Sexy Parting Gifts III

Sexy Parting Gifts III

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tim gets the best send off on his final day of work before early retirement.


Tim gets the best send off on his final day of work before early retirement.


Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



Sexy Parting Gifts III


It took me a minute to recover after my second favorite girl Candice and her BFF Tracey left me alone in the supply room with my raging hard-on.  Yeah, my office girls teased my cock but good taking turns sucking me off and then together before Candice offered the sweetest titty-fuck between those lush ta-tas of hers. 

Damn!  With all the sex I’d been engaged in on my last day of work before early retirement, I felt the not cumming part of it starting to take its toll on me.  Believe me, I was rooting to shoot cum out of me like a gun at this point.  Nonetheless, these office girls of mine managed to back me off it each time.  I couldn’t remember a time when I’d been more frustrated!

My personal stuff was boxed in a copier paper box taken from the supply room.  Anything that didn’t fit, I gave away to the girls as a keepsake.  I wouldn’t need them anymore where I headed.  No more desk jobs for me!  I intended be outside in the sunshine every chance I could get.

I received my last hug and several kisses from sweet Eva.  Candice and Tracey were already gone.  Janet was last to say her farewells.  I imagined she would be.  She was my favorite above all of them.

“The boss is back from her meeting, Tim.  She still would like you to see her if you could.  I just finished up with her,” Janet said with a mysterious look.

I blinked at the petite brunette and then down the hall where the boss’ office was.  I involuntarily swallowed.  I wondered what the boss lady could possibly want with me.  That thought slipped away the moment Janet’s hand cupped by cheek.  I looked to her again, and she offered the soft but sweet sweep of her lips against mine.  Damnit, I was hard for her again.

“I’ll miss you, old man,” she whispered and before I could say anything she was gone, too.

Sighing, I looked around the empty office and then I looked down the hall.  I might as well make my way to the boss’ office.  As I did, I thought about how so much changed over the last quarter with Amilia, my boss hired to supervise the IT department.  She was younger, perhaps the youngest boss I ever had.  Younger than even Janet, too, but not by much. 

Amilia’s persona came across a lot older and harsher than any imagined.  Most of the girls hated her from the start.  All except Eva, of course, who never could speak ill about anyone.  Our little mama’s optimism always to find the good in everything was amazing.  The rest of the girls were going to need a lot of that from Eva while I was gone.

With my copier paper box in hand, I walked by Amilia’s office since it was on my way off the premises.  She sat alone in her nice leather management chair all of us thought of as her throne.  The chair looked to almost swallow the slender woman.  Long dancer legs clad in stockings were crossed at the ankle and propped up on her desk.  She also wore no shoes. 

Since the boss lady arrived, I never saw her so… relaxed.  Not that I made a habit of interacting with her much.  Only as much as I needed to, mind you.  At every encounter, Amilia, who constantly corrected me in asking that I call her by her first name and not Miss Tee, was professional with me.  She could be hard to get along with since she liked things done a certain way.  Hers.  Once I realized that, I had no problems with her.  Besides that, Amilia was always respectful to me.

With a pen diving in and out of her kissable mouth, my boss reviewed my final report I submitted to her on the new server installations I completed yesterday.  I recognized the cover the report was in being one of mine.  No one else ever presented their work that way.  So old school, I know.  Old habits with me died hard in some cases, not that it mattered anymore anyway. 

I felt my own unsatisfied pen stir in my pants while watching her.  I sighed heavily and clenched my jaw.  I blamed Janet for this and then Candice and Tracey also.  Those girls were such teases leaving me in the agonized state I’m in.  Horny as hell!  I still hadn’t come yet, goddamn them! 

“Wanted to say good-bye before I left, Miss Tee,” I said at the boss’ threshold to her office.

Amilia gazed up at me startled as she quickly took her feet off the desk.  I couldn’t help my smirk because I was admiring the view.  Her skirt had ridden up a little along those tone long legs of hers exposing a fastener for a red garter belt in contrast to her dark stockings and skirt.  It did match her blouse and shade of lipstick.  My cock steadily hardened at such stimuli.  Fuck!  It, of course, didn’t care that this woman was my boss.

