affinity for Mexican food.  At the bar of their favorite Mexican restaurant is where they first met while in college.  The drink of choice, of course, Tequila.

Something else I love is residing in Magic City.  I would have never known this had not my best friend Heidi and I decided to become traveling registered nurses after graduation from Indiana University.  We thought that career would be a good way for us to experience more of the country than we ever had living in the mid-west all our lives.  We especially hoped to visit some places with lots of sun and fun. 

When Heidi and I met in college, we were inseparable.  I swear that girl was my twin!  She and I both had dark hair and curvy bodies.  We also suffered from impossible big brothers always looking out for us and being overbearing when we wore micro-mini skirts around them. 

What I didn’t know was that Heidi’s brother Patrick also moved to Miami.  Some coincidence, right?  He never fessed up.  Neither did Heidi.  It didn’t matter to me.  I was going to get my drink on during our down time and so was Heidi no matter how many times Pat ran interference.  Except now… shit!

“Mac!  Get me another drink!” I yell because I don’t want to think about Heidi anymore.  It’s been 21 months since the last time I saw her face. 

“Comin' right up, beautiful,” he says in his adorable nasally New England accent. 

Mac retired to the neighborhood of North Coconut Grove after 25 years of working his shitty beat in Boston.  After the Boston Marathon bombing, he called it quits.  Divorced with no kids, he’s glad to finally realize his dream of business ownership down in Magic City permanently.  No more nasty snow or sliding on ice.  No more thick coats or boots.

Mac’s a decent bartender who isn’t bad on the eyes, even with my drunk ones.  He’s tall and big in the chest.  Works out, but not overly so.  Heidi and I always used to tease that we would totally do him.  Our only problem was Mac being crazy about the skinny blonde who reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence with green eyes seated further down the bar.

On the other hand, Mac’s brother Sean is a decade younger, much softer in the middle, and endures his dark red hair disappearing from the top of his forever-sunburned head.  He hits on me all the time even though he’s happily married with four little ones at home.  Sean means no harm by it spending his time mostly whipping up some really funky delights that brought in every walk of life to their place.  That included Heidi and me when we moved to the neighborhood three years ago. 

“Mac!” I cry as I rub my head that aches almost as much as my heart.  There Heidi is again flashing before my eyes laughing and drinking by my side instead of the other local Roy.

“Right here, sweetheart,” my favorite bartender answers while pouring me another shot of Tequila in my empty glass.

I slam the liquor back and sigh my pleasure while smacking my red lips.  I throw up the devil horns sign cheerleader style.  “Tequila Tuesdays fucking rule!  Whoo!”

The whole bar roars their agreement!  Some even lift their own shots of Tequila in the air.  I actually love this place!  My home away from home.  Home right now is pretty damn lonely.  I can’t remember the last time I’d been on a date. 

Yeah, that hook-up with the nursing student Craig or was it Cooper?  Oh, who cares, right?  Let’s just call him the guy I did a quickie with a couple of weeks back in the breakroom.  It does not count because the sex lasts all but four minutes and fifty-five seconds.  A moment of primal need to fill my twat with some hot muscly dude is always in season when the opportunity arises.

It’s only physical and not even that good, to be honest.  The guy is way too pretty and high maintenance for my taste like Roy beside me right now.  Ha!  You know the type.  He waxes his eyebrows and his prick!  Please!  Besides, the muscly dude admits more than once that he holds out hope to try out for a reality show once done with school. 

“Eat up, you sexy fox!”  Sean serves me my fish tacos, which are fucking amazing!  The hottest selling item is my daily staple.  In no time, I scarf them down licking each of my fingers without any shame. 

The DJ tonight has the baddest ‘90s playlist rocking me in my seat, and I grab Roy off his stool to his shock.  I don’t want to dance alone.

“Awww come on, baby, quit teasin' me!” the octopus whines trying to feel up my ass without an invitation. 

