Sexy Santa Shenanigans

Sexy Santa Shenanigans

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Candice Hunnicutt attends the annual Christmas Party at her office and is so glad she does...


Candice Hunnicutt attends the annual Christmas Party at her office and is so glad she does...


Submitted: December 22, 2018

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Submitted: December 21, 2018



Sexy Santa Shenanigans


My boss Mr. Lippert dressed in a Santa suit along with a few of the other lawyers.  His costume was more convincing since he actually sported a rather handsome natural white beard with his close-cropped white hair on top.  Of all the Santas in their traditional getup, Mr. Lippert appeared the most trendy in a long red coat with thick fur trim.  Black riding boots were replaced with shiny wingtip shoes though.  His red suit was tailored albeit a slim fit. 

By and large, the top boss of the firm was the most unusual Santa but very, very hot!  Mr. Lippert was tall, athletic but slender.  He carried himself with steely command and irreverent charm.  Of course, there was always something about Mr. Lippert being in his early 50s that I found positively delicious, although I would never admit it to anyone.  It all started in his mischievous dark sky blue eyes that sparkled with naughtiness especially at this party of the year.

“Wow, Mr. Lippert, great costume,” the receptionist Bea praised as she touched his coat along the furry edge with a gasp.  “Is that real fur?”

Other administrative gals gathered around him wearing cute little headbands with brown antlers on their heads.  They petted his coat with “ooo” sounds.  All I wanted was to pet something else on my boss before I gave myself a firm shake.

Quit it, Candice! I chided myself.

I needed to get that scandalous thought out of my head.  Mr. Lippert was far above my orbit of insignificance.  In fact, the two of us never said more than a few words when in the same space since I came to work for the law firm ten months ago.

Margaret, a friend from school and the one responsible for recruiting me for my paralegal job was also a paralegal.  She ran the family law side of the house while I floated between criminal and civil matters.  The two of us stayed close since reconnecting a year ago when I worked as a clerk for the Superior Court.  Thanks to her I made twice as much money with better benefits working for the firm.

Margaret crossed her arms over her small bust looking disgusted with the roll of her eyes.  “Can you believe those dim-wits?” my friend grumbled at me with the annoyed twist of her mouth.

I argued, “Now, Marg, don’t go all PETA on the boss man.  He’s wearing an authentic costume.”

Margaret turned her glare on me.  I threw up my hands in surrender.  It’s Christmas, and the last thing I wanted to do was get into a debate with my friend.  “Hey!  I’m not wearing fur, damn!” 

“Whatever, Candice.”  Margaret cut her eyes at me and stormed over to the spiked punch.  She downed another cup like a shot before pouring herself another cup that she drank slower.  While there, she reviewed the display of appetizing choices from some of the best restaurants downtown.  The food ranged from spicy meatballs to egg rolls.

I smacked down on my second cup of yummy punch with the shake of my head and smiled at Mr. Lippert behind it.  He offered all the office ladies paying him so much attention a candy cane with the wave of his hand like a magic trick.  The candy appeared out of thin air into his hand.  The "ooo’s" and "ahhh’s" continued at this bit of entertainment.  Wrapped right up in the magic, I swore this man’s talents were not only just dazzling in the courtroom. 

“What’s crawled up Margaret’s panties and taken a dump?” a regular Santa questioned as he sat on the desk beside where I stood, snacking on a Buffalo wing doused in ranch dressing.

I turned to him sharply with my frown because I wasn’t certain which lawyer I talked to in the oversized Santa hat and long curly white beard, not that I cared.  “Hey! Hey!  That’s my friend you’re speaking of there, Santa!”

“Heh! Heh! Heh!”  He leaned in closer to me with his pale blue eyes dancing in amusement.  “But you didn’t disagree, now did you?”

“Since when does Santa become a smartass?” I inquired smiling as I sipped the rest of my punch. 

“Oh, from the day he was born,” Santa responded with a chuckle.  He took my empty cup from me and settled it beside his empty plate.  With a napkin, he wiped his hand.  Santa offered his hand to me.  “Come dance with me?”

I shrugged as I saw my friend pout some more while eyeing the big boss.  That was not the route I would be taking tonight.  The sourpuss bus left this building the moment I stepped into this half-way decent party I wasn’t expecting. 