Amilia’s eyes saw where I gawked, and her cheeks seemed to redden quite a bit.  “All set to go, then,” she said with something I’d never seen before or expected.  A warm smile. 

I nodded, too stunned to speak at first.  “Yeah.”


I frowned a little because usually the boss lady was the first to leave and the first to arrive.  “Why are you here so late if you don’t mind me asking?”

“To say goodbye to you, of course, and also make ready for a presentation tomorrow. “

I chuckled lightly.  “You are always ready, Miss Tee.  Nobody knows their stuff around here like you do.”

Her smile grew bigger at me with the rub of her long neck.  Her new hairstyle, a layered cut reaching her shoulders, was quite nice with the highlights and lowlights in it.  It brightened her face and made her seem younger, more her age.  “Amilia, Tim.  Please call me, Amilia.  It’s not like I’m your boss anymore.”

Tilting my head at her, I tried it, “Okay, Amilia.”  It felt weird in my mouth, but my cock liked it just fine.  Her voice dropped an octave.  Very sexy or was that my imagination working overtime because another fantasy of mine had been sexing up the boss.  So taboo! 

Walking barefoot toward me, she was tall but still fell a couple inches shy of me with no heels on, that was.  “Come on in.”  Amilia waved me in and then pointed at my copier paper box.  “Why don’t you put that down a second?”

“Oh no, I didn’t mean to—“

My boss shook her head with the wave of her hand again.  She leaned at the front of her desk.  “Please.  You never bother me.  I need a break anyway.”

“Okay.”  I settled my box down in one of the guest chairs in front of her.  I then stood up straight as I watched her cross her legs at the ankles.  I watched her look up at me behind her cute little glasses in a way I’d never seen before either.  I swallowed and wondered if my mind was playing tricks on me.  I put my hands in my khakis to try and create a little more room down below.  My cock, damnit, was making things difficult, rising steadily!  I prided myself on my great self-control but struggled big time today.  I swear it was like I was teenager again!

“So how long before you officially move to Myrtle Beach?” Amilia inquired and acquired my focus again.

“You heard about that, huh?”  I smiled slightly.

“Oh, I hear and see everything, Tim.  Not much gets by my notice.”  Her warm smile became something near a smirk.  For some reason that and her statement made me uneasy.

“Couple days.  My buddies and I have my place packed up and the movers will be over to do the rest tomorrow.”

“So was it a dream that prompted your early retirement?” she asked still regarding me mysteriously with that smirk.

I cleared my throat.  “The move to South Carolina?  Sure, for as long as I can remember.  My ex-wife and I talked about it for years.  Even after the divorce, it remained a goal of mine.  We visited in the summer, and I loved it down there.  The great weather.  No snow.  Miles of beaches.  Nice community and my buddies and I love fishing, hunting and golf, of course.”

“Sounds like you have everything planned out.  So I imagine you already have a place there?”

“Yep!  The three of us pitched in.  I’ll live there permanently, and they will share the house with me half the year to escape the snow.  They’re both still married, and it was the best deal they could come up with.  Their wives don’t want to leave the grandchildren.”  I chuckled.  “I don’t have that hang up.”

“No kids?”

I shook my head.  “Nope and no wife either.”

“Good for you, Tim.”  Amilia drummed her long red nails on her desk.

Taking that as a cue, I said, “Well, I shouldn’t take up any more of your time.  It’s been a pleasure working for you, Amilia.”  I went to grab my box, but her hand on my wrist halted me.  When I looked back to her and into her piercing eyes, there it was again.  A certain lust.  Her touch was hot on my skin and the effect went straight down.  My cock stirred fully hard, and I took a breath that sounded like a hiss.

Without thinking clearly since something else was thinking for my brain, I turned to Amilia.  Invitingly her dancer legs widened as I pushed her back onto her desk almost roughly.  When she gasped with what looked to be excitement, I knew I couldn’t get that signal wrong.  My head dove for her lips.  Damn, they looked so soft.

To my shock, her hand came up before I could kiss her.  She shook her head.  “What’s the hurry, Tim?”