I slap his hand away and roll my eyes annoyed.  “Keep those sticky fingers to yourself, or I’ll break them off.”

Heidi and I already know the kind of tool Roy is from day one.  It isn’t so much that he sleeps with anyone with a pulse.  It’s his bragging about his sexual exploits like he’s God’s gift since creation.  The truth?  No one loves the sandy blond Adonis more than himself. 

The DJ transitions from the 1990s to early 2000s dance hits.  Nelly’s song comes on, and I’m singing right along.  By the time “Hot in Herre” blares around me, I am feeling so hot that I want to take my clothes off as the song suggests.  Sounding like a great idea, off goes my top to the sounds of approving whistles and catcalls. 

The music has taken hold.  I’m flowing with my nice buzz from all the Tequila I’ve ingested.  It feels damn good to be dancing in only my black fishnets, lace bra, and super short skirt.  Most of the girls wear bathing suits with sexy but cute cover-ups.  What’s the difference for me?

My eyes are closed.  The music has my hips jamming to the hip-hop party anthem.  My entire body sways from side to side until I feel my bra hooks pop open in the back.  That snake-in-the-grass unsnaps the enclosure of my bra!  Roy’s devilish expression flashes before my eyes.  I slap the distasteful grin off his face as hard as I can in my displeasure. 

Anger resonates immediately when he touches his face I dare strike.  Awww, this can’t be Roy’s first rejection, is it?!  Not caring, I fail to back down even when Roy looks to retaliate against me for the offense.  Quickly, I rehook my bra.

Another man intercedes as if out of nowhere.  This new guy in plain jeans and a white graphic t-shirt catches the octopus’ arm aiming to strike me down.  Still pissed, I take the opportunity to express it by kicking Roy between his long legs better than any field goal kicker on the Miami Dolphins. 

“Fuckin' bitch!” Roy rasps in pain cupping his crotch while journeying to his knees.

“Fucking prick!  You ever touch me again I’ll make you sorry!” I shout and prepare to kick him again when the other man turns to me furious as hell.  Staring into his dark eyes, so like Heidi’s, I freeze a moment.  Gradually, I back away but cannot move fast enough before he grabs me. 

“Oh no you don’t,” the other man hisses before tossing my discarded top over my head.  Stunned to be wearing my stretchy blouse again even if wrong, he lifts me up over his shoulder caveman style.

“Patrick Anthony Dawson, put me down!” I rant in my shock.

“Get her home safe, Pat,” Mac says as we walk by him.  He hoists Roy roughly to his feet by the back of the neck.  Most consider it wise not to poke the bear just to see if he has the moves to throw you out.  Mac does, believe me.  I’ve seen those commanding moves in action.  I try not to snicker at poor Roy too much.

“Thanks for calling me, Mac,” Pat replies before leaving the bar with me helpless over his shoulder.  His arm secures me across my thighs.

His gait down the street is brisk.  I shout outraged curses at Pat and some other rubbish.  It all sort of runs together since I’m feeling a little light-headed upside down over his shoulder.  He pays me no mind, which angers me even more.  I am not trashed… yet!

Pat marches me right up four flights of stairs because the elevator is out again.  Now he’s cursing up a storm under his breath.  The hour is late.  Knowing him, he wouldn’t want to disturb my neighbors.  I giggle at my good fortune of not having to walk! 

Reaching my door, Pat doesn’t bother to put me down.  He still has the key that Heidi gave him.  Letting himself in as he’s done a time or two while looking after me, my best friend’s brother walks into my apartment and tosses me on the couch.  I scramble up to my feet, but he pushes me back down.  That furious look on his face has yet to leave.

“Why?”  Pat asks sounding aggravated.


“Why get pissed drunk?  You know that’s how that asshole killed Heidi.  Do you fucking want to end up raped and murdered in an alley like her?” he snaps coldly.

I slap him and shake my head at him.  Fuck!  No thought of my action occurs before my hand flies to his face.  I still see my hand print on his cheek. 