“Sure.  Why not?”

Before I knew it, an hour had passed.  A Conga line of Santas formed at the throwback song by Miami Sound Machine.  I was at the head of it!  Two sets of administrative chicks found their inner go-go dancers as they shook their asses on their desks.  A junior attorney or two passed out in an office chair.  A couple of girls got sick and vomited in trashcans.  Other private investigators danced with some newcomers that looked like party crashers from other offices in the building.  No one seemed to mind.  The party kicked off with a few select clients present enjoying the show like I was.

Margaret left in all the fray, but I stopped worrying about her.  Sometimes she drained all the fun out of a situation by not going with the flow and letting some things go.  This was one of those times.  However, I wasn’t going to let her ruin my fun.  I earned this party and was determined to enjoy it! 

Turning to the Santa behind me who held my swaying hips, I informed, “I need a break.  I’ll be right back.”

He nodded with two thumbs up and kept the line of dancers going as he looked after me making my escape.  “Come back soon!”

A bit sweaty, I waved a hand to my face that felt a big ball of flame.  Off to the bathroom, I went to tinkle and freshened up.  Beyond the lady’s room door, I found a Santa hitting second base with a brunette wearing a green headband with red antlers on top of her head I wasn’t acquainted with.  Shaking my head, I dashed for the toilet.  I finished my business and approached the sink to wash my hands. 

The Santa and his reindeer had not stopped feeling each other up.  His hand disappeared beneath her skirt where she constantly moaned through the kiss they shared.  I wiped down the best I could with a paper towel at the higher pitch the woman struck.  When I saw Santa’s pants drop and the girl’s one leg hook over his forearm, I knew it was time to go.

Snickering behind my hand, I heard the girl shout before the door closed, “Not that hole, Earl!”

A hired bartender had the booze flowing of which I did partake in my standard Sex on the Beach.  He made it good and strong with my thanks.  I was feeling my groove now.  The DJ ran the tunes that kept everyone dancing even as I snacked a bit to recharge.

Someone dropped a Santa hat on my head.  “Looks like you missed your hat,” Mr. Lippert observed with his inviting smile as he came from behind me.

I smiled feeling a blush blooming at my cheeks.  “Oh, umm, thanks, sir.”

“No, thank you.  Quite an incredible year, but one you have been instrumental in for our team, Miss Hunnicutt.”

I blushed more behind my small plate of food.  I hadn’t realized Mr. Lippert even knew my name.  We have said less than a handful of words.  His office was far on the opposite side of the suite where I often never saw him. 

“Hardly, sir,” I replied unsteadily.  For some reason when Mr. Lippert stood close to me like that, I just couldn’t help feeling my heart race a little faster.  Maybe the alcohol was affecting me more than I thought.  I sat it further away from me even though it was my favorite drink.

The boss of the firm tilted his head at me.  “What makes you say that?”

“It’s been a team effort.”  I was one of about three rotating paralegals who worked for the top attorneys in the firm including Mr. Lippert, the most seasoned and sought after attorney in the city.  Well, I never worked for the big boss directly.  I assisted his legal secretary and executive assistant Amy with some case law research that she could not perform.  Amy was exceptional, and the unofficial leader of the group.  She kind of took me under her wing and laid out how best to please everyone at that senior level.

If not for the other paralegals and particularly Amy, I would have drowned in work.  They were also happy I was there because I could keep up with the fast pace which overwhelmed others before me.  I wasn’t so thin-skinned either.  When the attorneys threw a hissy fit over something they needed to be filed within the hour, I changed the language on their documents without a fuss or taking their critique personally.  I worked for judges who were prima donnas, so I understood the mentality well.

Mr. Lippert leaned close to me and winked.  “Bullshit.  You kept some pretty hard to please people happy including me, and that’s a rare thing.  We’re fortunate to have you.” 

I laughed feeling a bit giddy at Mr. Lippert's glowing words until he was pulled away by a drunk client I believed.  Finally, I felt like I was able to breathe.  I continued to watch my boss, and he watched me as I was swept up in another dance with the Santa Brigade.  A bit stunned I wondered who all these people around me were because they could not be my co-workers.  These party people were actually smiling and laughing instead of bitching!  I totally loved it!