I dropped back a step with a frown, and she slipped away from me.  She closed her door and then backed up against it with her hands behind her back.  I turned to look at her wondering what the hell her game was.  It seemed clear to me by how she breathed that she wanted me.  I could see the hardening of her little nipples against the red silk of her blouse. 

“So you like to play?” I asked the only thing that popped into my head.

Her smile devastated me, wicked, and sinfully sweet.  My heart leaped into a run at her saunter toward me.  So I thought anyway.  Amilia sashayed by me instead and headed for her management chair.  All the while though, those slim fingers unbuttoned and then unzipped her skirt.  By the time she reached the other side of her desk and management chair, all I saw of the lower half of her were red thong panties, red garter and the belts attached to her black sheer stockings. 

Amilia sat at her throne, but on the edge of it with her legs spread wide.  I gulped down in my dry throat feeling a line of sweat forming along my hairline.  My blood felt to be steaming in my veins.  Slowly she undid each button of her blouse.  When done she trailed her curled fingers along the gap of the opening to reveal a red satin push-up bra. 

Her eyes never left mine even as she then slid back into her chair.  She draped one sexy leg over each arm of her chair like stirrups giving me a view of a different heaven.  This one would send me burning like the fires of hell.  My God Amilia had to be the devil without the damn blue dress!

“Won’t you come play with me, Tim?” she bade me in that seductive voice of hers. 

My legs had me behind her desk in four quick strides.  My hands swiveled her chair toward me.  The view!  Holy hell, the view of her in that chair made torrid heat lick me all over.  I fell to my knees before her.  My boss had me charmed.

This close I could see for myself how she glistened in wetness along her thighs.  I could smell her.  It made me growl at the back of my throat.  Musk and honeysuckle.  My tongue licked her along those sexy slender thighs.  Her taste…fuck!  I’ve had my share of pussy juice but none like this.  Certainly not my younger sexy boss.  Not a mixture of buttercream and honey.  Damn intoxicating!

I growled again licking her thighs clean and feeling the expansion of my helpless cock trapped in my khakis.  Quickly I freed myself, lowering my khakis and underwear.  In relief, I could grow at my leisure.  It was not long before I felt her hand on my head.  I looked up to her face when I sought to resume my licking.

“I heard that you are an oral tease.  Well, Tim, it’s time to put that tongue of yours to good use.  Hmmm?”

Amilia moved her red thong aside and pulled my face into her glistening garden.  The lips were hairless but her mound at my nose she left trimmed and tidy.  So lovely.  I Frenched her, and she moaned softly in approval.

“Oh, that’s it, just like that,” Amilia encouraged sweetly as she looked down at me.  She bit her lower lip.  I licked her lower ones.  Outside and inside my tongue explored with thorough control before seeking out her clit to play with.  It hid within its hood but not for long.  Her fingers that held my head exposed the little bean.  With the aid offered, my tongue took advantaged and suckled.

“Oh, yes!” Amilia hollered and tossed her head back a moment.  I registered a slight tremble through her body while I sucked.  She creamed more for me, and I flicked the bean, lapped it in circles and sucked some more.  Twice in one day with yummy pussy, and pre-cum seeped steadily out of my throbbing tip.  I stoked the head for some relief.

“Fuck me with your tongue!” she demanded and gladly I performed her command.  More cream gushed from her and pre-cum from me.  Her back arched.  Her hand returned to my hair guiding me faster into her delicious pussy.  The faster I dove, the faster she rocked.  Her trembles started again and the squeeze of her walls on my tongue told me she was ready to come.  Her hand released my hair so that she could rub her clit.  She did so with a quickness.  My reward?  More cream as she bucked into my face!

“Yessssssssss!”  Amilia withered seeming to settle back in her throne.  She trembled all over in the orgasm that overwhelmed her.  I merely licked her fervently now of her sweet cum groaning my pleasure.

Her movement was sudden and took me off guard when she shoved me away from her.  She came off the chair so fast, knocking me to the floor and straddling me.  “My turn to fuck you,” she said as she grabbed my cock.  “I told them that would be my pleasure alone.”