The way Heidi was taken from us is tragic, but that doesn't fucking mean I follow in her footsteps!  I try my best to live my fucking life for Christ’s sake!  Not living in fear!  Definitely not sulking and wasting away holed up in my apartment only going to work, doing overtime, and coming home like a fucking zombie as I do for over a year after Heidi is stolen from us by some random perv still not found.

I wave my stern finger at him that already shakes badly or maybe I do with the enraged emotions running through me.  “You know damn well I’d never drink to excess and go off with some prick I don’t know.  What do you think I am, a fucking idiot?!” 

“Sometimes,” Pat murmurs without looking away from me.  His eyes blaze at me still.

My voice softens, “Besides, there’s always you to take care of me.”

He crosses his arms over his chest.  “And what if I wasn’t there?”

I shake my head.  “If I get drunk it’s at Mac’s place or nowhere these days.  And, you know why!  It’s the only place I feel safe to let my hair down after a hectic shift.  To chill and enjoy myself.  Mac and Sean love me and always have my back.  That night with Heidi was all such a blur, and we’d gone to that new club.  We got separated…”

I rub my head because I can't continue and don’t want to.  I want to forget that horrible night I lost my best friend.  Heidi and I celebrated our permanent positions at Mercy Hospital because we liked Miami the best after living in both San Jose and Austin.  Pat might have been on a date or something.

Tears fill my eyes of the beautiful dreams Heidi and I spun of a future where we would marry handsome doctors, buy houses next door to one another in Coconut Grove and grow old together happily watching our kids grow up and marry.  I shake my head at how none of those things would ever come true.

“Hey… fuck… I’m sorry,” Pat says apologetically with the run of his hand over his black hair standing on end in the messy way he perfected.  

I glance up in time to see his sad eyes before he guards them from me again.  I feel my heartache with the loss of Heidi like I do every day I look around our apartment that is as much hers as it is mine.  The couch was her favorite piece of furniture since it had a cute little flower pattern sewn right into it.

“I’m so sorry, Pat.”  My lips tremble, and he pulls me into a hug.  “I should’ve pushed to go to Mac’s like always and not let her talk me into that new place.  If I only had…”

Pat held me tightly and let me cry into his shoulder.  “No… Tee, not your fault.”

I draw back from him as I sniffle with my wet face.  His gentle fingers wipe my tears away.  “You should blame me.  It was my idea to move here.”

“Stop it.”  He raises my head and stares into my face shaking his head.  “I don’t blame you.”

“Then why are you so pissed at me all the fucking time!”

Pat clenches his jaw.  “Fuck!  Don’t you know how much I hate that place?”

“If you hate it so much why do you hang out there?” I question because that makes no sense to me.  I see him getting beers there all the time.  He even chats up Mac.


“Because of what?” I press.

He blows out a sigh.  “Because you’re there.”

My mouth drops open, and that’s when Heidi’s brother kisses me! 

Okay, Pat and I are close because of how close I was to his little sister Heidi.  I always thought Pat was hot, but never let on that I liked his messy black hair and the lean, firmness of his body.  I put such thoughts out of my mind.  Besides, he always looks after me the way he does his sister, and I just figure he looks at me as another little sister to protect, you know. 

Damn!  You do not kiss your sister the way he kisses me now.  Pat pulls me by the waist, so I collide with his hotness in form-fitting jeans and a t-shirt.  My hands travel with their own minds discovering the lay of his athletic chest.  Uh-hmmmm… he works out in the sculpted tightness of muscles I feel under his shirt. 

My lips snap out of their shock and kiss him back little by little.  When Pat dares introduce his minty tongue, I push away and slap him.  Same spot as before.  A little harder this time to his cheek.  We stare at one another, breathing hard it seems.  I go to strike him again, but he grabs my wrist and then yanks me down over his lap on the end of the couch.

Startled, I gape leaning over the armrest, “Pat!  Let me go!”