Drinking games abounded resulting in a female attorney flashing her breasts at another attorney.  Another one, with a dad bod and hair everywhere, began a striptease that left nothing to the imagination.  Only his Santa hat covered his junk.  Two male attorneys also lost and were forced into a heated lip-lock.  They swore they weren’t gay.  After that kiss though, I think we all questioned the truth.

There was only one rule and one alone at this shindig.  No cellphones.  Ever.  What happened at the company Christmas party stayed at the company Christmas party.  All phones were confiscated by Mr. Lippert and locked in his safe before anyone entered the party space with good reason.  No one wanted to be blackmailed later for what happened at the party of the year.

“Oh, just last year, didn’t you hear?” one of the assistants slurred.

“No what?” the other assistant asked with wide red eyes.  Like me, he was at the firm less than a year. 

“The senior partners were tied up in a room together, and prostitutes had come to give them lap dances and blowjobs sent by Mr. Lippert.”

“No shit?!” another of the group exclaimed in shock.

“It was so cool because one of the partners at the time was a female and many said they liked watching the girl on girl action the most that year.”

My mouth dropped open as I eavesdropped on their conversation while gathering another Sex on the Beach to drink.  My eyes though couldn’t help but linger on my boss.  Mr. Lippert smiled in his way where it sort of brightened his entire face.  It made me believe he wasn’t a total hardass.  Not that he was ever that way with me.  I did sometimes overhear how stern he could be with an attorney who did not perform as expected. 

The head guy in charge never tolerated anyone being disrespectful to one another no matter his or her position.  One annoying asshole of a hotshot thought he could sling his weight around and sexually harass the staff, yet Mr. Lippert fired his ass on the spot.  I knew then that despite the place being a bit uptight that it was an excellent place to work.  However, now I learned that it had a fun side, too. 

Before having seen some of the shenanigans happening at this party, I would not have believed what I overheard.  Frankly, I was glad to see that the folks I worked with on a daily basis were not as high-strung and stuffy as I thought.  It was good to see them let their hair down and enjoy themselves.  I loved every minute of watching them act like fools.

In glancing at the clock, I noticed that it was 11:36 pm when I hit my drink limit.  Wow, I was pacing myself but time flew!  Slipping away from the group still in full swing, I sought after my purse in my office.  When I came from behind my desk where I stored my stuff, I found Mr. Lippert leaning against my doorway.

“Leaving so soon?” he inquired looking almost displeased.

I smiled while standing up straight while lifting my purse on my shoulder.  “I have a flight out early tomorrow to see my folks for Christmas and still haven’t packed.  I really must be going.”

Mr. Lippert tilted his head at me in that adorable way he had.  “I thought you grew up in the city and have family here.”

I blinked at him as I approached my door.  I was unaware that my boss knew so much about me, which I had never shared with anyone.  Margaret was the only one who knew me before working at the firm, but she wouldn’t blab my business out there.  It wasn’t her style to gossip.

“Yeah, I did grow up here and do still have family that live in the area.  It’s just that when I graduated from college, my parents retired to southwest Florida where it’s warmer for them.”

Mr. Lippert nodded, appearing disappointed.  “I see.”

I smiled wider.  “The party has been amazing, sir.  I really had a lot of fun.”

“It’s Nick, and I noticed.  I am glad you came.”  He turned away from the door and walked away.

I ran after him remembering that he still had my phone.  “Ummm, Mr. Lippert?  Sir?  Ummm, Nick?”

He turned to me with the questioning lift of his white eyebrow. 

“Might I have my mobile back?” I asked with my hand out.  “Please?”

Mr. Lippert smiled softly and waved me to follow him.  It appeared he headed to his office at the far end of the suite which made sense.  I followed noting how the music seemed muted at the distance away from the action where we stood.  My boss went to the safe under his desk and retrieved the phones he stored in a red sack.  He sat the bag on his desk.

“Here.”  He gestured to the bag.  “I didn’t have the chance to label them.”

My search through the sack didn’t last long.  I found my phone easily because the case was a custom number with little striped red and white candy canes all over it.  “Thanks, and thanks again for a great party, Nick.”

I began to walk out of his office only to turn back because of the thought that popped into my head.  “Nick?”