I stared at her in shock.  Had she been talking to Janet, Candice, and Tracey?  Did she know what we had done in the server room and supply closet?  I was speechless! 

Before I could ask, she slid down my body and her mouth took my cock inside that sexy mouth.  Shit!  That felt so good, and I growled again.  Those lips of hers around my cock were very soft.  She dragged them up and down along my shaft like she enjoyed it.  When Amilia looked up to me, it sure appeared she did.  I ran my hands over her hair to keep it out of the way. 

“Fuck, baby!  Take it deep again!” I cried as I thrust into her mouth.  She moaned now.  “Oh, fuck!  That feels amazing!” 

It was also so hot watching Amilia do this with her cute little glasses and those soft lips rubbing me to orgasm.  Damn, the swirl of her tongue made me tremble for control!  I felt my mushroom head slam at the back of her throat.  She barely reacted, only moaned more and sucked me like hell. 

“Fuck! Fuck!”  I was cumming, and Amilia removed her mouth from me.  I groaned in regret not to fill that little hole with my cum.  However, she squeezed my cock and eased me down on the floor again with her other hand at my chest.  Damnit!  What a fucking tease!  I loved her!

“My pussy wants to fuck your dick, too, Tim,” she explained as she lifted and then lowered herself on my cock.

“Fuck!” I cried out at how tight the fit.  Amilia took more of me slowly until I was completely inside her.  She was so slick as she began to lift over me.  My hands pushed up her bra to cup her breast the perfect size for my large hands.  My thumbs played with her dime-sized nipples.  One knee up and the other down, she moved with my rising hips.  I held her waist to offer support as we both met faster than before.

With one hand leaning to the side, she began playing with her clit.  “Yes, Tim! Uh-huh!  Give me that dick!”  I pounded into her gripping her tight.  “Shit!  Yeah!” she squealed while bouncing up and down roughly and her walls began their seizures up and down my cock. 

I felt the sweat bead off my forehead and upper lip.  It stood out on her face as well.  Her cute glasses slid down to almost the tip of her nose.  Her position changed again for the last as she came to both knees.  Her head was over mine, and I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist.  I hadn’t stopped pounding up into her while staring deep into her eyes.  Her mouth opened as her orgasm took her.  I still pounded until I came shortly after her.

Her shaking arms could not support her, and she fell against me.  Her breath was rapid at my throat.  I held her tight to me, not moving but still in her.  I tried to catch my breath.  Staring at the ceiling, I still found it hard to believe I just fucked my boss!  Or was it she fucked me?  Awww, hell, we fucked the hell out of each other for sure!

We cleaned up the best we could with paper towels and personal wipes she had handy.  No kisses from my boss and no hug either.  What was with these girls and their rules?  Every time I tried, Amilia refused.  Damn! 

I began my walk out of her office with my box of stuff having nothing else really to say.  Rendered speechless, I still reeled from all the sex I had today.  The best being with my boss.  Wow!

Amilia prompted before I reached the door, “You know what?”

I turned back to her with the questioning lift of my eyebrow.  “What?”

She slipped on her black heels and then looked to me.  “I have some vacation time coming up in the next three weeks and love the beach.  Would you have any recommendations for a good spot to vacation?”

I smiled slowly in a new excitement running through me.  In the same moment, Miss Tee gave me that lustful look again along with the warm smile.  “It just so happens I know a place not far from a beach of white sand for miles.”

Her smile lengthened with her chuckle.  “I hoped you might.  Leave the details with my assistant tomorrow so I may make the arrangements upon your recommendation?”

I shook my head as I reviewed her and stared into her eyes with my crooked smile.  “All you have to bring is your red bikini, darlin’.  Once you get there, I’ll take care of the rest.”

She chuckled sounding very amused.  “Looking forward to it.  Bye for now, Tim.”

“See you later, Amilia.”  I turned to leave with a bright grin on my face.  You bet I intended to call the office first thing tomorrow with the particulars about where I would be in Myrtle Beach.  I also looked forward to seeing a lot more of my hot ex-boss in the near future. 


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