He says nothing as he raises my micro-mini skirt and what follows are three stingingly hard slaps on my right ass cheek.  I’m not wearing panties today, so I feel the sting of his fleshy palm meeting my ass clad in my fishnet pantyhose. 

“Pat!” I scream, but that doesn’t stop him from spanking my other ass cheek three times just as hard as the first.

“Are you done or do I need to spank your ass some more?”

I try to squirm from under him, but it is no use.  He’s got me right where he wants me.

For some stupid reason, I start giggling because I’m being spanked by my best friend’s brother who just kissed me in the span of about 5 minutes.  This is messing with my head that is mildly aching from too much emotional shit but this?  This is absolutely blowing my mind.

“Oh, so you like this do you, bad girl?” he says low and so sexy I squirm even more because I think I’m aroused by this bit of play, which makes me giggle.

“Pat, come on!  Please let me up!”

I squirm more under his hand that rubs my ass where it stings.  His hand grabs the waistband of my pantyhose and plays with it, tugging on it as if to test its resistance.  Pat also presses his fingers along the crack of my ass through the nylon.

“You have a sexy ass, Tee.  I’m sure you know that shaking it like you did on the dance floor most of the night.” 

Pat massages my ass gently, and I moan at how good that feels.  As a physical therapist who works out of Mercy like I do, he’s well versed on how to use his hands.

“You like watching my ass?” I think inside my head, but I know that just comes rolling out of my mouth as well.  I even move my ass against his hand and moan more.

When he rips into my pantyhose, I gasp and then yelp at the crack of his hand on my bare ass sounding off around us. 

Pat does not say a word.  He only spanks me harder and harder.  My buzz feels to leave me as I try to squirm away from his strikes.  Heidi's brother still holds me over his lap and the arm of the couch.  Pat does not let up spanking the left and then right cheeks so many times my surprised cries turn to grunts and from that to pleased moans. 

I squirm under his firm hand and lift my ass begging for more in how each strike sends waves of pleasure through me.  The spanks stimulate my nipples to press hard into the cups of my bra.  I even feel the dampening wetness between my squeezed thighs.

“Pat!” I moan feeling like I want to come.  He answers with another spank that strikes my twat and ass making me jump nearly off his lap.  “Fuck!”

Pat still says nothing at all.  Suddenly, he lifts me off his lap but carries me to a stool by the breakfast bar.  He settles me on my sore bottom where I squirm.  I don’t move off that barstool though.  What happens next totally astounds me!

Kneeling before me looking deadly serious, he opens my thighs by the knees.  With a gasp and wide eyes, I watch him rip more of my pantyhose.  Opening his mouth, he makes a hot dive to my joy trail.  This guy?  Pat’s been like a brother for years now lowers his mouth to my wet twat, licking and testing me before his fingers also sample the trail. 

“Fuck!” I cry again and shudder on his fingers diving deeper inside me first one and then two of them.  They build a nice rhythm I want to rock to not caring about the sting of my ass.  I grab on to the back of the breakfast bar to steady myself.  My breath is lost to his actions when his mouth begins sucking on my clit for dear life.

My climax builds on the actions of his digits and his tongue.  They alternate from licking and fucking the mouth of my entrance.  I want to hold it off, but I can’t with his fingers so blissfully deep inside me.  I hear the wet sucking sound of them stabbing my contracting love taco in deepening strokes by curving and wiggling those heavenly fingers toward my inevitable release.  I squirt with a loud call as his fingers fucking pound into me!  Pat sucks me off heightening my pleasure right off the charts.  My shuddering legs squeeze around his head.  My heels dig into his back.

Pat groans with my cry until my legs loosen.  He’s up off his knees in a second.  His face is damp with my scent.  My wetness splatters the front of his shirt.  I note that I even wet the floor.  Damn! 