He looked up at me as he put the red sack of cell phones away in the safe.  “Yes, Miss Hunnicutt?”

“You do realize that you look like ole Saint Nick right?” I questioned with the quirk of a smile on the right side of my mouth.

Mr. Lippert laughed which made his blue eyes sparkle and my stomach burst with butterflies.  I licked my lips.

“I never realized that at all,” he said, stroking his long white beard thoughtfully.  “Did something give me away?”

I laughed hard at that, and he joined me in his approach.  By now, he stopped wearing the long red coat, and I lost my Santa hat somewhere.  “Of course, the difference between you and all the other Santas is that you're the sexiest.”

His dark blue eyes widened with interest as he drew even closer to me.  “No, not me, Miss Hunnicutt.  Is that peppermint I smell?” he inquired while gathering a whiff at my neck where out of nowhere a candy cane materialized into his right hand.

“How did you do that?” I asked while grabbing his arms and patting his chest for candies I could not seem to find.  In awe, I stared up at his amused face.

“Magic,” he whispered while searching my eyes. 

My heart hammered in my throat, and my mouth opened to gather more air.  “There is no such thing.”

Mr. Lippert shook his head.  “It even exists in a kiss.”

I blinked at him raising my eyebrow at that.  “Did you hear that in a movie or something?”

“How about I demonstrate?  We are standing underneath mistletoe at the moment.”  He pointed up, and sure enough, I saw that he was right.

“Well, I know I learned somewhere that it is deadly if you eat it.”

Mr. Lippert laughed.  “And so is a kiss—”

“—if you mean it,” I finished with a chuckle.  “You like Batman movies?”

“Just the one with Michelle Pfeiffer.”  He shrugged his broad shoulders.  “What can I say?  I have a thing for sexy blonds with short hair.”

No way for me to interrupt that but to accept Mr. Lippert flirted with me.  I bit my lower lip and cupped some of my hair which barely reached my shoulders.  It happened to be loosely curled and dirty blond.  Not natural, of course, but who knew what the color actually was anymore.  I’d been dying it since I was fifteen. 

As for my other features?  Well, my eyes were hazel and not blue like Miss Pfeiffer’s.  Unlike the actress, my lips were fuller with a pouty look to them helped by my slight overbite.  My figure also was nowhere near hers to look so good in black latex either.  Regardless, I rocked some curves of my own to be proud of.  I’d put it this way; when I had a man, my body wasn’t what he complained about.

“It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies that falls under the radar,” Mr. Lippert said with a charming smile.

I blinked at him with a slight frown.  “Kinda dark for a Christmas movie don’t you think?”

“No more than Krampus, Black Christmas, Lethal Weapon or Die Hard,” he replied with a shrug.

I laughed because I recalled my brother actually thought it wasn’t Christmas unless we watched Die Hard on Christmas day.  “Okay, you have a point.  Besides, Catwoman is so badass and sexy,” I admitted while still nibbling my lower lip. 

“Something we both have in common.  The belief that some blonds are badass and sexy.”

I brought my finger to my lip unsure how to respond to that.  He boldly took my hand owning the nail I nibbled on a moment ago, making me gasp.  Mr. Lippert kissed my hand before placing the candy cane into it.  I shivered at how warm his hands were and how soft his lips felt on my skin.

“Merry Christmas, Miss Hunnicutt.”  He walked away from me.

I refused to let go of his hand.  Mr. Lippert paused with the lift of his eyebrow at it.  He stared down into my eyes.  “It’s Candi actually,” I said almost in a pant.

Mr. Lippert smiled charmingly once more.  “You certainly are.”

My smile grew as I slipped the candy cane into my purse.  “Would it be too forward if I…”

He turned to me fully, giving me his complete attention.  “If you…?”

“Kiss you, Nick?”

“I would encourage it as your right, Candi.  We are still standing beneath the mistletoe.”  He responded with a glance up and then into my eyes.

I clutched on to his shoulders.  Being only five foot six inches tall with my heels reaching Mr. Lippert’s head was difficult.  At over six foot tall, he needed to lower his head a bit for me.  My boss appeared glad to aid me, and I rewarded him a peck on the cheek.