He scoops me up and carries me back to the couch and settles me down on my knees facing him.  Pat takes off his shirt, and I do the same with mine.  His hands go to the buckle of his jeans, but I help unzip them.  He shoves them and his underwear down to his ankles.  His long cock is swelling in thickness at my eye level, and I stare at it licking my lips.

I glance at him and see him staring down at me still as serious as ever, but this time he runs his hand through my hair on each side so gentle.  I feel him cup the curled dark hairs away from my face and fist a ponytail.  Looking back to his cock still growing toward me, I take him inside my mouth.

“Ahhh, fuck!  That feels good.  Suck it deep, bad girl,” he groans.

I do.  My God Pat tastes amazing!  He’s leaking pre-cum very steadily now, and I suck him deep into my mouth with each new breath.  I forget who he is to me in the past.  None of that matters right now to the sea of emotion that’s been uncapped tonight.  We’ve gone too far to turn back now!

My hands join the fun because Pat is more endowed than the guys I usually have to play with.  I massage him with my hands from the base up and then bob my head for apples or rather the other part of his body that is surprisingly devoid of hair.  I wonder absently if he shaves.  I think he does.  He’s not completely smooth up top.  Instead, there is a light dusting of black hair that reaches up right down the center of him over his chest narrowing at his impressive abs and then around his groin.  There is again some dusting of black hair at his veiny forearms and along his muscular legs but not a lot of it.

He smells divine with each dive I take sucking at his balls and licking them like my favorite gumdrop.  I love his shiver each time I do and the chuckle he makes at the back of his throat. 

“Mmmmm, no one has ever done that before,” Pat says while my hands still fist along his thickening cock.

I grin liking that I could do something never felt before.  Looking up to him, I return to his cock with my mouth, and Pat groans with the rock of his hips.  I go very fast now and do not stop licking and sucking the shaft filling it with his sweet and salty pre-cum.  He’s cumming.  I know it and just when I think I’m going to get it, his hand I forget that’s still holding my hair in a ponytail tugs my head away from his cock. 

“No!” I cry foul.  That cum is mine! 

His cock slaps me in the face, and I stare up at him surprised.  His serious face returns, and he slaps my face again with his cock before he tugs me to my feet by my hair.  When he releases it, Pat instead pushes me to the damn couch.  Forcing me to lay back, he lifts both my legs and presses my knees to my chest. 

My eyes widen at the strange position he has me in and grabs my hands and places them on the back of my knees.  I understand what he wants.  I hold my own legs, and then he follows with me so exposed turned at an angle on the couch.  Pat lowers fast and down periscope!  It is a deep dive that has me crying out.  He’s leaning an arm to one side of me while the other reaches the back of the couch.  He’s doing some sort of pushup that’s hot as hell!

I get all of him at this angle, and I must say if not so stimulated it might have been painful.  However, he’s thoroughly warmed me up.  I am so ready for action.  But damn!  It feels so wonderful I am already trembling with my climax.  No way I can hold off. 

Not to worry, Pat does not look like he’s in any way done with me as I lay more comfortably on the couch.  He rids me of my skirt, but I’m still wearing my fishnet pantyhose.  These I do not think he minds as he lowers his hot body to mine.

His mouth takes mine, and I taste my arousal.  We both moan interchanging our tastes with the passion of our kiss.  His hands draw down to my breast still trapped by my bra.  I’ve wrapped my legs around him when he sits up and brings me up with him.  Still kissing he frees me of my bra so that his hands can cup the dime-sized nipples. 

“Ahhh, Pat!  God, your mouth!” I moan when he sucks my tender nipple between his lips. 

He grazes it with his teeth only once before he sucks it and licks it repeatedly.  All the while Pat does that his hand caresses, kneads, and flicks the other rigid nipple.  His mouth equally employs the same treatment of my breasts that never usually get such thorough attention.  I love it!

I slap him though.  I couldn’t help it as I giggle when he looks up at me with that serious face.  When I slap him again, perhaps to make up for him on the cock slaps earlier, Pat breaks into a smile that is pure sexiness. 