“Awww, you call that a kiss?  Now I know you can do better than that can’t you, Candi?” he challenged with the lift of his white eyebrow at me.  The enthusiastic way he looked at me made my breath escape me faster than before. 

I looked to his lips that did appear soft and inviting before I glanced at his eyes again.  Neither of us smiled.  Something burned in his eyes, and it positively scorched my senses.  It drew me in by the heat, and I could not see beyond it.  Not that it mattered, when I realized just what the hell I was doing.  Too late. 

My lips found their way to his lips as if lured by the beacon of his intense blue eyes.  Both were soft and warm.  His beard tickled me, and I giggled.  His arms wrapped around me and the feelings that festered since I started working here, rose and silenced me.  For months, I watched Mr. Lippert.  I liked everything I knew of this seasoned bachelor.  It didn’t matter to me that he doubled my age.  If anything, that only provided more of a turn on for me.  His experience, confidence, integrity, and kindness were all very appealing.

My feelings of attraction to him were impossible to ignore anymore.  I moaned into the kiss he offered back to me without hurry relating more than I could imagine in how something ignited between us.  So my hunger grew.  I would not be able to pin it inside again.  I didn’t want to either.  It demanded more while being fed under Mr. Lippert’s magic.

His tongue greeted mine for a dalliance much like what took place in our conversation.  It gave chase to mine, teased and then captured.  Delicious strokes dominated me.  I knew that the heat I felt earlier was not isolated to my forehead as it seemed to fill every nerve-ending in my body.  Parts of me that I thought stopped functioning ached for his touch.  His hand combed through my hair.  I felt to be the fire he tended urging my want from me with seasoned care.  Panting to catch our breath, he pulled away from the kiss I initiated.  His participation made it so much hotter.

I stumbled from his grasp in an attempt to get better footing.  Mr. Lippert snatched me more securely to him as I breathed laboriously.  The look we shared made me gasp.  At the need I saw in him, it made my own surface. 

I was swept off my feet caught by the waist and spun.  Mr. Lippert's office door shut with his foot in a slam.  My back met the same door before he engaged me in a kiss that marked his hunger in sure strokes of his tongue and lips in tandem.  No doubts filtered my mind.  It was thoroughly blown.  I knew damn well what I wanted.  My purse slipped off my shoulder forgotten to the floor.  My arms wrapped around his neck and nails raked through the soft white hairs I found trim behind his head.

His hand raised my thigh clad in nude thigh highs with lacey tops to match my panties which felt drenched in my heat.  Mr. Lippert pinned his body against mine.  My moan surfaced each time he rubbed the bulge of his erection at my tender bits.  I nipped at his lower lip when he struck my bud sending me bowling over the excitement escalating with each rough rub of his working hips faster.

“Don’t fight it,” he whispered while nibbling my ear before planting a kiss to my neck.

I cut loose the ball tightening at my belly.  Shaking with the pulse of my heart, I cried out, cumming in a gush at his permission.  It astonished me since my boss hadn’t even penetrated me.  His mouth, gentle and hot, allowed me to taste his minty sweetness again, but I wanted more.  I pulled away suddenly.

“I want to taste it,” I said while staring into his intense blue eyes that searched mine.


With the tip of my tongue, I sensually licked around my lips.  “Your candy cane.”

Taking a deep breath, Mr. Lippert smiled as he released me.  He backed away from the door.  Unbuckling his trousers, Mr. Lippert pulled out his candy cane for my hungry eyes and waved the stiffening sweet at me.  “Come and get it, sexy.”

Unsteadily, I walked over to him kicking off my shoes.  Slowly, I lowered to my knees at his feet with the assistance of his free hand.  He fed the thick cane to my open mouth inch by inch.  I moaned closing my eyes briefly.  It filled my mouth as far as it could go when I opened wide.  He pulled it out of my mouth streaming with spittle.  Mr. Lippert moved to fill my mouth again, and I licked the head of his thick cock that oozed with my spit and his pre-cum.  I moaned.

“Let me see those pretty eyes, Candi,” he directed in a lowered tone. 

My eyes opened immediately.  I was so eager to please him as well as he had me already.  “Mmm,” I moaned and grabbed hold of his candy cane once he released it to me.  Mr. Lippert removed his jacket and flipped his tie over his shoulder.  He also lifted his shirt to expose his distinct abs.

Since his cock was well-lubed now, I eagerly stroked it in twisting jerks with my hands.  I liked the feel of his lengthy veins that I was sure would pump me more of his sweet secretions.  My teeth traced and grazed his head as he hissed.  He shed his tie and shirt now.

“That’s my sexy badass.  Tease me.  Make me want more than I can handle,” Mr. Lippert encouraged while licking his lips.

I sucked his tender head in and out of my mouth alone to his groan.  The bobbing motion of my head began to take control.  His cane thickened with each strike at the back of my throat.  I moaned loving the feel of it. 

“Oh, ho, ho, ho, sweet Candi!  Yesssssss!  Suck it all, sexy!” Mr. Lippert groaned, poking my cheek and then my throat multiple times before I took a gasping breath.  Once more I was right back at trying to suck more precum from his tip.  He rewarded me with it soon until he snatched me from the floor to claim my mouth.  Our tongues dueled, and I was nowhere near satisfied.  My hunger awakened further.  More was on my menu.

I unbuttoned the front of my gold and silver striped dress.  My eyes not leaving his, I backed away from him.  Revealing my matching short beige whole slip seemed to ignite something further in his eyes.  The dress fell to the floor. 

Mr. Lippert's pants dropped as he discarded them and his shoes.  He pursued, flipped me around and grabbed me by the waist.  He settled me on my feet at the center of three large windows showing a candid view of other tall buildings across the street.  Molding himself to my back, he ground his hard candy between my wet inner thighs.  I had my eyes closed savoring the thrill of what went on behind me.  No interest surfaced for anything outside. 

My boss soon flipped me back around as he lowered to his knees before reaching under my slip to massage my legs.  I moaned when his fingers walked over to my inner thigh.  His eyes met mine when his fingers traced my wet slit darkening my panties.  On their own, my legs opened wider for him to engage me.  I took to cupping my breasts contained in the built-in bra of my slip.  With each tweak of my protruding nipples, I gasped but did not look away from his needy eyes studying me.

Mr. Lippert played with me through my thin panties by thumb and finger.  I rocked into their paired routine.  So ready to come again at the playful dance, I whimpered for it.  “Please, Nick.  Please don’t tease me.  Make me come.”

My boss chuckled sexily watching me shiver into his touch that became more assertive when circling my nub, flicking it before he pinched it lightly.  I shook on the cusp of cumming when he eased off his manipulation, and I whimpered once more.  His other hand aimed to do much the same in stroking his own length and rubbing his knob. 

“Tell me what you want, sweet Candi,” Mr. Lippert ordered huskily.

“Fuck me, Santa.  Make me your naughty girl,” I whispered before I could think it through.  It had been a secret fantasy of mine, brimming with life the moment I saw him dressed like he was tonight.

Mr. Lippert pulled down my barely there panties to my ankles before lifting me in his arms again where he pressed me roughly against the window.  He growled, “Say that again.”

I panted with exhilaration while digging my nails in his muscular shoulders.  Lifting my legs around him and locking my ankles at the base of his spine, I repeated, “Fuck me, Santa.”

Mr. Lippert stuffed his thick cane inside me and rotated his hips.  I clutched at the window behind me.  My cries of glee echoed around us.  Jolts of pleasure sizzled to my pointed toes.  Each robust thrust he made while staring into my eyes, sent me right where I wanted to be. 

When he started to slow to catch his breath perhaps and linger inside me, I begged, “Oh, fuck me harder, Santa!  Please!  I'm so close!  Fuck me, Santa!” 

Hoarse at this race to take all of him at such a fast gait, I felt the winner.  Thoroughly pumped against the cool glass by my hot Santa, I fired off in the throes of his fantastic finish.  Mr. Lippert followed me in his climax pulsing thickly inside me.  After a moment or two of trembling, we slid down the glass to the floor while grinning at each other.

Gazing at his flushed face knowing that I felt the same, I said, “Thanks for showing me the Christmas magic.”

Mr. Lippert chuckled at length.  “Anytime, my sweet Candi.”  He brushed my lips one last time before leaning his sweaty forehead against mine.  “Thanks for making my Christmas very merry.”


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