“You want some more, bad girl?” he asks. 

When I answer with another slap, he gets off the couch with me.  Pat returns to it though.  This time he plants me face down in it.  I’m a little startled by what my best friend’s brother could be doing, but then he stuffs a couch pillow under my tummy.  I try to look back at him, but he takes me by the wrists and places them beside my head.  His hands leave me, but his hands spank my ass again.

“Oh!” I cry because my cheeks still sting a little.  The next thing I feel is his hard cranny hunter filling me from behind.  “Fuck!”

The feeling of him like this is so intense.  With him being more endowed than most I’ve been with, he feels very snug inside me.  His hands return to my wrists at the side of my head.  The first thrust with him spooned to my backside, feeling his weight on top of me is indescribable.  I’m breathless.  I want to curse by I can’t.  They are flying free in my head though.  Every dirty word under the sun.  Rough pants are all I can manage along with some moans.  The intensity grows somehow, and it overwhelms me.

Pat groans too with his head near mine filling me pump after pump.  I lose count.  Minutes tick away for hours it seems as he does this and I’ve cum twice I know.  He’s still going in and out of me with this slow rhythm that has me whipped.  Pat builds to something incredible but at his own pace.  The pace is nothing like I’ve felt before.  My breath seems to shut off in how fully he’s inside me at this angle so insanely deep.  My eyes roll in the back of my head, and I remember to breathe.

Pat plows into me with his coming only as he makes me cum again.  I can’t feel my body for the tremors that embark all over my flesh.  He has come inside of me but has not left as I come to a rest.  Only as Pat shrinks in size does he slide out of me.  We breathe calmly.  He lifts off me, and I don’t move for a minute.  Sitting up, I see him standing with his back to me.  I run my hand through my hair.  When I try to stand, I flop back down.  My legs are still not my own.

“Pat…” I finally say because words are failing me right now in all that we’ve done, and I am still reeling from it all.

“Tee…” Pat says with his back still to me.  He shakes his head but does not finish whatever it is he wants to say.  I think he’s about as confused by what we’ve done as I am. 

“Look at me.”

Pat turns to me, and the expression on his face appears uncertain.

“Sit with me,” I say and pat the couch next to me.

He does, and I take his hand in mine that rests in his lap.  Pat squeezes it, and I lean my head against his shoulder.  He wraps his arm around me with a familiar quality, just not naked.  Nothing about the gesture feels wrong.  It feels just right.

“I think she would approve,” I say softly unable to stop thinking of my best friend.

“You do?” he asks still looking out over the living room.  I know Pat thinks of her, too.

“Yeah.  Heidi talked about it once.  She said how cool it would be.  Sisters for real.”  I smile crookedly.

“Which you rejected?”

I shake my head.  “No, I said you’d never look at me like that.”

Pat turns at the waist and rubs my brown hair from my face that’s lowered from his.  “I always thought you only saw me like a brother.”

I laugh at him.  “Damnit, Pat, you’re way too hot for me to think it, but I tried because to think of the other was just... well crazy to me.  Why would you want a nutcase like me?”

“Because of how wild, sexy, and sweet you are.  Damnit, you can’t know how many times I’ve wanted this.”  He touches my chin lifting it up to his hopeful smile and leans in to kiss me.

I smile more.  “Well, it’s not over yet.”

His eyebrow raises before he does kiss me.  “Oh, you better believe it’s not.”

Successfully, I stand very pleased by what I’ve heard so far and walk beyond him.  My smile grows at the thoughts running through my head for my best friend’s brother.  Knowing Pat feels the same though makes this with him so much better.  I turn and reach a hand to him. 

“Care to join me for a shower?” I invite because if he’s wanted what just happened so many times, it is about time we work out one of my fantasies with him for real.

Pat stands and takes my hand with a smile of his own.  “Lead the way, bad girl.”

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